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Maybe Big Stuff Interrupting Life

The big news of the week (it would be nice if some week would have no big news since it always seems to be negative) is the computer may die.  There’s a white line across the screen and friend said the screen may be going out.  Repair?  Expensive, he said, as did another computer knowledgeable soul.  Finding another computer is rather out of the question.  There was an organization that sold used ones.  The aide service sent new, and it’s fishy.  She seemed to think she was a sub. 

The one good thing in the week was that the lunch service was around at a relatively early time on Friday.  Government talk may be done for a while, but that won’t be certain until days from now.  The rent’s due at the end of the week (complicates Friday as both lunch service and the food truck comes).  Most important, the medical situation is such that changes are now in the weblog plans.  At least friend has been by and is into the plant care.  The previous aide over-watered them badly. 

There are actually five weblogs, but only two are “active” at present, this and The Diary’s Blog (link at right).  There is a thought, rather than repeated posting of “sick leave” notes both places, to try to write at least one and publish them on alternate weeks, i.e., do one week here, then next week Diary commentary.  They were combined once before, but differently, and at least that would maintain some activity and possibly a thought or two for someone.  That’s not certain yet. 

The future is always uncertain.Wilted rose 


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Northern Winter Solstice 2011–B

This is version “B” of the topic.   Or, maybe it is version “A.”  Time-wise, it is “A” bein’ as it is the first to be composed.  The Diary’s Blog has another version.  As that is supposed to be the more professional thing, technically that should be #1 or “A” in the order of importance.  Maybe in the end it doesn’t matter a lot which is which, it’s just that stuff might be said here that wouldn’t be said there.  And, it all might as well be gotten out of the way to allow for less cluttered commentary on the subject. 

As the sun set Tuesday, the Jewish Festival of the Lights (there are others) began ushering in a new life cycle in the northlands.  It is a time for assessment (at least personally speaking) of the way things are here and now – what’s the situation as the earth shifts to a new year in the natural order?  It’s the time before Christmas to the tune of a week or so.  Christmas preparations are “in the air” many places. People have their minds on the holiday, the legal part being on December 26 this year.  That isn’t when folk want to celebrate. 

The food truck didn’t come as scheduled.  The homemaker aide called in sick on Monday.  The computer quit working.  Gifts for some people didn’t arrive in the mail.  Christmas cards from unknown people did come.  The missing food wasn’t much, but it did make the money on hand a bit sparse.  On the Solstice itself that was set at “okay” by Virginia with a special trip. The missing homemaker, among other stuff, left yours truly sitting amid a week’s trash and laundry. Most, not all, of the trash is now in a big bag.  Someone may get it out. 

Beginnings are important. 

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Week Begins On Sunday

In different places and for different reasons weeks may start on a day other than Sunday.  Here and now, they start on Sunday.  First thing to be handled this week, this Sunday morning, was a scooter re-charge.  It seemed beyond available effort to do it last night. An unavoidable state of near immobility, therefore, lasted from about 8:00 a.m. until about 11:00 a.m. (this time, sometimes it does not take four hours). Breakfast was potato chips as that’s what’s sitting on the table by the computer, a place to sit for three hours. 

Lunch was ice cream nuggets and pancakes. Shortly after noon the lobby trip was instituted.  The bulletin board was checked to see if the notice was still there (yes). The in house mail box was emptied. The advertising news box was just eyed on the way out the door as there was nothing in it.  There was no dawdling outside.  It was hot and oppressive outside.  There was a careful study of the parking lot in search of the car of a resident. It seemed like it was there, so on the way back an Aviation Trail brochure was dropped off. 

Delivering the Aviation Trail brochure (like the scooter re-charge) is considered a bit of an accomplishment. The man has been the only person that appeared truly interested in the aviation heritage area. He seemed happy to have the leaflet. There’s been a sort of watch for him since they arrived on Wednesday.  After that delivery, there was an afternoon nap, a substantial one for a change.  That, too, is getting something done as yours truly has been worse than normal for at least two weeks.  And, Monday comes quickly now. 

There’s a good feeling with accomplishments. 

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Christmas Message: Get To Work!

There is no question yours truly has been just a little more “under the weather,” as they say, so that not even one weblog was written for some days. It isn’t that Christmas has taken much extra time or the like.  A few greetings were sent, period.  The homemaker aide was sent to the bank – even that took less time than it might have taken. The computer was out for a while, but not a really long time. Trips outside weren’t a thing like fifteen minutes’ cigarette time.  It is just a case of not feeling well. 

If one looks for “signs” in life, there was (?) a message today. There is a newspaper carrier that brings papers for building residents at about 6:00 a.m.  Today extra copies were left.  Well, carriers can ask for extras or circulation people can make mistakes so carriers have extras. A good use for extras is street corner sales; but, it’s a bit cold outside so they became “complimentary” copies left on the counter – three at noon yet, and offered by a neighbor.  There was no interest; it can only be a “message.” 

So, what’s the message? Christmas Day edition or not, daily papers are daily logs of current events for an area, town-sized versions of a diary.  And, the neighbor encourages the taking of one; they’re a good thing to have (she thinks).  One either turns it down or politely takes one.  There are probably several “messages” in the business, but the most obvious, with a newspaper on the lap, is “There is this daily diary for consideration.”  It doesn’t take much to change that to “there is a diary to be considered.” 

Holidays end. 

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Dear Folks….

Yes, dear friends, acquaintances and passers-by, no commentary was posted yesterday, December 1, 2010, for today, December 2, 2010, on either weblog.  It is definitely not due to lack of intent, interest or material (there’s bound to be something around for a few words).  Probably due partly to the holiday, the usual state of emergency intensified enough on Monday and Tuesday and was added to yesterday (Wednesday) so that by something like 8:00 p.m. yesterday yours truly couldn’t function any longer. 

Today (Thursday in the evening – since most people looking in will be picking it up Friday or later, all these days have to be listed) it has been better in that there was breathing space.  The big deal is in regard to bed bugs.  Since they are prevalent in the Cincinnati area and since things are different in the different states, there has been an attempt to gather pertinent information in one community place for any who might need it.  There is/was a local message board that had space where it could be put. 

Well, said place is going into a “subscribers only” mode, which can’t be done by folks in the apartment underfoot.  The material and other stuff had to be pulled out and put somewhere temporarily. It, of course, was just a part of the situation.  Indeed, some weeks of commentary were never properly edited – sixteen entries were checked over for needed corrections today.  If something sounded funny, well maybe at least this past week now sounds a little better. And, there’s more than that left to do. 

Persistence can pay off.    

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Time Frames

Time and date are a recurring concern with these humble entries.  One cannot do an accurate relating of current life and times unless it’s done after the events.  A day’s message should be done in the late evening – timed for somewhere near 11:00 p.m.  Editorializing or musings can be done anytime.  “Studies” need to be done fairly close to a happening, but time-wise they do not have to be exact.  Day to day events, however, have little value if they aren’t current.  The undated needs a day. 

Something published at 11:00 p.m. most likely won’t be read until the next day by most people, some late souls to the west excepted (if there are any).  Given a date on an entry (under the title herein), references like “yesterday” shouldn’t be a problem.  Unfortunately, yours truly is not so technically minded that how to do a lot of bits of tinkering with the works is understood.  (Using the cell phone is not well understood, either.)  Then things happen that don’t make a lot of sense. 

Yesterday (Labor Day and Monday) was not too good of a day from the beginning.  The messages were done early. Thinking to try one more time to grab some rest late in the evening, there was a case of sound asleep until midnight.  Since then the entries could not be published until after midnight, the wording was changed a little to jive with today’s date.  There had been some messing with a little feature and the date that went up was yesterday’s, so words were off.  It’s fixed now.  It’s hoped people understand anyway.

Sometimes nothing works. 


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What Might Have Been….

The title above is a new category.  One does not have to have lived very long to have run into situations where one can pause and look at things saying “What if….’ in one way or another. While details can be elusive and wrongly judged, one can still project some notion of life had a different action been taken, had some other path been followed or had circumstances gone another way.  Most people do what seems to be best or what they feel they can handle whenever it comes to choices, but rarely is it a certainty. 

Most often the pivotal point is very small and sometimes it is quite ancient, as in, what if great-grandfather had not gone to pay what he owed on the mortgage right when he did?  Had he gone an hour earlier, he would not have seen his cousin getting the worst part of a fight.  He would not have gotten into the fight and gotten mortally injured.  Would yours truly be here at all?  Maybe it’s yes, if things are fated.  At times it seems that at least some things are fated.  It could also be no. 

Both of the current weblogs have been given the category, a point mentioned so there’s no confusion.  The content of the weblogs are meant to be different (one has more text space in it), and several times there has been indecision about which one to use as the post could fit either place in different ways.  It’s been decided in a few cases essentially the same thing (with a few additional words in the weblog with more space) might be posted both places. This is one. The note is for those who read both blogs.

Folks who stop by are always appreciated. 

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