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It’s Now After Thanksgiving….

Thanksgiving turned out wonderful.  The friendly visitor came not only with a turkey dinner that included an extra piece of pie but also a possible idea for aide service help.  Peaceful and quiet evening was the finish of the day.  On Wednesday an unexpected notice came that the doctor wanted to visit Friday and he did, a bit too early but it was managed okay.  Good to know the doctor’s office works the day after a holiday.  Avon also came conveniently on Thanksgiving at the regular time. 

Older Friend came pretty much as usual, and a special visitor spent two hours in the place Saturday afternoon to take notes maybe to sort out the agency problems.  With the food truck’s business also out of the way for two weeks, perhaps the cash, etc., can be properly sorted out.  One thing that needs to be tried is transferring funds to the checking account from that ATM account.  Money automatically goes there.  It is supposed doable (papers say so), but it’s never been actually tried. 

The rent should be paid this week.  That means an office trip (closed Wednesday, the proper day).  Lunch Lady wasn’t due to come this past Friday but is expected back on her rounds this Friday.  Young Friend is not expected.  This is a busy season for his activities.  Helping Lady also is not expected.  They did operate on her back, which is substantial.  The nice fact about keeping the clocks on Daylight time (as returning to it can be tough) is that what is due is now due an hour later. 

A good holiday is good for the spirit.Star 


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It’s A Special Week Ahead

Maybe it’s because it’s a special week ahead, the entire day Wednesday was spent getting cleaned up.  But that’s not that likely.  It just may be a matter of slowing down more.  It’s good that there were only two visitors (as is recalled!), an ordinary visit by Lunch Lady and several by Older Friend who went to several places for stuff.  Lunch Lady once again had some of her kind of eggs, this time enough to give away four (she’s a good neighbor).  Plants got watered, not potted.  

A special guest (or two) is expected Thursday.  Thanksgiving has not been forgotten.  As it’s Avon week, that’s due, too, possibly even Thursday evening.  Aide service stuff is still messed up and is expected to be that for some time yet.  The Helping Lady has not been bothered yet, as it was just a few days ago that she was scheduled for her operation.  A search has been going on for an advocacy person to sort out some of the matter.  That is not going well at all at this point. 

Three trips to the office and five dollars finally got extra door key for Older Friend in case there’s no answer and some kind of an emergency.  That also made a wreck of the records for the checking account.  Cash hasn’t be tallied up.  There was a big problem composing The Diary Blog’s message.  Meals have been at midnight again.  Computer was near a crash.  On the positive side, little helpful ideas have come along like finding another spot for a trash bag that was in the way. 

Odds and ends can be important.Coffee cup 

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First Frost Time

Young Friend managed to find time to visit this past week, so the money orders for the coming rent due are in hand.  He got the mail for the week and a prescription as well.  The latter will last for a month.  Older Friend also came by both Sunday and early in the week.  Sunday he took the plant parts broken off by the neighbor to pot them as they had water roots.  The Lunch Lady brought some of her kind of eggs, which these days are a God send as there’s no one to go get fish dinners. 

Today was food truck day.  He carries fish, but they’re not a familiar meal.   Avon came just fine.  The hand cream is more God send.  The Helping Lady is said to go in for an operation tomorrow for the broken (cracked) bone in her back.  She will not be able to do much for some time.  A new contact was made with the aid of a resident down the hall, but so far that’s a curious contact.  Nothing suggested has had positive activity until now.  Of course some of it’s been a little sudden. 

The temperature outside has theoretically been to freezing at night, with daylight hours, therefore, jacket weather.  While that’s to be expected, it does make the daily five-minute sit outside a little more cumbersome and limited.  And, it is not really that good to stay in the apartment endlessly, not that there is much place to go besides the library which may get a few bed bugs at any time.  With the food truck business done, only Lunch Lady and Older Friend are expected as of now.   

One can be thankful for many things.Coffee cup 

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Time Change – Good!

“Standard Time” may make things go better, may.  Bug control did arrive Tuesday afternoon.  Thereafter nothing went as it was hoped.  Things were so upset even ordinary things like a grocery order Friday night that Older Friend would bring got mixed up.  That lady helping with the likes of hair care and getting cleaned up fell and cracked a bone in her back.  She can’t do much at all now.  New help must be found.  Building management planned to patch the wall paint.  (Postponed.) 

Older Friend did come by Sunday, watered the plants, ran the carpet sweeper, etc.  He had to make two trips as his rounds outside of the building weren’t finished.  The plants aren’t doing well except for a couple.  Circumstances put supper at about midnight both Friday and Sunday.  The money orders for the December rent may be a problem with neither Young Friend nor Older Friend readily available.  The post office mail is also a concern as the Helping Lady has been going for it. 

Avon is due this week, not a moment too soon as hand cream’s desperately needed.  Stuff like figuring out Christmas gifts hasn’t even been started, and that should be done before the Thanksgiving holiday as there are too many changes as of the middle of November.  The doctor ordered a test, which was an interesting thing since the technician was apparently out of Dayton (the one in Ohio).  There was also a strange bill due from the medical office.  Called, they said don’t pay it. 

Holidays can be very unsettled times.Confused smile 

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