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Changes Cometh

As we all know, the year is ending with just two months and a few days left, the last six weeks of which may as well not be considered at all.  What’s due this week is the rent (Friday) as the first is Sunday.  Avon may bring some new shoes.  If a neighbor can get the mail regularly (it is being tried) there will be a whole new direction to some things.  Of course it’s been tried before, unsuccessfully.  Friend did not stop by on Sunday making things different and a tad more difficult. 

Another change is that another hour of aide time has been set up, not that much is expected there as not much was done with the three hours already assigned.  However, maybe there won’t be as much backsliding.  Costs are increasing.  The new lease adds a few dollars on the rent.  If the neighbor picks up the mail it’ll cost twenty or so dollars per month to pay for the transportation.  Lastly, at this point, the food truck charge for delivery has increased (unless more money is spent).

As has happened in the past, the past week is now blurred due to all the adjustments and needs that came along.  The agency assigning aide service had it’s visit. The lunch lady came as did the food truck.  The driver was kindly generous with some extra bags which are needed for bathroom trash (such will not be needed for about two months, so there won’t be need to ask friend to find some, which is important as it’s rare that one is found).  Local events may change the lunch service. 

Seasons can bring many changes in life.Work


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Horrible Week!

Perhaps it’s the weather, but the week was loaded with people who didn’t seem to want to accept (or maybe pay attention to) what was said as if it meant something.  Case in point (there was a case for nearly every day of the past week):  a problem has existed with water seeping into the place for months.  An emphatic reminder was put in the hands of top management with special emphasis on the fact that maintenance should not just come but come in the afternoon.  He came at 11:30 a.m. 

Such things sound minor, but they can be extremely disruptive to someone who just barely gets along. With the aide a simple directive to “sit down” eventually took yelling.  That wasn’t the only instance that deteriorated into yelling.  Even so, a lot got done rather unexpectedly.  Again, case in point, it’s best to get the rent money orders about mid-month.  This time the debit card account was reduced to buy the scooter, so the way to do it was write a check (signing’s unsteady).  Done. 

The coming week will have an interruption for a review of the aide service.  The assigning agency personally must look over the situation.  Maintenance isn’t at all done.  So, there may be more from maintenance quite likely with little notice.  It should be more than one visit.  It could easily run into next week when time has to be found for a trip to the office.  The rent has to be paid then.  First Christmas card is here.  The sender was reportedly evicted this week.  She’s gone. 

People can be hard to forget.Coffee cup

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Big Events Have Happened!

One big event that happened was that there was a “real” fire in the building, with smoke coming out the window, etc.  There was no material effect on the unit underfoot, it being eight floors down, but subsequent gossip claimed that a result will be a new requirement of renter’s insurance for residency.  There’s not a lot that’s of any value in the spot underfoot, so it isn’t that big a need otherwise.  This promises to be an additional outlay of money, just maybe not much, and more bother of course. 

A second big thing happening was the purchase of a “new” second scooter.  That thought has been around since the dawning of the “scooter era.”  The rental encouraged the idea, and the company was willing to sell it cheap.  There are now two scooters, both old, but both currently working.  If they both give out, name’s in the system as a customer, which can be important.  That deal also made it unnecessary for Friend to lug the rental back come Saturday.  (So, that was still a personal rest day.) 

The aide service was slower than usual.  She took two breaks in less than two hours.  The new effort to replace the service was started.  Nothing further can be done on it presently and maybe not next week, either, but there is another notion in mind that just might help.  Friend, the lunch lady, the Avon and the food truck do help with the survival.  There was computer adjustment again which may or may not be good.  There’s a reluctance about installing the free current upgrade. 

One can always hope for something better.Work

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Now That It’s Autumn….

Three light bulbs burned out (three different ones) this past week.  Caution said to find someone else to change two.  That settled the matter of help offered by a young woman who lives in the building as a caretaker for her mother.  She was quite firm in a willingness to be of help, as in cleaning, a couple of times but reluctant about just changing a light bulb.  So, the idea as a whole is dead and escaping the aide service can be said to be at a loss again.  The current aide does try.

Friend spent several hours dealing with the scooter wheel and contingent matters on Saturday.  Another week of scooter rent was paid “just in case,” but the scooter has been working all right since friend finished.  A nasty mess was created by the agency that assigns aide services in regard to service beyond what’s been around.  That should be sorted out, but it may be some time before there can be anything done of that.  Getting to the scooter store with the rental is the top business.   

The doctor’s office has scheduled a visit for Wednesday.  The visits may be closer to monthly now for sure.  That’s what it was meant to be in the first place.  In the stew about repair of the scooter, even regular medication was off again.  It is good it’s not absolutely vital daily.  Indeed, there was such disarray that even changing the main calendar to October came about at the hands of the lunch lady on Friday.  The delivery of the Avon fortunately takes little beyond preparation. 

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year.Peace 

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