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February Is Flying By Fast

Tuesday (Delayed)….  A “Nervous Nellie” day for sure was how the day began in anticipation of the new homemaker aide due.  It turned out she looked like she’s a gem.  A side issue was in that picture as the woman in charge of assigning aides had said in passing there might be help there with the storage problem.  It would be a marvelous thing if something can be worked out.  Of course, the big thing at present is getting out of the place for the window replacement.  The date has yet to be verified again.  That should have been done but it wasn’t.  Cold weather’s a delay and is due next week, but they may work anyway. 

Wednesday night….  Friend said something about stopping by early; the money orders for the rent still need to be bought.  He didn’t make it.  There is so much in disarray that it’s hard to concentrate.  Little was done yesterday other than a substantial sigh of relief and even less was done today.  There is such a state of confusion that a list for the aide to take to the store tomorrow was almost done when she’s not due back until Friday.  Meanwhile, the change from what friend went and bought still hasn’t been totaled up and put away.  A thought in mind is to go to bed.  Gotta eat yet. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  At this point (just Friday noon) there is no recall of what  went on yesterday to any substantial extent.  With a little thought, however, one thing remembered was the whisper of a real activity with the special project – a travel leaflet was left at the apartment building office – just to remember it.  It’s falling by the wayside badly with the assorted things interfering from “real” life, like getting the needed medical back up.  Earlier in the day there was an attempt to get something more on the relocating, but there was still no information.  It’s hard to think clearly with so much changing. 

Friday (Delayed)….  Determined to do something worthwhile, before lunch time a bunch of fruit cups were fished out of the refrigerator and distributed to other residents.  Lunch itself was shoved in the refrigerator, and the homemaker aide was told to bring a fast food sandwich amid the errands.  She did good again.  In the distributing it was noticed that a relocating date was posted, so plans need a few changes as people have to be notified.  Friend came in the evening and went to the bank for rent money orders.  His daughter is in the hospital as is a person he looks after in the building.   He’s very busy. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  The important thing on the agenda was check the money dealings of recent days.  There was the trip to the market on Thursday, and the rent money order stuff and so forth, and none of it was done.  There wasn’t any going anywhere, either.  Although it seems like the head was functioning well, a clear head being best to quickly get things done, as usually happens the routine of the morning skid into the afternoon, then evening.  The weather being warm, the place was hot in the afternoon, which never helps matters.   And, in the end, it seems nothing got done except some computer messages. 

Sunday night….  The head were pretty clear this morning for a change.  That’s a good thing anytime.  Friend came three times today.  There was a stop at about 1:00 p.m., which is usual and the plants were watered.  Then there was the deal about the flower pot.  One was needed for the new little plant brought last week and it wasn’t brought earlier.  Well, the one brought was nearly the same size as what the plant already had.  There was a second trip with cake, and a third with a flowerpot big enough.  Clear head always makes for easier composing and the difficult posting in the Diary got done…. 

Monday afternoon….  As evening approaches, there is a sense of actually having done something.  It took a bunch of scooter energy.  The lady down the hall who has been re-potting the plants as they come did the newest one and brought it to the apartment.  There was a trip to the office because there was a notice.  While there, an inquiry was made about the moving to another apartment – nothing is open, she said.  A second trip had to be made to take in the information wanted, which wasn’t on the notice.  There was a third trip to give away unneeded things that are accumulating.  What needed to be done wasn’t.   

Something not amounting to much can seem like something. 


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Tuesday afternoon….  Well, the new homemaker aide did not show up today.  It seems she was sick.  Word came just after everything was figured out and set up to get something done.  The month finally started to come into focus and things needing to be done began to be lined up (Monday is a legal holiday).  A piece fell off the scooter footrest (it broke).  Friend was contacted.  He could see about all of it on the way home.  The behind really began hurting this past Saturday.  The last time there was attention to it was eleven days ago.  It was finally concluded it might be best to ask about nursing again.  It’s possible if needed. 

Wednesday afternoon….  It’s a free day of sorts.  Friend is expected this evening with a few groceries, stuff to fix the scooter footrest and the post office box mail if at all possible.  It was especially nice that the lunch lady came early, and lunch was finished off early.  The afternoon nap that seems to be a necessity any more was finished off much earlier than usual.  That important email about the plants got sent.  Some complaining was addressed to the agency arranging the services supposed to be provided by homemaker aides.  And, the joy of the day was that there was one good comment about the stuff written for The Diary’s Blog. 

Thursday morning….  There’s a long minute here to compose and one must take advantage of every long minute.  The scooter footrest is now glued together (or at least it’s taped together) and awaiting further repair.  The day’s likely to be at least very busy with preparations for tomorrow’s visit from the food truck, new aide, friend (expected to be going to the bank) and the lunch lady.  For Saturday a special visitor is on the schedule (a Valentine remembrance); so, the less to do tomorrow, the better.  A check to verify the move out date showed it erased, so evidently that’s again changed.  

Friday night….  A noteworthy day it is, and not because it’s Valentine’s Day.  As the day began, things were as expected.  Lunch came on time and all that.  A sub is delivering presently and he’s trying very hard to do his best.  The new aide to come at noon apparently did, but apparently didn’t see fit to knock on the door.  That be curious.  Some searching and some griping followed.  Food truck came just fine, and friend came just fine, only the bank closed early in anticipation of bad weather, so money is in hand, but money orders for the rent aren’t.  It’s too much money to have around, so new arrangements are in the works. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  The day was spoken for and then wasn’t really used.  Day without turmoil is rare.  Friend was supposed to stop by and go get cigarettes, a phone card and maybe other things to use up the extra money on hand.  Buying the things was in the plans anyway but later in the month.  He got sick doing ice and snow removal.  A special little group of people wanted to send a visitor with a Valentine’s day gift.  He made it, from all the way across the river amid all the bad weather stuff, but it was nearly evening.  The whole day was spent in what’s here and now called “a waiting mode.”  …But, that’s really okay. 

Sunday night….  It being Sunday, regular friend stopped by a little after noon to see if the apartment resident was still alive.  (Yes.)  The plants got watered.  The extra cash on hand went with him, and stuff was brought back a couple of hours later as expected.  Now the change has to be put away, but fatigue, hunger and a few odds and ends are in the way of that.  It’s good that tomorrow’s a holiday of sorts (legal, but not super), but it also means that the money orders for the rent still can’t be bought as the bank is closed.  A lot of time was spent in the “waiting mode” again.  “Waiting mode” is often messing with the computer.  

Monday night….  It’s been one of those days that sort of drifted by.  Lunch came even though it was officially a holiday.  The regular lady is due back from “short vacation” tomorrow, and the substitutes were wonderfully sincere.  Much of the day was again devoted to the computer; a request for information was posted on a message board and surprisingly a Diary message was composed – a surprise as it seemed there wouldn’t be time for one.  The request for information had reply and that needed an answer as well.  Something may come of it.  Little is expected of the new aide due tomorrow. 

Every day can have new problems added to the old. 


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And, February Proceeds….

Tuesday night….  Lunch lady said she might not be around tomorrow.  Well, it is to be expected at times.  There is other food around, but it takes a little doing to make it completely ready to eat – not much, but less is wished.  After awakening (unwillingly) about 4:15 a.m. (EST not clock time) and foggy-headedly dabbling in assorted morning stuff until 10:15 a.m. with hopes of getting back to bed for a time, a knock on the door came from none other than the homemaker aide, who was due 11:30 a.m. or later.  So much for the hoped for hour’s nap.  This aide’s a real problem.  A trip to the office was needed for information. 

Wednesday morning….  It’s cold outside, but not as cold as has been or is ahead, it says.  It’s snowy outside, but it looks like what was predicted is still above and may just float on by.  Nonetheless, the lunch lady didn’t come.  Tomorrow’s not known.  It appears the toilet problem is permanent – not enough water pressure when someone (could be more than one) on another floor is using the water like for a shower.  As it’s not something that happened in the long past, it’s a guess at it being a new resident and, therefore, permanent.  No one is due to come today, except maybe friend this evening and naturally the internet connection is bad.   

Thursday night….  Early today homemaker aide was “let go” as far as this space underfoot is concerned.  It’s bad enough that what went on Tuesday was almost total mishandling.  When the agency office was found closed at 8:15 or so a.m. it was a case of a temper was finally lost.  They had been politely called yesterday, twice, to see if something could be done about the woman’s basic inattention to what needed to be done.  Slap-it-together Sally was a hindrance, not help.  If the agency was not going to do anything about it, the only thing to do was say don’t send her again.  Friend brought a couple of store items. 

Friday (Delayed)….  There be a big, important meeting after lunch.   Essentially, no formal notification issued; there was a line like a footnote in the management newsletter “suggesting” (plan to attend) all residents show up.  They didn’t.  As it was more or less “ordered,”  it was necessary to go.  As expected, there was little heard (or learned) (or maybe even said).  It was intended, apparently, to discuss the relocating everyone was due, but it drifted off.  It upset the late morning but was survived.  Fortunately no one was due to “visit” and the new relocating date was learned.  …But all else was eclipsed and forgotten.  

Saturday (Delayed)….  This be another of those incredibly lost days.  Loss to too much haste seems to be a growing thing.  Somehow that can’t really be the cause but what is then is a mystery.  In the entire day – 7:00 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. – little was done but mess with the computer.  There should have been lobby trip to be sure of the new “move out” day.  That’s needed for email in regard to the plants.  The computer plague was two things, bad connection and bouncing cursor.  The day was consumed trying to finish the entry for The Diary’s Blog – hampered by difficulty in exactly how to say it.  It did, however, get done.   

Sunday (Delayed)….  It is after midnight, so it is Monday morning.  Friend came by twice, in the afternoon and evening.  He went downstairs and checked on the currently posted move out date (for all of his people, but went at the suggestion of the place underfoot).  That was good as in exasperation there was a trip down the hall for a better computer connection.  He also watered the flowers – maybe it will be enough, although they are used to better treatment.  Strange dreams in the nap that made this a late entry are to mull over.  One point was something in regard to a sedative, only there was no such thing beforehand….  

Monday afternoon….  It is after the afternoon nap, and the head cleared enough to remember that the money orders for the rent are needed.  It doesn’t help that the behind is very sore from sitting on Saturday.  The lunch lady brought lunch of unexpected items, but there was a muddle through.  Little can be expected of the new homemaker aide coming tomorrow, but at least one is due – something can get done (to be figured out later this evening it is hoped).  Connection to the internet was good today, which is always helpful.  All is not the best, however; a lobby trip that made sense was scrapped in favor of more rest.   

Getting old is depressing. 

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And, February Is At Hand

Tuesday night….  The bent of the week continues.  The light bulb in the lamp for the computer burned out at some point (maybe last night), and homemaker aide didn’t show up.  The coffee jar was accidentally knocked aside spilling “crystals” amid the rug’s tufts, which the sweeper didn’t  pick up as no one emptied it.  The calls to re-arrange the aide service took an hour and twenty minutes (about nine dollars including the connection fee) and maintenance showed up again.  Friend came by and left cake.  That was nice.  Scooter’s about out of energy because of the running around; and, if anything else happened, it’s been forgotten.  

Wednesday evening….  Greetings came from the social security office.  There is some paper work that needs to be mailed to them – they want it Friday.  There’s no extra day for the mail to get there (two days should be allowed for mail).  The aide did come; she doesn’t seem too interested in the stuff to be done.  It was not all done.  There is now a doctor’s visit scheduled for Friday.  Friend may be here soon and may help.  If anything spectacular happens, it seems like it will have to be continued tomorrow as it’s sunset already.  Even an online game played got a wrong turn in it, and it’s been in play for more than a year. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  The paper from the social security office be about ten or so pages.  They weren’t counted before or after the thing was eventually stuffed in the return envelope provided.  Filling it out included finding and sorting some needed information tossed about at some other point in time.  No way could this be started early in the day for both the usual reasons of just getting in gear in the morning and needed rest from the aide’s visit.  In the afternoon they were called to relate that the paper had arrived.  Friend had said he could personally drop it off in the morning.  It had to be ready to go by 9:30 a.m.   

Friday night….  The paperwork did get done during the night taking maybe four hours all together.  The hardest part was to get up about three hours later to get the door unlocked so friend could get to the thing to take it.  As expected, about 9:30 a.m. he arrived, to be followed at around 10:30 a.m. by the doctor coming a shade early and the lunch lady at near 11:30 a.m.  Around 1:30 p.m. it was truck with food time.  Almost as soon as that was put away, it was deemed necessary to get down to the office with the rent mostly to get that out of the way as it can be put in the drop box.  The day was exhaustive.  

Saturday night….  The week took it’s toll physically as well as financially.  It was evident in the morning when there was a sort of “dazed” state of recalling that at hand was February.  After a while there was a return to bed.  At noon clock time (11:00 a.m. EST) it was decided it was noon and high time to get up.  After some floundering around the day actually was started.  The only thing done was going down to the lobby to see if a new date for vacating the place had been posted on the board.  (No.)  That was important to see further about getting the plants out of the place.  Someone may do it.   

Sunday night….  It was a day to continue to catch up on existence in the wake of recent days and think about the coming days.  The accomplishment was nothing more than creating the posting for the Diary’s Blog.  Friend came by, but there is nothing vital at the moment that needs his help.  He did water the plants, a thing of some help since the back ones are hard to reach.  Email about them and more that is in need of being written didn’t get done, but it’s not needed at the moment as is known as no date for relocating was posted as of Friday.  An interview with one of the agencies is tomorrow and the papers aren’t ready. 

Monday night….  Lunch lady came (some lunch hit the top, pants and rug and of course needed to be cleaned up); and, agency representative came for interview (customer/patient copy of papers need to be put somewhere just in case).  Then on to the relocating business was the plan.  First, there had to be a scoot down to the lobby to see if a new date had been posted.  And, that is all the farther it went as someone with whom to carry on an actual conversation came by.  That is rare and should never be bypassed.  It’s a way to find out things.  No new date was up anyway.  Tomorrow the aide comes, maybe, and nothing’s ready. 

Pivoting to meet life and times can be difficult. 

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