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One Of “Those” Pictures

Dover 6



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January 2 Is Okay

The year started all right, not good or great or any such thing, just all right.  “All right” is something in the vicinity of “adequate.” In this case, it means something like “nothing lost.”  The usual expectation is sort of like hoping to take one small step forward only to find that what happens is two or three steps behind.  It’s the way things work out, and the makings for such were there but things got covered well enough.  Case in point there, the air bed sprang a leak Saturday, got patched and was thus okay for New Year’s.  

Now, such is not in good working order.  It’s more like keeping one’s head above the waters. There’s a spare air bed at hand, but that doesn’t mean that one’s okay or that the drug store has a replacement in stock in case it isn’t.  (They can easily give out).  It isn’t good to throw one out without back up.  So, the bed is iffy, the food is running low, the nose drip has persisted in earnest all day (the trash bag’s not overflowing yet), and assorted other things are riding similarly.  Perhaps the biggest concern is that the nose drip seems to be attached to a cold. 

There’s a posting up for yesterday.  It’s pictures, but it’s a posting.  And, happily a very positive thing transpired.   A little houseplant came with the Thanksgiving dinner.  It seemed to be doing okay until yesterday when it was found collapsed. There was an emergency dash down the hall to a lady who had been asked earlier if she would re-pot it as it was getting too big for the thing in which it came. Well, it didn’t die – she brought it back today all spiffy in a new pot.  It’s back where it was under a table lamp, fed and watered. 

Breathing is easier with positive moments. 

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Happy New Year!

Dover Holiday 26   Dover Holiday 25 

Being unable to decide between these two images, it seemed sensible to just show both at this time.  Take your pick. 

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