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Sick List And Stuff

It should be noted that neither young friend nor older friend nor lunch lady is in the best of health. It might be expected with older friend and even lunch lady, but young friend is in his early 20’s.  And, it should be noted because it seems the more able-bodied personnel of the assigning agency managed to create trouble this past week while those who are considerate are those who also struggle along to an extent.  Presently, a discussion of the details isn’t needed, but it’s what is. 

Looking ahead, there are several big concerns.  Most vital is the new lease business, which has an important paper due come Friday.  It’s finally been asked for (like over the weekend), with a hope that it arrives quickly.  Due to the holiday, the food truck is rescheduled for Saturday. meaning money and the order have to be figured out with two extra days before a new visit.  An extra visitor in the form of pest control again is due tomorrow (centipedes).  On Thursday Avon’s due again. 

Looking back, it was a week for several nasty happenings from the blob of ice cream on the rug to the need to wash down the bed.  Young friend did manage to come.  Older friend was by a lot extra, about two hours on Wednesday alone.  In spite of a great deal of effort, the plants seem to be only surviving at this time.  The wireless bill also came, and somehow the cash ran out faster than expected.  Overall, the week was spent in frantic, confused actions and included missed meals, etc. 

People can cause others a lot of problems.Wilted rose        



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Maybe A Shift In Weather….

Young friend did not make it after all.  It happens and can’t basically change.  Pest control did show up and spray for the centipedes, but the wrist watch was sold out.  Older friend’s purchase of one provided one. That was an extra trip.  It was nice of him to help.  Being stuck on a scooter can cause very unexpected needs.  An idea percolated up for The Project, and the timing was lousy.  A couple of other things fell apart as well.  Sometimes even money doesn’t make things work out. 

Upcoming, young friend is again expected tomorrow.  He gets a few things done, which is much more than can be said for some past aide service staff.  Older friend may be by some unknown (presently) time as well as in his regular Sunday stop.  What personal care there is (hair finally got washed on Wednesday) may not be working out as hoped.  The lunch lady, who brought some of her kind of eggs this week, is due later yet she said come Friday.  There seems to be a mold problem somewhere. 

A nice neighbor has been doing the laundry (an aide’s job) so there are clean clothes as needed.  It’s not impossible to do the laundry from the scooter, but not easy.  Although the new lease business was mostly done, it is not quite all done, and that’s something else hanging overhead.  Back to school sales mean a social shift going on, but it feels like maybe there’s more in the undercurrent, like it’s a shift to autumn weather already.  September is a time of reason.  That is a good.   

Some people manage to have well ordered lives.Fingers crossed     

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Getting Things In Order

Lists.  Lists.  Lists.  There is a slew of lists to deal with regularly, much of it down because there is too much for just remembering.  Case in point, the day’s list includes the cell phone because after the last alarm it’s easy to forget to set that for recharge.  Who’s coming what day is variable, and it has to be down somewhere as it is necessary to be ready for a visitor ideally a day or two ahead of time, hence a visitors’ list.  Rare stuff like a new lease isn’t on the same day. 

The visitors’ list for this coming week has down young friend and pest control for tomorrow, and on subsequent days an aide services substitution, then Avon with a new wrist watch, then lunch lady and turn in a grocery list, then a security check, then older friend for sure, then the food truck.  It isn’t in stone.  Young friend may not come.  Older friend may stop any time he’s in the building.  Seems like it’s near time for the doctor’s office to call to set up that usual appointment. 

Young friend did come this week and the rent money orders are now in hand (and off the worry list).  Aide sub also came and did what she could.  Inspection prior to a new lease got done and the housekeeping was deemed okay.  Lunch lady came as was expected on Friday, but just a little late.  Older friend was around for someone else on Friday, and stopped to see how the plants were especially the four re-potted.  As usual, he came yesterday, too.  Saturday security checking is just fine. 

Getting things in order can be complex.Work  

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Some Good, Some Bad

If there was a wasted week before now, it wasn’t as wasted as the past week with joys like running uselessly to the office, calling uselessly to other offices and just trying to breathe normally.  It’s lease renewal time, which leads to inspection later this week (on top of a corporate one that was scheduled for the past Wednesday).  Young friend’s expected tomorrow to help with some things, which is important as he couldn’t come this past week and older friend had to cut things short. 

The neighbor upstairs taking on some of the aide services did well.  It’s good to have someone capable at hand, even though it’s expensive in the long run.  There’s a serious attempt to keep the runs short.  The big problem is there is too much in the way of changing things around.  Even the lunch lady was a little late on Friday.  She did, however, bring her kind eggs again.  A centipede crawled into the place (reason for office visit), and it seems one must now wait for pest control. 

Older friend came yesterday and did some things, brought some groceries, went to the ATM for money and took four plants for some re-potting.  (His personal activities have changed to an extent.)  Avon did not come Thursday although expected.  That order went on back order and a new one had to be turned in to get a new watch via email.  (That works, too.)  Some odds and ends were taken care of that have been sitting around.  Those will amount to nothing.  They were mere follow-up deals. 

Unexpected change can become a disaster.Fingers crossed

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Still More Changes

Another week has passed with some more turmoil.  The security check matter has been revised for August.  Permanent revision sits in the works of the post office mail pick up, but that’s subject to being less than permanent.  The week was a blurred confusion.  An immediate neighbor became a major annoyance of permanent proportions.  The insurance check was deposited not cashed by older friend, so money was short.  Indeed, there is not even much certainty any more about who came and went. 

The rent’s been paid and a check was sent for internet access (at least that much presumed okay).  There’s a need for a new wrist watch as the strap broke on the one in use.  Avon sells them and comes Thursday.  That is likely the easiest route to getting a new one and it’ll take over two weeks.  A nice lady that is in the building has taken on some of the aide’s stuff for small fees.  Older friend has been doing some things like hauling out trash, so things aren’t quite as bad as once. 

Seems like it’s about time for a visit from the doctor.  That might be explored this week if there’s no notification.  Time lost in attempts to pin down aide services people even though it’s not needed so badly any longer is time lost, but there’s the matter of principle of the thing.  And, there is always a possibility it will be needed as before.  The only question’s when is the best time to junk the matter.  It can’t be now or in the most immediate future but possibly in a few weeks. 

Peaceful old age may be a myth.Work            

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