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Summer Solstice Week

June 18, 2013 … (Delayed) 

The big deal of the day was the arrival of nursing  services.  It was not the most efficient of activities and took an hour and a half.  Little bandaging was applied.  She’s supposed to come back Friday.  If it becomes equally exhaustive, the fire department emergency crew is likely to be needed.  She did the wrists and all of the rest of the hands was left to the patient.  The patient, of necessity as all that was on the ten fingers had been pulled off, began; but, maybe halfway through the light bulb burned out and had to be replaced.  Getting a light bulb out isn’t easy.  There’s no recollection of the rest of the day. 

June 19, 2013. 

The first person on the scene was the mail carrier with the new the computer.  It has been long awaited.  Then came the lunch lady.  Then came homemaker aide.  Then came regular friend too late to meet the aide.  The day’s awakening came at about 2:00 a.m. and there was no getting back to sleep.  It’s good that most of the day went great.  The lunch lady got the computer box open.  The aide put it together.  The owner got a look at it and so did the regular friend.  Further study is for another day, maybe tomorrow.  That’s “study” because it’s not the same as the machine that has been in use. 

June 20, 2013 … (Delayed) 

The need of the day be to get ready for the coming day.  The wish of the day be to look at the new equipment, but wishes need to take a back seat to needs.  Even though the new scooter batteries eliminated one long drawn out time of inaction during this week, precious little got done.   Things like necessary papers were unearthed (it isn’t good to start spending money without knowing how much is at hand).  And, it’s always necessary to catch up on sleep.  The main thing done was catching up on some important correspondence as well as the missing night’s sleep.  The food truck order did not get done. 

June 21, 2013. 

Well, people did come….  First the lunch lady (when expected), then the nurse (unexpectedly early), then the food truck (when expected but not as expected) and finally friend (as expected).  It was decided to save the lunch for tomorrow (they don’t come on Saturday and time be too rushed for more than a snack).  That was good as the nurse would have arrived in the midst of it.  There’s a little to be desired in the service.  The food truck driver was not on vacation yet, so a “simple” order has to be for next time as well.  The bank made a slight error on the rent money orders.  Maybe they will go through. 

June 22, 2013 … (Delayed) 

Being online amounts to a lot of things that were done differently once that was really not a long time ago.  Whether that’s good or bad is beside the point, a lot is easier with a computer.  The dream for the day was getting the new computer in some state of use.  Stuff was moved – not easy while sitting on a scooter.  In the end, it didn’t happen.  Presumably the signal was commandeered by the old one.  Warming supper took two minutes.  Eating it took maybe seven or eight.  …But cleaning out the microwave because supper splattered all over the inside took a heap of time.  The day was disappointing. 

June 23, 2013. 

The scooter got re-charged batteries without the owner being immobile for four or five hours.  It will be wonderful if it continues to be the way things are.  While it’s not impossible to move about a little with the non-electric gizmo, it would be more a matter of using that as a desperate measure to get help.  On a guess there was a trip down the hall to the vicinity of the elevators to see if a connection to the internet could be scrounged up that way.  It worked long enough to log in at least for the first time.  Whether the connection stays is yet to be seen.  Even the sore behind seems better.  It’s a good day. 

June 24, 2013. 

Precious little internet connection came today.  Maybe this will get published on a “someday.”  Tomorrow there is supposed to be nursing services of some sort.  Friend is supposed to stop by to see about the batteries as the re-charging time seemed to be too brief.  Meanwhile the stuff that didn’t get done yesterday (as is usual now, it seems) regarding taking care of the past week’s financial elements sits.  (This is not good.)  Today was spent in wonderful things like trying to get a “live person” at the doctor’s office and trying to get an internet connection with the old computer where everything is … and changing bandages.

Summer is here.  


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Mid-June 2013

June 11, 2013. 

Nursey doctor came, late (it can happen), and looked things over.  It sounds as if there will be some additional medical services authorized.  There’s no getting a thing without doctor’s orders.  Maintenance came and the new air conditioning and heating unit has been installed.  It’s too soon to tell for sure if all is well there but it just may be so.  Both the room temperature and the behind are now much less worrisome.  Hopefully the scooter will last through enough of tomorrow to cover the time of the homemaker aide and friend’s  visit.  He’s supposed to come early, which would be helpful. 


June 12,2013. 

Well, the new air conditioning and heating unit has proved to be worthwhile.  It was close to ninety degrees outside but the apartment underfoot was okay.  At 10:00 p.m. the desktop gadget says 80 degrees and it doesn’t feel like it at all.  A brighter (at least cool-wise) future may be ahead.  The homemaker aide came and did a usual pretty good job.  Friend also showed up, but not soon enough to meet her.  And, of course, a couple of days have passed since the scooter has had a re-charge, so presently it’s a matter of three or so hours of immobility.  And, a (needed) new mouse arrived in the mail. 

June 13, 2013. 

Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid wasting a day.  As often happens, in trying to use the scooter re-charge time as a chance for a rest period, there was a falling asleep about in the middle of it and an awakening well after midnight.  Whenever there is an awakening, it prompts a need for the likes of a bathroom which leads to more.  It was about 5:00 a.m. when the other stuff was finished off and much of the rest of the day was spent trying to get a decent night’s rest.  As usual, it did not happen even though there was no one due to visit but the lunch lady.  There was thought to go downstairs, but that didn’t happen, either. 

June 14, 2013. 

It be flag day.  Putting one up for public display is more or less a thing of the past as there’s no front porch….  Yes, a front door is enough, but there’s only a door to an apartment at the end of a hall and there around a corner.  Surprise to the occupant of same, as word came about mid-morning that a nursing service was sending someone for an interview if that was okay.  Beginning next week there is supposed to be nursing services for a while for the assorted ailments.  How long for that is not known.  There may even be something additionally.  At least once it’s expected the bandages will be “professionally” done.  

June 15, 2013. 

Another day just flew by with little to show for it.  The follow-up checking on the grocery shopping on Wednesday still has not been done, although it was in mind first thing in the morning.  And, there weren’t any accidents to clean up nor was there much playing around on the computer.  The weather was not so bad it was impossible to do anything.  Perhaps it’s time to admit to a slow down of old age, but not really today.  It seems to take a long time to get into gear, but that can be due to something else, like aches and pains.  Regardless, nothing much was done but eat, nap, etc., but there’s a new computer on the horizon. 

June 16, 2013. 

They say it’s Father’s Day, a time to make it a point to think of one’s father.  For some people that’s not a good idea since some people never had a father worth a thought.  Others have and had a father worth constant thought and respect as is the case in the apartment underfoot, and the cemetery is too far away for a visit while two people are expected to visit the apartment.    Friend is expected with a new set of scooter batteries and other equipment.  Another is expected around noontime.  Father’s day was a time to buy a big box of high-priced candy.  That was the one thing that really went over well enough. 

June 17, 2013. 

Well, friend got confused over what was said and didn’t come by last night.  So, a call was made today to his office, which revealed that the visit was to be tonight.  The scooter, meanwhile, is running on nothing.  It was decided it was about time to add funds to the cell phone account.  The system wouldn’t take what seemed to be the poke-it-in number.  That took nearly an hour and more calling to get in order (scratch cards are changing over to taped-over cards).  A call to the office of nursing services for some clarification didn’t result in much, meanwhile pills for holding stuff down are running low.  But, the day seemed nice. 

When summer is on the horizon, things seem good. 

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June Continues….

June 4, 2013 … (Delayed) 

The weblog entries got posted.  It’s amazing that some have been getting done and published, although sometimes a bit late, more or less in a timely manner.  Most often there is no clear idea of an action being ”coming or going.”  A new medical concern was found in the wake of some unexpectedly discovered blood.  Trying to figure that out and an entry for The Diary’s Blog took up most of the day.  The blood wasn’t really figured out – the concern was stopping it without being able to see the source (on the backside).  The homemaker aide could then look it over in due time.   

June 5, 2013 … (Delayed) 

The homemaker aide came and, as usual, did a pretty good job, which this week included an assessment of the rear end problem (she is personally a nurse’s aide no matter what the overall agency wants to call her).   The doctor’s office was of course also called.  Although there was a willingness to adjust the schedule, since things seem to be under control it seemed sensible to take the planned time for a visit on Tuesday.  There’s the promised matter of a new air conditioner/heating unit to consider (it did not arrive, although it was expected today).  New plans have been made and given a start….

June 6, 2013. 

‘Tis again near the witching hour.  Scooter was re-charged in the afternoon as it was seriously low on energy (as could be expected), immediately followed by a messy accident – when there’s a lot on the mind “klutzy” is easy. The fact is, there were several near accidents like lunch in the lap and bandage lost in the trash while cleaning hand.  The food truck comes tomorrow and list for same needs to be made out.  That plus a couple of other things that should have been done weren’t.  The first of the rental paperwork is expected in a few days.  The notice to go to the office, however, hasn’t arrived yet.  

June 7, 2013. 

A humble Friday it is.  Important things were rather skipped over, like what was not done yesterday and the day’s news for today.  Almost three hours were used up deleting computer/internet stuff.  It isn’t finished – probably won’t ever be finished, but it’s kind of like dust in that one gets rid of some of it.  The lady of lunches came and the food truck came so there are plenty of foodstuffs at hand.  It wasn’t a bad day, but next week is supposed to be hotter and the new heating and air conditioning unit still has not arrived.  The new medical problem seemed to be holding steady today. 

June 8, 2013. 

It was a day when there was a brief time that felt as if everything was okay and all finished off … and a few minutes later the fire alarm went off again.  The fire alarm goes off a lot in the building underfoot, more so than in other places.  Some of it seems to be medical.  The nose got stopped up at about that time making it difficult to breathe – lousy timing if there was a fire.  The job finished off was getting out of a message board that was a mistake from the beginning.  The job left undone was bookkeeping.  The matter delayed was food.  The concern was scooter energy, as usual. 

June 9, 2013. 

June continues.  Scooter re-charging continues (three hours of it has just been finished –- that takes care of it for a couple of days).  There may be changes in that whole business in the days ahead.  Important things left undone continues.  Well, the moving around is very slow anymore, and there’s nothing much that can be done about it.  Trying to move faster just causes more problems since accidents happen.  Friend stopped by as usual around noon to see if life is still present.  Supposedly there will be someone new next week.  While that’s a continuation, too, at least it’s different. 

June 10, 2013. 

Once again the witching hour approaches.  Once again the evening meal is yet to be consumed, but this time it’s just a little different in that lunch was not around noon but rather after 3:00 p.m.  That extra four hours makes a difference.  The nursey doctor cometh tomorrow, which is good given the new ailment.  There was a good rest after the late lunch.  Happily an online friend was found.  It’s yet to be seen if the reason for that will work out okay.  Happily there are seven days in this entry – it seemed impossible that would happen.  Even the money left sitting around got put aright. 

There are better times and worse times. 

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Days Around A Month’s Start….

May 28,2013 … (Delayed). 

The concerns of the day, apart from the blog notes which somehow are getting done, are getting a payment in the mail tomorrow (the homemaker aide can at least address the envelope), a likely scooter re-charge (maybe it will last until Thursday morning) and assessment visit tomorrow by the aide’s supervisor.  A short list for a trip to the supermarket also has to be made out.  One of the pills (vitamins) are all gone.  Fortunately Memorial Day came early this year.  When it comes at the very end of May, making room to make a proper sad pause in life jams together necessities that nowadays are hard to get done ordinarily. 

May 29, 2013 … (Delayed). 

The supervisor for the homemaker aide came with her.  It seems the agency has a policy of reviewing the job sites every two months to keep the records current regarding medical conditions.  Presumably the reason it wasn’t done before was because there was not only a turnover in aides but also in supervisors.  A nurse is in charge of the aides, and it does make sense.  The really good thing that was learned was that the brother of the current aide said he was interested in the job of checking names for “The Project” on hold for so many years.  If nothing else, at least that much might get done someday….    

May 30, 2013 … (Delayed). 

It’s rather unbelievable, but the fire alarm went off about eight times.  It’s been known to go off more than once, but never before spotted throughout a whole day from 9:00 a.m. until nearly 4:00 p.m.  Of course, it hasn’t wailed just right for a long time.  It could be it finally demanded some attention, but a siren was heard after the last wailing as well as the usual ten-fifteen minutes after the first wailing.  With the alarm being just about four feet from the door, there wasn’t much peace and quiet in the place, and so much for a resting and/or catch-up day.  At least the scooter got energized for the weekend. 

May 31, 2013. 

One might say nothing’s new today in the apartment underfoot.  The computer barely works (but there is hope for another).  Scooter energy was wasted going to the office.  At least the rent was paid and receipts for both May and June were obtained.  More inquiry was put in about moving to another apartment and in regard to the heating/air conditioning unit.  A new one of the latter may be put in next week.  That would be remarkable service.  Considering the recent new refrigerator installed, however, maybe that was something that merely needed a little agitation.  The building is getting a lot of attention. 

June 2, 2013. 

Somehow the world around feels okay, which isn’t necessarily how it actually is but it’s a bit cooler than the last couple of days.  The entire day yesterday went to suffering with trying to get internet connectivity.  The possibility of getting a new computer before the end of the month is also “invigorating.”  Presently (at this very moment) the drippy nose and coughing business is minimal.  It still is in play, but it is not constant, which is very helpful.  The expectation at present is that this afternoon will be devoted to the rather constant need to re-charge the scooter batteries.  A second scooter for back up would be good. 

June 3,2013.

The scooter re-charging happened this evening.  Somehow it made it through the day.  Of course, most of the day was spent abed, since the opportunity did present itself.  It’s unknown whether that really helps any or not.  There are a few important things to do that should have been done over the weekend, like make sure the money is in some usable order, but getting online for just a few things like checking the email (important notices do come in it) is still hit and miss today.  It’s presently almost the witching hour, but the messages for the week did get done.  Now to post it….  Smile 

Life can be a bunch of little accomplishments. 

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