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Autumn Starts….

It’s Tuesday morning, September 17, 2013.  And, it’s a surprise to be composing any comments on a Tuesday morning.  Mornings are bad times most any day.  A big cup of coffee and several cigarettes are needed to get going.  Tuesday can be especially bad if the late hours of Monday were spent finishing a week’s notes as that takes mental effort.  There is no internet access in the apartment, and a trip down the hall was out of the question without the coffee, etc.  It is presumed last week’s notes got published – never mind email and the day’s news.  The deal for today will be to get ready for tomorrow.   

Now it’s Wednesday morning.  Tuesday brought words of importance.  Topping the anxiety list is a letter from the office about a bug inspection tomorrow – bed bugs, she said.  If correct, someone around has them.  Maintenance was to come back and spray around the window for whatever might be getting in….  The lady down the hall that also bought from the food truck died last week.  Food may be in jeopardy.  The driver said he only had the one order on Friday.  If no one else in the building is getting stuff he could stop coming.  There’s supposed to be new nursing assessment done today, and it’s already jumbled. 

Thursday has been a horrible day.  Firstly, it was one of those up-all-night kind of a start (about 1:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m).  Maintenance did not come today – the date was read wrong.  He’s due tomorrow.  Nurse did not come until today as he (male nurse assessor) said no one got back to him early enough.  He took up all of two hours in the morning from someone who doesn’t particularly function in the morning.  There were two bad accidents (clothes had to be changed twice),  and the telephone is about out of funds.  Regular friend did stop, but he did not arrive soon enough to go to the bank…. 

Early Saturday – it’s morning but it’s not light out yet.  Autumn is at hand.  And, daylight isn’t here yet.  Friday was a relatively good day.  Regular friend showed up earlier than expected, got the money orders for the rent, the insurance check into the bank account and a few things at the drug store, payment for telephone included.  The only thing to do now is to tally up everything, homemaking aide’s stuff included.  Maintenance came but did no inspecting – the new “assistant” to the property manager does not communicate accurately. Maintenance sprayed around the windows.  A nurse is coming this afternoon. 

Sunday evening is at hand.  Surprisingly, friend did not really stop at noontime.  He said he glanced in, not long enough for yours truly to notice, and went to the hospital to see someone, another in his collection of people.  He came back, just leaving a few minutes ago, with good news about medicine.  One of big interest is an over the counter medication.  So, there was a nice chance to sit outside.  It be a gorgeous day.  Nothing was said, but there should be a nurse tomorrow, which will again shoot down the day and make this week’s posting a guess on tomorrow if the matter is to be approached sensibly. 

September is a month of reasoning. 


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Autumn Is Near….

It’s not the weekend yet.  As this week’s notations begin, it’s only Wednesday in the night, nearing the witching hour.  The internet connection has been meager for several days, but with the current computer it’s possible to again get a little online time by going down the hall to the area in front of the elevators, the way it was done with the “old, old” computer.  That does a job on the energy that’s in the scooter batteries (as before) but now that’s not so bad as there’s a second set of batteries to set in place when the batteries in use are running low.  (Each little thing helps these days, and that’s a big thing.) 

And, it’s now Thursday afternoon….  On the agenda is the food truck tomorrow and a visit from maintenance.   The visit from maintenance was requested twice earlier in the week and there was a third trip to the office today for same, which place was closed.  The first request was simply for maintenance to check around the windows to see where/how bugs are getting in, but the kitchen light bulb has burned out again and that didn’t get in the request.  Telephoning is day’s big deal today.  It seems “nursey” decided to clear out yesterday, and decided to declare some mis-information to adult protective services. 

It’s Saturday in the wee hours now.  Yesterday a trip down to the elevators for a computer connection paid off big as maintenance was seen heading for another apartment.  Soon after the light bulb was changed, two bugs were caught, and an examination of the windows for a hole took place.  There’s no need for an office trip for a while.  Although the bandages were pulled off the hands (they seemed well enough) there are tiny signs of deterioration.  As there wasn’t contact from the doctor’s office, further nursing is evidently a dead issue at the moment.  It’s back to self-medication.  Stuff was ordered from the drug store. 

Current events can’t be pre-written.  “The Unknown” (The “X” Factor) is nearly always in play.  The outcome may be as expected, but the unexpected drawn in somehow will usually alter things enough that future activity is changed and it’s those things that need to be noted.  Things can, however, be pre-published, the best that can be done being an educated guess at the expectations.  Although it’s Tuesday that’s publishing day, this will probably be posted tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday is an absolute unknown.  Among the expectations ahead (starting Monday) is a bid for another doctor and nursing service. 

It’s now Sunday afternoon.  There’s time for a few more words.  Regular friend paused on the run at noontime saying he would come back around 6:00 p.m. to really see how things are.  There’s a waiting.  There was a trip outside to look for someone to finish a conversation properly.  It seems to be starting to be a usual thing that come the weekend the money hasn’t been tallied up.  It happened this weekend as well.  …maybe tomorrow.  The weather is expected to be cooler – a good thing — but the nose seems to be getting drippy again.  That leads to fearful thoughts about what will be under the foot bandages, now do it yourself…. 

Sometimes things have to be abbreviated. 

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A Few New Things

The clock said it  was about five minutes after two in the afternoon, a wonderful time.  The idea in mind was to spend about twenty minutes checking a few usual bookmarked sites, then get lunch.  It being Saturday (September 7, 2013) lunch was at random.  And, somehow setting down the coffee cup (straight up) caused a plop of the liquid that left drip on both pants legs and the arm of the top.  Now, clean up is not difficult – main spots briefly grabbed in handy nose tissues, then alcohol spray on all spots, then more mopping up usually takes out all evidence of such accidents.  It shot down the timing.  It’s life in the old folks’ home. 

Well, it is Saturday.  Another Tuesday is a blank.  Among other things there was  a bug problem most of the week.  The bug mentioned last week had companions that didn’t come out until later.  Two nights they crawled the ceiling, one parked about over the head of the bed all of Thursday night.  The nurse got it into a bag by climbing on a paint bucket….  She carried it out when she left.  Regular friend and nurse both came both Wednesday and Friday.  Friend came extra on Friday to go get money and pay the post office box rental, getting there too late.  It was done this morning.  He expects to be gone all next week. 

Wednesday the substitute homemaker aide came just a bit later than usual.  She also caught one of the companion bugs.  A new aide is scheduled for the coming week.  Thursday new pills prescribed by the new doctor arrived.  The hope was they would come Wednesday, but the drug store said there was a bit of a mix up of some sort.  It’s to a point where questions are no longer asked, just hand over the stuff.  So far there have been no noticeable ill effects.  It seems the breathing is a little better.  At some now forgotten moment most of the bandages came off of the right hand.  It’s not okay, but it is good enough for the moment. 

This should be put together on a daily basis?  Ha!  Between trying to get around while avoiding the bugs on the ceiling, trying to sort out the newest needs based on current events of a personal nature and what all develops, that be impossible as whether it’s a matter of coming or going isn’t even certain.  And, it sure won’t be done Monday night.  Monday the doctor comes, the nurse comes, of course the lunch lady comes and things have to be figured out special as the aide is new on the job while back up regular friend is going to be gone for job reasons for an entire week.  (That’s more work, less help.) 

To add to the mix, back in May there was a long moment of nostalgic inspiration that resulted in a long piece suitable for posting in a Dayton history site.  After a little discussion there, it seemed that what was done would not be enough.  More stories and more explanation be in order.  An “about” and disclaimer were done for a new blog, which soon enough was rather tentatively set up, from which the text could be incorporated in the history site, but there was still nothing else for it.  For some unexplained reason (perhaps too much turmoil) there was a drift to doing that.  The offer fizzled, but is up.    

It’s very easy to get into things.   


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September Cometh….

It’s a shade after 1:00 p.m. Saturday, August 31, 2013.  The  last four and a half days have been a confused muddle, to the point where the apartment rent was a forgotten item.  A look at the calendar one day or the other included the idea of taking the money order to the office come Friday (yesterday as this being done) and it was forgotten.  Fortunately they have provided a drop box where it might be deposited and written encouragements to do so.  It can still be properly done tomorrow as this is being written (on Sunday, September 1).  It will take getting an envelope, writing a note for a receipt and an extra trip downstairs.   

Yesterday (Friday again) was a day of considerable unexpected pain unrelieved by anything but a stay in bed and the heating pad.  The nurse came shortly after 11:00 a.m. and changed the bandages and that was the end of things.  The lunch lady and the food truck driver both shifted for themselves.  Enough energy was mustered shortly thereafter to put stuff away.  Regular friend stopped by extra with fast food sandwich and some french fries.  Enough energy was mustered to eat it, but some of the trash was not properly dumped.  There was no clean up of the nursing services activity beyond her putting the supplies away. 

Do this message for the week even though it be incomplete is a good idea since even the Saturday morning prescription pill was forgotten.  While the pain isn’t enough to be screaming about it, it is enough to make it difficult to think clearly for the most part.  There was a similar break at an unremembered time (maybe Thursday) when The Diary’s Blog got a message done.  That wasn’t hard it being Labor Day weekend and county fair time in Dayton.  Tomorrow (Sunday) on the other hand regular friend is expected to help some more, and on Monday there is to be more nursing services, time unknown at present.  

And, what happened in the four and a half days as well as can be remembered as of the moment?  Tuesday is an absolute blank.  On Wednesday first on the scene was maintenance along with about four other men interested in the windows for some actually unexplained reason.  They measured them.  A bug that had gotten in somehow sat on the ceiling.  After much pleading one of them killed it.  It was said it was a stink bug and none of them wanted to do it.  Lunch lady and nursing services came.  Emergency sort of homemaker aide came, and with instructions from the nurse washed the hair and down to the behind (included). 

The chores list for the homemaker aide was based on the fact that the scheduled aide had been a complainable “pill” around January.  She was finally nice, but as she was provided a few specifics by the nurse, she ended up not finishing all that was listed and still worked well over a half of an hour in overtime.  For one thing the rug didn’t get swept.  In addition, the nurse had gotten back a test result that said a root of the medical problems at least in some respects was not straight out fungal infection but was instead bacterial, which changes things, like missing the prescription pill may not be a bad thing. 

So, as of today (Saturday), the rug wasn’t swept, some supplies are low, laundry went home with regular friend yesterday to be brought back tomorrow (Sunday) etc.  Some odds and ends have to be cleaned up.  The rent has to be paid.  Light bulb time is at hand as not only the light for the plants went out earlier this past week, but yesterday the bulb in the main light went out.  Homemaker aide stuff is up in the air (the one that came was subbing), and it seems the medical things have changed while it’s a holiday weekend, so the doctor can’t be expected for a few days at best. 

Uncertainty readily upsets plans. 

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