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Troubles Continue, Of Course

The requested deliverance of last week didn’t arrive yet, but friend helped with a small concern Friday night.  That was an extra stop for him.  The doctor, the new aide, the young help and friend all came during the past week.  Lunch lady did not come on Friday as the service was cancelled.  Maintenance was needed for burned out bathroom light bulbs.  Two of them came when the young man’s help was in progress.  In the disturbing by them a little gizmo created by friend was wrecked. 

The new aide seems to be (shall we say) adequate.  It’ll take some time before that’s sorted out to be the way it should be (or should have been) set up as it isn’t.  Avon’s permanently rescheduled (the company changed things).  Adjusting is going to be difficult.  It’s starting this week.  The young man had to be scheduled for today. And, of course, the lunch delivery is completely off schedule.  The rent has to be paid as there might not be a chance on next Monday. 

There a still some important emails that need to be sent amid all the unsettled matters (the above isn’t all of it).  There is also an important medical concern creeping into view.  The past week also had a night when there was some chest pain for what seemed to be too long a time over too much area.  A call was made to the doctor’s office to put it in the record, even though by afternoon everything seemed to be all right.  There was serious thought to call the emergency squad. 

It can seem like things go wrong too often.Coffee cup       


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Well, Into The New Year

May the power that be provide deliverance from another day as bad as the past Friday!  It be a food truck Friday, so that’s what was due, plus the lunch lady.  And, both of those turned out just fine.  There was the added matter of picking up mail at the post office, as that might be closed today.  Saturdays are poor days for bus service and there was a missing package there.  The monkey wrench in the day was the unexpected visit from pest control at 9:30 a.m. It upset stuff. 

Friend came as usual and was helpful as usual, taking care of things that should be covered by the aide service.  This even though he has some serious problems at his office.  The young helper also came by and did a few things, also neglected aide matters.  The Avon Lady was contacted last night only to find out that what was finally determined in the way of ordering a couple of things was completely off schedule.  It was checked and rechecked before emailing her. 

The doctor is due to come on Wednesday.  The “resolves,” like the five minutes outside, are drifting to the wayside, but it isn’t yet beyond hope they can be maintained.  There is a big load of unfinished email, including a follow up regarding the aide service to a state official.  It was grossly mis-handled even most recently, and a contact seems to have been properly established.  The mid-winter cold has arrived.  A new aide is due to come Wednesday.  The computer is jumpy. 

Routines can be hard to keep.Storm cloud     


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January Is Established

January comes into full view as a January about a week after the first.  It’s cold enough outside to dampen the notion of sitting outside for at least five minutes every day for some air that’s “different,” but the idea has not yet been tossed out.  Friend was running around after dark yesterday, so the money for the rent for February is in hand for when (if) the young man with a hand in the place comes.  He can’t come any sooner than Wednesday.  Thus January is in play.     

The aide service is still in limbo; but, the doctor’s office found an agency that can do the same work, and a lady was at the apartment this past Wednesday for an assessment.  It’s a right hefty price attached, but the sign up is in place.  At present they aren’t scheduled to come until requested; it is just a matter of being signed up with them.  “Something” has been set into place, but carrying out the trash, etc., still runs hit and miss.  Friend came Wednesday, did it Friday.   

The Avon purchasing is in complete disarray.  It was thought reasonable to skip an order that (on schedule) would come on Christmas Eve, but it was not planned to skip one due on the past Thursday.  The stew about the aide service is what’s to blame.  Fortunately there was no doctor’s appointment in the works as well.  At least the latest Avon brochure’s here; it may be sorted out.  The food truck is what is due this week; the email notice of that is already here.  

Getting back to a routine can be complex.Wilted rose

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End Of Old, Begin Of New Year

It’s been horrid.  Sometime after midnight New Year’s Eve two nightmares came along.  Somewhere thereabouts a light kept on burned out in the bedroom.  And, there was a case of bathroom sick later in the day.  This after seemingly respectable food about 9:00 p.m. and going to bed.  Wednesday a big cheese for the aide service agency showed up to make excuses about their lousy service based on inferences of lack of cooperation (she didn’t expect a witness, namely friend who came to help). 

There’s a food shortage as the food truck delivery date, that being Friday, New Year’s Day, wasn’t adjusted.  Friend did go get a few things yesterday, but friend has big concerns right now and couldn’t do much. A beautiful little poinsettia was a Christmas gift and was sent for repotting but was not brought back even yesterday.  Tuesday the new helper did come to help and he managed to sort through a big pile of old mail – about maybe a year’s stuff like alumni notices and odd things. 

The internet access is via a neighbor’s system (her offer) so it’s free, but she disconnected it for close to two days over New Year’s.  It’s back now, but there were those old trips to somewhere down the hall back on the agenda again, just to the lobby most of the time, over the holiday.  The air bed had to be replaced yesterday.  Luckily it collapsed around noon, and friend helped to set up a new one and haul the old out.  That wasn’t all to be unraveled.  Young friend’s expected back. 

Some things keep happening.Umbrella        

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