Autumn Starts….

It’s Tuesday morning, September 17, 2013.  And, it’s a surprise to be composing any comments on a Tuesday morning.  Mornings are bad times most any day.  A big cup of coffee and several cigarettes are needed to get going.  Tuesday can be especially bad if the late hours of Monday were spent finishing a week’s notes as that takes mental effort.  There is no internet access in the apartment, and a trip down the hall was out of the question without the coffee, etc.  It is presumed last week’s notes got published – never mind email and the day’s news.  The deal for today will be to get ready for tomorrow.   

Now it’s Wednesday morning.  Tuesday brought words of importance.  Topping the anxiety list is a letter from the office about a bug inspection tomorrow – bed bugs, she said.  If correct, someone around has them.  Maintenance was to come back and spray around the window for whatever might be getting in….  The lady down the hall that also bought from the food truck died last week.  Food may be in jeopardy.  The driver said he only had the one order on Friday.  If no one else in the building is getting stuff he could stop coming.  There’s supposed to be new nursing assessment done today, and it’s already jumbled. 

Thursday has been a horrible day.  Firstly, it was one of those up-all-night kind of a start (about 1:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m).  Maintenance did not come today – the date was read wrong.  He’s due tomorrow.  Nurse did not come until today as he (male nurse assessor) said no one got back to him early enough.  He took up all of two hours in the morning from someone who doesn’t particularly function in the morning.  There were two bad accidents (clothes had to be changed twice),  and the telephone is about out of funds.  Regular friend did stop, but he did not arrive soon enough to go to the bank…. 

Early Saturday – it’s morning but it’s not light out yet.  Autumn is at hand.  And, daylight isn’t here yet.  Friday was a relatively good day.  Regular friend showed up earlier than expected, got the money orders for the rent, the insurance check into the bank account and a few things at the drug store, payment for telephone included.  The only thing to do now is to tally up everything, homemaking aide’s stuff included.  Maintenance came but did no inspecting – the new “assistant” to the property manager does not communicate accurately. Maintenance sprayed around the windows.  A nurse is coming this afternoon. 

Sunday evening is at hand.  Surprisingly, friend did not really stop at noontime.  He said he glanced in, not long enough for yours truly to notice, and went to the hospital to see someone, another in his collection of people.  He came back, just leaving a few minutes ago, with good news about medicine.  One of big interest is an over the counter medication.  So, there was a nice chance to sit outside.  It be a gorgeous day.  Nothing was said, but there should be a nurse tomorrow, which will again shoot down the day and make this week’s posting a guess on tomorrow if the matter is to be approached sensibly. 

September is a month of reasoning. 


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