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Synopsis 1

The backlog is completely out of hand. There’s nothing that can be done but post a synopsis since August 20 (Sunday) if this thing is to be continued at all. And, since the publishing date is unknown, this is being started August 30 (Tuesday). Between the dicey computer and things demanding attention, it was hard to determine comings, goings and even the time it was. However, from the looks of things, it’s possible some of the turmoil may be easing up.  All of the stuff scheduled by outside sources may mostly be covered already. 

As noted in the last actual entry, very late on August 19 yours truly absolutely suddenly got very ill.  It took nearly three hours (inch by inch) to get (mostly) cleaned up.  Bed time was about 4:00 a.m. on Sunday.  While it is possible to stay in bed most of a Sunday, it was not much of a help, especially since on Sundays the friendly visitor comes around 1:00 p.m. There was nothing like a trip to the lobby or outside.  “Recovery” was spotty.  The only good thing was that if the homemaker aide came Monday, she could finish cleaning up.

Fairly important things were expected throughout the coming week, and it amounted to something every day.  There were attempts to look at things online, of course, either by cell phone or computer. A “feeling”/suspicion/hunch or whatever said to check the obituaries of an out-of-town newspaper on Monday.  Sure enough, an online friend, a real one, had died on Saturday.  Money was due him for insecticide unceremoniously ordered in spite of some protests (to deal with the bed bugs); it was probably life-saving.

Some things cannot be finished.    



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An Unwanted Different

So, it’s a Saturday, and there is more composition done with notes, like it or not, on August 25, 2011.  While nothing much happens on Saturday (or Sunday) that is necessary (i.e., business of some sort), that’s the most likely time to get to things like the free pictures that have been neglected for weeks now.  The weblog commentaries at least get a little attention; the pictures email hasn’t been opened at all.  In short, things have indeed been pretty bad with all the claims on the attention that ideally would be elsewhere. 

The highlight of the day – if it can be called that – came late, nearly midnight, when yours truly became very suddenly uncontrollably ill, to the point not only of not making it to the bathroom but not even getting started. Never before has such a mess happened – all over clothes and more. The cause is definitely unknown; what was eaten earlier seemed perfectly all right.  And, after everything was out of yours truly in a couple of ways, everything seemed okay (in fact, all seemed better than usual). 

During the day, in anticipation of a homemaker aide on Monday in spite of schedule, some trash was packed.  The week’s mail that’s in house was picked up amid which there was a chat with a lady who looks nothing like her ninety years – a marvelous change from the last time at the mail box.  Entries for these blogs are carried on in bits and pieces as possible, fourth (from last time) finished with a sigh. Presumably the physical explosion had nothing to do with the blog entries, but it occurred two seconds after the last posting.

Events take many forms. 

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Maybe There’s Something In The Air….

So, it’s a Friday, only the composition is being done from notes and on the following Thursday. August 25, 2011.  There were only four things to “up-end” this Friday.  The norm or expected event for this day would have been the food truck. (One deal a day is enough.) It takes the ordering, the purchasing later and the putting away for a stop by the food truck.  What came to the door was a lady from the other end of the hall to say the service would be on Monday. Truck broke down.  Recent orders were small, but not the current one. 

The lease review had been set for the coming Tuesday. When word of an inspection on Tuesday (government this time) settled in mind, the trip to the office to cancel turned out to be an advisory to show up today and talk with the staff doing it. Upon arriving at the office, it was learned she had an emergency.  The solution to the problem was to show up later or on Monday. Scooter energy is a factor here meaning that had to be Monday, at which point it would come to a total of four trips to the office regarding the appointment. 

The big (unexpected) thing for the day, was errands. Virginia could get her mother’s car for yesterday or today.  Although food wasn’t an absolutely desperate need yet (the specials were things often in use), money orders for the rent were needed (so was cash) and a back up air bed is needed.  The errands had to be set early to be done by the time the food truck would have come.  The end result was that yours truly was up from about 3:30 a.m. getting things in enough order to stay operational for a while longer. 

Staying operational is important. 

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More Adjustments

So it’s a Thursday.  And, again, things are being re-constructed via notes jotted down.  This time said re-construction is being done on August 23 (didn’t get far August 22 :-)). Three items happened for sure.  The most important in one sense was the attempt to change the appointment time for the annual review of the lease.  The office staff person taking care of that was off for the day.  Medical stuff is growing in importance.  That was addressed.  Lastly, errands lady, Virginia, had to be called.  That’s all per the notes. 

Firmly establishing the tentative errands time for tomorrow (Friday) was easy (and quick) enough, the big list not so quick especially as the start time was set for 10:00 a.m., necessary since the car (van) was needed by Virgina’s mother. As for the office appointment, for the moment the boss lady was supposed to leave a note. However, the appointment needed to be re-scheduled so, back to the office another day.  Of course, every trip down to the office uses a bunch of scooter energy…. 

Medically speaking, yours truly could use a check up (at least). But, trying to line one up has been an impossible task.  For starters, the clinics want appointments.  How can there be an appointment at all when this turns up and that turns up again and again? Then there’s the matter of getting to an appointment even if there is one.  Mere transportation isn’t a problem – a taxi goes when called and to any such thing.  The problem is getting to the door without the scooter. A promising site called Medline has been joined.  Maybe it’ll help. 

Figuring things out can be complicated. 

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A Few Adjustments

So it’s a Wednesday. Actually, it’s the following Monday (August 22) and yours truly is working strictly from notes.  This is not the usual way of doing things; but, there’s been so much changing about that it’s a miracle there are notes.  The way of life had been to spend a Wednesday morning scrambling to get a list (etc.) for errands to be carried out by the homemaker aide.  Well, no more, but, in view of the dwindling alcohol at hand, it seemed necessary to call the local drug store for an order.  So, there was still list, just different. 

The routine had been a trip to the lobby and outside world around 12:00 p.m.  Well, not today.  Saving scooter energy is on the mind. With things going every which unexpected way, scooter energy is a big concern.  Besides, the sudden conclusion that there was need to call the drug store interrupted the morning.  With the drug store delivering anytime after 2:00 p.m., there be no going anywhere ‘til about 6:00 pm., if then.  Since the telephone was used, a call was also put in to see if the errands lady had a telephone yet (yes). 

Although the friendly visitor decided 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday’s as the time to stop by, since it’s been 4:30 p.m. so far, it was thought it might be 4:30 p.m. again. There’s a lot of activity going on in his family with his daughter getting married.  Sure enough, it was 4:30 p.m. as he was needed for something later, or something like that. Although bed bugs are not currently a high priority for him, he was invited to take a look at the bed bug pictures stashed in the files. A look is a start at information. (He’s a member of the school board.)

One can relax when something’s done. 

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So, it’s a Tuesday.  The day (only) came as expected.  The events were expected, but not exactly as they happened. In a sense it’s a good thing the homemaker aide came a day earlier than expected (technically, but probably not the way it will be henceforth), since it was decided by maintenance there was time to fix all the stuff that was found in the recent inspection, not just in the place underfoot but in other places down the hall.  He conveniently arrived as yours truly was occupied in the bathroom…. 

Now, maintenance knows not to rush into any apartment, so about when he entered there was an exiting the bathroom, and it worked out fine.  In fact, it all worked out fine.  He brought new buttons for the heating and air conditioning unit. That now only requires gentle pushing rather than a hammering.  He fixed the garbage disposal, it is assumed.  That isn’t used; but, the law requires it.  And, most important and not on the work list, he fixed the mis-aligned toilet seat.  (It wasn’t really bad.) 

While happily the inspection business is out of the way for a couple of months (there should be one near the first of October), housing itself is not, as the office set up the annual review for next week on Tuesday. If the homemaker aide shows up on Monday again, there is no problem beyond gathering up the needed information.  (If….) So, life continues in a disarray hampered by immobility during the re-charging of the scooter, etc.  The lobby trip may be skipped if really necessary.  Fortunately, there is not yet a food concern. 

Retirement isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. 

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Unexpected Homemaking

So, it’s a Monday….  Well, the homemaker aide came on Monday a week ago rather than on Tuesday as she did in the previous week, which also happened to be the first time she came and when there was a statement or so about something like, “Now, ahem, you’ll be coming at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Okay.” That clearly was a total waste of breath.  Tuesday not only was not the day this week, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. wasn’t the time, either, as she arrived a shade after 12:00 p.m. 

Naturally, the trash had not been gathered up.  There was thought, just a little, about how to use up the two hours cleaning time ahead of time.  Sweep the carpet does not take two hours. She got told to start scrubbing down the bathtub. The bathtub is one of those with attached side and ceiling area (rather than ceramic tiles around it). As yours truly is not steady enough to use it, the thing was just the way a previous resident had left it – well decorated with soap scum from shower water, although not impossibly dirty. 

While the bathtub still isn’t shiny and numerous paper towels were used up, it is better than it was.  While the rug still has some visible “extra light” areas, that isn’t as bad, either. As she decided she did as much as she could on the bathtub (a re-try next week has been “scheduled” already), she was given some odds and ends to do.  A directive to clean out the microwave last week didn’t quite get that job finished, and so forth. The trash did get gathered up, although the (rushed) effort created unnecessary personal exhaustion. 

Some folks see no time but their own. 

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