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Some General Messages

A NOTE FOR THOSE GETTING THIS LITERARY MASTERPIECE BY EMAIL:  as you may have seen, yes, there was a “typographical error” last week.  It wasn’t really a “typo,” it was an editing error.  The thing’s read over a half-dozen times, including after scheduling in a preview, and adjustments are made.  And, it is usually allowed to sit for a while between re-reading as mistakes aren’t as vivid if the same lines are read repeatedly.  The only excuse for errors is:  being tired and bedeviled can make it hard to think precisely.  There’s always a final check after publication.  If there’s a mistake, there are two choices:  let it go or correct it, depending on how bad it is, and the online copy has the correction.

Regarding current events underfoot, there’s no shortage, of course.  The homemaker aide called in sick, which scrapped Wednesday errands and more introduction to the part of the deal that’s housekeeping.  The trash was not taken out until Friday; the nurse’s aide kindly took all that was handy.  The carpet wasn’t swept.  The post office mail wasn’t picked up.  The more interesting aspects of the matter include the fact that given someone to do errands, the food truck fish dinners were skipped in favor of those from the supermarket.  For Friday’s main meal, Lunch Lady came to the rescue by getting carry out enroute to deliveries, so it wasn’t macaroni (it’s Lent and a matter of being defeated).

The big deals here are the hunt for an emergency contact, which Older Friend was, and a newish hunt for assorted help around the place due to things like discharge from medical home health care after the hospital stay of a few months ago.  The nurse’s aide and physical therapy are falling off the calendar.  Even the lady that has been doing the laundry is gone until about Easter visiting family hundreds of miles away.  In brief, nearly everything is upset except (at this point) the food truck.  At least in an earlier time frame the little lone ones club is still alive.  A lot of time (and even too much money) is consumed in telephone calls and email that in the end doesn’t amount to a hill of beans (as is said).

Presumably it’s a something to be alive.  🙂


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Big Changes

Horrible week it was.  Of course there were a couple of nice things.  There have always been a few nice things in a bleak world.  Yesterday was indescribable at this time.  Saturday, the only day to really grab a good moment of rest (nothing pressing to do but sit at a table for 15 minutes in case someone comes by for the club) was bad.  First, in the midst of that moment for rest, nursing service came with a paper that had to be signed because an appeal was called in due to the promised discontinuation of same.  He got me out of bed for it.  Secondly, no one came for any club chat, not even the other instigator. The time for it is now changed.

Today was food truck day.  It was most welcome as easy breakfasts and the ice cream supply were about gone.  The Lunch Lady came Friday with untried meals due to menu changing that knocked out the most used meal.  She’s a very thoughtful lady who not only maintains the good egg supply but recently solved another important concern several times now.  None of it is “her job”; some people out there do want to help others along their way.  Both physical therapy and nurse’s aide also came, and both of those people are not only very good at their jobs, they also want to help others.  Physical therapy even fixed a piece of equipment.

The homemaker came Wednesday for an added hour.  While the errands were done well again, the housekeeping may not go so well.  The assigning agency representative came Thursday for an extended largely confused review interview (at point “x” it appeared endless) as did what might be called a so-called nurse.  And, there’s been enough trouble that Tuesday’s batch of rather unnecessary email is out of mind.  The coming week is going to be loaded with disturbing things and the re-arranging of needed services.  There’s also a good chance there’ll be needed services that won’t be obtained when needed.  And, it snowed Saturday.

Daylight Saving Time looms ahead.  😦

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Changes In The Works

Another week started on the peculiar side.  Things usually aren’t scheduled for Tuesday.  The only thing regular is the security check call.  It’s also Young Friend’s best day, but he usually only comes once a month.  A visit from pest control tossed into the works didn’t come off as it should as the occupant of the place was in the bathroom.  A three-way light bulb burned out; there were none in the cupboard.  Early in the morning it was necessary to change clothes, and the lady that does the laundry was still under the weather.  The nurse expected didn’t show up.  Maintenance unexpectedly showed up and bolted a sheet of metal to the bottom third of the door.  The oddest thing was there was no yen for coffee until late in the afternoon, but all day until then there was a craving for milk.

While Tuesday was full of confusion, Wednesday was survived.  There was head pain and bathroom concerns.  The homemaker aide was late, but the errands were done well again.  Older Friend was seen in passing; he returned the apartment’s emergency key.  Although still ill, the lady that does the laundry did manage to get clean clothes in the place and just in time again.  Thursday began an upsetting couple of days as the nurse came and things didn’t go as expected.  Lunch Lady wasn’t due to come Friday, but she unexpectedly came with eggs.  As the standard deliveries are usually eaten later, it’s the eggs that make lunches.  Older Friend is definitely gone now, and there’s a serious hunt for emergency contact.  Saturday’s thing is the club, which is likely dead, but a new angle may be tried.

Yesterday was rather empty and only the nurse’s aide for personal care was due today, so there’s been a few minutes to try to figure out which way to go next.  Little has been figured out, and the week ahead promises little chance for such things.  The time for Wednesday’s homemaking services has been expanded to two hours.  The assigning agency wants a home visit on the same day the nurse is expected at present.  Lunch Lady is expected Friday as is the personal care aide.  There’s a wealth of calling to get done about services as the nursing services are expected to be discontinued next week.  There’s also a wealth of emails to send in hopes of replacing Older Friend somehow.  If things can’t be set up better, there may be a drastic change.  The known alternative would be moving into a nursing home.

Some tomorrows don’t have promise.  😦

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Is There A Spirit World?

Young Friend was and is expected tomorrow.  However, he had made plans for Thursday to see several people in the area, including a lady in the building, and sent word he’d stop by if he had time.  He did and ran the needed errands to get an air bed to replace the one near collapse.  The visit was unexpected, and the errands were not a minute too soon.  In another incident, the lady that does the laundry was very ill when laundry was mentioned to her.  Clean duds were definitely needed for Friday when the nurse’s aide came for personal care and from the looks of things possibly before then.  She did get well enough to get it done.  There were additional happenstance incidents.

Tuesday the nurse came and it was a nasty hour that needed follow-up.  That may have been accomplished Friday, but it won’t be known for a few days yet.  The Saturday club may be dead.  The other chief member hasn’t come for several weeks.  Lunch Lady was off sick on Friday, so no eggs or other stuff she said she had.  It was impossible to get word as to when the substitute delivery driver would come, and the nurse’s aide was also due to help with getting cleaned up.  They both showed up at the same time.  Today was food truck day, so there’s plenty of food around.  Substantial effort at finding a contact to replace Older Friend has come to nothing.

The young man doing homemaking chores on Wednesday did an excellent job of the errand chores again.  The rent’s been paid and the month’s prescription was picked up.  There’s a big problem with the wireless, however.  It seems the cost unexpectedly increased while the money order for that was for the old amount.  There’s been scant chance to find out what the deal is now or to mail in the additional cost.  The Christmas decorations did get taken off of the tree but still haven’t been put away.  The plants have been watered extra as it seems they are drying out fast.  Accounting still hasn’t been done.  The scooter’s run out of energy more often due to running around.

February’s short, so bills are due faster in March.  🙂

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