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Day After Christmas It Is

The apartment building’s community room was done up nicely to commemorate the holidays.  And, all but a private party spent Christmas Day somewhere else for a few hours, which, based on estimates of the comings and goings at the main door bothered few.  It was a problem for Older Friend, but he managed.  The holiday dinner that Young Friend’s people promised came as it was expected, along with a gift that was not expected.  Older Friend came by several times.  Things aren’t all done yet. 

Things have been especially bad, partly due to working in the few Christmas things that did get done.  Friday the lady from the advocacy group came for papers to be sent away.  She also kindly went to the post office and got the week’s mail.  This coming week’s mail run is uncertain, but the wireless bill is here.  The Lunch Lady, of course, wasn’t scheduled.  As for a working visit from Helping Lady, that hasn’t been set up.  It may be some days yet before that can be arranged workably. 

The coming of the food truck today put a rush on this already badly garbled past week.  The security checking matter is not going as well as hoped (mostly on the receiving end, it’s not convenient times), but the lady missed Saturday’s call.  This coming week the rent has to be paid.  The air bed matter just may be cleared up.  The store manager did offer to order when another is needed.  One Christmas present may be lost and one has yet to be given to the recipient.  Disorganized it is.

May everyone have a happy and prosperous new year.Martini glass 


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‘Tis The Week Before Christmas….

In a week Christmas will be over with, plus in just days this current dark time will also be over with to start 2017 in the natural world.  Age comes to mind.  Only one (known) ancestor lived so long, and he was on his deathbed.  It’s scary.  When one is alive of course one should go on living and presumably insofar as possible as before.  It could be more possible one way or another, but how isn’t sure.  Aide-type service is the best idea; the advocacy lady has serious personal matters. 

Older Friend, the only person really able to help in some way this week, came by for some things Thursday, Friday and again yesterday.  Helping Lady still isn’t able to do much, but she did bring some homemade candy one day.  Lunch Lady’s schedule has her off until past Christmas.  Young Friend isn’t free to come at present.  It is hoped Helping Lady will be more up to doing more things soon.  The lady doing the security checking sent a greeting card with a thoughtful little gift inside.   

There was some kind of activity in the building that included drawings for some prizes.  While it wasn’t personally visited everyone in the building was included, and a box of candy now sits on a table.  Money and such still are not organized, but strange billing from the doctor’s office is cleared up.  That air bed matter has gone nowhere.  Christmas stuff hasn’t been finished, although there’s still enough time for some.  A few plants may not be doing well at all, no sun for one thing. 

May everyone have a truly joyous holiday.Gift with a bow 

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Christmas In Sight….

Saturday was a startlingly bad day with an exceptionally good moment.  Helping Lady was able to help a tiny bit.  A trip to the vending machines put in a dollar bill which may have been two (new ones) stuck together.  The breakfast roll was put in the scooter basket and forgotten.  Come yesterday morning the look on the shelf saw nothing, of course.  The roll was still behind a folder in the basket.  That’s pretty bad.  Scooter’s used all the time.  Even pill dates were down wrong twice.

Young Friend managed to visit on Tuesday, so the money orders for the January rent are in hand and also some cash. However, money and checkbook still are not tallied up except that.  On Friday and also yesterday Older Friend came by bringing stuff needed, so basic stuff is at hand.  The computer jammed in an updating download.  Seemed sure to be headed for repairs, but that apparently sorted itself out in a second try.  (Computer not sure yet.  It’s only “apparently” okay at this point.) 

Somehow a head cold seems to have materialized.  Outside’s at about freezing many times, so the outside “sits” aren’t being done presently as “ill-advised.”  It’s been cloudy and rainy, but there were a few light snowflakes which did not amount to anything.  Lunch lady came as expected and holiday deliveries are expected to be a confused deal.  Today was food truck day and that’s another matter.  Christmas cards haven’t been sent yet and what few decorations there are also aren’t up yet. 

Old people get into quandaries easily.Storm cloud 

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Christmas Season Begins….

It seems most days have been cloudy, which isn’t good for the plants.  It’s only morning sun if there’s any.  While some of them look okay, they don’t seem to be doing well.  What to do hasn’t been figured out.  At least the rent’s paid.  A really big problem has surfaced.  The company that sold the air beds has discontinued the line primarily used.  There may be other sources, but finding a way to get them is also a concern.  At the moment Older Friend’s deeply involved in something. 

There’s now a need for someone to get the rents’ money orders for January.  Young Friend expects to be free to do it.  That banking stuff is still to be done.  Avon comes this week.  It may be there’ll be no need to make any holiday adjustments in that, and maybe not with the food truck or lunch lady.  Since there is a current prospect of sleeping on the floor, all the delivery simplification is a great help.  A really nice thing that happened was a Christmas card coming from England. 

Helping Lady still won’t be able to come for some weeks.  The thing to do there may be to start hunting again.  However, on the bright side, the advocacy people are now involved.  There should be more before the holiday.  There’s also been promise for good mail pick-up.  A few Christmas wishes should be sent yet, it’s hoped soon.  There’s a second “project” now brewing but in the background and not sure.  That main one is in mind often.  An unusual bill came from the doctor’s company. 

Happy St. Nick’s day to all.Note 

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