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Wild Activity

Well, the day started all right.  There was something to do today, a matter called paying the rent due tomorrow.  With the homemaker aide scheduled for tomorrow, there was some doubt about there being a sensible, easy trip to the office to do so tomorrow.  Early tomorrow didn’t seem like much of a good time.  And, after the chore time, there’s almost always a state of being worn out.  It was in mind for the noonday trip today.  A quick run through of current computer sites was first. 

While a rather long comment for a message board was being done, a notice went up on the site from the webmaster saying that as of tomorrow a new system would be in place.  This is the community message board of the cable company which also provides internet service. There’s another cable company that doesn’t have internet service; and, that’s where the apartment building contracts for it’s cable television.  In other words, yours truly cannot connect to the first company as a customer. 

The new system is that the community message board, henceforth, will be limited to paying customers of the company.  It is where all the bed bug information for local use has been stashed.  Also, in the private message section there were some saved things. And, in the light of the advanced notice, there were a half dozen hours for any non-customers to get their stuff out of the place (and post any final notes).  The day has been a time of frantic action.  The nice thing was a neighbor checked to see if all was well.   

A new time is always possible. 


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Day’s End

It seems like “getting through the day” at least once was a thought most fitting for getting through the work day. It seems like it wasn’t an active thought. It was just a matter of getting to closing time and out through the door in a still standing position or getting the office space in enough order for the cleaning people to clean or getting the list of chores finished.  That doesn’t mean anything much done afterwards; it just means getting the day’s work done with enough power left to get home. 

These days it seems yours truly somehow gets down to about 9:00 p.m. and thinks thoughts about having gotten through another day not with the idea of having done much – there isn’t much done; in fact if it can’t be done sitting down, the odds are it’s just not done at all – but sort of with the understanding that getting through the day amounts to existing through another day.  It’s almost like doing something constructive, like another six bricks added on today, but there is nothing being built.

Today the scooter was re-charged.  That’s not building; it’s only.a maintenance thing or just hanging onto what’s at hand.  Two times a person came to the door somewhat unexpectedly.  The missing little dessert bread meant for Thanksgiving came, and an agency worker checking how things have been going with the homemaker aide came. The first is catching up, the second is maintenance. Not a thing constructive was done; so, getting through the day is just a matter of surviving.  

It pays to look around at times.   

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Light On The Hill

In the morning light, a thin layer of whiteness sat on car and house roof across the roadway outside of the window.  It might have been snow.  It looked like frost.  It wasn’t everywhere, and it was so thin that the colors of what it was on could be determined in spite of it.  The first thought was, “Is that the color of that thing?” but, as time drifted along the whitish business started disappearing.  Common sense said it was frost or snow. It looked nice and sunny out, and by early afternoon it was hot in the apartment. 

As yours truly opened the window to cool the place down, with a clear view of the white stuff across the way, it was impossible not to wonder exactly how cold it was out. The noontime descent to the outside world showed it was too cold to sit outside, both as seen by experience and because the thermometer said it was near forty degrees out there.  The apartment, however, was warm enough to leave the window open almost until sundown. Having recalled that it was how things were last year, there was no surprise. 

As there was no sitting outside at noontime, it was decided another trip was in order late in the day (it was worth a try, anyway).  It was still cold, but not so cold.  To emphasize the matter of what time it is in the year, come nightfall the big triangular sort of spotty light (town Christmas tree?) high on the far hill was visible between the barely visible houses up there (they may be ranch style houses so low anyway).  It’s supposed to be cold outside.  It’s just hot in the apartment during the day. 

Strange things happen in life.     

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Surprising For Sure

Yesterday yours truly tried to relate a case of surprising oneself in the event things came down to push comes to shove (however that comes out).  Like it or not, there are times when it is necessary to take a chance on something even if it is outright deadly. One of the repercussions of the unexpected trip yesterday was (in some more surprise) discovered today.  While it turned out all right in the end, that’s beside the point.  The thing is, when something “extra” gets thrown into the picture, things happen. 

As has been noted many times, on Friday there are copyright free pictures in the email for personal use.  They expire in a week, so a download needs to take place within a week.  Invariably there isn’t enough time to download them when they arrive.  One reason:  it can take a couple of hours to look through what is offered to figure out if there’s a possible use for what is sent, and the images from the previous week still haven’t been sorted. Other things can cause a delay, too. 

Well, it was known yesterday that it was Friday, and it was known the week’s pictures came and it was all forgotten in the calculations in regard to the bank trip.  A delivery order from a carry out pizza place was included after the return as there was even no inclination to be thinking of food. And, bright and early this morning when the email was approached, it was realized it was no longer Friday. But, for some reason last week’s pictures, which included much in the way of Christmas stuff, was still available. 

There are all kinds of gifts. 

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Indeed, there are times when people can surprise themselves with what can be done.  There is, as has often been mentioned, a thing about going to the bank, which requires a hike down the hall, taxi and a lot of other stuff, the hike down the hall being difficult and so forth.  The hike has seemingly been more difficult in the last couple of months.  And, there was a lady who did the bank stuff last time, and who was willing to do it again for December’s business.  It was okay then and appreciated. 

November has been short, holiday filled and a piece of the world descended on yours truly for a while.  There was no opportunity to date to make arrangements with the lady. To make matters worse, the calendar was misjudged leaving today the only day left for the bank visit without really pushing things.  It boiled down to trying to make arrangements with the lady for Monday, trying to personally go or trying to figure out something else which would have been a lot more complicated. 

The first thing to do is to gather up the necessary papers, this time including a note for the teller to change the amount of the money order for the rent, it being different effective December. That went faster than expected, a call to the bank showed it was going to be open later than expected and the chance to rest more had a good result.  It was worth a try.  A small glitch when the elevator didn’t work properly didn’t really wipe out the trip.  Somehow, the chore got done okay. 

Sometimes all it takes is trying. 

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Modern Accomplishments

In this day and age, there are “accomplishments” that could not be dreamed of as accomplishments once upon a time.  Case in point:  there are things called message boards.  And, in case after case it has been a common happening that people sign into them for no reason more than causing trouble (or maybe not knowing anything better).  And, in case after case, the people running the message boards have “opted out of” maintaining them simply because there was no way to deal with the trouble makers. 

One thing that a number of established places have done is create an account at something like “Facebook” where one uses one’s own name if they want to say something.  The local newspaper normally read had a message board service that was turned to hash.  They tried a second system; people contact is essential to the business.  That didn’t work, either. Finally they set up a Facebook account for comments and told people to post their commentary there.  It’s a thing in play for months now. 

No matter how yours truly looked, the place to post the comments there was not found.  There was no problem about posting them in regard to anything like having something to say, having an account, or any such requirement.  It was simply a matter of being unable to find the place to put it. Well, an accomplishment of the evening and day was doing something (exactly what and how isn’t known) that brought up a place to post messages in the Facebook account run by the newspaper. 

Revelations are constant.  

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Thanksgiving Eve

The day’s events were an assortment of turmoil.  The morning had a session of throwing together a list for the homemaker aide.  She was to get a replacement for the air bed which rapidly lost it’s air.  That, among other things, was a deal in itself as she did go to the drug store after one and they had none.  Meanwhile, feeling a bit foggy while she was gone led to an attempt at a rest on it.  A weak place gave out, and the thing was completely “dead.”  A patch job is, maybe, in place. 

Several other things are not in order more so than usual.  And, of course, the holiday itself is at hand.  At least there are a few things around to approximate an actual Thanksgiving remembrance in a few hours (after an attempt at some more proper shut eye on what is left of the.bed arrangement).  Well, the thought is present and a few details are present.  And, there’s nothing new about instability in fundamental life.  There are things to be thankful about; and, at least there can be a pause for that.






Is The Wish For All


Tomorrow is always another chance. 

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