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Enter December

As of right now, aide service is to be started up again soon, but with less time devoted to it.  It would be just wonderful to get rid of it completely.  At least friend has been around to help.  The Thanksgiving dinner was delicious.  With it, as usual, there came a new little house plant to add to the ones already sitting on the table.  It was a good day, which was a valuable thing.  The delivered lunches were not unpacked when they came, and what was discovered was five identical meals. 

The rent be due tomorrow.  Paying it early is always personal debate.  A little computer re-arranging got done, a few items thrown out.  A contact is due by the new person on the scene, that’s a young man from a “good deeds” kind of group that can help in special circumstances.  The notion is, he may be able to actually finish off some of the things the aide service is not getting done.  The experience is new to the organization, so it is not even sure it will be a long-standing thing.   

The head is not working too clearly these days, and all sorts of little details of importance are forgotten, like switching the scooter battery, because something else needed takes over the immediate attention.  The changing around as well as some attempts at getting some additional rest may contribute to it to some extent.  Nonetheless, it’s a bit unsettling when even something like lunch is forgotten as one of the advised pills is taken at such times.  And, there’s more confusion ahead. 

Unraveling things can be near impossible.Wilted rose   


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Thanksgiving Week, 2015

Things is different for both last week and the one that be a- comin’.  In the one a–comin’, there not only is no Avon order in anticipation, but no lunches delivery.  The place creating them sent two weeks’ worth on Friday.  There was enough space in the freezer, just barely.  Further, the lunch lady was off sick.  A nice, home cooked type Thanksgiving dinner is rather expected to be a-comin’ come Thursday, but no real word on it yet. (They have been very faithful about that in the past.) 

Notice came from the building management that the whole place was going to be inspected by pest control.  The notion was it was to be a look around for bed bugs.  In the midst of trying to get some calming rest mid-morning today at least four guys (two from maintenance) came tromping into the place and began doing different things some of which had nothing to do with a bed bug.  Two contraptions to put out fires were installed on the cabinets above the stove; a mouse trap is under the sink.

Friend couldn’t come Wednesday.  Plans for a neighbor to take out the trash and water the plants fell through.  It was very slow, somewhat messy doing, but they did both get done during much of Thursday, and friend swept out the place when he came on Sunday so those things were adequate.  There hasn’t been a great loss with no aide service, meanwhile a couple of things sitting for far too long got done.  There’s bad news of sorts in the gossip that smoking will be banned in apartments. 

Mere living is a mystery.Red rose 

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More Confusion

As we drift into the week before Thanksgiving, and last week having had a mid-week holiday observed by some but not every business or service, there are changes pending.  The biggest thing that came about was probably that Friend’s lady wasn’t feeling well rather seriously.  While that’s not a matter of direct effect, it can easily change the way things are being done.  There was no new Avon order turned in as the delivery day would have to be moved (from Thursday, Thanksgiving). 

The big accomplishment was the cash on hand got straightened out as much as it could be.  One envelope not counted up was from February, per the receipt date (when aide service was a total disarray).  Two throw pillow inserts were in the order from Avon that came Thursday.  The bed pillow’s standard; it didn’t have the desired height for uplifted breathing.  With the inserts, that’s better.  The lunches came okay on Friday like they normally do, but just a little late. 

Friend did come both Wednesday and Sunday, and the rents for December are now in hand.  With the absence of aide service, friend swept the rug and carried out the trash, but that was only for the moment.  However, with no big concern regarding preparing for and working with the aide for three hours, the week was much easier than usual.  Even setting up another of the air beds was managed without help, and it was a new kind not done before.  (Confusion, but a pretty good week.) 

Good weather is a blessing.Coffee cup 

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Upheavals Galore!

The whole week was a state of upheaval.  Of course, switching the time to Standard Time probably made some difference.  The aide service is now cancelled for the rest of the month.  The business is being formulated into something that can be given over to the county for intervention.  It probably won’t help, but at least someone is told.  In the meantime, there need be some scrounging around to cover what little did get done.  It was friend who did some of it.  He can’t do all of it. 

A doctor appointment set for Tuesday turned into one that was in fact on Wednesday.  And, it was not the doctor but a nurse practitioner.  It isn’t as if such was completely unexpected, but it was poorly arranged.  The food truck sent email saying the time was changed, only it came at the usual time.  Charge for service had already been changed.  A new person may be on the scene.  A completely unexpected visitor turned up, and it seems he may be of some help maybe once a month or so. 

The lunches came all right except one was a substitution.  It is one of the offerings almost religious avoided.  It is Avon week and the new shoes on the last order did not get tried on yet.  Nor are they likely to get tried on this week (although that is not impossible) due to the stew with the aide service as well as ordinary “extra” things needing attention like the unfinished maintenance.  A trip to the office about finishing that did get squeezed in on Thursday.  There’s need for time.

A lot can change overnight.Coffee cup

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Eastern Standard Time!

Well, we now have the little blessing of the time change.  It is a blessing not just because of the extra hour of sleep but because it’s a better alignment of the daylight. As a promise of an hour of additional aide service developed into the pits during the week, any “blessing” was badly needed.  Firstly it didn’t materialize.  The aide had a “prior commitment.”  Then word came the time frame needed to be changed.  To be mulling over this, the entire service was cancelled for this week. 

Friend came Friday as well as Sunday and Wednesday, as Friday was convenient.  He promised to help with a couple of matters that the aide would otherwise be doing.  As the food truck is instituting a new system and the lunch menu has been changed, both mean doing things differently will be a new order of the day from that day forward. At least the rent did get paid.  A new building manager has been hired.  Repairs left undone now need to be discussed at the office again, just in case. 

In addition, another complaint about the assigning agency has surfaced.  Instead of negotiating a new aide that could cover the normal hours, what came through was “instructions” on how the services should be handled. There wasn’t a thing wrong in the way things were handled.  It was Avon week.  New shoes to try are at hand, if time pops out of somewhere.  However, the aide business will take some time to figure out; there was no desire to deal with that agency woman even before the mess. 

Which way to go can be a serious question.Lightning   

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