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So Many Important Things….

Changing the bandage on the ankle has been left undone, it is guessed, for too long.  It’s a big messy job; and, there are only twenty-four hours in a day.  Nature demands some hours out of the twenty-four for various things, especially these days, and prevents an efficient use of others – just as an example, what operation there is in the hands is still in “surgical” (throw away) vinyl gloves.  The hands and foot, however, are not so bothersome as the rear end very sore from the way it’s necessary to sit, less serious though that may be. 

As things are assessed this evening, if the battery of the scooter is not re-charged tonight (which action causes near immobility for four or five hours), a hiking of the hall tomorrow will be on the agenda.  The rent needs to be paid, and the social security office needs to be called.  Given the bad foot, the prospect of hiking the hall is less appealing than usual.  Things like over-flowing trash are badly hampering what “operating” there is; indeed, the table and nearby rug are well scattered with ashes, so much so that the table can’t be used at the moment. 

However, it is still early and enough food and money are around (in near total disarray, but at hand somewhere) for the moment and so forth, so the computer can be taken in hand for a few words for friends, enemies, and passers-by who might stop for a look at these postings, especially since nothing got posted yesterday.  For once there has been internet connectivity recently, and what has delayed postings was grabbing at stuff for continued existence.  Just maybe yours truly has made it through one of life’s surprisingly unexpected stormy times.  (It ain’t sure yet.)  Quite possibly some people have not. 

Most people survive on the good in others.


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Yes, Still Alive….

In view of the repeatedly swollen leg, in order to get a better shot at getting to the bank today, it seemed wise to put off “creative” writing yesterday evening, even if it meant not posting anything at all today.  Late in a day is better than not at all.  The swelling does go down if a couple of hours are spent abed.  Since yesterday afternoon (early and late) was spent with the social security office papers, any “creative” writing would have been still later and heading toward midnight.  The bank stuff also had to be put into order; and, since cabs are sometimes delayed, it was necessary to think in terms of going as early as possible

It was good thinking, too.  As mentioned, the pizza to make up for some of what the homemaker aide did not bring on Thursday covered two additional meals and some nibbling.  Nibbling is not really much of a meal, but food would be okay if there were enough for three more meals.  The prospect was more from the pizza house.  Having gotten additional rest, yours truly was clear-headed enough this morning to realize the cab driver could swing by the chicken house where enough could quickly be picked up to cover more than that.  Enough eats are now present to cover what was not brought in on Thursday, and it isn’t all pizza…. 

There’s one more activity to take care before the end of the month, namely the rents. There’s also going to be a need to call the social security office to see if everything is now in order at least for the moment (it may not be).  That was promised for Friday.  There is no clear sailing ahead.  With no exterminator or homemaker aide expected tomorrow, however, and only a letter to write, it’s hoped it will be a day to take it a bit more easy and maybe get a really good look at the bad ankle.  Living out of plastic bags and running every which way like a person with six holes in the roof and two pots to put under them doesn’t seem that conducive to life. 

There are good things in life somewhere. 

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When All Else Fails….

Well, no neighborhood store delivery.  That has to be explored further.  It seems they may have discontinued it.  Since the notice of service is on the bulletin board, it may be a matter for landlady exploration.  In the meantime, when all else fails, try for pizza.  It came.  A medium makes for two meals and some nibbling.  What the homemaker aide was supposed to bring back was enough dinners for ten or eleven meals.  Two were as directed.  She substituted two more.  With the pizza there are now only three to make up, and the lady down the hall promised to get the coffee. 

A further accomplishment yesterday was the census form.  If one was not counted – yours truly was not counted – fill out the back up form (i.e., when all else fails fill out this supplemental form). Quite possibly no one in the building was counted, because the back up form (to be mailed by May 1) was brought around by a resident.  If it doesn’t get to the census bureau, the next shot at being shown as “still alive” won’t come for another ten years.  There’s not that much expectation of living to the age of 84 (seems like no one else in the family did).  The form was messy in places, but it got done. 

While the census form was being filled out in the lobby (while waiting for the grocery to decide if they were delivering), the light bulb in the kitchen area expired again.  The one at the entry does light up the kitchen area almost as well.  The message for The Diary’s Blog didn’t get done for yesterday, but one for here did and this one will be….  If the leg is too swollen to go to the bank tomorrow, there’s always personal checks to try.  Such might even get accepted. 

Alternatives save lives. 

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Negatives Reign

Yesterday, as yours truly prepared to go downstairs to the lobby to call the neighborhood grocery to load up on sandwiches, the homemaker aide (hopefully) having been temporarily discontinued Friday, the electricity ceased operation.  The first thing to do under the circumstances is to take a look to see if it is just local (in the apartment) or general (building-wide).  Since it was building-wide, it was necessary to wait.  By the time it was possible to go downstairs the store owners had left on errands, so no delivery was possible.  A try later is in order.  The alternative is pizza. 

Since using the computer would be with battery, the computer was shut down almost immediately.  The business at hand had been to work on an explanation of why the blogs came to be for The Diary’s Blog.  It’s only been in the works for about a month….  Until that’s up, there’s a reluctance to do some other things.  Since the extent of the power outage was unknown, it would not have been too smart to get into the refrigerator for lunch.  Some cheesy corn puffs were used to quell the growing hunger pangs. 

At point “x” it seemed to be getting stuffy in the place, so there was a scoot over to the heating and air conditioning system to turn on the cooling part.  Upon the return to the table area where everything in the room not in plastic bags is, a bed bug was spotted crawling across the rug, right where the scooter had been and would be.  Bug was disposed of, with keen awareness that it was the second found since the exterminator sprayed on Wednesday.  There was a third soon after in the sink, still alive although the shell was damaged…. 

One must always keep thinking. 

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Thursday was a nice enough day.  The homemaker aide arrived at one of the expected times.  She got a list and got sent to the post office and the supermarket.  Now, sometimes a person can tell by the unspoken whether or not someone else is thinking along the same lines, and yours truly suspected things were not, say, clear.  When the woman came back an hour and a half later, there were three things that were amiss.  Just in regard to food, the nearly ten  meals expected were not in the collection.  Two were. 

“A fine mess this is,” is an understatement.  The most sensible thing to do today or tomorrow is to drop another twenty or thirty dollars for a load of stuff from the neighborhood store, half or more of which isn’t particularly needed.  That’s because it isn’t reasonable to ask them to run a delivery for a ten dollar order.  (Ten dollars would provide enough sandwiches to get by.)  Fortunately, there is enough money at hand.  To make matters worse, the homemaker aide spent five dollars more than was necessary due probably to inattention to what was written. 

Given the rather negative situation underfoot and in hand, plus some pending concerns, plus the fact that the homemaker aide left last week and didn’t do well the week before, good sense said to cancel the service for a few weeks, as the odds are that whatever is figured out won’t particularly happen as needed.  It’s better to not bother with the agency service and switch to “emergency mode” instead.  It’ll be costly, but hopefully more effective.  If the ankle swells up any more, a hospital may be in the offing anyway for that alone; and, that would screw up things anyway. 

Diplomacy is valuable. 

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A Day That Passed Quietly

It was a day for waiting with a hope that nothing showed up, for the government (contracted) inspector was due in the building.  The purpose (as noted somewhere) is to be relatively sure the place is livable.  They do things like turn the knobs on the stove to see if they turn, look in the closet to see if there’s a pile there (fire and insect hazard), open the refrigerator to see if it’s working, try the windows….  It’s a long list of things in apartments and in regard to the common areas of a place as well as the building in general. 

The inspectors can go through an apartment and get to the next one in about fifteen minutes.  They probably don’t check more than a dozen or so randomly picked if it’s just one person, unless maybe someone did so much complaining somewhere that they were told to check that particular place.  An inspector went through the rather ungodly mess that was the old apartment rather minutely (to the delight of yours truly) shortly before the departure from there; the accompanying staff member stood there realizing what a horrendous report was pending. 

The resident waits, trying to keep occupied with something that can be interrupted at a moment’s notice with one ear sort of inclined toward the door in case of a knock.  There was no problem trying to figure out what to do in the dead silent wait.  There were some complex messages that could be posted online, and, more important, there was an opportunity to do a little surfing on the web for information about a about a village in some mountains.  The “behind” is sore (a pillow is needed).  That was yesterday; this is going up in the morning. 

A good night’s sleep helps….

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Quietly The Night Came….

The three message boards being followed had been checked for new comments.  The news headlines had been scanned early in the day.  One tab sits on the email account.  Some “informative notices” came through and were deleted, but that’s all there was.  A request for help had been posted in the help forum – yours truly has wanted to install a clock on this site but there was none listed among the widgets.  It didn’t hurt to ask about how to deal with a known one.  They can’t be installed for technical reasons.  Even the thread of the lost account was checked. 

A scoot out into the hall to pick up an internet connection got a message for each weblog posted for the day.  From somewhere some energy materialized.  One thing to do was to go down to the ground level and get something for breakfast.  It’s rather pricy – seventy- five cents for a breakfast roll – but it’s that or nothing as the little world of the apartment is in a state of upheaval.  Another thing to do was go to the front door.  Being in the building itself is being in a state of isolation.  Getting out of the apartment is at least a whisper of the world out there. 

A candy bar was also in the buy in the basement to delay getting into a supper.  A last glance online at the same time as the candy made sense.  With the windows to the back and a wall in front, amid a near absolute silence that hung over all, slowly the light changed to nothing but the table lamp.  No traffic at all was heard on the street or in the hallway. Soon it seemed cooler.  ….Time to scoot over and turn on the heating system.  There was then a real chance to hunt for an obscure “castle” village in unknown mountains and riding on a language that’s a total mystery.  The village has a website (found once).  It’s down, but the school site is still there.  This message will be posted in the morning. 

Intense concentration has strange effects.  

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