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Life Went On….

It’s a good idea to look ahead sometimes, especially if there’s a load of stuff to do that needs some organization.  At the top of that matter is Wednesday as Young Friend is expected to make a sort of half visit amid the scheduled coming of the homemaking/housekeeper.  Plans were afoot to start getting a standing order of an item at the local supermarket.  Had it worked, then Lunch Lady wouldn’t be propping up the place short of a real emergency, but no deal.  Tomorrow nursing service is due for a clean-up, and Tuesdays can’t be used for a break at least at present.  At least the food truck has been around as of today.

The week that was was incredibly consumed in telephone calls that amounted to nothing but talk and notes that amounted to less.  Homemaking/housekeeping went well.  There was even some accomplishment on cleaning the refrigerator — not much, but at least some.  The apartment rent did get paid, so at least there’s still a roof above.  Nice Jewish Lady is still around, but it turns out she can’t help with expected problems this coming week.  The cushion that makes sitting for hours possible developed a hole.  Air escapes.  It was bought years ago, and something’s now needed to avoid a constantly sore bottom.

The nicest discovery in recent days was that Aviation Trial now has a facebook page and given some time it may be possible to have some contact with others.  A newsletter comes by email.  That has been coming for a while but it is just informational.  The picky little annoyance of the week was the light bulb that provided some of the light for the plants burned out.  Putting in a new bulb isn’t impossible, it’s just a lot easier for someone able to get in the space there and reach over the plants.  After some thought, there was a hunt for someone to do it.  The estimate was do that or maybe not get this done on time.

Helplessness is exasperating to the sincere.  😦



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Shifting Sands?

Another week of spinning wheels and going nowhere has now passed.  Tuesday the nursing service came and things were upset enough that the Security Check Lady was forgotten.  Just in time the third call was picked up.  The housekeeping homemaker came just fine on Wednesday.  However, he evidently rushed at the supermarket and picked up a salad that had broken open at some time.  Nice Jewish Lady took it back for exchange on Thursday.  The needed insurance check came in the week’s mail.  Young Friend did come by on Friday to get that cashed and do a few other things.  Saturday and yesterday were chances for rest, as little was new but a possible thing online; but, today a new service was discussed.

It’s always nice when there’s evidence someone finds some value in all this stuff.  A nice note came through this week.  The fact is, there are more followers with this than with The Diary’s Blog, which, just incidentally, isn’t exactly what it started to be.  For those who don’t know, there were several other mostly personal blogs (like family history) started.  If life ever gets sorted out, there might be something done with the likes of “The Gypsy Hut.”  (The title’s too good to just ditch it.)  First, however, a good emergency contact has to be established.  Life didn’t start out with the idea of sitting somewhere eighty years later with no reliable next of kin.  It happened.  It was a completely unexpected happening.

Bill paying looms ahead, possibly starting Thursday with the rent, which, at the place at present underfoot, is paid in advance.  Internet access and telephone are also advance payments.  With the rent, next Monday is pushing things as the food truck is on the agenda and the apartment management office is only open until noon on Fridays.  The refrigerator is in dire need of a clean out.  It’s unlikely, although a few current things might be pulled out for someone (at least enough to make room for what’s expected Friday and next Monday).  Dealing with the refrigerator takes too much reaching.  Also on the agenda is making new plans for an important item Older Friend used to bring from a more distant area.

Life is different for those not very able.  🙂

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Some Old, Some New

To quote from The Diary’s Blog, there are times to call the police.  That was covered on Thursday.  Friday provided one of those horrible messes to clean up.  After a quick check around, the new agency was called, and the representative from there did come.  It’ll be an additional $25 on the bill, but it looks like if there’s a problem again, there will be someone to call for help.  Wednesday’s homemaking service turned up an hour late.  On the brighter side, Young Friend did come Tuesday to do some of the banking stuff.  Yesterday and Saturday were mostly getting these thoughts down.

While things have eased up some with things like the new pay-for-it agency, things like the absence of a reliable emergency contact and straightening out the bookkeeping are still serious and perpetual concerns, not to mention too much about things like the involvement of things like telephoning.  The rent’s covered and there is food around, especially today since the Lunch Lady brought some Friday (along with eggs and clean-up alcohol) and the food truck of course was due today.  And, Young Friend said he might be able to squeeze in a second visit before the end of the month.

Medically, things may be getting worse.  It’s already been mentioned that the congestion seems to have changed, but there seems to be vague (not pinpointed) changes as well, like there seems to be stomach problems.  Or, it could be there are just too many things to remember presently.  A doctor’s visit seems like it’s about due, but no word yet.  The nurse from the new service is due tomorrow for a clean-up visit, then not again until May 1.  It also seems like the insurance check is due, but it wasn’t in the past week’s mail.  Given the expected extra $25 charge for the extra clean up, it’s needed.

It not possible to change some things.  🙂

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Just a bit of explanation here….  No mornings are “good.”  And, it seems there’s no way around that.  For one thing, standing takes much, much effort even momentarily, and it’s needed to get from a sitting position on the bed onto the scooter, which includes turning around.  It also take much effort to get into that sitting position.  Mornings immediately start with nearly total exhaustion, and this is the kind of stuff that brings nursing homes to mind.  It’s surprising that making it, still half asleep, through the bathroom to coffee in three hours is managed as often as it is.  There’s no set time for this.  “Awakenings” come at most any time up to about 8:00 a.m.  And, just try to get some people to grasp the notion of “not functioning until about noon.”

The sort of “free day” of Tuesday was upset by a nurse coming mid-morning in a new clean-up service.  (See above re: functioning.)  It is a bit expensive, and it’s probably not going to work out as she has “better” but unspecified ideas.  However, at $25, it is worth a try.  Tomorrow Young Friend is scheduled to come to tend to the rent money orders for May.  The Wednesday housekeeping visit was okay.  Thursday was shot down with another massive clean-up job and a required call to the housekeeping service assigning agency; of course the woman wasn’t available when she said calling was okay.  Friday was disturbed with an appointment for the apartment.  Saturday’s club was better.  Yesterday and today were used for telephone calls and blog postings.

Since there’s no serious emergency contact at present to handle anything, there was a call to the coroner’s office out of which what surfaced was the idea of checking around about funeral homes.  While there should be “enough there” for something, there may also be a need for some kind of prepayment.  And, given the telephone problem, there came the problem of dealing with people upstate in Ohio.  So far, email hasn’t done well and a sick friend got called into the picture, which isn’t good.  The whole matter has been in the background for a long time, but now it’s been activated to add to the array of continuing concerns.  The project is never forgotten and the intent to share valuable links still exists, however, various fundamentals still sit in the pathway.

At times it’s necessary to move rocks.  😦

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Maybe Big Changes

Well, Nice Jewish Lady to the rescue again on Friday with a trip to the bank for money to pay the man with the food truck today.  And, Lunch Lady to the rescue again with her thoughtful gifts that seriously maintain this existence nowadays, along with her regular delivery.  Life’s inconvenient enough as it is, but when the bank account was checked to get Friday’s cash in hand, it was rather evident some government employee created an over-payment.  A call to their office promised that the over-payment would be deducted a little at a time.  Luckily it didn’t take an hour of waiting until a live person answered and equally luckily the building’s community telephone in the lobby is available for calling.

Homemaking/housekeeper was a half hour late Wednesday, but two hours of work did get put in, including (finally) some work on the horrible bathroom situation.  Another hit and miss clean up took up nearly all of Thursday.  Some personal care from a pay-for-it agency is due to come tomorrow.  Saturday, as usual, had only the club meeting and security check scheduled.  Since yesterday was a special holiday, Young Friend’s group made a fairly quick visit with an Easter basket full of good stuff like candy, fruit juice and a cupcake along with a small useful gift — no boiled eggs in accordance with the firm instruction to not bring any.  The visit was quick as the recipient has been on the sick list.

Stuff like an emergency contact still has to be found, and what looms ahead, possibly, may be a substantial money problem, apart from the “adjustment” mentioned above.  Given the pay-for-it personal care ordered, expected costs for a month (rent, telephone, internet) were estimated for April Saturday evening.  Some things were considered “generously,” but the shortfall was nearly $40 and staple groceries (toilet paper, soap, etc.) were not included in the calculations.  Substantial adjustments in ordinary living are likely just to break even.  There is emergency money in the bank, but that’s there for something like an expensive replacement, such as the currently growling microwave oven.

It’s said it’s darkest before dawn.  😦


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