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Easter Monday It Is

Easter was a disaster this year, from the social hour during the three sacred hours of Good Friday to the notification of the apartment building management Easter day evening hung by the door.  The dinner and visitor from young friend’s people were good, and the way Easter should be.  Older friend had a concern with another of the people he stops to see.  As that involved being around extra, he stopped by extra times, some for extra reasons and some partly to cover aide services. 

Much is ahead this week.  A bug inspection is scheduled that will be different.  It is also an Avon week and at this time nothing is ready for that visit although there’s an order in the works.  Young friend may or may not be coming.  Friday’s the first of the month and the rents are due.  Personal care needed can be a real concern.  The special project’s clearly with a far back burner again as are a couple of other family based items started years ago.  (The latter may be dead.) 

The past week is somewhat of a blur.  Lunch lady brought six her kind of Easter eggs.  The food truck also came in timely fashion.  There’s food in the place.  Young friend could not come for a couple of reasons.  Several letters were composed for the new agency on the scene.  One currently in the works describes a complex matter.  While first being put together, and not saved any place, the computer partly crashed.  Hours were lost twice over in that.  This computer did survive.

Details can be vital.LightningCoffee cup   


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New Directions

On Saturday, it really was a matter of waking up, then coming to a realization of being still alive.  Come Friday afternoon it became official that a new service was in the picture.  It won’t be clear how things stand for a time.  A representative was at the apartment taking notes.  The aide service as it be before is largely gone.  It’s not sure yet that what’s needed is all covered nor will it be for several days.  There’s some likelihood there is much confusion and upheaval ahead.  

Tomorrow the bug people will be around to look for trouble of different kinds, and maintenance will be around to do repairs in the bathroom.  Young friend will be coming some time later if he can make it.  The birthday doings, modest, as expected, were just about right.  Young friend made the day nice.  Food truck is expected this week; Avon on order was sold out.  The lunch lady came just fine.  Older friend came as expected and helped doing some of the work meant for aide service. 

There’s been no word from those who might get involved in the project.  Calling them seems to be the wrong thing to do.  It may, however, be needed.  Amid the problems there seems to be growing greater slowness in action/reaction for or to things, which makes anything over the telephone more difficult.  But, it seems to commonly be strange times. An announcement on the bulletin board of the building says an Easter dinner has been arranged for 1:30 p.m. on (unbelievably) Good Friday. 

Happy Easter to everyone!Bunny  


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“Daylight” Time Begins….

As the business world starts it’s new time frame, the largest concern is keeping up with things, as it is for many.  That’s in spite of the fact that manual clocks were not changed when the time change went into effect in the autumn.  The thing in mind, however, is the birthday coming tomorrow.  Young friend said he would be by.  His group has not failed in the past to visit with gifts and such.  The usual big concern is the need for assorted services that aides should be carrying out. 

Friend came by Wednesday and Sunday and did some of the stuff an aide should be doing.  The neighbors provided mail service pick up.  The food truck brought food.  Money orders for rent were picked up by young friend.  Nearly disastrous is the way to describe the computer as the new (free) upgrade downloaded itself overnight Friday.  Things regularly used, notably like the program where these postings are created, weren’t showing anywhere.  The pictures are disarranged.  Links vanished. 

The things with some degree of certainty this week are (it is Avon week) the people who have been coming by all along.  The aide service, of course, didn’t show.  There is no word as of yet from the organization that might be project help.  It may take a lot more than expected there, but with the time change it’s probably a poor time to call them. The doctor is not due to be around until April.  There are papers here to see about some things with legal services, but there’s been no time. 

One curse of the elderly is being slow.Wilted rose 

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March It Is

A few times in the very early hours yesterday there were bad moments, but surprisingly the morning went very well after a rather ordinary awakening.  It went so well it is worth note for the record, although it be normal after lunch.  Friend’s new routine was in play, and he also came on Wednesday.  The aide service, which now is again approaching no service, had new developments that needed attention.  It won’t be worth a thing well into the future, but defeat is not an option. 

It was Avon week.  That went well.  The lunch lady brought a special treat in the form of eggs from her backyard hens all boiled and ready to eat.  The electric company’s rescheduled shutting off power for the entire building for repairs for a pole to four hours Wednesday morning.  The long delay of the special interest is highly in mind; the meeting where it was said to be mentioned was scheduled for yesterday.  It is too bad there’s so much upheaval presently disturbing life. 

By accident it was learned there was a fourth death amid the people known.  A cousin died.  Some words are in The Diary’s Blog.  Cousins are the closest relatives left.  Food truck’s due this week come Friday.  Young friend’s scheduled to come tomorrow.  He was here this past week as well.  (Old) friend did some extra things this week including a scooter patching (basket was almost completely off).  The primary scooter may not last much longer; it’s needed to get in the bathroom. 

Beware the Ides of March? Fingers crossed    

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