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A Substantially Different World….

About a hundred and fifteen feet horizontally and about fifty feet vertically can lead to a new view or a nearly radical new world.  Internet access is like it was in the days when there were daily trips to the library, only now the trips are to the hall and not nearly as high tech.  It is a thing to sort out.  It can be done as it was then – online about an hour, then back online a while later – but the computer’s set up for more use than back then.  And, a big room is now two rooms with less scooter turning space in each.  Two tables have become four.  Importantly, the environment is better, the overwhelming sun being out of the picture. 

So another week has passed in attempts at organization.  The only thing reliable was the lady with lunch.  A homemaker aide came once, on Tuesday.  However, it was known beforehand that she would be coming only once.  She’s another new aide, so all the start up explanations are to be run through again.  It takes about three weeks before things are in working order, and that’s always a maybe.  The food truck showed up Friday and a) had no reason for the skip b) was short one item and c) is coming early next trip.  Friend’s visits didn’t work out as planned.  The rent money orders may be done tomorrow. 

There are two new things on the scene.  Another resident has gone after the mail at the post office twice now and may again.  At one time the trip to the bank and to the post office was done by the aide.  Obviously it is a waste of time to expect it with the current agency, and that’s the only medically based service in the entire area.  The other thing, which probably will not pan out, was a visit to the newish activities coordinator in a bid to find someone to help with at least that delayed special project.  Getting back to daily notes here would be nice, but it can’t be a thing for now.  At least the doctor made it to the place on Tuesday. 

Plans are easily derailed. 


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Progress Report?

Well, things are continuing to be better in some ways, but not so good in others.  For example, the weather for the coming week is supposed to reach into the 90’s (fortunately that’s not continuously), and the new apartment has already been a salvation from the afternoon sun of the old place, but….  A table was set in place too close to the control buttons of the heating/air conditioning unit.  It looks to be enough room to get to them, but it’s tricky.  The table should be moved a few inches, and there’s no one around to be doing any moving.  Changing settings is not yet a big concern (Wednesday may be over 90) but it is a concern. 

The new apartment is getting minimal arranging.  The homemaker aide service didn’t happen on Friday.  Hence, there be things beyond consideration, like the box of canned goods that was packed for easy carry and loaded onto a counter.  As set, the thing was too high to get into from the scooter and too heavy to just slide onto the floor.  Since the food truck didn’t show as scheduled, the canned goods especially developed importance.  The Friday chores are mostly errands but there was time to make the box more accessible.   A neighbor who had a few minutes to slide the box to the floor was found on Sunday. 

The post office mail also didn’t get picked up until a neighbor was found.  That was picked up on Saturday.  Essential things like change of address for the post office still have to be done.  It’s important although much communication is by email.  Important stuff still comes in the U. S. mail.  Lack of handy connection for computer use complicates dealings with service organizations.  Meanwhile, it’s time to be getting the rent money orders and doing other ordinary things in anticipation of next month.  There may be lesions coming up on a foot again.  It is terribly annoying. 

People often need to feel like they are doing something worthwhile. 

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A Badly Upset Week

There is not yet any handy internet connection.  It is available outside and back in a corner down the hall – at least it was, but the hall place hasn’t been tried for a couple of days and the scaffolding has been moved.  Outside tiny bugs tend to fly by and run along the computer.  The lunch lady is still regular as clockwork, but other people have been so out of it that other residents have been asked for help.  The food truck did not come at all.  It was due Friday.  The aide was in an accident and was on sick leave Tuesday.  Friend came Saturday for a while and didn’t do anything Sunday.  (He skipped Wednesday.) 

The “plant problem” went about like this….  All ten plants were crammed onto one table and the back ones were hard to reach.  Another table was bought.  It just needed to be set up.  In the moving, friend just stacked them back the way they were, some still hard to reach.  In addition the people who usually did the watering weren’t around to do it.  Finally on Thursday, by accident, a friendly sort was spotted in the hall and asked to help move things.  It just took maybe ten minutes, but with neither aide nor friend available, it could not get done as the old table had to be lined up with the new. 

The plants were not the only new deal.  A futon frame was bought with the idea of putting just one of the air beds on it (instead of having two, one on another), to see if that might be a better sleeping arrangement.  Well the futon frame has been around for a month, and it’s still in the box.  Things are upset enough for making mistakes in the checkbook.  It cannot be said it’s never happened before in fifty plus years, but it has been quite rare.  It took almost two hours to find, understand and clear up the figuring.  It’s not sure yet, as it was done after the bank had closed, so there was no calling to check the actual balance. 

Moving changes things.   

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New Home

Effective this day (time-wise nearly twenty-three hours later than posting time), two-weeks’ occupancy has transpired in the new apartment.  There was contact, like some cleaning after the witching hour, with the old; but, the occupancy was in the new.  In the two weeks there has been some adjusting – notably there has been no internet connection except down hall – and very inconveniently a very minimal amount of unpacking.  If experience is an indication, part of that never will get done.  The house on Rockwood avenue was occupied for thirty-three or so years and some things were never unpacked.  Necessities interfere. 

Of special note here….  Some time ago a penny was put on the windowsill.  And, never mind the stuff that goes with that but, on Wednesday, it was remembered; it was a thought to go check to see if it was removed in the final clean up (seems it was mentioned).  There was a last trip into the place.  Yes, the penny was still on the sill.  Once that was picked up, the keys were turned in to the office.  That last trip, somewhat surprisingly, had no wave of nostalgia in it, even though the place had been a base of operations for nearly five years, most often at a rate of the entire twenty-four hours of a day.  And, it wasn’t a bad place. 

The aide service has been good.  The lunch lady has been arriving earlier.  The drag of waiting for them  is possibly gone.  Friend became very upset and made no visit on Wednesday, but came by as usual on Sunday.  His visit really was in doubt, but it seems things are okay now.  The rent got paid on Friday and some orders got put in the mail.  The neighbors are (so far) ever present and (at best) noisy, but not really a bother as long as the door is closed.  There’s no internet connection to be doing daily notes at present, and that may not be good.  They are a record of events. 

Some things are strangely new.   

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