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More “Not Much” Days

January 22, 2013. 

The holidays are now really over, and people should be looking ahead to getting back to work in some sort of routine.  The fire alarm went off three different times this morning.  Maybe people made it too hot in their apartments.  The temperature was being reported as less than ten above at mid-morning; the heating system didn’t stop.  The apartment underfoot was hot to the point where the heat was shut off until about sunset.  Before the shut off there was thought of calling 911 due to an inability to breathe.  Then the fire department would have come four times.  The need that surfaced today was energizing the scooter.   

January 23, 2013. 

It’s cold “out there.”  It’s not as cold as it was, but as it’s been cold for two days now the underlying heat in deep places is gone.  Fortunately for those needing people to do things like deliver stuff the area has little snow.  Food and cleaning help did show up.  Today thoughts drift not only to things like the ill left to die and the homeless unable to find shelter, but they also drift to those able to challenge the elements blessed with a warm house retreat.  Even shoveling snow can be fun if one is dressed for it,  does it in manageable amounts and has some hot beverage and an easy chair in a warm house waiting for the finish.  

January 24, 2013. 

There was a rare opportunity today to stay abed much more than usual.  There is a sneaking suspicion the medical problems are due in part to the inability to get enough rest.  Today a goal of three “hour or so” naps was met, specifically, before lunch, mid-afternoon and after a light supper.  The result as the witching hour draws near is uncertainty.  It’s as if some things are better and some are worse.  More study may be needed.  With much of the free time of the day spent in bed, there is little to show for the day.  Maintenance still hasn’t changed the filters in the heating system, so there may be little to show for tomorrow as well. 

January 25, 2013. 

It would probably be sensible to find out in the near future the arrangements in the office.  Twice now a person seen there is new, but she is not listed among the personnel on the monthly office newsletters.  There is nothing unusual about things being changed.  Even buildings are sometimes moved.  As long as there is enough in place to be able to follow the changes (and adjust), that’s usually enough; but, notification can help the interested.  Such just might have helped avoid a useless trip to the office.  It does take scooter energy to go there.  And, there are bigger problems around.  Tea sounds good, only there’s none at hand.   

January 26, 2013. 

Another day has slipped into the past with so many things (some important) intended but not done.  If it isn’t one thing it seems it’s another that interferes.  Today can be partly chalked up to the drippy nose.  The nurse practitioner said it’s a cold, but it seems like it’s never completely gone and the nose drips like a leaky faucet on food, table, clothes (anything underneath it) without nose wipe pieces stuffed in the nostrils to catch the drips, which makes it more difficult to breathe.  If one can’t breathe well, one can’t do much but pant.  That wasn’t the only delay.  Luckily nothing absolutely had to be done.  Time is going too fast.   

January 27, 2013. 

It’s Sunday night, and it’s dark out already although it’s only about supper time.  And, the days of Bonanza or whatever it was are long gone although some other people still watch television.  That was life for many years and it doesn’t seem familiar at all.  It should be easy to visualize it presently as the computer has no connection to the internet.  The cold is no better in spite of another day with extra “resting” time.  In other words, important stuff like putting away money properly still hasn’t been done.  There’s supposed to be an errands lady  in the works.  She didn’t make contact yet.  Given the homemaker aides, she’s needed. 

Hanging in there is  a job. 


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Notes From Another Week

January 15, 2013. 

A brighter world, at least for a while, may be in the works in the old folks’ home underfoot.  A new staff member is being added to the management, one that’s supposedly to help with the kinds of things frequently discussed herein.  Things change constantly, and it’s very hard to keep up with some of it even if one has some idea of where to go.  There hasn’t been any such thing in any other senior citizens “retirement” place known.  The previous place didn’t even have a lobby telephone, which is common.  Sometimes the rental office knew a few things, but not much.  What will happen is to be seen. 

January 16, 2013. 

‘Twas a long day and not without nastiness both physical and humanly imposed, lost time, disappointments and other negatives.  The scooter is in recharge mode making movement necessarily minimal.  There is no known circumstance or time when it can be just left to do that, not even all night since as soon as that is tried there’s usually a desperate need to go somewhere.  The real wish at the moment is a nap, but the door still has to be locked and so far the evening meal has been a cookie and a granola bar.  On the positive side, the trash did get carried out and the rug did get swept. 

January 18, 2013. 

Another day (yesterday) vanished and this time with no clear reason.  No one to maneuver around was due to come but lunch service, and the only memorable thing about it was that for once there was a really good nap in the afternoon.  A lost soul came to the door, but that doesn’t count.  By contrast four activities were due today:  maintenance to deal with the heating unit, lunch, the food truck and a friend to go to the bank.  Maintenance didn’t show, but housekeeping brought notices.  Still there is a chance for a few notes here.  There was a long letter written.  Maybe it made a difference. 

January 19, 2013. 

‘Tis late and there is a very serious wish to hit the sack, so serious that today was almost bypassed like Thursday — no apparent reason.  A chance for a day of rest was wrecked by a knock on the door in the midst of combined physical therapy activity and bed rest.  Run to the door is not for those who can’t stand up.  And, for what?  The residents’ association is updating the residents’ listings.   Scooter energy was squandered going downstairs like normal people.  The in-house mailbox had surveys to make out on homemaker aide service.  Surveying ’til kingdom come won’t improve it. 

January 20, 2013. 

So, it’s 3:30 p.m. plus on the Saving Time clock, and is there a desire for lunch yet?  No.  That is something that should be done, but the desire is bed.  Typing this well make it neither, but this is something in mind as is commentary for The Diary’s Blog that was started  last evening.  Since, ideally, this won’t take long — maybe a half hour — it’s worth a try to get it out of the mind.  Nothing known at the moment has to be done for tomorrow.  Then, half hour down is enough and the piece of cake eaten is enough for the moment.  And, friend bringing stuff has already been asked to just enter.  Being additionally sick doesn’t help things.   

January 21, 2013. 

In the apartment, as is pretty much usual, the entire day has been spent just getting situated.  The Saving Time clock says 4:45 p.m.  What got done apart from bandage patching, rubbing alcohol replenishing, etc., is lunch.  Meanwhile, it’s fundamental events and history making time in the world out there.  The lady that brought lunch said she had to hurry because she had to get home to meet the furnace man coming to fix her furnace.  Even if one is thirty that’s a serious concern when it’s snowy winter outside.  Given present personal conditions, the thought of having a house furnace go out is staggering. 

Tomorrow is always near. 

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The Onward March (Limp)

January 8, 2013. 

There is a moment or two now to write something.  Chances are there will be no moments to do anything extra tomorrow.  Word came at noontime that the arrangements for homemaker aide services have been adjusted from what was verified just a few days ago.  That means the plans have to be adjusted again.  Fortunately, nothing much was expected beforehand.  Sadly, this bunch is for more than just small helps for old folks, it’s for medical back up.  It’s good to know what to expect in the follow-up of something like a heart attack.  What has to be figured out is another scooter re-charging….   

January 9, 2013. 

Scooter re-charging, the big concern because it means being operational, is (at the moment) in progress.  There’s an hour on it.  From the looks of it, five hours can be gotten on it tonight.  That wasn’t expected.  It has to be done in parts, which isn’t good, but the idea in mind was to get started with it.  The substitute homemaker did show up okay.  Rug got swept and trash got hauled out.  The Social Security office is back high on the agenda.  The scooter re-charger doesn’t work right anymore.  There’s a green light and a red light.  If it’s the red showing, supposedly it’s re-charging, but the green doesn’t come up any more. 

January 10, 2013. 

A day of rest….  Actually, it’s more like a little breathing space in what is these days more or less a hectic pace that would take the full attention of a thirty-year-old.  It made sense to go downstairs.  The in-house mail might have messages from the Social Security office.  While there, it would be possible to ask about the rent receipt.  The money order for rent has a note saying receipt, please; but, usually there is none forthcoming short of a special trip to the office.  It can’t be asked for when delivered as the money order is supposed to be put in the drop box.  The lady wasn’t in today.  At least the scooter has energy.   

January 12, 2013. 

Yes, yesterday, the 11th is missing.  Yes, it do seem even these little snippets can’t be done daily, even when there’s no pressing business scheduled.  That is, there wasn’t anything to be desperate over, but this morning it was realized supper last night was a few pieces of candy.  An intent to get a sandwich later was never carried out.  Some Social Security business did get done, but there is more to do as a complaint has been sent to higher levels.  The problem in it is either incompetence of a substantial degree or extremely sloppy record-keeping as they keep insisting on stuff they already have. 

January 14, 2013. 

So, two days shot down somehow this past week, yesterday as well as Friday.  The going is not good this morning, either.  At about ten after 8:00 p.m. yesterday on the Daylight Saving Time clock a quick rest seemed essential.  It was only until about 8:30 p.m. (same clock) and a decision to get something to eat.  That was nothing but unfreezing a tamale ( three minutes microwave) and some slaw scraped out of a container onto the tamale wrapper plus some dessert.  It took until 9:30 p.m. (same clock) and there was no going farther.  The head’s not too clear yet.  And, it’s mid-month already. 

Sometimes it’s very good that the future is unknown.

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More Tidbits Of Life

January 1, 2013. 

There’s something particularly cumbersome about the “thirteen” in that 2013.   Or, maybe the word is clumsy.  It’s not easily divisible or multiplied.  Regardless, the year didn’t start out well.  Or, perhaps, neatly or efficiently is a better way to put it.  It was a day for pieces of lunch to jiggle loose and fall about lap and floor and burning cigarettes to go flying about.  So far no real damage came to be.  To help shed the possibility of sitting cooped up in the apartment all year, a trip to the outside world was undertaken.  This was not to go somewhere.  It was just to encourage leaving the place.  The one person met was a nasty one.  

January 3, 2013. 

Yes, January 2 is missing.  It went the same way scads of valuable time and cell phone dimes have gone in the past.  It went for a chase after some “homemaker aide services.”  There was none, although it was a good and proper Wednesday.  Nor is there any indication of what might be in days ahead.  Today had to be devoted to scooter re-charge.  One reason the companies stay in business has to be that there’s such a demand that even with crappy service they can succeed.  A route person today said two other people she visited were also left hanging.  She, herself, may be looking soon enough. 

January 4, 2013. 

It’s a Friday and that’s end of a business week.  At twenty minutes until five p.m. it seemed as if all things were in working order, an accomplishment if not a near miracle.  The only thing that should have been the day’s concern was the food truck.  Due to other stuff, the list for that was done about when the man usually arrived.  There was no need to rush.  He was an hour later than normal, which provided visions of a food problem.  One need that surfaced was a medical visit.  Although called in yesterday, no it was not set in the morning.  It took two more calls to get that next week.  Calling also went to homemaker services.  Agitating. 

January 5, 2013. 

Eight fingers have cruddy bandages.  A ninth one needs one.  Almost all week there’s been a hope to change things.  They can’t be done one at a time, as the point is to get a plastic glove over the whole hand, which gloves presently get snagged on the bandages.  Well, the morning was a disaster that included both a fire alarm time and a time of excessive sleepiness, drippy nose sneezing and more.  (The fire alarm was for elsewhere.)  Although things weren’t okay, in the late afternoon, it was decided to do at least the worst hand.  It’ s hard to see at the table after sunset.  At this point, it may last overnight. 

January 6, 2013. 

The day of the kings and a big holiday in many places sits as nothing but a cold, cloudy day of the winter in Covington (at least in the apartment underfoot).  Extra lights are burning.  The place is full of trash since no homemaker aide was present on Wednesday; but, if it can be figured out, it’ll be bagged up maybe to be hauled out tomorrow.  A friend that came around in the early afternoon went to get a couple of things from the grocery.   The nurse practitioner is due in the morning, and surprisingly a topic for a Diary’s Blog message popped into mind this evening.  Now it’s time to water the plants…. 

January 7, 2013. 

The nurse practitioner was (unavoidably) two hours late but she did come by shortly before noon, and the nose didn’t stop dripping for about three hours throughout the morning.  After a third of a box of tissues had been squandered, pieces were finally stuffed in the nose to hamper the activity.  Of course, that made it difficult to breathe as usual (as normally done), but there are times when changes have to be made.  The plants did get a watering, but the trash wasn’t done as of lunch time and was only partly done later.  Even the meals delivery was a half hour late.  However, in total everything wound up pretty good. 

Some weeks don’t amount to much. 

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