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Emergency Living

Nick of time stuff – it happens all of the time, and yours truly does not like it. There’s an unstable basis out there in society. Too much in life these days is not reliable.  While it’s something that might be analyzed if it were from just one source, it isn’t that way, either.  A thing (or service) can look as reliable as the earth itself; but, let any quite normal event take place (like a change in the seasons), and it all collapses like a house of cards.  Meanwhile, the build up was as involved as something for a lifetime. 

Today’s “nick of time” matter involved toilet paper.  It pays to keep an emergency stock of some things. Toilet paper is one such thing. Well, last week the homemaker aide was needed for extra cleaning in anticipation of the housekeeping inspection. She was only to run across the street from the bank to pick up a couple of essentials – a loaf of bread and a jug of water.  Toilet paper was by-passed; a pile of food would take too long.  Toilet paper could be ordered at the neighborhood drug store. 

And, all was well, except in the morning rush one forgotten item for the list was toilet paper.  It wasn’t remembered until a visit to the bathroom viewed the toilet paper in use – the emergency supply. A call to the drug store found the lady with the delivery had already left.  That on hand would have stretched out until Wednesday, but it was an uncomfortable situation. An unexpected visitor was a lady from the agency sending the homemaker aide present to find out if all was well. And, she went after toilet paper. 

Life can be unsettled. 


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Conflicting Interests

It was pretty late in the afternoon when yours truly scooted over to the new little lamp by the window and turned on the light.  It wasn’t dark out yet, but it seemed reasonable to turn it on as it would not be long before it was dark out. Hunched over the computer next to a big table lamp – it’s about three feet high – it was expected that it would not be noticed when it did get dark out; and, when it was finally noticed, there would be a reluctance to drop everything just to make it brighter in the place.  (It’s happened that way already.) 

True enough, night had firmly descended when there was a looking around.  With just a few hours left in the legal day (the natural day was gone), there was again a reflection about “concerns.”  At times a sizable concern about health arises, like when it’s painful to sit or hard to breathe.  A sizable concern about dealing with bugs is also present, especially since that’s expected to be around for the rest of the lifetime. Neither item, however, is reason to live, which not only does exist but it keeps getting shoved aside.  Enter Egypt…. 

With only twenty-four hours in a day, some of which is claimed by nature itself, a perpetual question is where to direct the remaining time insofar as possible, especially since it has to be around what turns up to demand attention.  Thursday’s inspection was survived and on Friday some things to replace what the food truck did not bring earlier were obtained; but, yesterday (Saturday) was nearly totally lost, as by evening even the computer was sticking badly – not the internet connection but the computer itself, virus maybe. 

Lost time is hard to make up.     

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Back On Track, Maybe

As the clock approaches the witching hour, yours truly is getting to some entries. They will no doubt be posted after the witching hour, but even the best of publications have been known to be running a bit late.  If the professionals can be late, the amateurs can be very hit and miss except for special moments.  But, admittedly, it’s not right if people look in with a fair degree of regularity and there is nothing new present, although, part of the point is, what is it that can be managed by the old and decrepit? 

One inspection for the year is over, but the results aren’t on paper and in hand yet.  And, it’s all of almost the end of January.  In the works over-all, a number of things did not get carried out properly. Money was sent for the storage rent.  There is no receipt.  More, of course, has been sent since a new month is ahead.  It’s been said both rentals are in proper order.  Said.  The food truck due on the 21st never did show up. Today some supplemental odds and ends was ordered from a pizza place. 

There is also the “standard” things that never seem to get done.  A nice letter in the email has been sitting for a week.  Although it isn’t an extra-ordinary concern, it should be answered.  The man took the trouble to reply to an inquiry. The regular mail has continued to accumulate without proper attention.  It’s already nearly impossible to find some things.  Physical things that make themselves known a few times each day may have deteriorated just a shade; but that’s something habitually ignored. 

Tomorrow is always soon.

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Wet Paint

Alcohol dissolves (or something) certain kinds of paint.  Most often, it liquefies whatever paint is commonly used on apartment walls, at least in places occupied by yours truly in these latter years of life. This is a useful thing to know if one is renting a place, maybe even an important one depending on circumstances. It’s one of the “hold it together with shoestring and chewing gum” angles one might use as a stop-gap measure, until a situation changes so that one does have to pay for a paint job. 

A lot of places have lease clauses that provide for a paint job every five years.  It might be possible to get it done otherwise, provided one pays for it. If it is possible to hold out the five years, it’s free or should be.  Often the walls are painted an off white.  Especially if a smoker occupies the place, in time the off white deteriorates to a shade like very light beige.  Things happen, like a lot of moisture in the air will cause droplets of water to run down the walls causing a few brownish streaks and upsetting landlords. 

A scrap of something like paper towel well-dampened with alcohol very lightly brushed over such a spot will dissolve just enough paint to cover it.  Then there’s no need to wash down the entire wall.  In the end, painting something is easier than anything else – unless it is terrible, you go over it once and that’s it. It takes very light action as, if one rubs too much, all the paint comes off or it shows up as a lighter color.  With housekeeping inspection coming tomorrow, the walls have been very much in mind. 

Ingenuity is good. 


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Buffalo Steak?

It’s said the earliest Americans, the Native Americans, ate buffalo, more correctly bison.  Then there came such a “run” on buffalo that they became nearly extinct, and later Americans had to direct their eating largely to cattle (beef), swine (pork), chicken, sheep (mutton if not lamb) and certain fish. After a lifetime of eating pieces of pig, cow, chicken parts, etc., yours truly one day noted some restaurant advertising for buffalo (no longer near extinct).  Visions of big hairy strange-looking creatures materialized. 

The buffalo was passed up.  Although the restaurant was a bit out of the way, buffalo would have been a “no” even if the place were next door. The notion of “extinct” remained even if that was not the case, the animal didn’t look tasty and, most important, what really sank in was that it was “strange” food.  And, it isn’t as if there had never been strange food on the table – indeed, one day while out a friend ran into a bear, killed it and it was eaten.  It seems there’s a limit to how much or what strange food is acceptable. 

These days there’s stuff out there that is well beyond what might be called “staples” – some form of beef, some potatoes, maybe a hunk of head lettuce and canned peaches for dessert. As example, there’s tofu, yogurt, kiwi fruit….  There’s developed variations of old foods, imports from far away places, assorted grasses and so forth. Some have been tried. Kiwi fruit is good. Yogurt’s okay.  Like buffalo steak, tofu has been skipped, but because it doesn’t sound good.   They’re such a norm, someone created fake blueberries. 

For a long life, eat as the Armenians do? 


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Annoying Things

Everyone experiences things that annoy them. Those vary from one person to another, and it often (but not always) depends on what a person wants to be doing.  The annoyances may be just something around a person, or they may even be within one.  Of course there are classic cases, like when “elderly” people find they are no longer able to read the “little” print on papers (which print really isn’t that little to most other people). And, there is the nearly unique. A need to repeatedly adjust the heating system at hand is such. 

Among the annoyances in the current digs, there is nothing outside of the place that really constitutes an annoyance. Once in a while in the daytime the people in the houses across the way carry on some activities in the backs of the houses, like the few days when one of the trees was being cut down, when it’s noisy for a time.  Mostly, it is as quiet as a graveyard, especially at night.  Cincinnati was noisy as the apartments were downtown.  Inside, like in the hallway and the surrounding apartments, it’s much the same. 

The annoyances include things like scooting up to the computer all set to do something.  To one side is a digital clock, and it will state a time, like 9:10 a.m.  There are a few moments to clear up some breathlessness and a pause for brief thought, then the sinuses let loose with a drip – just one – and there’s a grabbing for something to blow the nose.  Then there’s a cough.  All thought is shot away. By the time everything is cleared up, the clock declares 9:25 a.m.  By 11:50 a.m. a couple of things have been checked. 

Distractions come in different forms.      

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A real literary artist can make a story out of anything.  A very slick and sought after national magazine once ran a story on pencils – the construction of pencils.  It was interesting.  More important, it was unforgettable evidence that anything could be interesting if it was well presented.  It did not take sex, gore, mystery, power or any other rather overwhelming thing for a thing to be interesting. It took the ability to see something and see possibilities (yours truly has to look around a lot, think long and write things down). 

One thing that might be discussed is coupons.  It’s Sunday, and the weekly door-to-door distributed package of advertising flyers that comes on Saturday or Sunday (which is mostly grocery advertising) has had brochure-like collections of coupon-included advertising. It looks like it’s mostly new stuff on the market. However, it can be discussed some other time; it sounds so commercial and about as interesting as shredded paper at the moment.  The glories present are somehow obscured. 

Another thing noted down (the bottom of the topics’ barrel seems to have been reached) is computer games. A lot can be said about computer games, much of it not too good.  Vividly in sight there is an aluminum can that once held a soft drink.  That’s a topic; but it now hold cigarette butts, and that’s not worth discussing. Activities today consisted of nothing much but messing with online computer stuff.  Aches and pains have been well covered in the past.  Dinner has yet to be shoved into the oven. 

Perspective has a lot to do with things. 


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