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Some Reviewing….

It seems sensible to tally up the lost since Christmas to find direction.  It includes doctor, nurse, emergency contact, part of bed and some savings.  There’s also the lost before that, like library card and state ID.  In addition, what might be added to that is some “never found,” which includes lawyer, editor and publisher.  Then, due to the week’s events, there be some minor things not at hand such as groceries (breakfast has been fished out of the likes of the machines in the basement and paper towels have substituted for facial tissue).  Money orders for bills are not yet in hand, but Young Friend is expected to come by Wednesday.

The doctor business may now be in order.  Tuesday (going through a storm yet), a new (lady) doctor was “seen.”  The patient is now established in that system.  The next appointment is in three months (about the rate of the previous doctor).  Transportation there and back will no doubt be a continuous (repeat?) problem.  The nurse visits are up in the air, but there are some possible avenues.  Word might be available on additional personal care aide service tomorrow.  While that’s not as thorough, it’s better than nothing.  Emergency contact is still on the losing end.  Neither bed nor savings has developments.  No food truck today.

There’s no time or opportunity to be into anything like a library card or state ID, but a possible chance at legal services has materialized.  Also, an idea sprouted regarding publisher and an editor.  It’s hard to get things done given things like “mess” events (astonishingly Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today).  New Friend came again with both gift and another possible new friend on Saturday.  And, Nice Jewish Lady was “salvation” twice.  Yesterday was strange in that it seemed impossible to get going, and a long-time friend seems to have become upset.  Aide service was scheduled for today.  Lunch Lady came by with gifts.

Assessments can be useful. 🙂


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Very Good And Very Bad

It was a wonderful Wednesday morning.  First news was there seems to be a lawyer to call on as needed.  Nice Jewish Lady came soon after with money from the bank and toilet paper needed.  Since aide service was unceremoniously removed from Wednesday afternoon some time ago, it be a “free” afternoon and a chance for some rest, important since Tuesday was rush around time due to trying to get things lined up for the days ahead, the doctor’s appointment high in mind.  Things were interrupted with a need to run to the leasing office since a notice to show up Thursday morning to do papers had to be changed since it was set for the morning.

Thursday was spent mostly in the bathroom changing underwear, but things like a grocery list and money arranging did get done.  Friday was over-run.  Lunch Lady came with deliveries.  Aide service did come and got errands done (the house has coffee, a few cigarettes, water, and a payment for telephone service).  Hair got combed, there was some wash down and a clean top went on in the clothes department.  Nice Neighbor ran in briefly to ask a favor.  New Person, for now, is New Friend.  Given that the top air bed died and the replacement was dead before it got here, New Friend and Mrs. New Friend hunted up, bought, and brought another air bed.

Saturday’s morning was rushed as someone who was called months ago about getting an emergency contact, etc. (and was scratched off the list then as a “no”), called with an interest she has on Thursday with repeated follow-up voicemails and text messages on it Friday and about 11:00 a.m. Saturday.  New Friend was also in contact with more helpful information and to cancel his Saturday visit.  Yesterday was a day for a big mess to the point where Nice Neighbor called 911.  They provided some emergency oxygen but there was no trip to the hospital this time.  Today was food truck day and aide service and included a visit with gift by Lunch Lady again.

Sadly, disorder can be unavoidable.  😦

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More Serious Loss

Oh, what a busy Saturday it was.  First thing in the morning a mess required a change of clothes (this be after a similar need Friday, but then the aide was around to be of help).  Since there are only three pair of “standard” pants (the best ones to wear for various reasons), that meant finding a few dollars for laundry with a hope Nice Neighbor who usually takes care of it was somewhere around home.  It also meant hunting up and hoping Nice Jewish Lady was available yesterday to go get a new supply of the trash bags used for the activity.

In addition (still on Saturday) it was necessary to call about changing an appointment with New Person on the scene who has been bringing a gift good for breakfast(s) every Saturday.  For the new time he later called and changed the appointment to yesterday.  Therefore, there was a need to hunt up something for breakfast yesterday.  In this activity another neighbor was upset.  The biggest concern was that the top air bed collapsed, and the brand new replacement one put up is evidently no good and there’s no “loose money” for another.

Nurse did come Tuesday but Wednesday word came that she was injured and can’t come back.  So, no doctor, no nurse and momentarily no bed.  A frantic search began for someone to supplement the spotty aide services to go along with the frantic search for an emergency contact.  At least the rent is paid.  New Person (another identity later) did come by yesterday with gift.  He also tried (with no luck) to do something about the bed, again, just the top one.  No food truck’s today, just aide service.  Luckily Lunch Lady is still coming with her gifts.

It can be hard to figure out where life is going.  🙂

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Little Done

Post Script on last week’s posting:  although aide service was theoretically changed as of last Monday (per official word) and getting into a routine again was planned out, the actual effective date wasn’t last Monday.  It was learned Friday that the actual effective date apparently hasn’t been established, so the same (crappy) dealing is still in effect.  Efforts are in the works to establish something.  Aide service was completely skipped on Friday.  Nice Jewish Lady got the mail and a couple of items from the store again on Saturday; and, Lunch Lady came again today with a gift.  At present, there’s no real expectation of change in aide stuff for a while.

Today was food truck day and nursing service is expected tomorrow.  Young Friend did come by on Tuesday; the rent money orders are in hand, as is a little bit of cash.  Young Friend also found someone to provide a ride to the doctor’s office for the appointment presently scheduled in August.  Wednesday there was a visit from the extermination company which sprayed around in the place, so that’s out of the way for a while. Thursday casework services came by and for once had little assorted paperwork to wade through.  In all this a chance at some podiatrist service which won’t come again for at least a couple of months and a dinner were missed.

Attempts are still in the works for an attorney as well as someone to act as an “emergency contact.”  There are a couple of people at present who might be called on a very rare occasion, but that’s not anywhere near what’s needed.  Both Saturday and yesterday there was need to spend the day changing clothes, etc., as near as can be determined due to being severely upset about the changing around of aide services while trying to deal with getting established with a new doctor and new emergency contact.  At least there’s a chance to handle rent payments, etc., next week.  The Project and other ideas, meanwhile, drift farther back on back burners.

Seems like society is changing….  😦

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A Change!

The week started a bit unsteady but really great for a change.  Young Friend was expected Tuesday but he had a vehicle problem.  There was a bit of going back and forth texting and phoning which ended with he didn’t make it, but it’s good his visit is now tomorrow.  Tuesday and Wednesday four wonderful ladies were in the picture:  Nurse, Nice Jewish Lady, Nice Neighbor and Lunch Lady.  Nurse came Tuesday and did a good clean up; and, although that was late in the afternoon so the laundry wasn’t together until evening, Nice Neighbor got it all done — she was done near 10:00 p.m.  Wednesday Lunch Lady made a special trip with one of her gifts and Nice Jewish Lady brought some of the most important things Young Friend would have handled had he come.

Thursday and especially Friday, however, were back to crappy.  Although there were things to do Thursday, like follow up on possible permanent emergency contact and doctor’s appointment stuff, assigning agency “needs” and similar stuff prevented much progress.  Indeed, the beautiful new little plant almost died but seemed to revive okay after being soaked in water around midnight.  The aide wanted an earlier time Friday (things were adjusted for her), didn’t handle the errands too well (still no mail pick up until Nice Jewish Lady got it Saturday), upset the system (returned to more normal given a couple of hours) and said she might not come today as she might quit.  Naturally getting some service today had to be checked out with assigning agency staff that took the day off.

On Saturday morning the gathering collapse triggered Friday afternoon happened, so clothes had to be changed, etc., with meetings pending in the early afternoon.  (The bed was finally remade shortly before it was time to get into it.)  Yesterday started much better than expected.  There was some confusion and disorientation in the day but not as much as usual.  Aide service was changed as of today, so getting into a routine started all over again.  Stuff has to be explained to the people (“You have to use the dishpan for ‘x’.”) and verified (“Do you know where the post office is?”).  Fortunately, there was nothing like the food truck scheduled or a management something or the other.  Young Friend tomorrow should help.  Pain In The A*s person is expected Thursday for a report due.

Things do get sorted out sometimes.  😦

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Troubles That Are Different!

Tuesday started with a toilet that didn’t work right — limited service there.  When that became clear, a trip to the office around 1:30 p.m. (with a hope that maintenance would show up before there was a serious need for the thing) was in order.  And, yes, maintenance came and couldn’t figure it out for a while.  It seemed fixed when he left near 4:00 p.m.  An hour or so, maybe a dozen vinyl gloves and a pile of paper towels were needed to clean up the area.  There was a need for the thing near 8:00 p.m.  It wouldn’t stop flushing; eventually emergency maintenance was called.  They wouldn’t come until mid-morning Wednesday, July 4 — Happy Holiday, clean up the toilet again, and come afternoon, a need to change clothes again.  The only good thing about the day was that Nice Jewish Lady unexpectedly brought a nice lunch and cupcakes.

The doctor was re-scheduled for Thursday.  He did show up, not that it amounted to anything, and he showed up early during a bathroom visit.  To make matters worse, the message that he was coming went to a lady that wasn’t supposed to be getting any such thing.  Well, the hunt is still on for a new doctor, but an appointment was made with a hospital based place for August.  And, there wasn’t much choice as, of the three known places, it was the only one with an opening in August.  Now the deal is going to be how to get there, it being in another town downstate.  Nice Jewish Lady went to get stuff both Thursday and again on Saturday (money, vinyl gloves, underwear on order).  Aide service Friday was canceled; the trash pile over the weekend was huge.  As housekeeping was not done Friday, the errands were skipped today (no post office mail).

Today was food truck day.  Tomorrow a nurse visit is expected.  The rest of the week is not known yet.  That post office box mail hasn’t been picked up for going on two weeks again, and there’s a shortage of toilet paper.  With the aide not showing up Friday and the trash, etc., of necessity switched to today, the only way to get errands done is figure them for Friday — the entire deal is thereby upset and thereby “re-arranged” again.  There’s nothing stable in the business.  Really disillusioning was Saturday which included another day of diarrhea as well as a “visitation” that didn’t accomplish much and, as expected, no people interested in a club meeting.  To end the entry on the positive side, however, yesterday Young Friend’s friends brought a Fourth of July picnic lunch.  It was a nice thought much appreciated as such extra visits usually are.

The future can look very fearful.  😦

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Another Week Is Over

Thursday morning there was toilet paper in the place and the July apartment rent was paid, both thanks to Young Friend.  A roof overhead’s expected for another month.  The toilet paper won’t last that long.  The savings in the checking account is $195 less than it was, and there wasn’t much there before it became less, but it’s still open.  A rare thing was done Thursday evening.  An online friend of many years was “met” by telephone.  At least the cell phone worked that much, and it has a few dollars on it again thanks to Young Friend.  Nice Jewish Lady was hunted up Thursday evening to get some money and breakfasts on Friday (July payday).  Thursday was an exceptionally good day.

Friday brought some of the advance money as cash in hand.  Since some was spent as soon as possible, that wasn’t so good, but few things could be as bad as Tuesday’s and Saturday’s massive cases of diarrhea in the pants….  Heaven or whatever was looking kindly as the nursing service nurse made it through Tuesday’s storm and found some free time on Saturday at nearly 5:00 p.m. to help clean up.  Friday also had aide clean up including getting the trash hauled out as there was an hour’s housekeeping.  The other housekeeping hour (essentially the errands) was today.  The errands were abbreviated to the drug store and neighborhood grocery as the timing hasn’t been established yet.

Saturday before the sudden mess developed, the “new person now in sight” came again bringing a member of his family and another gift of cookies.  There is a third member of the family to meet yet that’s expected next Saturday if possible.  It was a little over a half of an hour visit and there were things like exchange of email addresses as well as a lot of talk by the visitee.  They said they would adopt yours truly.  They also had someone else to visit.  Yesterday some odds and ends were covered, like light bulb replacement by Nice Neighbor’s granddaughter.  Today the doctor was scheduled (no show) to come for the last time before that office closes, as well as the agency aide.  (Nurse now coming next week.)

Sometimes there are new and better things in sight.  🙂

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