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More Good News

The most wonderful happening of the week:  Older Friend found another member of his church, an older retired lady, that can help with some aide services.  She came not only as expected, but on unexpected emergency calls as well.  There was another maybe good thing which happened, namely, the assigning agency (the bunch that arranges for aide services) has another staff person in charge of said arranging as of July 1.  What result will come there is, of course, unknown.  It can’t be worse. 

Today was food truck day.  Friday lunch lady brought stuff to last two weeks (including eggs).  Yesterday, Older Friend did the grocery list.  There is no food shortage.  Some residents figured out the residents’ association business.  A President (and presumably other officers) was elected, so that is again working.  There’s only so much news that’s good.  Some of the bad news includes an apparent loss of the Advocacy Lady; this doesn’t matter so much, since there is a real Helping Lady. 

Upcoming problems include the water being shut off for eleven day-time hours throughout the apartment building for the next three Wednesdays (as if there aren’t enough problems for many with a bathroom) and delays and such with the Avon orders.  A birthday present for Older Friend is needed; Avon’s a logical source, but the last order was screwed up as well.  It may be delivered on Thursday a week late.  The money’s more confused than before, plus there were three bad days this past week. 

Happy Summer to all! Sun 



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A Little Good News

While the past week had it’s share of “condition attacks” (it may be more than just an inability to breath as there’s often more to it) things look a little brighter.  Older Friend said someone he knew might be able to help with some aide services for a small fee.  Another unexpected knock on the door turned out to be someone that scrubbed rugs (needed).  Follow up can be anytime and no need to hunt that up.  Young Friend, maybe, will be able to come once more before the end of the month. 

The coroner visited the place underfoot Friday.  That’s about someone who died, of course.  It’s about a yearly event.  The fire department comes about once a week, but the EMTs are not needed all that time.  The coroner’s worth a mention since it seems like that office was on site not too long ago, possible inquiry there.  It’s too many.  The residents’ association is still under discussion.  There are plans and maybe by month’s end something will be decided.  They can be a social force. 

Lunch Lady came as expected and brought eggs again.  They are almost an essential to life; it takes the whole live-long day just to get cleaned up about once a week.  Pre-boiled eggs be fast food for sure.  Tuesday’s appointment seemed to go to an interested individual who will be back tomorrow.  Results are anticipated.  The money’s still a mess, and mail pick-up’s an ongoing problem these days.  It did seem like it was time for bug inspection.  Adjustments to cover July 4th are in play.

It’s hoped all fathers had a great day.Gift with a bow Birthday cake 

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A New Dawn?

While it isn’t much, there is a new beginning of sorts at the apartment building underfoot.  whether it’s good or not won’t show clearly for a while.  Two new staff are expected.  Right now it’s temporary people from other offices.  Tomorrow’s the big day to see one that is here only on Tuesdays.  It’s hoped there’s finally a chance to get some service from that office toward aide service and some other stuff, which is a standard place to look for any of it under ordinary circumstances. 

It seems the health situation is changing, notably congestion isn’t the same.  Some other things aren’t either.  None of it has been clearly identified as some kind of a pattern.  Other everyday stuff is much the same or maybe worse.  Money is all confused at the moment, but at least there’s some where there should be some.  Lunch lady came on Friday as expected.  Eggs are now in the refrigerator (and ready to eat at overwhelming moments).  Older Friend came yesterday; trash’s all gone. 

Young Friend got some bad news which is good news for persons like yours truly.  The navy doesn’t want him, so there’s good chance he’ll still be around for a while after December.  The weather has been quite nice.  Today was food truck day, so no shortage of food exists.  Evidently the tenants’ organization somehow is still functioning; there have been some incidental things that indicate that, but nothing substantial.  There is little chance presently to be fiddling with adding links. 

The older one is, the faster time goes.Clock 

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New Concerns….

What almost got posted this week was the sick leave notice at best.  It’s been that bad of a week.  The Diary’s Blog can be written ahead but this can’t be; a little at a time as things happen can be written, but that’s all.  It’s mostly a weekend thing and the weekend was highly upset with a couple of items such as the food truck coming Saturday instead of last Monday and being short a couple of things.  And, it is due back come next Monday.  Avon also upset things with no brochure left. 

Young Friend is expected to come tomorrow to line up the July rent payments and more.  Older Friend came yesterday as usual with supplies, but later than usual.  He also helped with the things he often does, like gather up the trash.  Lunch Lady’s regular Friday visit came as usual; she had eggs again.  That much is reliable, which is very important when clear thinking seems out of the question as happened several mornings.  It’s breathing, but only to an extent (head’s in a kind of fog). 

There was an unexpected pounding on the door one morning (and now even the day is unsure, but most likely Thursday) that be lady looking for housekeeping work.  There’s something not at all clear in this.  Counting the man that came in May, that’s the third time someone’s been around.  It needs investigating several ways.  There has been no prior contact.  Aide service needs exist, of course, but persons are just showing up.  The building management rules prohibit door-to-door soliciting. 

They say tomorrow’s another day.Confused smile 

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