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Now It’s Spring

Tuesday (Delayed)….  Once again there be no homemaker aide services.  All the recent discussion is also out the window as the aide that had been coming is “No longer with the agency” as they say.  The day was personally bad anyway, to the point where not only did the day’s notes not get done, the evening meal wasn’t a thing included in the day’s activities.  The (apparent) cold is still firmly hanging on and making existence miserable with incessant coughing, etc.  A trip down to the lobby seemed advisable.  In the in-house snail mail there was a bill from that past medical service that didn’t clear up anything. 

Wednesday night….  Having awakened around 3:00 a.m. from the evening’s nap that shouldn’t have been that long, it didn’t hurt to at least eat a sandwich.  As it was that time, it only made sense to go back to bed.  And, at 8:00 a.m. there was a powerful inclination to call emergency services.  The head felt like it was near to exploding and the congestion was overwhelming.  It did clear up some, so no emergency call but it was bad all day.  Friend did not stop by this evening.  That isn’t surprising given his present substantial concerns, but it does make life just a little further up a creek without a paddle.   

Thursday (Delayed)….  As is recalled, the day was a day of sheer agitation, that’s being agitated, not doing any agitating for anything.  Of course, as has happened in the past, trying to remember the actual events of a day gets murky soon after the day is gone.  The real event of the day was a note from the agency that sends the homemaker aide saying that they were planning to send a temporary – just a week – someone, but not for Tuesday.  What came up again was Wednesday.  It be the third time a visit of some sort on Wednesday has been proposed.  There’s trash all over the place.  The lunch lady’s reliable. 

Friday (Delayed)….  Well, the lunch lady came and all was unchanged until later, as “The Word” about relocating finally came.  Naturally it came close to closing time for the weekend for offices.  As friend had agreed to go to the bank, he was on the scene shortly after and was given the word.  He did get the money orders for the rents, but the bank didn’t fill out the recipients for three others, so it has to be done.  The apartment management’s notice said they will be around come Monday to say what they want moved out.  If there’s only a day and a half to be getting out of the place (the gossip says) it’ll take some doing.   

Saturday (Delayed)….  The day, like others, is much forgotten after the fact as a lot doesn’t go as expected and by the next day new circumstances have grabbed the attention.   The money orders were not made out and sent.  There was email sent in regard to the ancient problem of trying to find a lawyer as an idea turned up that could be explored.  The follow-up is another matter.  It may not amount to anything and may not be a good idea and it certainly is not a time to be taking on new things, but that’s so fundamental it’s worth it to set aside other things.  It is a change from wondering what to do about the trash.  

Sunday (Delayed)….  Friend came later than usual.  It seems some other persons (or person) had some trouble needing attention.  He not only did not bring items mentioned on Friday, when he went to get them, he didn’t come back because of a family emergency.  An intention was to take the plants to his house based on a presumed need to get them out of the apartment in view of the notice left.  They never left the apartment.  They also weren’t watered.  The trash was left, too.  A hope remained for the trash, however, as the lunch lady might take that out.  To be done, there also be some laundry. 

Monday (Delayed….  Well, the blog commentary is late, unavoidably.  The visit by the building management didn’t come until late afternoon.  The Word now is that the relocating will be in May.  The entire day was spent with thought of the building management.  The world, however, was at hand.  The lunch lady kindly hauled out the week’s trash.  The homemaker aide’s supervisor showed up to do the needed reassessment and took care of a bit of the service herself.  No words came from friend until late in the day, and then not much.  The plants got some water near midnight.  And, the blogs have been short-changed. 

It’s easy to wind up in unexpected places. 


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Gee…. Happy Birthday….

Tuesday night….  One of those horrible days it was.  Today’s important plan was a trip to the office.  Reports (gossip?) said a new system was in place for moving out for the construction.  Two days beforehand they sticks a notice on the door saying leave.  Period.  The office wouldn’t commit to anything.  It may be so.  It was the main thing to find out.  There was also a concern about the doctor visits as it was January when he last came.  They called.  He’s coming tomorrow.  The aide service is getting to be a serious problem.  Wednesday service was refused flatly yesterday, and a notice came they wanted to do a review tomorrow.   

Wednesday afternoon….  The first surprise of the day was the doctor visit.  The doctor visits have been around noon, but it was a little after 10:00 a.m.  Luckily breakfast had just been finished.  He had an alternative for the long delayed CT scan.  Lunch lady was also early, about a half hour earlier than usual.  Presently friend is still due to stop; but, the afternoon was unexpectedly free and used for nap.  A call was made first thing to see about homemaker aide services.  What if any result there will be is in doubt.  There was also a stupid attempt to solve a lady’s problem downstairs.  It’s somewhat embarrassing.  

Thursday night….  Friend came by with the mail he did not get yesterday, as the post office was closed by the time he got there….  (Delayed)  The lunch lady had survey form to fill out regarding those services.  Maintenance came to see about what needed to be fixed, because people do not always report what needs fixing, and didn’t say too much when informed the homemaker aide had not been in to clean up the bathroom.  It may be okay.  An X-Ray technician came, ordered by the doctor, the idea being maybe to put off the need for the CT scan.  Visitor for birthday visit was announced in the email.      

Friday night….  The homemaker aide finally came.  The bathroom is cleaner but not all done.  The food truck came.  The survey for the lunch lady went.  That, a list for the food truck and a small list for the aide (no errands, as friend is willing to do that to help avoid running short by Tuesday) were all made out this a.m. in a sort of hit and miss fashion.  The bad news of the day is that the hind paws, not having had decent care for two and a half weeks, are flaring up again.  Some care is better than no care and medication got smeared on this evening, but it was not done well at all.  And, tomorrow company’s coming. 

Saturday night….  It was a pretty nice birthday.  The weather was fine.  A special visitor brought a monogramed cake and some small gifts.  One item in particular should be noted.  It looks like a hand-made purely decorative shoulder throw, a triangular thing of forget-me-knot lace (too lacy to be for anything like warmth) that is really quite pretty.  A lot of time was spent thanking people.  Indeed, this is sloshing past the witching hour and supper is yet to be consumed.  It was nice that the birthday didn’t land in the relocating as expected.  The only depressing thing in the day was the medical bill in the mail.  

Sunday night….  Well, be sick and then get sicker, developing something else.  A cold will do to add some misery, if that’s all it is.  It does not really act like a cold and, furthermore, how did it happen?  The weather got warmer, and it looks like things will stay that way.  Friend came by, as usual, and he had the groceries that had been requested.   He also took care of the plants.  There’s a need to go to the bank, and it wasn’t even discussed.  The man has loads of other stuff on his mind at the moment.  Meanwhile, the medical bill can be questioned and there’s really no inclination for more to do.  

Monday night….  Nothing extra-ordinary happened yet.  One annoying thing did come in the email.  That might be described as “especially” annoying.  However, it’s not yet annoying enough to discuss.  Given the following typical events, it’s a small thing.  This is the way things go:  about 6:30 p.m. it seemed a good idea for the moment to go get a piece of the birthday cake.  Shouldn’t take long.  Enroute connect cell phone to recharger and open door to look for notices.  Moving leads to coughing, nose-blowing.  Okay, start again.  Phone connected.  Door opened, sign seen.  Sign removed.  Bathroom!  Scooter battery!  Cake at 7:20 p.m. 

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. 

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And, Into March…

Tuesday night….  Play time!  It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen in rare instances.  It isn’t for very long.  There’s change to put away.  Supper is yet to be found and it is getting late.  But, for the moment there’s no desperate need to do something.  The homemaker aide was in an accident; her wrist is sprained, but she was able to get the trash out and get the place swept.  Well, there was an idea about a sort of volunteer job in the back of the mind for two months, and a step toward that was made.  It may not work out, but it’s something different, a something in the real world beyond the current state of affairs. 

Wednesday afternoon….  It’s amazing how mornings disappear in the mist.  It is necessary to get the door unlocked by 11:00 a.m.  Then there is no need to get to it when the lunch lady comes, which can be anytime in the next hour.  Starting a day at about 7:00 a.m. and allowing about 45 minutes for breakfast stuff plus an hour or so for the bathroom still leaves two hours for computer stuff.  It’s never enough time for one or the other.  At least the day is no longer rushed because it is necessary to make the best possible use of three hours of aide service.  Today friend is still due this evening.  Sometimes he comes. 

Thursday evening….  This be another day spent in attempts to recover.  With an ongoing concern about the relocating that’s sure to be in the near future, as well as the medical situation, it’s not that easy to keep the mind on basic things when other things come up as well.  A little lady from down the hall unexpectedly was at the door looking for the lunch lady this afternoon.  Nap time was abbreviated so even that bit of routine wasn’t as wanted.  There was a trip downstairs to look at the board where moving dates are posted.  It was long enough to get a picture of the now nice weather.  The relocating is going to be sooner than wanted. 

Friday afternoon….  Lunch came, but it is something to eat tomorrow.  The plan was to have the aide stop at a fast food place and get something different.  Plans being what they are, the aide called in saying she had a sick kid, so lunch be still something else – fortunately, there be something else around.  Also fortunately nothing on the errands list was vital.  And, it’s forty-eight hours of free time – a rarity, with the first thing to do being to get reorganized.  Not a lot is added, but every bit of energy as well as time is a treasure these days.  It takes time as well as energy to deal with people even if they are helping. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  As often happens with delayed messages, exactly what all took place isn’t remembered.  One intention, of course, was to get the weblogs in finished condition insofar as possible for Tuesday.  Much of the day was a waste on an involved explanation for a message board.  The topic was put up two days ago (Thursday) and blossomed into a statement from the management.  It is not a place, evidently, to be hanging around.  That’s been a suspicion for some time, so it’s not a surprise.  The work didn’t get done.  Even what-to-eat plans are now all mixed up as well as things like the homemaker aide service. 

Sunday (Delayed)….  Friend came but later than expected and agreed to bring in on Wednesday some of the things on the list made out for the aide for Friday.  A little mess was made when he watered the plants, but not much.  It’s hoped there comes no time when he wants to quit that, although there was a bit of a todo.  He forgot the promised supports for the plants.  He is likely to forget more.  A check of the schedule board in the lobby netted nothing new.  There was great sense of tiredness and some dizziness in the late afternoon.  There seemed to be no cause for the dizziness, so maybe there is something more developing medically. 

Monday evening….  The entire day was upset.  First thing in the morning emails announced a few things, most notably that the homemaker aide called in saying she had a sick child – no service tomorrow.  However the thing was not worded well.  It was forgotten it’s Monday and she’s due on Tuesdays.  At 3:00 p.m. the stew over the matter was mostly over.  There was no wish to be adjusting things to someone new, especially at a different time (they did have that in mind).  No aide can do much without explanations, and the main thing (laundry) would not have been finished.  A trip downstairs helped. 

Reliable things are modern treasures. 

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It’s March

Tuesday (Delayed)….  The day began beautifully.  The lunch lady came and the aide came and did a wonderful job.  After lunch there was time for rest, needed as the aide had come in which service a lot of physical effort was used.  After a peaceful nap, a check of the email provided a stunning shock.  The aide agency had sent a notification that the service was unceremoniously cancelled.  It was based on wild accusations.  Phone calls went out almost immediately including to friend who promised to come by later, off schedule.  Nothing was gained by the calls to either the assigning agency or the service agency. 

Wednesday (Delayed)….  Stunned by the homemaker aide events, nothing much could be in mind.  The lunch lady came, of course, with current weather news in mind, and friend came by in the evening as expected.  At least the plants are not an immediate concern.  Most of the day was simply a matter of recovering from the shock of the accusations and establishing again the fact that there would not be any cooperation with the usual directive to call back.  And, of course, what to do next is always a consideration.  Fortunately, the chores planned for Friday in this case had mostly been errands.  The mail did happen to be important. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  Follow up calling was done in regard to the aide services, as the assigning agency sent email suggesting that the service agency was rather overlooking the accusations made.  The telephone call the lady got was long and very carefully spoken.  It used up a lot of minutes, which are ten cents each, and it apparently didn’t amount to a hill of beans.  The only thing that could be done was wait for the aide to show up to verify suspicions, namely that she did have a problem with someone but neither agency was interested in laying blame where it belonged.  And, then, to work with that. 

Friday night….  It was as overwhelming day.  The first person on the scene, as is usually the thing, was the lunch lady.  She had news that everyone was expected to be on their own come Monday due to the storm warning out.  Next came aide service with apologies for the trouble.  Four stops are too much so naturally the medical type assistance was limited.  Then came the food truck.  Fighting with a space limitation isn’t easy from a seated position.  Lastly the lady from the drug store came, and that’s still in the sack.   Both the food truck order and the chore list for the aide did get done with enough time left to breath. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  Well, there seems to be a new ailment or maybe even two on the horizon.  What it feels like so far is the absolutely wiped out feeling that a person gets after a week in the 90’s in July with no relief in sight.  There’s a pain in the right temple area, and the disorientation is bad.   At least it is presumed to be disorientation.  There was such a feeling of being in the lobby prevailing on a couple of people that it only made sense to go there to see if anything was going on (some traffic was running back and forth, but not really).  Lunch was good, a leftover from yesterday, so it wasn’t anything ordinary that caused it. 

Sunday (Delayed)….  Friend came by as expected, so the plants got watered.  It’s hard to reach the back ones.  The chat was brief this time.  At the present time a lot of concerns are piling on him.  His kids (adults but still his kids) have serious matters at hand.  An important employee some distance away quit.  Other folks he looks out for in the building also have the relocation problems.  Fortunately, at present the homemaker aide is great.    A tooth and nail online fight may have finally petered out.  The endless rebuttal took hours of careful construction.  A babbling political hack always has a need to preach.   

Monday evening….  As more or less expected, there was no lunch lady visit, so it be a completely “free” day as no one else was due to come, either.  Whatever the new ailment is, it surfaced again.  The apartment is hot from the sun, but still the heating system operates.  The outside temperature is reported as 22 degrees.  It is somewhere amid a winter storm warning.  And, some salvaging:  years ago, in a burst of something like hopes, two search engine group sites were set up.  That idea didn’t get far.  Things happened; there was no further action.  Notice came last Monday that one, a special one, was going to be closed out.  It may be okay. 

Some things make sense. 

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