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Life Changes

Nice Jewish Lady had a heart attack.  She’s up and about some now, but she wasn’t that well and able before and obviously will be less so.  Nice neighbor who did the laundry for years ran by to say she’s scheduled for a needed operation soon and thereafter will not be able to do the laundry.  Lunch Lady, off sick for a week already with breathing problems, indicated she’s feeling better but she has a permanent medical condition.  New Friend’s leg got the better of him, and he didn’t come Saturday.  If/when he can come by again is an unknown.

Young Friend did come Tuesday and even brought supplies, however, his circumstances have changed rather radically and he won’t be able to continue as before.  The supplies he could bring cost a third more than expected and money was already short.  A check was sent to the bank with Nice Jewish Lady today to get some essential supplies.  There isn’t much left in the checking account and no immediate prospect of depositing funds.  The Security Check Lady didn’t call on Saturday.  No one showed up for the club meeting on Saturday (again).

Life is a continuous matter of sitting with allied changing of scooter batteries (they have to be put up for recharge every couple of days if the scooter is going to keep going, are a job to unplug and weigh a good ten pounds), remembering medications (an inhalant and vitamins daily, plus smear on stuff), preparing supplies for clean up three or four times a day and doing so as well as buying the stuff….  No way is it normal living, and no longer is there expectation of anything better — it’s clear it’s permanent.  Minimal normal living must be fitted in….

Figuring things out can be a big job.


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Short, And Not Too Sweet

An important thing got done:  the online business for the doctor’s office got a look.  One can send messages to the doctor on minor things.  It’s not all set up as wanted, like there has to be an “official” password put in, but it was finally pulled out of the email notice and put a place to use it.  It only took a month plus.  The medical condition, of course, is not something that’s always the same.  And, in addition to the possible lawyer out there, there seems to be editor and publisher possibilities.

Lunch Lady came Friday.  Food truck was due today.  Young Friend is expected tomorrow to get the money orders for payments for next month.  Nice Jewish Lady helped again on Friday, and Nice Neighbor again got clean clothes in the nest, some of which was needed immediately Saturday.  A couple of people seem to be trying to help with both the aide business and the emergency contact business, but so far nothing real has materialized.  New Friend didn’t come.  Club meeting cancelled.

The weather’s been fairly good, but there’s been no chance to do the outside “sits” even though they are only five minutes.  Maintenance didn’t paint the ceiling last week as he said he would.  Money’s short already, and the constant personal cleaning up uses up scads of things like vinyl gloves.  There’s a good chance money will have to be taken out of the bank before the end of the month.  On a positive note, the trash got gathered up and there’s supposed to be a picture in The Diary.

Autumn is a lovely time.  🙂


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More Troubles….

All hell is about to descend is the feeling in the air.  Whether the shooting in Cincinnati a few days ago has anything to do with it is not clear, but the feeling has been around most of the week, sometimes powerfully, and at times even before that.  Among other things, two things are notable.  One is that people don’t seem to be attentive or thinking clearly.  Case in point, although maintenance said he would come patch the paint on the ceiling on Tuesday given the emergency call a week ago Saturday, he didn’t.  Another is there were three times it was necessary to change clothes.  It doesn’t usually happen that often.

A new thing is being tried this week.  The essays haven’t been done “on site” for years.  They’ve been done in different places, like email drafts, and just copied to the host when they were done and seemed okay.  Doing them on site doesn’t provide a copy if there’s some kind of problem.  The system has had numerous improvements over time, so for all practically purposes it’s a totally unfamiliar procedure.  Well, it is worth a try and maybe it’s about time it is tried, especially since that may provide a way to include pictures in The Diary’s Blog again once it’s figured out as well as some of the promised links here.

There has been no good word about either aide service or anything to replace it.  Due to the holiday last Monday much was, of course, rescheduled creating confusion.  The food truck came Saturday.  Lunch Lady thought she would be bringing deliveries Friday.  She didn’t.   New Friend’s visit was cancelled out.  Young Friend is still expected to come one day this coming week.  Survival has to an extent been due to Nice Jewish Lady.  The trash was incredible due in part to the “incontinence events,” but at least some of it was hauled out in a timely fashion.  Medical stuff still has to be lined up, and money’s short already.

Sometimes one has to wonder what else will happen.  🙂

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Not Much Hopefulness….

The ceiling fell first thing Saturday morning, a fitting post script for the month of August.  It wasn’t the entire ceiling, just the paint over the HVAC unit.  Yes, paint.  The HAVC units leak water.  The water from the one in the apartment above drained through the floor.  When enough water accumulated under the paint, which has some kind of rubbery element, it let go as if there were an explosion there.  Paint chips scattered about the place and hunks of paint hung from the ceiling.  The morning started with a call for emergency maintenance.

While Saturday started with another “negative,” which was added to later with a visit from New Friend to say he couldn’t be sure of any future visits and a cancellation of the club meeting (together enough to lead to Sunday starting with a need to change clothes at 2:00 a.m.), Sunday afternoon was something to restore faith in humanity and life.  Someone new came to help, and perhaps they will come again.  In addition, Nice Jewish Lady unexpectedly came by with part of what she had prepared for Sunday’s eats.  Kosher food’s quite good.

Much of the week, of course, was spent chasing after possible ways to replace the aide service and trying to cover what the aide would have done had there been one.  Some of it (not all) did get done.  Lunch Lady did bring special stuff mid-week and is now owed money.  Nice Jewish Lady did go get money and some most essentials Friday.  Today being a holiday, nothing much could be done and there’s no expectation of anything positive for the rest of the week.  The food truck comes Saturday (another “adjustment” trouble), but the rent’s paid.

It can be hard to be hopeful.  😦

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