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Christmas Is Mostly Over

Some Christmas wishes didn’t get sent as planned.  Too many things interfered.  Indeed, if last week was turmoil, there’s no knowing what to call this week.  Early in the week it was learned that a very special (and often helpful) person was in surgery and is sick.  Wednesday someone left a mysterious package at the door.  At first it looked like it was actually meant for a neighbor, and there was a to-do about exploring the matter.  And, now what to do with the stuff has to be figured out.  The nurse’s aide was needed early on Friday, and she had to come late.  At least someone can come to help get cleaned up (at least for a while yet) when things are worse than usual.

With the holiday today (a Monday) the church-goers had two days of it in a row and looking for someone to do an extra errand was something one could just forget.  It being a holiday as well as the normal day for the food truck, the holiday got preference and the food truck won’t be around until a very inconvenient this Saturday.  Lunch Lady had no delivery, however, she kindly made a special trip with eggs.  The nurse’s aide who would normally come on Monday is scheduled for tomorrow.  The little club meeting on Saturday turned out great as a new lady showed up.  That was the bright spot of the week as the anticipation was that this week there would be no one.

Young Friend’s group took on the matter of making sure Christmas was not a day to be alone, although that isn’t always a bad thing.  The feast dinners they bring several times a year are nice, and are like one would have at a family event.  The rent has to be paid this week.  Someone to get supplies still has to be found as Older Friend can’t manage it very well any longer.  Money, as seemingly always now, is still in disarray.  Essential matters such as the computer and telephone are not getting needed attention.  Obviously a posting did get done for each of the active weblogs (just a hoped for accomplishment these days).  …But, the bad is not so bad as it snowed Christmas Eve.

May everyone have a wonderful New Year.  🙂


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Too Much Turmoil

The (perhaps) nicest event of the week was Young Friend’s visit on Tuesday.  The rent stuff for January is in hand and the holidays can come without the worry of lining that up.  He also got the Christmas present at the bank, which (surprisingly) is a nice medium-sized cast iron skillet.  The visit was also about the only thing that wasn’t riddled with confusion.  Food, for one thing, isn’t all clear.  And, being somewhat sicker than usual didn’t help matters.  Some few Christmas things got set up, and the Lone One’s club did have a meeting, although it was late.  Those and Young Friend’s visit can be considered the week’s “couple of positive things.”

The nurse’s aide came very late Friday.  She’s very good, but the late hour made it a case of not the best possible use of the visit.  Today was her last scheduled visit.  There is to be a nurse manager’s visit on Thursday to determine whether that agency can/will continue service.  It seems unlikely and getting some proper help will again be the serious problem it was a few weeks ago.  The housekeeping service (which can be converted to personal care) was re-established on Wednesday for Wednesdays after some yelling over the telephone and email to authority.  How that develops won’t be known for a while, but that service was never very good.

There was enough confusion in the week, such as with the food re-scheduling as well aide services, that it was easy to lose track of things.  Older Friend did come by yesterday, hours later than usual.  It seems he’s not going to be able to help any longer.  Replacing him will be a sizable problem.  Other problems include getting the money (banking) in order and the plants which aren’t being cared for on their normal schedule.  One plant in very bad shape was given to a neighbor who might be able to save it.  All the upheaval and confusion, of course, makes postings more precarious and work on The Project. etc., impossible for the foreseeable future.

The future is always an unknown.  😦

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An Eventful Week

Young Friend is due to come by tomorrow to take care of January’s rental stuff and get the customer Christmas gifts at the bank.  He may have to go to the post office too as a big glitch has developed in the aide service from the assigning agency (not nursing service).  Exactly what the problem is isn’t in the least clear.  There’s been a couple of glitches in the security checking, too, as some people have been delaying the lady that does the calling.  That should sort itself out, but with malfunctioning cell phone a run to the lobby phone to call her and Older Friend is needed.

Today was food truck day, and Lunch Lady came Friday with eggs as well as supplies, so all food is well enough in place.  Older Friend also came by to do some of the usual things.  The nurse’s aide came and was indeed needed Friday.  A sort of choking fit on Saturday almost made someone or something needed then, too.  It’s rather unusual to choke on a swallow of soup.  Again there was a lot of doubt about getting the blog postings done due to assorted events, but obviously they were managed.  (Repeat) one of these days it might very well be there won’t be posting.

It did snow a little on Saturday, just a little.  It was pretty to see, but it meant either start crawling into the jacket or cut short the outside “sits.”  Cutting short isn’t good.  Contact with the outside world is important.  The new little “club” meeting on Saturday went well as a new member may be on board; however, the other “regular” has missed two meetings now.  A few Christmas cards have arrived and got hung on the outside door frame.  There was a slight (very slight) hope possible legal services were found for whenever those are needed.  That’s been a long, long hunt.

Usually, life around belongs to someone else. 🙂

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Onward To Christmas

It’s December and time to run madly toward 2018.  There’s nothing wrong with thinking of the future even if it’s likely there’s not much left; but, it seems more fitting for the outside world rather than in an old folks’ home.  Clever Christmas decorations started going up at the “traditional” time (right after Thanksgiving) and Christmas stuff is in full swing, except for some real snow.  Super moon was viewed.  There was a visit to a community activity.  These are usually skipped for various reasons.  It was attended due to confused existence and wasn’t worth the effort.

The confused existence became an upheaval after Saturday night.  Older Friend came to the rescue insofar as possible Sunday, in addition to giving his usual help with supplies, etc.  Young Friend is not expected until next week.  Home health care continued with a couple of great ladies, but that’s probably about over.  There’s a little sadness over the fact that both regular November trips to the cemetery were missed, but it’s assumed the “spirit world” understands why.  The standard aide service did come on Wednesday and is again expected on Wednesday.

No food truck today, which means Lunch Lady should be coming Friday, which is good since all the ready-to-eat eggs are gone.  The computer situation is still unchanged, meaning there’s been little progress in things like restoring those hundreds of lost and often much needed bookmarks.  There’s been a tiny bit of progress with sorting through the accumulated email (over 10,000 messages is unbelievable, but, of course, the account is nearly 20 years old.).  Bookmarks, email and “The Project” are not the only things computer that need much more attention.

The past can be easy to find.  🙂

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