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Memorial Day

Third try via cell phone. No internet connection.


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A Better Moment

NOTE:  No connection at all Sunday night, May 29. 

It’s Sunday evening.  The scooter sits on re-charge.  It should finish in plenty of time to scoot down the hall to publish the day’s insights into mere existence if need be. It worked out so well there can’t be expectation of any better deal. Her/it lasted comfortably until 4:00 p.m.  All known “scooting around” was done.  Even the overflowing trash bag was packed up and carried to the holding area.  While a couple of “lesser” trash bags could likewise be packed up, the all-important one for snot rags by the computer is now a new one. 

There are no hunger pangs.  Lunch was at 5:00 p.m. It was a lunch due to still lingering weariness that led to breakfast at about 12:30 p.m.; but, that’s okay – yours truly has spent a lifetime in that way. The day was warmish, so the trip outside wasn’t choice; but, the in house mail box did get cleaned out and the grocery advertising got picked up.  All is well there, too.  The air bed is still functional, and come Wednesday homemaker aide can see about another spare if the spare at hand has to be used. 

The one thing that isn’t in good shape is the computer connectivity. Most of the day it has sat on “Limited or no connectivity,” which isn’t any.  Even the anti-virus updates haven’t made it through. But that does always suggest that there is still some not too far away. It isn’t likely there will be any more looking through last week’s pictures. A few of those links not explored Friday/Saturday midnight did look like they just might have a couple of unimportant little things.  But, one can’t have everything. 

One should always thank the Fates for small favors.  

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At the witching hour, there was connection to the internet; the most likely links to the free pictures were checked, just the most likely. It was, after all, after midnight at the end of a nerve-wracking day, a time to have hit the sack already.  There was a belief there was not the thinking power left to do the letter that needed to be done. If it couldn’t be done right, that was bad, too.  Getting up early enough was a gamble.  Starting about 6:45 a.m. and going very deliberate and slow, near 7:45 a.m. the letter was in the out-going mail. 

Back in Dayton, established in the postal system, a training route, a part of route, was made out of the ends of two postal zones.  It cut right through the neighborhood.  The mail arrived anytime between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. It was carried by someone who knew not streets or methods.  And, as soon as possible, there was a transfer to a full-time route. There’s no space here for the troubles.  There has been no trust of the reliability of the service since.  From about 10:45 a.m. yours truly sat downstairs until the mail carrier came. 

Once the mail carrier was seen, life could be more easy. Everything isn’t all done (more needs to go out, but Tuesday is soon enough). It was possible to rest, to the tune of doing so through six snoozing alarms.  The trash is full, the scooter’s empty. The ankle’s swollen, the air bed is on it’s last legs.  The computer connects at times.  It all may hold out until daylight, and the only visiting to the cemetery will be a virtual one (given enough connection).  That pays, too, to see what’s happening there. 

Suppers should not be allowed to get cold. 

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The upcoming American holiday is Memorial Day. The custom for it is to decorate the graves at the cemetery, especially the military.  A few extra military efforts are usually included somewhere somehow to emphasize the matter.  It’s understandable that probably would not take the entire day, and people might have some kind of social gathering (cookouts are popular) afterwards. Or, if they can’t get to or have no reason to go to a cemetery, there might just be a social affair, a modest one.  The apartment building had a luau. 

Well, sponsored party saves cleaning up the parking lot if residents decide to have a cookout.  It might smooth down hard feelings due to three inspections in three weeks. However, in an old folks’ home it would be surprising if many people had no thought of cemetery. Of course, it is Monday that is Memorial Day, so maybe a luau isn’t completely unthinkable if it’s held today. It did not leave anyone in the office when yours truly went looking for maintenance to fix the lighting the second or the third time. 

The day was quite upset. An important letter didn’t get in the mail and more.  The order for the food truck had to be abbreviated as there wasn’t enough cash to pay the man nor enough time to fiddle with writing a check.  And, he said no one else got anything.  If no one buys stuff, there’s no reason for him to stop.  Very sad news came – a truly kindly soul that has helped a lot has cancer, and it seems it can’t be cured.  Well, there’s more on the mind than free meals from the management.  There was no attending the luau. 

Names can make things sound special. 

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What’s A Light Bulb?

Some of this may have been mentioned before; but, since it’s back as a point of interest, a little review’s worthwhile. The kitchen area (technically it can be called that) has no window.  What light is there is man-made.  And, without any light, the place is like a hallway or closet of some paces without light. Some kitchen areas in the place do not even have as much space, so this is not a moan about lack of a “real” kitchen, although there’s a firm conviction that if there is no room for a table and chairs, it’s not a kitchen. 

The kitchen light bulb burns out about once a month. The fixture is too high to reach for most people (maintenance is tall enough).  It’s certainly too high for someone who had best sit on a scooter to get around.  The light is presently burned out again, as already stated. If necessary, it’s a good possibility that a table lamp could be used to do things, but that’s not what should be. Replacing the light bulb is a maintenance need and must be handled through the office.  It was reported today as yesterday was busy. 

Now, this is all just a matter of replacing a light bulb….  The light is not a matter of convenience.  Ideally, the replacement request time was yesterday morning; but, yesterday was the one chance a week to get stuff.  Further, the homemaker aide was three hours late.  It shot down the afternoon. There was enough scooter energy left for one trip today; the light bulb was reported with today’s lobby trip, and yours truly sat and waited uselessly until 5:00 p.m.  And, the scooter couldn’t be set up to re-charge until after that. 

There’s reason to hate being old. 


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An Assessment

Another day is ending, or is it another week has ended?  There is a load of groceries in the kitchen area and scattered a bit in the front room.  What needed refrigeration is refrigerated. (The rest can sit.) A general assessment of things says both good and bad.  Checking out sore muscles shows a substantial amount.  Homemaker aide is getting still later – the visit that all said needed to be at 11:00 a.m. today materialized at a few shakes before 2:00 p.m.  (If the visit is too late, she gets into a lot of traffic.) 

On the more worrisome but positive side of things, the rent money order business is currently okay. In the process of arranging that, it was figured out what might be done – at least in part – in regard to the banking concerns.  Homemaker aide was sent with the biggest monthly check, and the list carried some expensive things on it (the estimated shopping bill came to nearly $200).  The shopping with the rent essentially killed the check.  The bank staff may be getting to know her and did give her the cash. 

On the more negative side, yours truly has indeed been upset, and as evidence, a lovely dinner was shoved into the oven to heat/cook and the time was not checked.  That’s pretty bad, since it’s routine almost every evening and was after a nap of maybe two hours. It’s not an old age thing.  Young folks can get that hard pressed.  It’s a matter of being over-run.  In this case, there was also the fact that the kitchen light bulb burned out again first thing this morning. The guess on the time was pretty good. 

It isn’t good to skip dinner. 

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No Mobile Web

And, if the computer has no connection, the cell phone mobile web is a means to check for any email messages, vital stuff like weather and news and even secondary things like replies to web discussion postings.  That’s a maybe, that’s all, just a maybe.  Mobile service was needed today.  And, there was some mid-morning. There was some in the early afternoon.  But, come 5:00 p.m. (and thereafter) there was none.  There was wireless service.  The telephoning was okay.  And, account balance showed. 

An old time telephone operator would have called it “all lines busy,” and that is well understood.  Long, long ago yours truly had to say that in some form a couple of times.  The thought is staggering that the system would be so in use, even though it’s understood the use is by millions of people.  Indeed, one can assume it’s only going to get more and more crowded out there in the virtual world as more and more people learn to use the gadgets and gizmos for different things.  Good sense says figure on delays. 

The scooter got fed this afternoon.  It was not desperately needed yet; but, that got rid of one concern.  Three bags of the trash were packed up.  That wasn’t absolutely needed, but it got rid of a part of a concern.  A possible way to handle the money situation enough to get money orders for the rent and groceries was figured out. It’s hoped it’ll be okay, and there are two more days to do something if not. The landlady posted another notice about rent payment. It’s a matter of tightening up practices. 

Good and bad can be in equal amounts. 

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