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What to do next is always a problem for some people.  There is, say, one hour of time and two things to do each of which takes an hour.  If it’s a matter of life and death, obviously first priority goes to people.  Other living things and money also merit high priority.  For the average person, it’s seldom a matter of life and death. 

Case in point:  there hasn’t been much time for computer things  for a couple of days in the world of yours truly.  It was necessary to recover from the visit by the bug patrol and deal with the likes of getting food and U.S. mail.  A glance at the clock at 9:00 p.m. Thursday required a decision:  suffer with the system to check email, write message for posting, explore the workings of the super gadget, eat supper, or take a quick nap (with the greatest urge being the nap). 

It shouldn’t take long to write a couple of paragraphs, but often it does take a while, especially if a nap is advisable.  The choice was to again skip any studying (email included), nap after a note for posting and eat still later.  Maybe it’ll all line up okay eventually. 

Sometimes things work out all right.     


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Success And Failure

One failure at hand just may be the computer.  An accidental spill of coffee (an entire cup) sloshed over on the computer, which presently is a laptop and one of those all together things.  In the process of cleaning up, something was hit.  Now there is no touchpad mouse.  Sometimes it’s a dissolving screen. 

One success at hand was the most recent trial and error procedure in regard to putting something in draft.  It worked.  It’s not certain if that’s the way things should be handled, but it worked.  Today’s trial and error will be to see if something can be done in spite of the coffee business. 

Three times the computer was turned on with no apparent “real” internet connection, which means the finished “product” here can’t be viewed after posting.  However, sending it might work.  If it does get published, it will have to carry any mistakes and jumbled wordage.  And, it has to be tried.  Tomorrow the bug patrol comes, and there probably won’t be time for any posting. 

There are times when life isn’t disturbed.

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Name Change And More

In regard to the name change above:  well, what’s above fits better than what was there before.  There was one thing that fit the space still better, but not yours truly.  Even if the form to put stuff on is changed, it’s got a good ring to it.  And, changing the name was a matter of trying something said to be possible, if one so wished. 

All of that, however, did not do much about the figuring out of the workings of the electronic gizmo being used.  This much was in effect:  it wasn’t possible to save but one draft of composition.  In other words, there was no putting down a start for both weblogs.  Whatever was put on one form appeared on the other form, if the other form was accessed.  Deleting it there deleted it on the original.  Today’s try is another attempt.  It looks like it may work. 

Still on the positive side, loading things in draft may have become just a tad more academic anyway, because the picture of living has changed.  As described in The Diary’s blog, there is a good thing (or maybe under conditions “x” and “z” bad thing?) that happened.  The homemaker aide service is no longer most essential for food.  The little store around the corner can provide a supply.  There’s plenty of figuring to be done there, too. 

Life is terribly full of little details. 

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Investigating More

In the light of Thursday’s unexpected loss, the matter of figuring out how to do this stuff has become more imperative. Considering the bugs (the specific directives came yesterday afternoon), the lack of homemaker aide service (getting groceries has new aspects) and “ordinary” concerns, the timing is lousy. 

In spite of things like thinking it would be a good idea to hurry up and fish out cached copies of the old blog, some adjustments were made in the settings.  (Screen images of what could be found of the old blog were filed in with the pictures.  They will be miserable if not impossible to read.  The print was reduced about fourfold).  The adjustments didn’t work. 

Therefore, although living was very upset, yours truly again tried something different. As can be seen, something to read did not get posted yesterday. This entry doesn’t seem to be too informative, but this is presently a trial and error world; and, it’s a time when it’s also necessary to remember to do things like turn the heating system off and on (it seems to be malfunctioning again). 

Tomorrow often brings something new.  

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A Treasure Indeed, But….

It’s a sad afternoon for yours truly.  The sort of last minute plan for the day was to go to the bank.  The fact is, there has been no desire to move so much as a foot, but there is little cash money at hand.  Fortunately there is some that can be claimed in the bank.  Getting there has been a matter of when as in today (?), tomorrow (?), Monday (?), will this or that last that long…? 

There was a bit of time last evening, so an entry for this weblog was started.  There was just a little bit to add this morning.  That was done, and the diary’s entry was also done.  And, somehow, although the entry for here was saved as before, when the diary’s entry was saved, the work for here was wiped out, completely deleted.  The program is a good thing; but, there is little time to study it. 

To make matters worse, the things for the bank were gathered up minimally in ample time anyway and a taxi was called, which service never showed up in a timely manner.  It would be different if the winter weather had just suddenly happened, but it’s been cold and snowy for quite a number of days now.  One would think things were adjusted. 

Sometimes one must start over. 

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Trial And Error Continues

There’s no internet “connectivity” again, at the moment.  There hasn’t been much for a while again.  Maybe such “whiles” should be noted down so the mention of them could be more specific, but that would take an awfully lot of bookkeeping and checking.  There was a shred long enough to check one email account and two newsy front pages.  (One can’t have everything.)     

The situation is a somewhat unwanted golden opportunity to try this “super gadget” system a little more, i.e., in this case in regard to such as saving drafts.  In addition to the lack of “connectivity,” the homemaker aide service was cancelled for today (the second week of no service).  Whether the woman was coming today or not was not going to be decided until this morning.  That’s not enough time for yours truly to figure out the errands. 

There is something else to do, in fact several things; but, the trash can be carried out later and the telephone calls can be made anytime in the near future, while it’s to be remembered the weblog was once an essentially life-saving thing.  It’s a serious test run – lunch was candy (peppermint disks) and black coffee until 2:30 p.m. then a hunk of bread and cheese. 

Opportunities don’t always materialize. 

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Gadget Loose Ends

There’s no question about the super gadget easing a lot of  “blogging” nervous tension and agitation for yours truly.  Actually, for various reasons, such has been around for years.  Once it was caused by things like trying to get something written and posted in the hour allotted at the library.  There’s always been the question of how it reads once in place as, among other things, the spacing is different.  Getting something online in a couple of minutes is just the newest addition to a list.   

The little bit tried is easy and quick; but, as the thing is unfamiliar, the unexpected happens.  Just now it looked as if the Diary blog entry got posted here, leading to a frantic attempt to get online to see for sure.  Happily, that didn’t happen.  The whole business can still easily be a shambles.  The easy and quick posting factor, however, did come sort of just in time considering new needs to contend with bugs. 

This “new world” uses some different words (as well as new aspects of the cyber world) for some things.  That part is slow going.  Things to be just “tried” include ordinary things like different colors and type faces (fonts), never mind things so different that they will never be attempted.  

Tomorrow is only loosely built on yesterday. 

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