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Still Mid-November….

Tuesday night….  The little nurse dutifully came today but later than usual.  The new project (which is now a lost cause) involved medical questions still asked as there might be something that can be salvaged from  it.  She said she was coming tomorrow again, so it will be the Wednesday lineup in play recently, namely, the lunch lady, homemaker aide, nurse and regular friend if all of them show up.  As car problems surface often, none of that is ever sure.  Friend also has job delays and can have other concerns.  Looking ahead, the food truck comes this week, a thing to likewise keep in mind as the aide isn’t that reliable….    

Wednesday night….  Regular friend did not come again.  There was a suggestion by the nurse (who did come, as per current schedule) that the storm (tornado in some places) may have blown down the telephone lines or such as she could not reach him when she called Monday.  If the office was without telephone service, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t be by.   The homemaker aide stuff is (again) getting bad.  It’s to a point where there’s about a chance in a thousand things will get squared away.  There’s something wrong in the internet connection.  Email’s not opening.  It happens in one discussion site as well. 

Thursday night….  Friend did stop by this evening; he brought a requested early Christmas gift for the lunch lady.  Rarely is there a day when all she does is drop off the lunch.  The light bulb business last week is an example.  It’s nearly to the point where every week there’s a needed “helpful activity.”  A box of candy isn’t much and barely an equivalent of her consideration.  This afternoon there were two trips to the office to ask again about a transfer to another space.  The office looked as if it were open, but the door was locked and no one was answering the telephone. ( That’s not nice.)  Much of the day was spent on the computer. 

Friday night….  Turns out it was a good and a bad day – one of those daily times best described as “needing a little adjustment.”   Today’s trip to the office netted a live person to be checking for the matter of moving to another apartment unit in the building.  That, in turn, may have been what scrounged out that so-called activities coordinator who made such a horrible mess months ago.  A door note there this evening said she needs to be properly seen.  The nurse came; the hind paws didn’t have a bit of oozy mess today.  The food truck came, too; but, there was need to settle for potato soup as he was out of chicken soup. 

Saturday night nearly at the witching hour….  Two mini cheeseburgers (they are on buns about the size of biscuits) sit at hand cooling off having just been heated in the microwave (they were frozen), and that’s the evening meal, complete with vitamin pill that just fell on the floor.  It was a most peaceful day with a half-way decent lunch (not common on Saturday or Sunday as there’s no meal delivery).  And, that is  all that happened; much of the day was spent on computer which is quite hard on the behind.  That’s been sore for a while for unknown reason, like too much sitting.  There’s just time to scribble down these few notes. 

Sunday night….  Thanksgiving is about here.  It’s time to start looking through a few greeting cards on the possibility that some might be sent (maybe not – a few words of good wishes should always be enough).  In a big surprise, friend did not come by this noontime.  Although it seems there was mention about a need to be elsewhere, it’s very unusual for a no show at all on Sunday.  Several people get a visit on Sundays.  The evening has been spent with a tummy ache.  There was an interesting trip downstairs just to get out of the apartment — the card-playing in the community room wasn’t there.  The devotee sat alone. 

Monday night….  Goodness gracious!  It looks like there are seven of these little notes for a change.  The nurse came to look over things.  She took the bandages off the hind paws for trial.  The front paws are about the same, but the behind is very sore.  That creates some problems in the bathroom.  Two visits were made to the office.  The first found it inaccessible.  The second was a most wonderful, uplifting visit.  The reason for going was to see about getting out of the notice of the activities coordinator.  The visit got to be a nice sales pitch for the moving to another unit in the building. 

Sometimes things turn out good. 


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Just Mid-November

Wednesday night (late)….  It was a sad day, the birthday of someone special not among the living any longer.  There was pause to remember, but not the normal virtual visit to the cemetery.  Nurse, lunch lady and homemaker aide showed up as expected, but regular friend did not.  In addition the nurse said the drug store would be coming with a prescription, which they did not.  That may mean a visit tomorrow and an interruption on a hoped for free day.  Yesterday is no longer a memory apart from the trip downstairs to check out a reported wireless hotspot in the lobby.  It’s a good one.  The weather did finally hit freezing recently. 

Thursday night….  As expected the drug store delivery arrived, although from a look at the situation, the medicine is no longer needed.  It hasn’t been used.  The fact that it came today rather upset some expectations of hitting the bed; but, of course, very little goes as is hoped.  Surprisingly regular friend did not come by; it was thought he would as he didn’t stop yesterday.  Possibly he was given just a little too much to do earlier in the week.  🙂  It was a lot, the errand plus figuring out how to get the CT scan done as he would do the driving.  The joy of the day’s time was getting some more material up to copy for the history site. 

Friday night….  A light bulb burned out – the three-way second element actually in a lamp usually on 24/7.  It’s what’s always used there.  The homemaker aide’s grocery list recently did have one on it.  Come to find out this morning what was bought was a package of 60-watt bulbs, not a three-way.  Friend was notified of the light bulb need (saves discussing it with the aide as well as plodding along on low visibility until Wednesday), but traffic prevented the delivery this evening.  Nurse came.  Lunch lady brought a lunch and kindly helped determine the bulb situation near noon.  And, the house is about out of chocolate. 

Saturday night….  Well, the fact of life is, another day somehow vanished.  It is a mystery as to where it went.  Perhaps too much time was spent on things like the ten or so extra minutes spent on doing a breakfast of something different from a couple of donuts from a box and a vitamin pill.  Nothing was done for things like the many projects around.  Little time was spent wandering among news reports and message boards.  There were no accidents to clean up.  No visitors came.  A new thing was tried, but that only took about an hour, if that.  The in house mail got picked up, as there’s a suspicion there’s a problem there. 

Sunday night….  It was a strange day for sure.  The temperature setting for that thing that controls the temperature of the place is seldom changed be it on cool or heat.  It’s shut on and off.  Setting it higher or lower does not work as the sun through the windows is too strong.  It is on heat right now as winter is here; but, the place is chilly until the system starts a cycle.  Today, for some reason yours truly was plenty warm even in the pre-dawn morning, but the unit kept starting up and running normally, so it can’t be the actual temperature.  Friend came as usual.  He brought an exchange for the top and light bulbs. 

Monday night….  The nurse did not come today as expected.  They said she had car trouble and would be coming tomorrow.  It was otherwise a lousy day — the temperature outside went up just a few degrees which made the place so hot the air conditioning was turned on in the afternoon.  The Diary’s Blog was done, but other than that nothing of value got done except some odds and ends.  Pulling a needed ad out of the week’s advertising and replacing a mostly empty water jug with a full one isn’t much.  An idea to go downstairs was scrapped.  The heat got so bad the thinking got confused.  There was almost a fire.   

Coming holiday time can have a strange effect on people. 

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November Is Here

Tuesday, and just late afternoon/early evening this time….  The doctor came; it was earlier than expected.  There was a fast run through of his business and now the new smear on stuff is here for the nurse coming tomorrow.  Tomorrow shall be a complex matter as not only the nurse and the homemaker aide are due, but the building management is sending maintenance with the fire inspector to take a look to see that the smoke alarm and emergency pull cords are okay.  Friend’s also due in the evening.   To add to the upheaval, per notice today, more stuff in regard to the apartment is in the works for Thursday. 

Wednesday night….  As expected, the place was busy from late morning onward until about 4:00 p.m.  All went surprisingly well, not perfect, but certainly good enough.  A few things hoped for did not happen.  Some things sitting for months (a couple of years) were cleared up.  The decision mentioned has been made but it’s likely to be a waste of time.  That won’t be known until December.  Years ago there were four personal events in November including a family birthday.  They are sad times now.  There is also Thanksgiving but that can be done without any big  to-do as can the quiet pause for Veterans’ Day. 

Thursday morning….  Well, it’s almost 11:00 a.m., but that is still morning.  The morning wasn’t bad once the system calculated to do something was abandoned reluctantly.  …Needs some adjusting.  Expected maintenance visit is over – day is free once the lunch lady is gone.  The calendar says it is the 7th of November.  It’s hard to believe it’s the 7th already.  Things like the rent money orders need to be scheduled.  Monday is a holiday; the nurse and food truck come tomorrow.  For whatever reason, friend did not show up last evening.  A planned request will be re-thought today.  It’ll cost money but, fortunately, not much. 

Friday afternoon….  And, this little note got no farther until Friday evening.  To begin with, there was the  matter of being up all night (until near 5:00 a.m.); that suggested a rest period after lunch was a sensible activity.  Two surprise visitors came in addition to the lunch lady, the food truck driver and companion and the nurse.  For some reason that probably should be explored but not now, the drug store sent another tube of the smear on cream.  Well, now there’s plenty at hand so it can be used more freely.  As the sun set regular friend was at the door.  The December rent payments had been mentioned.  He had time. 

Saturday afternoon….  The thought uppermost in mind in the morning (the new project) and the most important thing around (tallying up the money) sat as the computer stuff nagging the back of the mind — need for an anti-virus, fixing the weblog for the history site, things better suited to someone with more technical knowledge — got attention.  The muddle through took all morning and tired out the mind.  They may be okay, but the mind is tired.  A nap’s what is in mind, but first at least this will be started.  And a trip downstairs always makes sense if for no other reason then to get out of the apartment for a while.   

Monday morning….  The intention yesterday was  to jot down some things.  But, there was email to be answered — explanations that took a long time.  It took all evening until nearly midnight (nothing else got done).  Friend stopped in and he watered the plants, took a sweatshirt recently bought to exchange and more.  It is hoped he can help with the CT (CAT) scan business.  The money dealings for the week did get tallied up — that isn’t sitting to be done later.  A little adjusting with the computer works was also done, but it looks like that won’t be lined up.  And, the nurse is due in a couple of hours. 

The ability to pivot with life’s events is important. 

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Into November

As anyone can see, neither Monday nor yesterday provided a chance to concoct a few notes.  It’s to be expected.  It’s an unstable world.  So, it’s Wednesday and the eve of Thursday, which is the eve of the saints’ day.  Friend came rather late and volunteered to get a couple of packages of cigarettes lest there be a nervous tizzy of sorts.  Nurse came later than expected and worked diligently.  The homemaker aide came, so errands got done; but, that’s getting into a bad scene – complained to her boss she didn’t have proper cleaning stuff.  Monday, at last, the nurse tried something new.  Yesterday was a try at rest.  

Thursday night….  Once again today there was a trip to the office to see about a move to another apartment.  Actually, the rent was taken down; it’s pointless to make the trip uselessly.  Since they were stacked near the entrance, handy, this coming month’s old people’s free newspaper was also picked up, not that it gets read (it doesn’t), but it doesn’t hurt to have it around.  The library, surprisingly, did not come up with an answer to an emailed  computer problem.  A start made on some weblog work may be worth something, but that’s not likely, either.  It’s started, period.  Nurse is due tomorrow.  

Friday night of the day of the saints….  It’s a favorite day.  A packet of messages from the office was outside of the door this morning.  There apparently was one for every apartment.  The note of importance in the space underfoot was one in regard to fire department regulations saying to keep all doors shut; although it’s been known, the door has usually been left propped open to avoid rushing there when someone’s due to come.  Well, no more of that for the time being….  Nurse came.  Nothing else but lunch lady was due.  The odds are there won’t be outside sitting around, either, until spring as the area’s blocked off. 

Saturday night….  The place seemed more comfortable than usual, although the the  temperature outside didn’t seem that different from other days.  Deciding a trip anywhere was a good idea just to do something more than frantically trying to do something useful with the computer, there was a run downstairs to look to see who might be there.  At least a hundred and fifty people live in the place and there was no one around the lobby.  Determined, the trip went to the basement.  Three women were in the community room playing cards.  No welcome came to be — par for the course there.  Some things don’t change much.    

Sunday night….  The time change being in effect, out of necessity adjusting to it was attempted in the morning.  It isn’t sorted out well yet.  There is no reason to change any personal stuff.  There is only need to change things that relate to the outside world.  Life and times were seriously hampered by a powerful backache around noon, which eventually eased up then re-instated itself a little after 6:00 p.m.  Regular friend came by and was presented with a long list of stuff.  There’s now enough cash on hand and cigarettes to cover a couple of weeks.  He said the doctor called and planned to visit on Tuesday, which was expected. 

Monday night….  There were fifteen cigarette butts counted in the ashtray come this morning, which seems a lot more than usual.  Of course, adjustments are yet to be made to the new time.  It was nice to get a letter from a friend today.  It is a kind of thing that shows that one is not forgotten.  The nurse came; that was fine even though she didn’t know about keeping the door shut.  It’s hoped the doctor does as well tomorrow.  The lunch lady knew about the door.  There’s a decision in the offing:  should there be an entry into a contest?  It seems like there is a lot to do that would make creating an entry too time consuming. 

Stewing over decisions gets little done. 


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