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Now What?

The week brought a notice from the “activities” office of the apartment building.  This is not the building management, but sort of a “senior services” office that does things like that Health Fair of last week.  It’s like going to a dentist.  The newest scooter batteries were tried.  Apparently they’re okay and that’s a big concern solved.  What they replaced only had about five hours of service in them.  As it’s a legal holiday today, important stuff (like the aide service) has to sit. 

The windows got a professional cleaning on Friday.  The lunch lady also came on Friday, once again with some of her kind of hen eggs (free range from her chickens) already boiled, ready to eat.  Older friend had some family concerns.  Young friend wound up doing some of the things older friend has been doing as older friend couldn’t get to them, although by Saturday it was more normal.  Avon week brought a new purse into the nest that’s a little different.  New things can be encouraging. 

The food truck comes this week and rent has to be paid.  It’s hoped young friend can continue to come for a while.  Part of the problem is that it’s getting harder to read papers.  Part of the problem is that there has been some physical slow down while the pace of life has speeded up due to more things that need doing.  There is now a Freedom of Information paper that is supposed to come from the state that needs filling out and return.  There’s also other legal stuff needing attention. 

Getting old is complicated.Work 


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New Stuff!

Apart from it being a voting day and the building underfoot a place to cast them, Tuesday was again an eventful day, and so was Wednesday.  Young friend could not come at all this week, so older friend took care of that mini-emergency of the money orders for rent.  He also did other stuff he’s been doing and there was some confusion.  Tuesday was topped off by the pest control company coming (flying ants) and a neighbor’s problem with her computer.  (Pest control first thing to show up.)  

Wednesday the building’s services held a “health fair.”  Eyes and ears got a quick check for free.  Then hot dog passed out became lunch as that had been forgotten.  There was also what has to be called “a new experience.”  Representative from the local massage school were present and did back massages.  One gave a price (at their school) that sounded reasonable.  It’s just a case of getting to it; he said they could do something for legs.  Since it’s done by students it has to be there. 

Friday it was lunch lady and food truck (Avon come soon).  In Dayton it was the weekend for the International Festival.  It would be nice to really explore that once (pipe dream).  Aide service is, of course, in disarray.  The complaint’s now just floating around the state offices, and the expectation’s that much time was wasted, for nothing.  Older friend brought some bunch of papers that are essentially an application for other shelter where such service might be attainable from staff.

It’s hard to leave some places.Fingers crossed     

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Things Looking Better

It just may be that Friday the 13th was a very good day.  The day included an assessment for aide-type services that sounds too good to be true.  The deal is manageable.  Details are to be figured out.  The lunch lady came just fine and again with half of a dozen of her kind of hen eggs.  Young friend showed up Tuesday, cleared out more mess.  Older friend came both as expected and more.  Avon came okay.  The post office box mail has been just fine all along.  Even the food’s been good. 

For some unknown (and probably incomprehensible reason) there is another blog floating around in the head (as already noted in The Diary’s Blog).  It’s going nowhere fast, but it’s very hard to get rid of the idea.  When there would be time is not even remotely known.  The Project is more important and there is no idea of how to get to that.  A real shocker was learned late Friday about the aide services that have not been coming as they should come.  It was (unfinished) work for today. 

The food truck comes this week.  Rent money orders are needed yet.  It is hoped someone can get those this week.  The older scooter needs new batteries badly as these days they can need changing twice a day.  And, getting around has been difficult recently.  It’s a matter of being too tired to move.  Another new thing in the works is the internet access now provided by the apartment building television cable service.  This hasn’t as yet been explored, as there is little time these days. 

Where the world is going is always mystery.Lightning 

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Little Is New Except….

The equipment isn’t working right.  Young friend changed days and came Wednesday instead of the more common Tuesday.  Older friend also came Wednesday afternoon and switched some Sunday to Saturday.  Another helpful soul came Wednesday rather than wait until Saturday.  The weather was good for late March.  A letter sent for possible services was never answered possibly because someone else is now running it.  The food truck order couldn’t be filled as he only had about half of the stuff. 

There are idiotic things when one is stuck with not moving in normal fashion.  A pinch of a powder, meant to be inhaled, is helpful with the breathing.  It comes in a capsule which goes in a gizmo that pokes holes in it so the powder escapes while inhaling (by mouth).  Afterwards it’s sensible to be sure all of the powder’s out of the capsule.  Once in a great while it doesn’t work right.  Trying to break it open Thursday sent it flying which caused a moving of cords/wires with a hanger. 

There was also the strange matter of accidentally whacking an ankle against a place on the scooter and seeing blood.  While it looks okay, it was not that hard of a whack.  For Mother’s day the best that can be done is an online cemetery visit and since older friend was occupied, the evening was free.  There was an accident with The Diary’s Blog, so the extra time came in handy.  This coming week Avon is due.  Another letter went out today in the hunt for some aide services, a wild shot. 

Figuring stuff out can take more than a doctorate.Sick smile   


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Apologies To Followers!

There was no intention to send a bunch of unexpected stuff to clog up your email which if it’s like most is on overload. 

Clearly there is some kind of a monkey wrench in the works of the system here as an attempt to make some corrections in the message for 5/9/16 sent out the preliminary draft.  It’s just Saturday evening, and essays are only tentatively pre-written (if at all) with any necessary adjustments made on Monday.

This is the third time it’s happened. Those who subscribed to The Diary’s Blog also got two yesterday.  Pre-writes are done based on possible time concerns.  That one can be pre-written comfortably as there’s no time frame.  This one is on one.

Again, sorry.  It is hoped you have a lovely Mother’s day.



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It’s May…!

Once again Tuesday was an eventful day.  Young friend came by with his helping hands to sort through more of the papers and mail from the last few years.  The rent got paid.  The plants got care as older friend came including on Saturday with some groceries.  And, Friday the lunch lady came bringing some her kind of hen eggs.  A neighbor also came to help a little with personal care, but that’s not anything certain forever as she isn’t in the best of health.  Avon came just fine. 

For much of several days it seemed that what would get posted for blog messages was the sick leave sign.  It was bad enough that coffee was skipped for about three days.  There was some ongoing sense of being frantic enough that there was not need of any stimulant.  The idea for The Diary’s Blog was scrapped almost immediately.  Later thought emerged, so there is post, but there was no dealing with the first one.  By yesterday in the morning things eased up, so no emergency call. 

The food truck comes Friday and young friend is expected come tomorrow, but he can only come if he has free time.  The lady with the lunches (and hen eggs) is always due on Fridays, and no one else but older friend is expected.  The last paperwork of the complaint might be out of the way this week as there’s some time to do it.  Then it becomes a matter of arranging an effective replacement for the aide service.  There is a dream catcher on the door.  It may be the best of deals. 

Changing things can be difficult.Coffee cup        


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