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Some Things Ain’t No Better

The past week bordered on disaster.  The substitute aide that came last Tuesday didn’t seem to pay a bit of attention to what was being said, made a mess and left the patient fuming.  Friday service was cancelled, as the agency planned to send another substitute, someone running to probably unfamiliar places when doctor was due to come at any time.  Nursing’s scheduled.   Aide service is, too, at usual time, presumably.  That wasn’t all of the medical and allied matters.  It took five trips to the activities coordinator’s office to find her available to check out what scheduling and information she organizes (still unfinished). 

There’s still searching for bugs, internet access, research help, distance errands and someone to fill in some for the missing aide service, which seems a likely to be needed concern – friend’s doing a lot these days.  He came by Sunday and on Wednesday (promised to help), but only so much can be asked of him especially since he is into scooter maintenance currently.  He got some of the groceries on Sunday.  The lunch lady came as expected.  Maintenance is reliable.  It’s nice to have Avon again – shoes are on order.  The perfume’s not bad, either.  Being on the first floor can help with little emergencies. 

The new apartment has been markedly cooler than the old place.  Now, that’s a better thing even if there has been the chasing after centipedes.  July’s heat has barely been noticed.  It might be cold in the winter, but that’s not sure yet.  One can put on more clothes.  The move came just in time.  It’s pretty sure the near future would have been a nursing home.  However, the week ahead promises to be very disorganized and hectic.  The food truck’s due, the rent is due, laundry needs doing, with the extras (nursing services, maintenance spraying, internet) on top of that.  It seems formidable.  

Some people have a future they don’t expect. 


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What’s Usual?

Just maybe it won’t be said that the week was usual.  Maintenance again sprayed for centipedes as a couple of more were found.  That is three or four times it has been done.  While that’s rather continuous, maybe it hasn’t become “usual.”  It’s annual inspection time per the management.  It was in January.  While that’s not new, the timing may be.  The aide’s last day was Friday.  Those are frequent any more, but there has been vehement complaining about that.  What came back in the errands was a cheeseburger instead of a fish sandwich.  Fish is on the receipt and is the usual.  That’s definitely unusual. 

There is still no viable internet access in the apartment or even right outside of the door in the hall now.  Plans for compensation seem to be failing in different ways.  And, the system seems to be falling apart as programs don’t surface until the thing is completely shut down.  Online activity is nearly non-existent.  That’s hard to cover.  A neighbor at the old apartment died.  She was not well about a year.  Given faulty information in the beginning, without her telephoning there would have been nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for two days.  Some not-so-nice people, of course, are still around and nearly ever present. 

For some unexplained reason the ailments are slightly worse, but the apartment is cool although it is July.  The doctor went on vacation so has yet to come.  End of the month is apparently a new time for doctor visits.  Friend only came by on Sunday, but that’s not unique, just inconvenient.  He did stack up stuff better in view of the inspection.  The money from the errands wasn’t tallied up promptly, but at least the rent money orders are in hand.  The Avon Lady got called.  That is new.  The holiday picnic dinner was missed.  There’s no more holiday dinners until Thanksgiving. 

After the summer solstice it’s all downhill. 

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Too Many Visitors

Talking takes energy.  If someone is at the door, one needs to say something or the other.  People at the door can make it an exhaustive day or,  in this case, an exhaustive week.  The past week had several extra callers.  Friend who at times skips Wednesday if he’s especially busy at the office came twice extra this past week.  He wanted to get rid of some stuff rather than haul it in on Sunday.  The lunch lady came all five days, the homemaker aide (needing explanation about Fridays) came both days for a change and four other persons (two unexpected, one requested and one negotiated) also came. 

As the vitamins would not last the week, there was a call to the drug store.  That order was not delivered by the lady who understood the sign on the door frame about the door being open meant come in; there was a bit of a stew.  A couple of more bugs were killed and maintenance didn’t come by to spray on Wednesday.  A trip to the office brought maintenance at 8:30 a.m. Friday, unexpectedly.  An unexpected was also the Avon Lady.  The air bed collapsed.  As aide services do not equal reliability and friend was already getting money orders for rent, there was a search for a resident to go get a new air bed. 

And, of course, not being very well can get worse given the right circumstances.  Bad internet access is a sizable annoyance; the computer is used to replace both telephone and newspaper.  That works good when it can work.  In ninety degree heat the ailments get worse.  The aide agency sent official word the current aide turned in a resignation — no certainty of any service after this Friday.  The gnats seem to have multiplied, and maintenance doesn’t do the gnats.  It is about time for this or that light bulb to burn out.  On a more positive note, lunch yesterday had a favorite, sauerkraut.  It’s rare. 

Sometimes only hope keeps things going. 

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Friday Holidays

The food truck did not arrive last Tuesday as scheduled because of the holiday on Friday – rescheduled for July 5, Saturday.  It’s a big Minnesota corporation.  The aide did come on Tuesday with word she would not be around come Friday, and so much for errands according to routine.  Alcohol is used liberally as bug spray.  Maintenance did not come Wednesday.  Bug concerns are dealt with every other Wednesday and it didn’t happen to be “spray week.”  Discussion with the office was initiated in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday and finalized in the parking lot in mid-morning.  Maintenance arrived later Thursday. 

Friend came  Wednesday, but things be too confused to define what he could do to help beside bring water and alcohol on Sunday.   As the aide wasn’t coming on Friday, the nice resident who picked up the mail in the past was located.  He had just undergone a bit of surgery on a leg – walked with a cane, couldn’t drive.  As a sort of after thought, it seemed a good idea to ask a neighbor if there had been centipede problems in the past.  Three attempts to find her home were futile.  It was late Saturday when asked.  Answer:  no.  And, unexpected blood was found Saturday afternoon  It may be all right now.  Finances were not sorted out. 

A visit was made to the activities coordinator for several reasons.  It is likely to amount to nothing.  Given the week, there was no calling the drug store for any pills (vitamins running low), and it is about time for the doctor to be coming by.  The aide is due at noon.  Tuesdays are for cleaning although groceries might be useful, especially since the food truck was short an item.  If necessary there can be pizza house pizza.  A Friday holiday is a good thing for the simple reason that it’s a real change of pace.  One trouble with them is that some people don’t know how to adjust.   It’s good there won’t be another one for a while. 

Time can escape one’s control of it. 

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Another Week Flies Away

The rent got paid yesterday in an office trip about extermination services from maintenance.  First it was a few gnats.  Then those seemed to have multiplied or awakened or maybe grew enough to be visible.  A fly appeared, then maybe two more.  A small brown centipede was found underfoot (under shoe).  Then three more were killed.  Finally a long-legged spider appeared in the bathtub….  More may lurk.  Maintenance is scheduled for tomorrow.  Friend said he would be by tomorrow.  The aide and the food truck are scheduled for today, the food truck because the driver doesn’t want to work Friday.  The aide may not, either. 

As for the past week….  The aide dutifully came both days, and the new start up went well.  The lunch lady, as usual, was the reliable thing.  Internet connection of course is in the hall.  Some people think the reason to sit there is to converse.  To encourage this the mobile web service on the cell phone was into “technical difficulties” nationwide for about twenty-four hours….  Friend came on Sunday and did some construction work.  There’s now a new bed arrangement.  It’s still two air beds, but now they sit on a metal futon base.  Friend also made a special trip on Thursday to take care of getting the money orders for the rent. 

A nice little note came from the nurse who was so very good at nursing.  She was of course answered; but, if all is well enough after five months her job’s done.  A few good people are around.  The agency is not forgotten.  The money is not yet sorted out from the week’s activities again, which is never a good thing; but, the needed adjustments such as for the “insect activities” unavoidably cause things to slide.  The Avon Lady has left brochures twice now – something else good to incorporate into ordinary living, especially since nowadays the books include a few clothes.  Some of the stuff is good. 

Sometimes life amounts to just plodding through it. 

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