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What Day Is It?

Yesterday evening it was just accidentally learned that today is a legal holiday known as Columbus Day.  It used to be October 12, period.  However, be it today or the 12th, it was a forgotten legal holiday which, seemingly, has never happened before.  Business offices are closed on legal holidays and they stay high in mind because it’s not possible to do a lot of things.  There’s been so much upsetting stuff going on that if it weren’t for the little daily record in the lower right of the computer even the year might be forgotten.

New Friend seems to be a thing of the past.  There’s been no word from him for a week, however, there appears to be another New Person on the scene.  This is unknown at the moment.  There’s also been no word from Young Friend, and he’s usually in contact by now as to when he might come.  Beat up or not, Nice Jewish Lady did go get money and some “emergency supplies.”  There is cash in hand, but there is also money owed.  Lunch Lady also came to the rescue with gifts.  There’s, of course, no aide service yet.

On the whole, the past week was a case of “in a daze.”  A neighbor seemed interested in being helpful, so it was suggested he could take care of the plants.  He didn’t come.  That may still be done by someone else.  The telephone was too low on money until Saturday morning to be using it even for the Security Check calls.  The calendars may be changed to October by the end of the week.  The outside “sits” were skipped several times, and it’s not unusual for breakfast to be at noon or later and supper at midnight or later.

Getting back on track can be a job.




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Poetry (?)

When frost is on the car
Don’t leave the door ajar
As winter isn’t far.

Close the windows, too,
And, plan for life anew
In what you hope to do.

Author: me, and, well, it has to be posted somewhere beside the place where it was first posted (and immediately lost in the turnover), namely, facebook.  It was so published November 11.  At least now it’s not completely lost in the gale winds of existence.  And, since it’s here, here’s another:

Only a strong man dares to be gentle.
Only a wise man dare to be still.
Only a great man dares to be humble.
Only a good man dares, and he will.

Likewise author, me.  The second one has some age on it as (if memory serves reasonably well) it was written somewhere around 1958; but, it was not put out for publication until June 6 last year (2016) in a sort of private little message board (“Our Pages” in a hosting site called ProBoards).  The inspiration was my father who’s birthday was November 13.  He would have been 113 or 114 this year.  And, no, this is not the kind of stuff that is usually posted here.  The doctor came totally unexpectedly on Friday and upset the equilibrium.  The Lunch Lady also came Friday, off schedule, and also upset existence as room had to be made for the food. She did bring some eggs.

Young Friend was in the apartment building on Tuesday to see someone else and paused for a moment at the place underfoot — one bright spot in the week.  Another bright spot was Saturday afternoon when it became more evident that the new “Lone Ones” club may indeed be established among the residents (two members).  And, the brightest spot of all was also Friday as the aide from nursing services did a tremendous job of getting yours truly cleaned up.  The standing aide service person was an annoying pain Wednesday, to the point where a request was turned in to cut her time to one hour (in the hope she would quit soon). Older Friend came by three times with his usual helpfulness.

At times it’s time to be different.
Thanksgiving blessings to all. 🙂


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Gee, July’s Over With….

Well, first the apology to those followers who last week got version #1 of the posting.  This literary masterpiece may be read a half-dozen times before “publish” is hit, including a preview.  How that “strange wording” in the second paragraph got overlooked is not clear and a real downer.  It was a bad week is not really enough explanation.  It was corrected.  A correction even five minutes after the fact still doesn’t do much to alter things.  Fortunately it doesn’t matter much. 

The computer’s both communications and information (the news reports and the like).  A computer problem throws email plus other things into a sort of limbo.  The baby hasn’t work too well recently.  If it collapses, there won’t be any postings either here or in The Diary’s Blog of course until there are adjustments of some sort.  It seems like this is a good time for a “Thank you for being around!” to those who follow.  It can make life worthwhile to an extent to know you’re here. 

Friday was a horrible mess, and Helping Lady was too sick to help this week.  Older Friend came to the rescue with extra- ordinary help.  The rent got paid.  Young Friend is expected tomorrow for some important things.  The Lunch Lady’s due to come this coming Friday (it’s lucky she didn’t come the past Friday).  Avon is sitting on the back burner presently, with The Project and the “good links” (not to mention too much on attempts at bringing the checkbook “up to date” and such). 

Time goes fast when one is slow. Clock 

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Time To Say Merry Christmas

“Happy Christmas” would be a better wish for others if one is sending good wishes.  “Merry” can have an element of what can be called superficial.  Happiness is deeper, more enduring by comparison.  The word here for the week, at least the rest of it, is “Happy Christmas to you!”  As for the recent few days, things are now even more mixed up.  The “new person” that was anticipated did come and did a nice job, the rent’s here. The plan is a return this week.  The doctor came.  Friend came. 

The food truck came all right; but, due to New Year’s he will not come back in two weeks (a small item overlooked until the mention).  Covering the absence is a new concern for the week as next week has an off schedule delivery of lunches.  (Those came okay on Friday.)  Friend has family business upcoming so that’s not as usual.  There’s been no word about aide service except a passing note about a sub (during the holidays?), and surely that could do little good.  A neighbor may be a help. 

In the spirit of the season: 

 Dover Holiday 46a 

May you have much happiness in the days ahead.  

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Something New

A week ends and another begins.  Psychologists (and the like) have been known to preach to people that there’s a reason for someone to live when someone’s in some kind of negative frame of mind.  Well, there’s been plenty of “reason” for someone a shade less than 80 stuck on a mobility scooter in the special place underfoot to keep dragging through another day, but the past Thursday a new thought entered the picture.  Friend, who came then rather than Wednesday sparked the thought. 

Although twenty years younger, with kinfolk of the generation before, he said he was learning about things by helping.  The enlightening point was, the “learning” wasn’t so much for the kinfolk but for himself.  If one is nearly sixty, it does not hurt to think about such things, presumably, but it was a bit of a surprise.  The endlessly dis-arranged aide service, what can be done about it (incidentally, the same aide came, a new one is now due Wednesday), etc., has some value. 

As for the week, not much is new.  The food truck came as did the lunch service delivery.  The Avon stuff got mixed up some but some things did get done with social security.  They have questions, like with the post office box address.  New people understand simple stuff and busily talk generally about items like Medicare.  Well, it is important, but not in much use at the moment.  However, it might be needed tomorrow if there be a run to the hospital again, which is always possible. 

Looking ahead has some value.Money

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A Bad Week

The past week was enough to re-institute the activity associated with cigarettes, which was discontinued in late October as a result of the first trip to the hospital last autumn.  Over most of it, well, it’s not certain whether it is a sinus infection, an ordinary cold or something else.  It is one of those “drippy” situations where there is nasal drainage that doesn’t stop short of stuffing wads of facial tissue up each nostril.  It looks weird and it’s even more difficult to function with most of the air through the nasal passages cut off.  Furthermore the wads fall out at bad times.  Just stopping whatever to take care of it is horribly time consuming.

A bloomin’  crisis arose with the scooter.  There’s a gauge that shows how much energy is left in the battery.  It is not often but for a long time now unexpectedly it has gone dead for maybe a minute.  This time when it happened it didn’t start up again.  There’s no way of knowing for sure how much energy’s in the battery after the scooter has been used for a while.  And, if the energy runs out at some distance from the re-charged one, there will be a devil of a time getting mobile again given the complete inability to walk.  The on/off switch did work; it’s just the gauge that didn’t work.  (The scooter can be “walked” if unlocked.)

Those two big things were not all the negative things that happened.  Example: it’s getting more certain that recently there were bed bugs in the building; that means they aren’t far away.  However, there were positive things.  Best of that might be that the medical bills received recently, according to the telephoning done this week, will be adjusted.  It is not clear yet.  Also, the current driver of the food truck might lead to someone to help with “The Project” that has now been on the back burner for so long that it may have to be re-vamped.  That’s become something hanging by a thread.

One should be especially positive in January.Fingers crossed

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As 2014 Begins….

Tuesday (Delayed)….  As the year endeth, homemaking services stopped all of a sudden.  The aide didn’t show up.  Eventually it was learned she quit.  Chance is, by the end of the week they may get to contacting sources used to hire, etc.  The trash, again, is piled high.  A trip to the office to pay the rent ran into news about the coming construction.  Delay is in the works.  With no aide for errands to buy at least boiled ham and sauerkraut for New Year’s Eve night, not that it has been a long practiced tradition, there was a serious consideration of going to the New Year’s party.  Pork and sauerkraut were promised.  It was barbequed pork.  

Wednesday (Delayed)….  The new year dawned.  Friend was expected near noon based on what was said on Sunday.  The day was to be treated like a Sunday.  An opportunity existed then to get rid of the trash, get some cash and buy the listed things set out for the aide.  There was piddling around with the computer during the wait for friend, which lasted until around 4:00 p.m.  Assuming the delay was due to him being with another resident, he was called – several times.  Turns out he had company coming over and was at home and would be staying home.  But, of course, he would be stopping by on Sunday. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  The visitor of the day was the nurse.  Being much better in regard to her reason for being present, it’s expected she will be off the case in about a week.  In a sort of surprise, friend evidently dropped off water, alcohol and cake on his way to work – they were outside of the door in the morning.  As a matter of practice he is reimbursed for anything bought on his own.  The year has started immediately with an unexpected bill.  Tuesday’s discussion with the aide’s office turned a bit nasty, so discussion has to be had with the assignments office.  The plants finally got watered this morning – a day late again. 

Friday (Delayed)….  The day’s visitor was the food truck driver.  As usual there was rapid fiddling with the order in the morning.  There’s now plenty of food in the place.  It being Friday, the discussion with the assignments office could not be avoided any longer.  A dollar was spent on the telephone, and, of course the woman in charge of things wasn’t in the office.  Email is it.  Cigarettes got lower as the day progressed.  They were on the aide’s list but they weren’t mentioned in friend’s telephone call.  At least the food truck business went well.  A note in the management’s newsletter caused a dash to the office, but all is okay. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  The chore of the day was the email letter for the services of homemaker aide.  It was one long, involved baby.  In the midst of creating it friend sent a text message saying he wasn’t coming around on Sunday.  He was in fact in Michigan having left for important business a day early to avoid road problems due to the coming bad weather.  At that point there were only eleven cigarettes left.   Well, it’s not the first some there’s been scrounging through an apartment building looking for someone with an extra pack of cigarettes.  Late morning would be the time to get started on that. 

Sunday (Delayed)….  Given the text message, friend wasn’t expected; so, there being no need to sit in the apartment, the scrounging for cigarettes could start fairly early, like near noon.  First there was a trip to the community room as it was possible someone else had taken over some of friend’s activities.  (No.)  A little miracle happened then.  The elevator was called to go upstairs, and when the door opened there, aiming for the first floor not the basement, was a “one likely bet” for having extra cigarettes.  That business was done in ten minutes, and the day was spent with the computer. 

Monday….  Several places were called, like a follow up on the email letter.  The plants were watered, deemed okay since they were watered on Thursday.  The lunch lady did not come due to the service organization being closed due to the weather.  The trash continues to accumulate.  Things like the email letter took precedence over even blog composing but clearly that got done yesterday and today.  Cigarettes continue to dwindle.  Whether or not the lunch lady cometh any day soon isn’t known.  Friend may be stuck in Michigan.  He didn’t talk like that, but it is reality.   

The world unravels very easily.   

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