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A Good End

The scooter needed revitalizing.  It might have lasted into morning; but, it also made sense to do something in mind that would use up some of the energy in the thing, connect it up and not have to do it later. It kind of put a crimp in activities; but, something very special was accomplished nonetheless.  There has been no understanding of how to take pictures with a cell phone.  The attempts have been disasters.  Indeed, yours truly was under the impression that black and white was all there would be; they were that bad. 

As a last act of 2010, there was one more try at pictures. If nothing but black and white could be taken, so be it. At least they could be sharp.  Instead of trying to balance outside, it was decided to go to the community room, which gave a better view of the river, and try again to get something clear.  A couple of boats were on the river pushing barges, so there was variety as well as skyline.  Somehow the sun came out just right to throw a light on Cincinnati – not in all areas, but enough. 

Well, lo and behold, something was done (what is not known; it has to be figured out yet) but the pictures are in color.  It’s a blue sky with white clouds, blue swimming pool next door, some pinky stuff and other colors.  They aren’t bad and they’re in the computer.  A bit more practice is certainly in order; and, the activity was indeed worth the inconvenience of not getting around the place for a while. The year 2010 wasn’t a good year, but some things were not bad at all, among them the picture taking. 

There’s always something to do. 


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Plodding Along

It was an odds and ends day. Yesterday all the trash was gathered up.  A little dab of cigarette butts wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil was forgotten.  After the homemaker aide left, it was found and glared at in disgust.  A decision was made: that and the soon to be empty water jug, the day’s chicken bones and maybe some other scraps around would be hauled downstairs and outside today. The rain coming down near noontime was added incentive to delay any such thing until later. 

A scoot through the place later found someone actually watching a television program.  In two years no one was ever seen watching a television program.  The room was darkened.  There would be no using the exercise equipment.  The trip with the trash was dutifully carried out.  Hesitant about taking the scooter beyond the door (by then the rain had stopped, but there’s a small step), the ten feet to the dumpster was staggered over; and, dirt picked up somewhere in the deal was soon on the rug.

The cell phone died.  It was taken off the re-charger around noon yesterday, and it was thought last night it would hold out until noon or so today, so it was not hung on the re-charger. It didn’t hold out and yours truly gets confused then.  It’s okay now; but, the alarms didn’t go off. The good news is, yours truly may have located some transportation cheap and convenient in the building.  It’s not a sure thing by any means; but, thoughts run a couple of places where it might be good.

Everyday ends somehow.  

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A Shifting Time

There were a couple of lights on the hill at 5:00 p.m. already – one bright light at a house and the Christmas tree was starting to show. A look at the sky showed all clouds.  According to a weather site of choice, sunset came at 5:23 p.m.; so, given the clouds, a sense of “it’s dark already” makes sense.  The thing is, the “darkening time” is over, and the instinctive awareness of conditions outdoors should have noticed the early nightfall a month ago.  It didn’t happen.  It’s been getting imperceptibly lighter for days already. 

Although the homemaker aide came today, for some reason it was a “peaceful day.”  Maybe that’s because the shopping is done with and the rent is paid.  It’s also a cold, winter day, but not very cold at that.  Christmas is past, although decorations are still up, while New Year’s isn’t here yet. The midpoint between the two was noon today, so neither seemed paramount.  “Peaceful day” and “winter day” even if the latter is written “gloomy winter day” would be good description.  It was a day to get things done. 

Well, peaceful day and not too cold of a day or not, people are in a sort of state of upheaval, and at first glance it looks like some real (but not impossible) mistakes were made this week, too.  And, as of about 4:30 p.m. (the homemaker aide was about an hour and a half late), yours truly was too out of energy to be checking receipts and the like.  At a glance it does look like she was short-changed at the chicken house.  Nothing much can be done about anything immediately (if at all) anyway. 

Peace is rare. 

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Things Break

And, it’s time again for things to start falling apart.  It’s when there is special reason for things to be working well that they start falling apart. At the monumental time when human beings stepped out on the moon, the television set died.  As recalled, it went dead about two days before that extra-ordinary time, and no television repair service was able (they said) to come out and fix it the next day. So, the event was watched not on the console color television set in the living room, but on one borrowed from a neighbor. 

People can get into unusual situations when things start failing like that.  In that particular case, the borrowed television set came from a neighbor with whom there were strained relations.  When the set died that time (tube burned out), everyone in the house just stared at it briefly because it was generally inconvenient.  Everyone would just have to do without television until it could be fixed.  Absolutely determined, yours truly ran next door and bummed one, a spare they happened to have. 

The first falling apart thing came Christmas Day when the kitchen light blub burned out, which, of course, took maintenance staff for replacement.  It can’t be reached from the floor.  There’s nothing to stand on in the apartment.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it did not go out every couple of months. Today the table lamp in the living area also finally burned out.  That’s a three-way lamp; the blub at hand is not 50-100-150.  It’s some odd sequence starting with 30, but at least it’s usable. 

It’s good to have emergency stuff. 

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Rather Unbelievable

The third day of Christmas seems to have fallen into a “surprising” category to say the least, and in several respects.  Most astonishing was the discovery that yours truly got eight hours sleep. It just does not happen. Frequently it’s six hours at one time, but often it’s less followed by naps later due to a somewhat exhaustive state. Eight it was, plus about fifteen minutes.  There was some turning over with an awareness of doing so; but, there was no getting up (etc.).  The night straight through was as it should be. 

There were other unexpected things, too.  The noontime “scoot” to go to the lobby and outside for a minute or two immediately found the hallway starkly bare, stripped of the Christmas decorations.  A couple were by the decorating lady’s door late yesterday; but, she must have scurried around and gathered up everything before this morning.  A couple of things belonging to others (including the red bow on the apartment door) were still up, but the hallway itself was back to “institutional” well before New Year’s Day. 

Some other minor unusual things were seen, too.  All the Christmas cards were taken off the bulletin board.  The office was decorated. The lobby may have been undisturbed.  Just the cards were gone.  The other real difference in the day was that it seemed reasonable to go pay the rent, as the bank had made a mistake in the spelling of the name of the place on the money order.  Pointing it out to the office made sense. The rent should have been turned in December 30 at the earliest. 

Some changes are welcome. 


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Second Day Of Christmas

It’s again one of those times when it’s easy to forget what day it is; it’s also a time to forget what one was going to do. This evening, as quite commonly done, your truly got out a TV dinner to eat, after it was heated, of course.  One looks at the directions on the back of the box for how hot to make the oven and how long to leave dinner in it.  The dinner was put in the oven with the intent to turn it on in a few minutes. There was a little trip to the living room. While there the box with the directions was absently torn up and pitched. 

If the clock didn’t say what day it is, planning would be real messy, worse than normal.  Certain things are standard; but, that’s only in the morning, and only first thing.  Thereafter, time gets consumed with this or that unexpected or over extended thing.  As usual, the building mail box was checked, the grocery advertising was picked up and there was a fast scoot outside to see how cold it was (very). Ad in hand, for a change there was some study of it, enough to see that shopping would be a problem. 

To make matters worse, there is clear evidence the “good” leg may be getting bad.  It’s swollen, with no known reason for it to be that way. As already said yesterday, physically things ain’t in the best of shape.  And, there will be a need to go get maintenance to change the kitchen light bulb again.  It was expected something would go out or otherwise go wrong.  The light burned out in the afternoon of Christmas Day. What the next thing will be is unknown, probably something like a pause to recharge the scooter.  

After Christmas comes New Year’s Day.   

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Christmas Message: Get To Work!

There is no question yours truly has been just a little more “under the weather,” as they say, so that not even one weblog was written for some days. It isn’t that Christmas has taken much extra time or the like.  A few greetings were sent, period.  The homemaker aide was sent to the bank – even that took less time than it might have taken. The computer was out for a while, but not a really long time. Trips outside weren’t a thing like fifteen minutes’ cigarette time.  It is just a case of not feeling well. 

If one looks for “signs” in life, there was (?) a message today. There is a newspaper carrier that brings papers for building residents at about 6:00 a.m.  Today extra copies were left.  Well, carriers can ask for extras or circulation people can make mistakes so carriers have extras. A good use for extras is street corner sales; but, it’s a bit cold outside so they became “complimentary” copies left on the counter – three at noon yet, and offered by a neighbor.  There was no interest; it can only be a “message.” 

So, what’s the message? Christmas Day edition or not, daily papers are daily logs of current events for an area, town-sized versions of a diary.  And, the neighbor encourages the taking of one; they’re a good thing to have (she thinks).  One either turns it down or politely takes one.  There are probably several “messages” in the business, but the most obvious, with a newspaper on the lap, is “There is this daily diary for consideration.”  It doesn’t take much to change that to “there is a diary to be considered.” 

Holidays end. 

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