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Newer, Bigger Troubles

The thief came in the day pretending to find work for pay.  That was one of Friday’s events.  When the thief is next to you, no longer in secret, it’s a time for quiet alarm, careful handling.  Pretending she was innocent and kindly seems to have worked.  Whether that will continue to work is unknown.  Thursday’s event was someone’s groundless accusations to the management being discussed (at least a good witness was at hand), however, that’s not all settled yet.

Young Friend’s gone to another earthly world.  Nice Jewish Lady’s car still doesn’t function as it should.  Lunch Lady’s also at least partly transferred to another earthly world.  Her rescheduled from next week delivery was brought by a man (on Friday).  When asked, he said he would be doing the deliveries henceforth.  It’s hoped she can continue to bring her priceless gifts that keep things going in the nest underfoot.  What the thief took, of course, is gone.

Some folks all enthusiastic about helping in emergencies didn’t (again).  And, although they have at times in the past, it’s not a good situation with them as it’s not reliable action.  Some nastiness showed up Friday, and the matter was just an ordinary kind of messy “event” to clean up.  Remote based aide service came Tuesday and is expected tomorrow; the regular local person came Wednesday and is due Wednesday.  There’s money in hand and clean clothes.

Tomorrow should always be a sign of hope.  🙂


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Not A Happy Time

Bumming toilet paper Thursday morning from Nice Neighbor was near the week’s most unusual event.  Seldom is there any bumming.  Other people have to pay for stuff, too, and if there’s a need to ask if they have any whatever they should be reimbursed then and there.  Although toilet paper is usually kept around in copious amounts, the supply was low and aide service on Wednesday (to be sent to some store) was cancelled by the agency.  They could send someone Friday, which would have been too late for certainty about having adequate toilet paper.

Toilet paper and paper towels were also bummed from Nice Jewish Lady much later (it was going fast for various purposes), all of it paid back in kind by Sunday afternoon as another neighbor was kind enough to go to the local grocery Saturday evening.  (Nice Jewish Lady hasn’t been feeling well.)  He wasn’t asked to get anything but the two paper products and drinking water.  By then even water was almost all gone, so the situation was more desperate.  It wasn’t late, but it was dark, cold and an unexpected request.  Fortunately he wasn’t doing too much.

More serious troubles are definitely descending.  Not only is Young Friend gone from the money routine, there’s a threat of sorts about an eviction based on a false complaint.  It should be possible to get help with that, but a serious medical matter is hanging over the witness needed.  At a younger age the solution would be to simply get out of the place to some other place rather than go through a lot of rigmarole to deal with someone around with a substantial dislike.  And, sadly for some unknown reason the plants aren’t doing very well at all.  Some seem to be dying.

Life only lasts so long.  😦

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Getting Sicker, Maybe

“Sick Leave” is not the best thing to put here, but that’s extremely close to what was going here.  It’s Monday, and what was just finished was nearly three days of a miserable state of affairs, and there was nothing substantial to interfere, like aide service, or even food deliveries.  It’s unknown at this point what happened about the scheduled club meeting.  Evidently the security check on Saturday turned out all right, although how it happened is unknown.

Young Friend came Friday, took care of the banking and errands and explained that he would no longer be doing it as he quit the organization effective this coming Friday.  He hopes to keep in touch, but that part of his visits was an organization thing.  What will happen for January is unknown.  The food stuff’s back on schedule and the Lunch Lady is due this coming Friday.  The rents have been paid, but not all the bills as there wasn’t a chance.

The plants are evidently in dire need of attention as two of them have apparently died and three others look bad, but what to do isn’t known.  Homemaker aide service did show up on Wednesday, but not much got done.  The personal care due Tuesday didn’t happen — no show.  It’s due tomorrow, too.  Nice Jewish Lady is still around, but she’s been a little busy with another friend.  The recent days have been bad enough that a call went to 911.

Maybe there’ll be more next week.  😦

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Status Unsure

Yesterday was a sick day and anticipated help didn’t show.  By the end of the day most of the mess was cleaned up, but stuff that needed to be done, like get all ready for the food truck due today did not get done.  Today was also a sick day.  A lot of time was wasted during the week like on useless email.  This week’s essay is, therefore, short.

Thanksgiving was very nice.  The dinner sent by Young Friend’s friends was just about perfect.  Nice Jewish Lady, in spite of car problems, did get around Friday and brought back a fast food sandwich for some more variety amid the usual stuff.  Nice Neighbor’s granddaughter again took the laundry yesterday evening, so there are clothes.

Young Friend himself is due Friday to do the banking and maybe some errands.  Lunch Lady is also due Friday.  Some aide service is scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday, but how the Wednesday will go is uncertain as things are to a point where there were attempts to borrow money as Nice Jewish Lady can’t just drive to the bank….

May the week ahead be good for all looking in….  🙂

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Life Goes On….

So, it’s another week.  Ah, Friday.  Lunch Lady came with supplies that be a reschedule from this coming Friday.  Fortunately there was room in the freezer.  Nice Jewish Lady brought money, lunch and cigarettes via someone willing to take her around since her car doesn’t work at present.  There was a building inspection, namely a check to see that the emergency pull cord worked okay (that brings a 911 squad).  Friday went well, even though there was a very painful late afternoon and a sickish kind of thing late (around midnight just before getting into bed) Thursday night.

While Friday was a good day, for some as yet unfathomed reason, Saturday wasn’t.  The day was pretty much spent in the bathroom.  And, Thursday, although a day free of any “visitors,” was spent in a daze figuring out what to do.  Wednesday an aide did show up for the “homemaking” aspect, so at least the mail got picked up and the carpet got swept.  It was only vaguely expected.  He could not be “errand sent” after much since there was too little cash in hand, but he did say he would be back this coming Wednesday.  An aide is also expected tomorrow for some personal care.

Yesterday began much better than expected, but there was a bad panic attack early in the afternoon eventually brought under some control.  Nothing was scheduled to come (or interrupt) today.  That’s a good way to start a week.  As for last Tuesday, it’s a complete blank — it may have been the day there was an “event” and no help until an accidental meeting at nightfall….  November is a memorial month personally as there be one parent’s birthday and the other parent’s death day with Thanksgiving the week in-between.  It’s important that things go well at sad times.

May everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.  🙂

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Upside Down Season

Rescheduling for the holiday (in this case, Thanksgiving) has already begun, of course, hampered a bit by yesterday’s very legal Veterans’ Day being officially enacted today.  The Lunch Lady brought stuff Friday for two weeks and will be bringing stuff Friday in place of next Friday.  The food truck won’t change as that was due today and in two weeks (i.e., past the holiday).  Nice Jewish Lady had car problems, so some emergency supplies needed due to seriously screwed up aide service are still needed.

Young Friend also came Friday.  He was able to do an overnight change from this week to help not only with what he normally might do but also to deal with problems left by that same screwed up aide service.  Thursday was mainly the visit to the doctor’s office with pauses likewise to deal with supplies needed.  A neighbor took care of the plants today and Thursday.  He might help again.  Another neighbor finally got the calendars changed to November.  A third neighbor was prevailed upon to put in a light bulb.

Nice Neighbor Lady who did do the laundry but who had an operation three weeks ago from which it will take her a long time to recover asked her granddaughter to take care of some of her clients.  She did a load yesterday.  It was still only necessary to go across the hall for that, a big, frequent need anticipated to be not only a problem but also more expensive.  The little club meeting was canceled due to events, but no one was expected anyway.  This literary masterpiece almost didn’t get done again, same reason.

Belated happy, peaceful Veterans’ Day to all service personnel.  🙂




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Not A Better Week Yet

This be started in a daze early Sunday afternoon, and the daze wasn’t because of the time change.  There be no known reason for it, but when thoughts materialize without subject and verb, that’s being in a daze.  An unexpected bit of a stir developed among Daytonians online, and it really did need to be “handled” somehow, and the matter being interrupted every couple of minutes by computer (mostly mouse) malfunctioning did not help.  There needs to be something done to something.  (It works sometimes.)

One aide service was changed to today instead of this coming Wednesday, maybe just for this week, regardless of the actual inconvenience and partly uselessness of it.  No way is that business anywhere near some kind of dependable settlement.  Nice Jewish Lady’s a treasure.  Once again Friday she got money and something to eat.  And, the doctors have told her she only has a couple of years to live.  Lunch Lady’s another treasure who came with her kind of gift again today.  (Survival’s based on such folks.)

Young Friend should be coming by sometime fairly soon.  It’s time to be doing the money orders for next month’s bills.  There is a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and medical matters are far from settled.  Some patching needs to be done to the apartment, like that place on the ceiling that fell needs more attention.  Some new people may soon be in the overall picture, but to what extent won’t be known for a while.  No one showed up at the club meeting time, but the idea still is not scrapped permanently.

Nervous breakdowns happen to the best of people.  🙂

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