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Troubles That Are Different!

Tuesday started with a toilet that didn’t work right — limited service there.  When that became clear, a trip to the office around 1:30 p.m. (with a hope that maintenance would show up before there was a serious need for the thing) was in order.  And, yes, maintenance came and couldn’t figure it out for a while.  It seemed fixed when he left near 4:00 p.m.  An hour or so, maybe a dozen vinyl gloves and a pile of paper towels were needed to clean up the area.  There was a need for the thing near 8:00 p.m.  It wouldn’t stop flushing; eventually emergency maintenance was called.  They wouldn’t come until mid-morning Wednesday, July 4 — Happy Holiday, clean up the toilet again, and come afternoon, a need to change clothes again.  The only good thing about the day was that Nice Jewish Lady unexpectedly brought a nice lunch and cupcakes.

The doctor was re-scheduled for Thursday.  He did show up, not that it amounted to anything, and he showed up early during a bathroom visit.  To make matters worse, the message that he was coming went to a lady that wasn’t supposed to be getting any such thing.  Well, the hunt is still on for a new doctor, but an appointment was made with a hospital based place for August.  And, there wasn’t much choice as, of the three known places, it was the only one with an opening in August.  Now the deal is going to be how to get there, it being in another town downstate.  Nice Jewish Lady went to get stuff both Thursday and again on Saturday (money, vinyl gloves, underwear on order).  Aide service Friday was canceled; the trash pile over the weekend was huge.  As housekeeping was not done Friday, the errands were skipped today (no post office mail).

Today was food truck day.  Tomorrow a nurse visit is expected.  The rest of the week is not known yet.  That post office box mail hasn’t been picked up for going on two weeks again, and there’s a shortage of toilet paper.  With the aide not showing up Friday and the trash, etc., of necessity switched to today, the only way to get errands done is figure them for Friday — the entire deal is thereby upset and thereby “re-arranged” again.  There’s nothing stable in the business.  Really disillusioning was Saturday which included another day of diarrhea as well as a “visitation” that didn’t accomplish much and, as expected, no people interested in a club meeting.  To end the entry on the positive side, however, yesterday Young Friend’s friends brought a Fourth of July picnic lunch.  It was a nice thought much appreciated as such extra visits usually are.

The future can look very fearful.  😦


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Another Week Is Over

Thursday morning there was toilet paper in the place and the July apartment rent was paid, both thanks to Young Friend.  A roof overhead’s expected for another month.  The toilet paper won’t last that long.  The savings in the checking account is $195 less than it was, and there wasn’t much there before it became less, but it’s still open.  A rare thing was done Thursday evening.  An online friend of many years was “met” by telephone.  At least the cell phone worked that much, and it has a few dollars on it again thanks to Young Friend.  Nice Jewish Lady was hunted up Thursday evening to get some money and breakfasts on Friday (July payday).  Thursday was an exceptionally good day.

Friday brought some of the advance money as cash in hand.  Since some was spent as soon as possible, that wasn’t so good, but few things could be as bad as Tuesday’s and Saturday’s massive cases of diarrhea in the pants….  Heaven or whatever was looking kindly as the nursing service nurse made it through Tuesday’s storm and found some free time on Saturday at nearly 5:00 p.m. to help clean up.  Friday also had aide clean up including getting the trash hauled out as there was an hour’s housekeeping.  The other housekeeping hour (essentially the errands) was today.  The errands were abbreviated to the drug store and neighborhood grocery as the timing hasn’t been established yet.

Saturday before the sudden mess developed, the “new person now in sight” came again bringing a member of his family and another gift of cookies.  There is a third member of the family to meet yet that’s expected next Saturday if possible.  It was a little over a half of an hour visit and there were things like exchange of email addresses as well as a lot of talk by the visitee.  They said they would adopt yours truly.  They also had someone else to visit.  Yesterday some odds and ends were covered, like light bulb replacement by Nice Neighbor’s granddaughter.  Today the doctor was scheduled (no show) to come for the last time before that office closes, as well as the agency aide.  (Nurse now coming next week.)

Sometimes there are new and better things in sight.  🙂

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Nothin But Trouble

Question Thursday morning:  What the h*ll happened to the money?  June’s a shorter month to begin with and the way the calendar days are, it be basically four weeks.  The card debit account has been empty since Young Friend’s visit.  Wednesday evening Nice Jewish Lady was asked to get a $100 check cashed, which isn’t likely to last through the coming week.  There isn’t much left in the checking account and nothing seen to deposit.  This is on top of the need to find not only an emergency contact but a new doctor.  And, Thursday morning wasn’t firmly scheduled for anything, but it sure wasn’t expected to be spent changing clothes, cleaning off the bed and scooter, etc.  The service agency has done a thorough screw job that will last more than the two weeks so far.

The nurse did come Tuesday for a regularly scheduled clean up job (which, as noted above, only lasted until Thursday morning).  She’s not scheduled to come any more in June; it’s aide service or do-it-yourself to the extent possible.  Wednesday’s homemaker service unceremoniously having been switched to Friday, therefore, cut in half due to other Friday activity making it all too much to do, made it necessary to skip the week’s errands.  The mail hasn’t been picked up at the post office, and there’s supposed to be a new Medicare card coming.  There’s food in the place (today was food truck day), but things like toilet paper have to be bought.  Friday was a shambles.  Lunch Lady had a flat tire; the delivery service sent a sub who came amid housekeeping.

As it was, Saturday’s club is dead, but another new person is now in sight that may have some impact on the matter.  The man in question is from a church, and he made a half hour visit on Saturday.  Follow-up phone call was needed, and he’s expected to come again this coming Saturday.  He brought a gift of cookies that will be breakfast for a few days.  Yesterday also wasn’t expected to be spent changing clothes, etc.  Blog notes as well as email about such things as agency services also needed doing.  Fortunately, Nice Neighbor Lady had washed all the available clothes.  Young Friend offered to come this week to help.  Aide service, expected to be like last week (the request needed for another hour on Mondays was just sent in today) didn’t happen at all.

Customer service is getting rarer by the day.  😦

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Things Is Worse

Tuesday was another day for a big mess, a change of clothes, and so forth, but it was somehow taken care of around Young Friend’s monthly visit for banking, Nice Neighbor’s dealing with the laundry and Nice Jewish Lady’s rather unexpected visit with a bit of supplies.  The telephone funds were depleted by a caller wanting to take a survey and a telephone solicitor.  The only reason that wasn’t as bad as it could have been was because the service charge for the day would have gone on the telephone anyway when the Security Check Lady called at 6:00 p.m.  A letter was sent to the Ombudsman’s office that got a result.

It’s hoped the Fates will be kind and not create another day like Wednesday.  A mandatory residents meeting was called by the building management.  While 11:00 a.m. isn’t totally impossible, it’s quite difficult to be functioning by then, especially when someone is expected.  In this case, the someone expected was the homemaker, who just incidentally didn’t show up leaving the place full of trash and the grocery planning a waste of time.  There was a useless email from the agency and a fake hacker notice about the email being deactivated.  The good thing was an unexpected visit by the Lunch Lady with one of her gifts.

Thursday’s blurry with complaint.  Friday there was finally some personal care, and the aide also took care of the homemaking chores, however, that business is a frightful mess of trouble that has now included sending in the complaints for possible resolution which also took much time both on Saturday and yesterday.  Nice Jewish Lady went to get some nearly depleted things yesterday like breakfast and cigarettes.  There’s precious little cash in hand; money has to be taken out of the checking account for the rest of the month, and it’s not in the least figured out.  Personal care came again today.  The nurse is due tomorrow.

Sadly, bad situations can get worse.  😦

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Post Script on 6/11/18

After a bit of thought, it seemed the best way to handle this is to add a post script message.  The week’s essay (see below) is a bit long to begin with, and adding another whole paragraph (somewhat incomplete in content to begin with) is too much.  The week itself was so busy a number of things had to be left out.  And, today, which started around 2:30 a.m., was especially busy so some things didn’t get mentioned — the computer kept jamming and finally dropped dead for a while.

Not only did the nurse come on an emergency call, that “introduced” personal care aide totally unexpectedly came.  Since the lobby telephone was (in attempts to call the hospital regarding the new doctor business) barely functional on the receiving end over the weekend, and since the security check lady said she could hear fairly well on the cell phone Saturday a half-dozen important calls went on the cell phone in the morning.  It may even keep on working.

And, the rest can surface somewhere some other time.

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Some Big Changing

Before anything else (not that anyone needs to go look right now as it really doesn’t make much difference), since periods and commas can be big deals, the typo regarding same in last week’s essay was corrected in the online version (in case anyone’s interested) even though it really wasn’t that big of a deal.  Such is very irritating to the “author,” and how it happened is a bit of a mystery since both points of punctuation were missing in the original and added later in final draft at the same time.  As for the big news of the week, a new doctor has to be found as the “home visit” doctor company used is closing the local office.  Since, at this point, there is no other home visiting doctor around, there also has to be a way figured out to get to some office.

On an emergency call, the nurse came for a clean-up Tuesday.  That entire scheduling is changed.  For some as yet to be fathomed reason, the housekeeping service agency, which has been expected to come up with an aide for personal care as well for three months now, sent a second aide for (it was in effect said) introductory purposes to be handling the personal care part of the services.  It was a half of an hour of disordered hubbub trying to work with two people involved in two different sets of chores.  Fortunately it was only a half hour instead of the originally scheduled two hours.  Thursday, naturally, among other things, was spent trying to sort out if/when this actual personal care service would begin as well as trying to get doctor information.

Friday Lunch Lady dutifully brought food on order, and she also brought her kind of gifts.  There is, thus, two daily meals for a while and more.  The other instigator for Saturday’s little club seems to have rather unhappily bowed out of the picture.  New plans are being formulated.  Yesterday was messy, but a bit happy as it seems a couple of possible new, not-too-involved people may become at least serious acquaintances if not close friends.  It’ll be a while before this is known.  The food truck was again due today.  Young friend is expected tomorrow to see at least about the bank stuff, and Nice Jewish Lady is expected to be called on at least a couple of times as many things are in disarray at present.  Other stuff, including aide service, is unknown.

Too much rushing can make one forgetful.  😦

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There’s Expected And Unexpected

Nursing service came as expected on Tuesday.  Housekeeping service came as expected on Wednesday.  Assorted phone calls regarding an emergency contact on Thursday, as expected, amounted to nothing.  Friday Lunch Lady brought a necessary gift, which was wished for more than expected.  Saturday had food truck as expected as well as security check and Lone Ones club instigators.  Yesterday was, as expected, used for catch up, but today had unexpected mail.

As for more unexpected, one day in the week ahead maintenance will be around to check things (to add to the usual upheaval).  Not just the main entrance but apparently all the apartment door locks in the place are being changed.  As a neighbor presently in Florida has the extra door key to the apartment, it’s something else to deal with if maintenance comes before she returns.  One really disturbing unexpected was the need to write a check for groceries Wednesday.

The biggest unexpected came Saturday evening.  The possibility of at least a partial emergency contact emerged.  It is yet to be fully discussed, but just a real possibility is something.  As for the worst unexpected, that was probably the need to write a check.  How to get money back in the account has not been figured out.  Supposedly it can be transferred from the depository account, but that hasn’t been tried yet.  And, Young Friend’s June visit isn’t figured out.

Uncertainty isn’t a great thing.  🙂

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