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Now Back Home

The return to the apartment from the hospital business was Tuesday noontime.  There’s been little besides trouble since, but some notes on the good stuff first.  All but one of the plants are apparently okay.  There were visions of the neighbor asked to water them not being able to get in the place.  The newest one which probably wasn’t replanted right did die, but all the big ones maintained for a half-dozen years are still upright.  Evidently the Cincinnati folks did get the rents, etc.. paid, but where the receipts are is unknown and what the internet situation is likewise is unknown.

If the post-hospital stay “rehab” experienced is normal/ordinary, it shouldn’t be wished on the worst of criminals.  In the nearly three weeks there was maybe three hours on the exercise equipment.  The food wasn’t much — mostly grains and eggs.  The medications came off schedule.  Just two staff members out of dozens were seriously helpful.  It was bad enough that formal complaints were started with three different likely government offices.  Worst of all, if the explanation was understood right, it wasn’t possible to just get up and leave as there was a code to work the elevator.

Some changes have been made.  Something’s wrong with the cell phone.  It doesn’t work as it did before.  Security Check Lady hasn’t been in standard contact as originally set up and that hasn’t been sorted out.  The possible emergency contact to replace long gone “Older Friend” seems to have vanished from the scene.  There may, however, be decent aide service for the moment.  Two helpful neighbors — Nice Jewish Lady and one that wants to be called “Gofor” — and another person did haul in some basic supplies so the place has toilet paper, coffee and ice cream.

Some upheavals should be expected sometimes.  🙂




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Finally, A Posting Of Living?

It’s worth a try, but regular postings most likely won’t start yet.  For one thing, tomorrow morning is the scheduled time to get out of “rehab,” which came after a week or so of hospital stay, which came after an emergency run to the hospital because yours truly finally hit a state of collapse.  (That’s been happening.)  The apartment was left a mess because aide service didn’t show the day before, one reason for the collapse.  The discharge is a confused mess and at this point aide service isn’t lined up.  Also important, there’s no knowledge of whether or not there’s internet access.

If there’s no internet access, there can’t be any postings.  If there’s not enough help found (and at the moment it doesn’t look like there’s enough) there also can’t be any postings.  A message has already been written and scheduled for publication in The Diary’s Blog and this will be scheduled, too, with the hope that someone can hit the sites to release the postings at least for July 8.  There will, of course, be attempts to get the stuff back in some kind of working order and the patience and understanding of the followers and readers who are still looking in is really deeply appreciated.

At this point, money is a sizable mess.  The Cincinnati folks did go get the money for June and it’s hoped paid the rents, etc., but as of this writing there has been no word from any of them, while the June payment for the internet is still in the apartment.  On that, there was talk in the apartment house that the management planned to switch to some other company as of July 1.  The telephone business also is not in good shape as another loan went on the phone — very appreciated as the hospital business telephoning turned out to be more than expected.  And, of course, that’s not all in disarray.

The unplanned can be devastating.  😦

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Well, Life Stumbles On

Aide service has been excellent, but that’s because the manager has been subbing until she can get someone lined up to come.  It may be continued for another week, but she was doubtful about this coming Friday already.  Food delivery has been uncomfortably “adjusted” to accommodate Memorial Day arrangements made by organizations.  Stuff due this coming Friday unexpectedly came this past Friday.  Thanks to the aide, it was put away okay.  The food truck, on the other hand, won’t be back until June 1, which is going to leave a shortage and make things complicated money-wise and more.

Possibly the most damnable aspect of the situation underfoot is that if there’s a case of “bathroom” that’s fairly bad, by the time everything’s cleaned up, clothes are changed, supplies are back handy and in order, etc., there’s another “yen” for a visit there.  The alcohol bottle always needs filling as the stuff is used to clean everything both in there and elsewhere, and if elsewhere takes enough, there’s not enough for “in there.”  The same is true of paper towels and vinyl gloves.  A measure of panic hits if the phone is up for re-charge and there’s a need to run.  Too much time is spent on bathroom.

Tuesday was a remarkably good day.  Wednesday and Thursday were not.  Some of the stuff is bad enough that what medications were prescribed have been missed, not that what’s been prescribed does much good — there’s nothing but a bunch of vitamins and two inhalants with barely noticeable effects.  For some reason Friday was mostly okay but quite upset due, among other things, to the unexpected food delivery.  Saturday, for some unknown reason, amounted to a lot of rushing around with absolutely nothing accomplished.  Even the “club” notice cancellation was forgotten which is rare.

Weather changes life, not necessarily to the good.  😦

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More Time Marching On….

The old, back up computer is back but has not yet been tried to see if it’s fixed now — no time.  Among other things getting the internet bill payment in the mail has been a need, and the stuff necessary (stamp, bill) has needed to be found.  Thursday was extremely busy and a very bad day as there were two “events” to clean-up and nursing services discharge.  Friday was also very busy due to two hours of (good) aide service and a food delivery.  Wednesday was confused as the aide needed to change the hours.  Tuesday’s forgotten.  Today the food truck was scheduled as well as aide service.

The emergency contact business has gone back to square one.  The possibility that was around neither came nor called nor answered email yesterday.  Security Check Lady does call (or sometimes is called) every Tuesday and Saturday and that is “a something,” but she can’t come to find out if anything is wrong.  All she can do is call a friend who is too sick at present to come, and the best she can do is try to figure out something more local.  Some apartment buildings keep tabs on residents.  The place underfoot doesn’t.  Moving to one is out of the question as there’s need for help to move.

The week ahead is at least free of the food deliveries, and with the discharge by nursing services there will be no “visitors” from things like physical therapy to work into some schedule.  There will be a little more time to work on that emergency contact business but not much, especially if there is need to run around the apartment building looking for someone to run an errand or such like what occured last night.  While watering the plants, there was an accidental hit on the table, and it knocked out the light there.  Just luckily a neighbor upstairs was free to come look over the situation.

Old age is a pain in many ways.  😦

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Trouble (And Time) Marches On

April ended in a rather penny-less state.  Plans to get some money and some very needed supplies were shot down Wednesday (payday) morning.  Fortunately, a Unique Neighbor was able to go get some cash Wednesday.  He and Nice Jewish Lady came to the rescue so that by Thursday evening there were enough essentials (like toilet paper) around to last until the Cincinnati folks could come and finish the monthly money job.  Friday as well as Tuesday and Wednesday were “event” clean-up days — ‘way too many.  About ten days to a week apart is more normal.  Yesterday and Saturday were okay.

Food comes Friday and next Monday (money needed there) and aide service is scheduled for Wednesday and Friday (money needed if aide’s sent anywhere for stuff).  Fortunately, the Cincinnati visitor is due to come tomorrow, which does mean cash in hand as well as the June payments in money order form.  However, there are other costs that are hard to estimate ahead of time, such as how much to put on the telephone if anything at all.  That can be iffy if money for the month is low (which it is).  A deposit is badly needed in the checking account, and that’s best done by the group from Cincinnati.

The back up computer died at the same time as the “regular” computer.  Someone in the building offered to clean out the excess apps and the like after which it stopped working completely.  At least the computer normally used somehow got re-connected, but now there’s a bill for computer work (if  the old one gets back in working order) and a need to get the thing back to the “in house” repair service.  There hasn’t been much chance all week.  There are important matters not getting done, like an application to be filled out and sent in and a complaint intended for the Better Business Bureau.

Sometimes tomorrow comes too soon.  😦


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New And Old Things

Nursing services were scheduled for Tuesday.  She’s a good “visitor.”  Aide services were scheduled for Wednesday, Friday and today.  Friday was terribly disorganized.  The  aide had a doctor’s appointment so unexpectedly came an hour early to stay an hour and come back later.  The come back was late so there wasn’t full service.  That visit didn’t go very well.  Another neighbor volunteered to take the insurance check to the bank, make a small deposit, use some of the rest for some supplies and bring back the rest.  There’s cash in hand, but not enough to last out the rest of the month.

Easter came and went.  It was expected that there would be two Easter dinners around, and if either materialized it wasn’t near the nest underfoot.  That was okay as for quite a bit of the time during the week what was high in mind was the availability of 911 and the phone to call them.  Between breathing problems (as has been mentioned the congestion seems to have changed) and bathroom problems there was little opportunity to be doing much in regard to Easter.  These days said phone is falling apart and being held together with bits of tape.  The money on it should last out the month.

Food is due this coming Friday and next Monday.  Neither takes long to manage, but so little gets done due to things like the tiredness and breathing even fifteen minutes is valuable.  The “New Neighbor” on the scene might ease up the concerns in regard to Nice Jewish Lady not being able to get things due to car and health problems, but that has yet to be determined.  The weather has also been nice enough for people to go places, which makes a difference.  If the weather is bad, no one wants to go anywhere not absolutely (and personally) necessary.  Payday is more than a week away.

Life only lasts so long, often depending on the support.  🙂



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New Problems

The police came by the place Saturday night.  There was a moment of fright as they said there was a problem on the eighth floor, which is where Nice Jewish Lady lives.  It was at the other end of the hall, and evidently the whatever turned out okay as they left empty-handed.  The great event of the week was the visit from the folks based in Cincinnati.  As a result there is cash in hand, money orders for bills and some essential stuff that might last out the month.  Saturday wasn’t the best of days as there seemed to be evidence of a stomach condition but all seemed well enough by the day’s end.

Aide service was good during the week.  No food deliveries were due for either Friday or today.  The only stuff to eat is what’s already in the apartment none of which is exactly interesting.  Some of the medications have been accidentally missed due to the turmoil over several things, notably the scooter batteries but several other heavy things as well, which might be discussed some other time.  At least the rent’s paid and money for the internet should have gone out today.  A reliable emergency contact is still in the works, needed as the possibilities that turned up aren’t working out well.

There was an online incident that probably isn’t settled yet.  There was no word about the personal pet project, rather surprisingly.  The “loners’ club” meeting was cancelled again.  There may even be a problem with the laundry soon as Nice Neighbor who does it mentioned something about having another operation a couple of weeks ago.  There could be a visit from maintenance to do something about the stopper in the bathroom sink which has never worked since it was installed; but, if they wrote up a work order, no word has come about it.  Nice Jewish Lady has medical troubles.

It doesn’t hurt to get stuff writ down.  🙂

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