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Apologies To Followers….

If you got two copies of this week’s posting, apologies for clutter in you email.  An attempt to correct a few mistakes with the “official” version (the one with 7:00 pm dateline) resulted in two sendings. 

May your week and month be great. 




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Come, Come November!

The big thing(s) of the week were that several neighbors for reasons of their own showed up at the door (different times) with none of it personally beneficial, some of it damaging a degree.  People don’t visit here.  It’s the end of the month and money is low for one thing.  There are enough “visitors” that try to help or provide real service to be tiring, so an unexpected someone even if he/she is not looking for what is needed by him/her can be additional drain on low energy. 

As a result of the excess “traffic,” a new Avon order wasn’t ready for Thursday when that came (had to be emailed).  More important than that, the door wasn’t open for the lunch lady Friday.  Older Friend is not well these days and can’t be of much help.  A possible advocate cancelled out; a dozen phone calls have gone into that.  While no bug control people have come yet, and recent word was they will be about the area on Wednesday, the notice that came on Friday says tomorrow. 

The rent’s paid.  The weather’s nice.  Switching time, etc., will upset routines out there that may make things better in just a few days.  That’s a maybe and a hope.  Saturday was a catch up day for a couple of things and likewise Sunday, but two bills were forgotten in the unexpected traffic including the internet connections.  There are a couple of days before the given due dates, but such should be there earlier.  Such things are more than annoying, and little can be done. 

At times it’s hard to find bright spots.Fingers crossed 

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Messy Week

This past Friday should be wished onto annoying people.  Only lunch lady was expected, a fast five minutes to unload it and sign for it and maybe five minutes to put it away.  The day’s events around noontime put breakfast at 1:30 p.m.  First, the doctor came.  Although they called Thursday, the word did not filter through until 10:32 a.m. Friday.  He showed up a shade over an hour later.  Then the lunch lady came.  All went well until it was time to put the stuff away.  It was damaged. 

Of course that wasn’t all to Friday, but Saturday, Wednesday, Tuesday and yesterday didn’t go well, either.  Neither Friend was able to come by during the weekdays.  Several things were not done that should have been done.  The biggest concern was that the security check system didn’t work as expected.  That will be important to watch.  If the lady can’t maintain it, a new arrangement has to be set up.  The lunch lady made a trip back on Friday for pick up and brought replacement today. 

Two new contacts are on the horizon.  One’s due to come visit tomorrow to discuss matters.  The other has to be called.  If either one works out, the aide service concerns will be eased greatly eventually.  It’s Avon week.  Older Friend got enough cash yesterday to pay bills.  In addition to the rent payment due soon, there’s also a bill for internet, a medical service and the food truck a week from today.  There’s also cash need for something like gas for an errand or possibly a pizza. 

Sometimes planning is totally useless.Coffee cup 

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A Better Time?

The seasons, of course, have changed and the lovely weather’s positively uplifting.  That’s important, given that the event unique to this week (as some already know) was that during an ordinary daily “sit outside for different air and view” (they last about five minutes or a shade more) another resident was busy jawing nearby rather than tending to his dog.  It up and decided to pee on me (on the scooter).  No, he didn’t, in any sort of horrified tone, apologize.  It’s a “first” event. 

The search continues for some “aide service” type of services without or even with pay as long as it’s not much.  It should not cost the prices quoted so far, which is mostly because an agency wants more than an hour or so signed up.  That is okay once in a while, but not weekly.  The food truck came earlier today than it has been coming, and may be early again.  Lunch lady and Avon came just fine.  Lunch lady had more eggs, but, surprisingly, this time they were not “her kind” of eggs. 

A small problem about pants falling down may have been fixed, mostly an annoyance situation.  That was not all of the time, just under certain circumstances.  Pest control’s supposed to come tomorrow due to the centipede found.  Older Friend did a rush job on the trash yesterday.  He could not stay long this time, he said.  The lady doing the security checks is calling faithfully.  Young Friend’s helpful visits are, of course, an uncertainty today, and they will be through the holidays.

One can’t really have everything perfect.Red rose  

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Happy Columbus Day

Another week of misadventures is now tucked away, history the wise crackers might say.  Only, it’s not all tucked away.  An appointment here or a paper to send in there, etc., makes the past still active no matter how long ago.  Most important, it seems, would be the ATM card.  It came.  It was tried out and seems to be working as it should.  While certain offices were closed today and some things could not be done, it’s possible the days ahead will be better as that was all clear Friday. 

The residents’ association had a nice lunch yesterday.  Those turn up every once in a while, but they aren’t all nice.  The chance to not eat a pre-made frozen meal doesn’t happen often any more.  It was spaghetti and meatballs, Italian bread, and two small salads, an adequate pile of well-made main dish was there.  Older Friend not only took care of the ATM card stuff and got the rent money orders at the same time, he came again yesterday.  The lunch lady came okay.  Security calls okay. 

Young Friend hasn’t been around for a while, but he expects a chance to come tomorrow.  The weather has been nice, and with the ATM business fixed, it’s a good holiday, but Saturday was terrible starting near 5:30 a.m. with a weird phone call (not showing a number, just some alphabet).  The clothes had to be changed twice.  The lady across the hall kindly did some late night laundry.  Perhaps the strain of the money matters until Friday contributed.  It did contribute to more blurry time. 

Each day may have much unplanned.Thumbs up 

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The Heat’s On!

The day the heating system is started is of special notice as the heating system makes less noise than the air conditioning (the fan of the air conditioning is an annoyance to the point where it’s disturbance).  The days are more quiet and they’ll stay that way for months.  Peaceful times are needed for many things like thinking and planning.  The past days, of course, have been overshadowed by the missing ATM card.  As available cash has been low, money had to be taken out of the bank. 

There was a trip to the office about the heat setting off the smoke alarm (and a couple of more items); maintenance came to check things out.  The lady helping with things like personal care came on Thursday, and a couple of other changes confused the week’s events into the forgotten.  As usual, the Avon and the lunch lady came, but the Avon order was not ready for him to pick-up.  It’s to be emailed.  The food truck is back with the regular (supposed) schedule.  There is an inspection.  

The days ahead aren’t clear at all, even though both the food truck and Avon are done for a week.  Having been told of that vision concern when he came, the doctor’s ordered tests to be sure as it may be something other than vision.  The arm seems okay.  The security checks are okay.  Young Friend may not be able to visit as before, but Older Friend’s still expected as before on Sundays as well as during the week as possible (not quite every Wednesday any more due to new circumstances).   

Changes aren’t always good for the old folks.Fingers crossed 

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