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Finding A Good Point

Supposedly there’s an advantage to everything.  To date, if there is an advantage to not having a homemaker aide around, it is that no need to think about getting the grocery advertising exists (there is no one to go get items).  That does not go beyond thought, since it is not necessary to pick up the paper itself on Sunday (or Saturday) as copies are by the door all week. There’s also no need to make out an order.  Actually, there is no need to figure out what all might be done in the two hours. 

It could be that the whole process is extremely tiresome because a deadline hovers. Everything has to be all figured out before there’s a person on site.  There are only two hours in the deal, and if half of an hour is used for sorting things out, that’s a half hour lost.  If the figuring out were done sort of if and when, the sense of “hurry” wouldn’t be there.  Things are a little more at ease. There also has been no need to be concerned about having the trash together for carrying out. 

Well, the food truck only has general food, not things like fruit juice or milk.  Relying on that also does not get the mail picked up at the post office.  So, there’s no case of starvation, but it is not all ideal.  On the other hand, it might be asked what the ideal is.  There has to be a change in ways of living to accommodate the possibility of bed bugs wandering into the picture again. The things aren’t going to be brought under control in the lifetime of yours truly.  There is no point in even considering old ways. 

Television wasn’t always common. 


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Beggars’ Night

It’s something like “Beggars’ Night.”  Hallowe’en beggars don’t visit senior citizen buildings to the best of the knowledge of yours truly.  In fact, the doors are locked so no such thing could get in even if a beggar or two had the idea to do so.  As it’s not an expected deal, it’s not something kept in mind.  Even when it was expected, there was often confusion over it because local governments set rules on an individual basis.  Historically, as is recalled, Beggars’ Night” was the night before All Hallows Eve. 

Beggars Night didn’t make much of a splash in the news, but it did have a schedule of times buried in at least one newspaper.  When it is/was in the town at hand is not known; some online local media coverage requires an assortment of sign procedures and that’s too much bother just to find out if kids are on the streets.  It is a time to be personally staying put in the apartment – no reason for going anywhere, as is the case (fortunately) almost always these days in view of rigmarole needed. 

Beggars’ Night would be local event.  In the world “out there,” parts of it were into the big deal of international beauty contests, with a winner for the world being a young woman from Kentucky (that is a bit nice).  In the apartment building, the big news on the fifth floor anyway seems to be emptying out one of the apartments; the lady hasn’t been seen for a while, but no obituary was found. There has been no talk, either.  In the apartment, the news is one of the new “truck” dinners was tried; it was adequate. 

There’s different kinds of news. 


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Things Looking Adequate

It seems the perpetual petty annoyances are presently under some control.  That’s probably largely because it’s the weekend already and there’s little chance to be doing something vital.  The letter to be gotten into the mail was dropped into the apartment building in house mailbox (just as good as one on the street corner) near 8:00 p.m., just accidentally about when some of the ladies were coming back to their apartments after bingo.  That was not planned but it was convenient. 

The ladies were asked about what went on at the meeting called by the property manager first for this past Monday then re-set for a different time today.  They said it was nothing new.  Of course, it can be verified when the November building calendar comes out, which now clearly will be next week, but, it is very good to have an idea about it, since she never before called a meeting.  The most that has ever been done is that she has been present at residents’ association meetings. 

The word on the meeting was the last nagging concern in view.  A money order for the rent on Monday is in hand and all that.  The trash sits amply (in bags) in places like on the floor under the table and on the floor in the bathroom, but that’s okay.  That can be a thing for anytime.  There’s food, coffee and cigarettes at hand and at the moment even the computer seems to be working relatively well (not great, just okay).  There’s nothing to be done but close things down and go to bed. 

There are all kinds of breaks. 

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String And Chewing Gum

There’s an old saying about something being held together by just string (or shoestrings) and chewing gum.  The idea, of course, is it is not a reliable (or solid) state of affairs. As things go, yours truly often has the notion that life is being held together with string and chewing gum.  A good piece of string does work for a while, and a good wad of chewing gum can, too  The other description used is a man in a house with six holes in the roof and four buckets to catch the rain from the storm outside. 

It seems things are getting tied together again (that string has been replaced several times already, to the point where it’s becoming a standard chore).  The stuff from the drug store yesterday is so far okay for the needs.  Next to be seen is whether the driver from the food truck comes.  If not, there are already pizza plans.  Food can be delivered.  It’s usually a lot more expensive; but, it’s possible to get something to eat. What’s ticklish is getting stuff like toilet paper or sometimes cleaning products. 

It doesn’t help matters to have situations like the little accident with the trash yesterday, or a sticky computer, or a scooter in need of a re-charge (as is the case at this moment).  The scooter often takes four or more hours to re-charge, so it has to be done when there’s a minimum of a need for walking around.  That doesn’t have to be during the night. It just needs to be at a time when there isn’t need for a lot of walking.  Sometimes even extra forethought can help in that case.  There’s also mail that has to go out. 

Doing easy things can be complicated. 


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A Different Day

It’s terribly nice that today was a pretty day.  It’s a reminder that a day can be nice and even that the world can be nice.  It did not go well for yours truly at all today.  To start with, there was congestion during much of the night.  Most often it is possible to get some rest without much problem.  It was one of those times when there is an awakening for a cough – not a coughing spell, just a cough – about every hour.  While there are hours abed, it’s not a restful sleep and is a poor start for a day. 

Then, there were a couple of accidents, like backing up the scooter at one point was thought to be okay, but it actually dumped over a bag of trash and ran over part of it.  Not only did the trash have to be cleaned up, the bottom of the scooter had to be cleaned, which meant turn it over.  It didn’t have to be turned all the way over, as gently easing it down on it’s side provided enough access; but, the thing is heavy and the little basket in front is full of things including small change. 

As expected, there was no homemaker aide service, and, as noted already some things were about gone. In fact, nearly every drop of alcohol that was left was used to clean up the trash accident.  Drug store service was as good as before; but it’s not the same as when they meant to carry food.  The delivery included a more expensive ethyl alcohol and a brand of water never before used.  Even toilet paper they still had was twice the price of that at the supermarket, but quality can have it’s advantages. 

Doing something different can pay off. 

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Some Days Are Eventful

Maybe the big thing of the day was the storm. The storm should be the big thing, at any rate. The weather map showed a front a good three hundred miles long more or less north and south with a usual eastward arc in the leading edge.  What hit the windows was really strong wind and heavy rain, but not necessarily a thing worse than ever before.  The description “hurricane” did come to mind without any prompting.  If one lives long enough, one should experience a substantial storm or two. 

Since the thing made the international news, there may have been  considerable damage somewhere. The ordinary reaction is to stay put and stay alert to needing more shelter.  Information in advance is helpful.  It came in an interesting way, specifically yours truly was trying to find out about the homemaker aide for the week by a call to an office.  The person to talk to wasn’t there.  And, when would she be around?  The receptionist said she couldn’t say as they had to evacuate the building. 

Well, the storm blew past (no reported damage yet). The matter of the homemaker aide was finally discussed with someone who can usually do something, however, nothing can be done for this week.  There will be no one coming tomorrow (Wednesday) and no one is acceptable Thursday.  There’s enough to eat.  There’s not enough water and alcohol, so, perhaps, it is time to seriously check out the drug store offerings, that is, see if they still have any such things.  It makes sense they might. 

The seasonal change is radical. 

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That Time Of Year

It’s a bit early for that time of year when everything is all upset due to the holidays; but, it does seem to be here.  The pumpkins in the lobby for the first of October have already been discussed, as well as the attendant mini-haystacks. What was not included in that was that “Happy Thanksgiving” and poster cutouts of turkeys were also up.  In fact, the Thanksgiving did not even register at first, it being about seven weeks away. More properly, it’s the time of year to be getting stuff in order for winter. 

As described yesterday, unceremoniously homemaker aide service was re-scheduled for Thursday, which would have negated a lot of attention needed for bank and food truck. Meanwhile, in the office, budget interests (2011) for the building have already been a study and the landlady set a meeting for the residents for this afternoon.  This morning signs went up that said the meeting has been moved to Friday.  In fact, the office was closed due to illness.  It’s another thing crammed into the end of the month. 

Food truck food isn’t spectacular, but that’s what yours truly has in mind.  There wasn’t an intention of going to today’s meeting.  The announcement said details would be on the November calendar for the building.  Nothing’s lost by still skipping it Friday.  However, to be sorted out is the business of the homemaker aide.  Email to the assigning agency wasn’t answered.  Offices were called late today to say the woman was not to come Thursday.  Nothing is settled. It only canceled Thursday.  Service Wednesday is unknown. 

A nap can clear the head.   

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