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Inspection Time And More

End of the month is time for rent payment and looking to next month.  In this case next month is short so what’s done ahead makes things easier during the month.  There was finally some chance to talk with Helping Lady.  Things aren’t good.  It is likely there will be need for other arrangements apart from a couple of small things, maybe even those.  Advocacy Lady also has had a serious concern develop.  Young Friend did manage a visit.  The plan’s for him to come next week, not this one. 

Maintenance did inspect Thursday in preparation for “official inspection” on the 15th (another inspection) and for which an additional visit was decided on to fix that matter put off in the recent past.  It really isn’t that important and again an indefinite time’s there, this time spanning two weeks.  Older Friend came extra times again; Friday visiting really needs a change.  Lunch Lady came Friday, of course, just fine.  There were no problems in the security calling.  Those were okay. 

Come Thursday Avon is expected, then the food truck in a week from today both of which take planning.  Bits of Christmas, a couple of items, are still in mind as are several other items including, of course, The Project.  The outside “sits” aren’t being done as it’s too cold and getting all bundled up is too complicated, though not really impossible.  Things are just a little too disorganized to take time for it, but the bulletin boards are checked.  Matters like the plants must be first. 

Every day brings something different in some way.Thinking smile 


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A Dreary Snowless January Week

Well, the week began with an unexpected visit by pest control checking for bugs Tuesday morning.  While it wasn’t early, it was early enough.  (That was far from all the unexpected that eventually came to be.)  The loose money concern was tackled, and not with proper tallying up.  The cash was just taken out and put away, the notes and receipts thrown away.  Some of it went back to November.  Avon came on Thursday as expected.  A pair of pants are on order now as clothes are getting old.   

As Older Friend was on the run again and couldn’t finish with moving the new things in place too soon, another resident was kind enough to move the plants and make room for the new ones Wednesday.  Advocacy Lady had more papers to fill out and she kindly picked up the post office box mail.  Young Friend said another helpful visit was possible maybe Thursday.  There was surprise notice on Saturday afternoon:  inspection coming and when was described as some time during this calendar week. 

Lunch lady brought some of her kind of eggs (extra large from her hens, not store bought white ones) on Friday.  There’s no word from Helping Lady, and there has been no time to call to find out her situation.  Today was food truck day.  There’s a dire need to clean out both the refrigerator and freezer, but once again this has to wait.  The lady who might have done it decided not to come after all.  There’s still Christmas stuff left undone, and as always the Special Project is waiting. 

Snow covers a lot of dirt.Wilted rose 

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It’s Rainy January (Holiday, Too)

Young Friend did manage to come on Tuesday.  He may even come again before the end of the month.  He not only got some cash and the February rent payments, he also got some prescription for the month.  The doctor also came.  He’s not expected back for a month to six weeks.  The Advocacy Lady came to see some papers, and she picked up the post office mail (extra service there).  The HVAC unit malfunctioned.  The manager looked and said it couldn’t be fixed.  It’s to be replaced eventually. 

Lunch Lady was early (it had to happen sooner or later) so it was necessary to get the receipt signed in the bathroom.  She had some more eggs, ready to eat.  Older Friend was unable to help much.  He did come by on Saturday although ill, and took out the trash as well as brought supplies.  He even said then that coming to the place yesterday was out as he felt too ill (his people didn’t have his services last Sunday either), but anyway he came.  There may be another possible helper, too.

Saturday and yesterday were both terrible, with most of those days spent just getting cleaned up, and one other day was not good.  It may be worry over things such as the HVAC, it being January after all.  It might also be the weather as it’s been mostly dreary, rainy days.  For Martin Luther King, Jr. day a day off for the office, so any concerns turning up have to be put off until tomorrow.  Older Friend brought some nice gifts yesterday, a Christmas plant and another very special kind. 

Snowless Januarys aren’t very nice.Storm cloud 

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Holidays’ Afterwards

Indeed, the new year is here.  Thanks to Older Friend laundry got done.  Thanks to Distant Friend a calendar with numbers a person on a scooter can see is on the wall.  On Wednesday two ladies who may help with the missing aide service came to see about the situation.  Avon came on Thursday as expected.  The new vest to counter the cold (it snowed some and temperatures dipped) is at hand.  Lunch lady came on Friday.  She had eggs again, white ones this time.  Advocacy Lady’s in contact. 

As Older Friend had to go out of town on the weekend, he came and made sure the plants had water and there wasn’t a need of some basic things (like breakfast) on Thursday.  There was of course no visit yesterday.  Young Friend is expected tomorrow for a while.  It’s hoped he can get the rent money orders for February and a prescription.  Security Check Lady didn’t miss either day, but some arrangements with Helping Lady are still needed and, maybe, the new contact established last week. 

Christmas stuff got taken down early from outside of the door but Christmas is not done inside the place.  As blog postings and food truck were both due today, there was no time for the finish of Christmas matters.  Money’s still not in order, but the insurance check did get cashed due to Older Friend coming one other time as well as Thursday.  There are four envelopes for tallying up the finances, although there is not that much needed to clear them out.  It is presently hard to think. 

Memories can get in the way of action.Snail 


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Well, It’s A New Year

The new year began, and that’s about all the positive that is reportable.  The lady that helped with laundry in the past is not in a good way.  Not only did her daughter die just before Christmas, but she broke a bone near her wrist.  Older Friend took the laundry yesterday as well as helped as usual for the weekend, which recently has included Friday food.  To make it just a little worse, if any morning gets worse, the most that will get posted as a blog post will be the sick leave note. 

There is no word yet from the Helping Lady, but a new contact for some help of some sort was established.  (Not much is the realistic expectation, but all avenues are explored.)  Rent’s paid, wireless payment’s been mailed, cell phone’s question’s cleared and money added (for security reasons, checking one’s account has been changed) and scooter’s still working but the thing may have a problem as there’s a funny noise.  There was building community partying at New Year’s Eve not attended. 

Money, as in both cash in hand and checkbook, is still not in order and the annuity check has to be cashed.  Avon will come this week according to schedule.  Calendars are coming in the mail thanks to Distant Friend.  There are good wall calendars here, but none have numbers that are easily readable from the scooter if they’re up on the wall for others.  The advocacy’s lady didn’t send the paperwork for review as was planned.  It needs checking.  (And, another pre-post accident happened.) 

Tomorrow’s can always be better.Fingers crossed 

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