A Dreary Snowless January Week

Well, the week began with an unexpected visit by pest control checking for bugs Tuesday morning.  While it wasn’t early, it was early enough.  (That was far from all the unexpected that eventually came to be.)  The loose money concern was tackled, and not with proper tallying up.  The cash was just taken out and put away, the notes and receipts thrown away.  Some of it went back to November.  Avon came on Thursday as expected.  A pair of pants are on order now as clothes are getting old.   

As Older Friend was on the run again and couldn’t finish with moving the new things in place too soon, another resident was kind enough to move the plants and make room for the new ones Wednesday.  Advocacy Lady had more papers to fill out and she kindly picked up the post office box mail.  Young Friend said another helpful visit was possible maybe Thursday.  There was surprise notice on Saturday afternoon:  inspection coming and when was described as some time during this calendar week. 

Lunch lady brought some of her kind of eggs (extra large from her hens, not store bought white ones) on Friday.  There’s no word from Helping Lady, and there has been no time to call to find out her situation.  Today was food truck day.  There’s a dire need to clean out both the refrigerator and freezer, but once again this has to wait.  The lady who might have done it decided not to come after all.  There’s still Christmas stuff left undone, and as always the Special Project is waiting. 

Snow covers a lot of dirt.Wilted rose 


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