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A New Year Ahead

Often (maybe not always) there is a stillness in the night on Christmas Eve.  This year it was so underfoot.  It’s probably limited to residential areas and only in certain areas of the world.  That’s a great feeling to have around.  The past week did have it’s “events.”  The new person came as expected.  He did a couple of things in mind.  Friend came, and more of the undone aide service was covered.  A few special greetings got distributed.  Others could have been given out but weren’t. 

A special holiday dinner arrived on Christmas along with gift of special effort.  There is a need to do some adjusting with this, but if it doesn’t work out, that will be okay, too.  At the moment the weather is warm enough to sit outside, and one idea in mind is to do so just to be out of the apartment.  It has twice now led to seeing new people and a passing event at least worth a raised eyebrow.  The rent is coming due.  There is new hope (but not sure) for work on the special project.

In keeping with the times:

 Dover Holiday 20 

May there be peace and prosperity ahead for all. 


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Time To Say Merry Christmas

“Happy Christmas” would be a better wish for others if one is sending good wishes.  “Merry” can have an element of what can be called superficial.  Happiness is deeper, more enduring by comparison.  The word here for the week, at least the rest of it, is “Happy Christmas to you!”  As for the recent few days, things are now even more mixed up.  The “new person” that was anticipated did come and did a nice job, the rent’s here. The plan is a return this week.  The doctor came.  Friend came. 

The food truck came all right; but, due to New Year’s he will not come back in two weeks (a small item overlooked until the mention).  Covering the absence is a new concern for the week as next week has an off schedule delivery of lunches.  (Those came okay on Friday.)  Friend has family business upcoming so that’s not as usual.  There’s been no word about aide service except a passing note about a sub (during the holidays?), and surely that could do little good.  A neighbor may be a help. 

In the spirit of the season: 

 Dover Holiday 46a 

May you have much happiness in the days ahead.  

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Christmas Nearer….

Most people probably won’t notice, but there’s been a serious change here.  The publishing time has been moved up two hours for the time being.  From midnight (a proper time) it went to 9:00 p.m. and now it is 7:00 p.m.  Perhaps because night is a bit earlier (instead of more physical deterioration) it’s not easy presently to click in publishing (it’s not automatic) at the later hour. The yen is for the bed. Different angles have been tried and haven’t worked well. 

There is still no progress on aide service nor any substitute for it, although there is still some looking.  The lunch lady was a little late as an accident held up traffic.  Friend has again been helping take up the aide slack.  He did come twice again, with plans to come Wednesday.  In a determined attempt to do something different, there was some sitting outside two days (about ten minutes).  It did not work quite as intended, but it may be tried some more.  The weather wasn’t bad. 

Christmas is nearer, but little has been done for the season, except one gift given.  A few cards should be sent, and there is one gift on order.  The doctor is due tomorrow.  The young man new on the scene is also still due tomorrow.  As is known the group expects to make such visits on a monthly basis.  An order for Avon was skipped on Thursday as the standard day of delivery would have been Christmas Eve, and there was no wish to try to work in another day no matter what’s on sale. 

Christmas is the bright spot of the year.Rainbow 


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Christmas Drifts In….

Yesterday being December 6 and St. Nick’s day, Christmas-y is drifting in faster.  A couple of Christmas cards have arrived and a gift has been ordered.  This is not a place for posting links, but this is too grand a reference to the season to let it escape: and, enjoy it everyone.  It’s a cheery thing certainly needed hereabouts given the thoroughly upsetting situation of no return of aide services as expected.  At least the mail’s been picked up. 

A doctor’s appointment expected didn’t materialize.  Friend’s helpful visits were again off the expected times and days, as one visit was Thursday evening.  The food truck came okay and he even had a little gift in the form of a couple of bags for trash.  The lunches also came all right. The house plants are now completely off schedule (the schedule that was) as is the trash removal and sweeping.  The sweeping is difficult, so it has been left up to friend whenever it be possible for him. 

There is still a need to get the bathroom sink business taken care of by maintenance.  The big problem’s personal schedule, as now there’s not even minimal order in how a week goes.  An additional visit for something in what was some order now has to be worked into greater disorder.  it was not easy to get a good afternoon nap in before, while there is a clear need for additional rest if for no other reason than because there are only two physical positions doable, sitting and laying down. 

An open mind doesn’t always get new ideas.Wilted rose   

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