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And, Life Continues….

Tuesday afternoon….  The morning started okay as it’s always nice to hear from what might be called “special people” even if it is only by email.  Lunch was nice, if compared to some.  (Some are fairly good.)  The noise continued, but not as it could have been.  The temperature was good – a fairly comfortable day.  Aide’s service being what it is, the aide arrived at noon, well off of the official schedule of the agency, which wasn’t so good.  It is assumed regular friend is very sick.  It isn’t like him to miss coming short of a substantial reason.  The great relocation is another day closer and nothing’s ready. 

Wednesday evening….  A substitute delivery person came with lunch today.  He said the lunch lady called in sick.  So, that makes two dependable people not too able to be of help.  Friend came by in the evening anyway and watered the plants although he said he still has pains.  His doctor seems to be uninformative.  Some changes are needed, and it seems like there are no other sources for workers.  A letter still has to be written.  The day’s mail had a bill, and this time payment has to be by check.  Talk about bother.  The new little plant that came Sunday got to the lady that’s been repotting them this evening. 

Thursday night….  “A head full of cotton” is the best description for the way this day’s mental state existed.  And, that’s for some completely unknown reason.  It may have been a worsening of yesterday, which only had a strange dream.  Lady with lunch was back on the job.  No one else was due to come by.  The new plant did get brought back in a much bigger pot.  The day was good.  The noise wasn’t excessive.  It was just impossible to think, and tomorrow the food truck and the aide are due, both of which need a list.  Neither list should be difficult, but there is something happening and none of the little tricks are working. 

Friday night….  There was a nasty accident early in the day, but things went well thereafter, just a little too well to think a new norm has begun.  All service notes got put out in time for the people.  The aide got in the place, it seems, quicker or more easily – from the description that’s not certain.  That food truck was early.  It came while the aide was doing the errands.  The day’s business was finished at 2:00 p.m., making it a “free” afternoon.  Whatever was wrong yesterday should show up again – things don’t go away that fast.  The weather was good today.  It is probably going to be too warm in the place for the next couple of days. 

Saturday night….  The breathe right nose strips aren’t supposed to be left on for more than about eight hours, but there didn’t seem to be much choice about use throughout the day.  It was either that or desperate breathing.  The temperature outside hit at about 80 degrees, and the air conditioner was on from morning on to near the witching hour.  There was a trip downstairs around noon to see what went on as the aide said the same four people were outside when she came, none of whom would let her in the building.  Only two people were there but Saturday may be different.  An Aviation Trail email letter got sent.   

Sunday night….  It’s been hard to remember that it is Sunday.  Some odd events of recent days may be due to the disruptions these recent weeks in regard to the aide service as well as the weather, but there are other unexpected details which can throw things out of whack as well.  They are details.  Friend came twice, one time more than a half hour before expected then a second time more than a half hour after expected.  While he meant well, that delayed lunch enough that it put the afternoon nap into the evening.  He did water the plants (a difficult job when done from the scooter), but some things to be taken were forgotten. 

Monday afternoon….  The clock said about 6:00 a.m. – too early as a 12:30 a.m. bedtime suggested getting up at about 8:00 a.m.  Time to turn over.  The second time it seemed to say 7:30 a.m.  Turns out it was 6:30 a.m. – the light was dim as the light bulb in that main lamp had burned out.  …But, that was only two things, the air bed was collapsing.  Computer would get the mind back in routine except a storm outside was disconnecting internet access – made lunch and nap late.  A crack in the scooter footrest decided to break it apart at the edge.  A list has to be made out for the aide for tomorrow and the afternoon nightmare interpreted. 

Things can fall apart at inconvenient times. 


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So, It Is More Than Mid-April

Tuesday night….  The aide came and was introduced to the ways of the place.  It might be an idea to record the speech.  She did well.  And, one must remember a good aide doesn’t last very long.  If they do not quit, the agencies have reasons to fire them.  She arrived a half hour before expected (forty five minutes if agency’s information were worth anything).  Lunch hadn’t been started.  The talking plus doing (minimal) while trying to eat was so exhaustive that the emergency squad would have been needed in another two minutes.  A finger got burned during an attempt to get supper out of the microwave….   

Wednesday night….  And, night it is.  Nearly the entire morning free time went, due to fierce determination, to the composition of a relatively small message for online posting – it seemed very important.  The equipment faltered incessantly, and it was circumvented.  Nearly the entire late afternoon’s free time went, also due to fierce determination, to a search for obituary information on a deceased, somehow, relative – unexpectedly deceased.  The former had a spelling error in it found later, and the latter was never found.  The bad news is, friend’s sick; he said so when he stopped by.  The good news is, relocating is now a little later. 

Thursday night….  The day was beautiful.  The food was pretty good.  The noise was continued but was not very bad.  The medical condition seems to be getting worse, deteriorating.  Exactly how isn’t certain, however, it is getting difficult to do things again, like get up to flop from here to there.  Concentration is not easy or maintained for very long.  That’s not good given that an aide should come by tomorrow and a grocery list is needed and friend may go to the bank.  The bank trip from last month still hasn’t been finished off, except in part.  It’s so bad one item neglected was getting coffee and the jar’s almost empty. 

Friday night….  Good Friday night, and apparently in the usual unsettled state of such days, quite a few things went wrong.  The last item was friend, although not well, went to the bank for the rent money orders and the teller forgot to sign one of them.  He had to go back.  The first item may have been the need first thing in the morning to change clothes.  The aide did come, very late.  She said she could not get in the building, and much of the service time was thereby deducted from the doings.  She was sent to the store anyway as coffee was getting very low.  To make things worse, she got ground coffee instead of instant. 

Saturday afternoon….  Some more got done on those computer things that need to be copied down.  Things like to connections to government information sites, news places and mail are getting more important each day.  That’s because what medical recovery there might be seems to have ended, and it appears there isn’t going to be a transfer to another apartment in this place.  It’s not yet 70 degrees outside and the place is like an oven.  What friend took care of last month still is sitting never mind what he did yesterday.  Another guest as well as friend is due to come by tomorrow with an Easter dinner.  And, Happy Easter to All. 

Sunday evening….  There were three visitors at the door today.  One was regular friend at his usual time (sick or not), and he watered the plants.  He had a dinner on his mind as well as his pains.  The first visitor was the special with that Easter dinner.  It was lovely.  The last was an idiot of sorts that didn’t bother being sure of which apartment she wanted.  Although it was on the list, the aide did not buy alcohol on Friday.  Friend was to bring it today.  He didn’t.  Tomorrow’s another day.  Although “The Project” speech was handed to the special guest as is always done, it would be miraculous if something comes of it.    

Monday evening….  The seasonal shift is in and then some (it’s felt in the bones), so things feel unsettled.  Well, they’re always unsettled, but now it’s evening and it was just a minute ago it was afternoon.  Friend did not come by in the morning as expected.  Lunch wasn’t great.  The noise continues outside.  Air conditioning is needed although it’s nice outside.  It’s getting harder to breathe.  Aide is due in less than twenty-four hours.  Relocating is a day closer.  There is a houseplant to be repotted.  It is pretty, but there is no more table.  Again the computer is not in working order exactly, with no known way to fix it…. 

Some days are more or less repeats. 

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Ta Da!

Tuesday afternoon….  It seems the world has stopped.  Among the expectations, or maybe hopes, of the day there was a homemaker aide.  None came.  Assorted replies from several people were also expected.  None of those came, either.  On the positive side, the lunch lady did come.  The interesting thing with that is that the lunch lady and the homemaker aide are ordered by the same service agency, just from different sources.  On the positive side with the replies, a couple which can be called unexpected did turn up.  At least one could possibly be helpful.  At the moment a disaster may be in the making with the aide service.  

Wednesday night….  Friend came by, watered the plants and took out trash – an extra bit of help.  He didn’t take out all of the trash, as the empty boxes could sit until Tuesday.  He took the keys for the post office box mail and the laundry with the unwanted idea of dropping both off on Friday.  That got changed.  The lovely day allowed for the construction to go on all day (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).  Again it was right outside of the window.  There are a couple of positive elements with not having a homemaker aide.  One is that the work does not need to be lined up for a deadline.  However, if friend does it, it is an imposition. 

Thursday evening….  A nice surprise came this evening.  Friend stopped by with the mail from the post office.  He brought an unexpected box of candy.  While it is available in some forms in the supermarket, the nut free kind isn’t stocked.  It has to be bought at one of the company stores.  That request was a whenever he was in the vicinity.  It was not expected so soon.  And the mail included another request, mini calendars from the bank.  The day was pretty, so there was horrid noise until 3:00 p.m. (with a promise of more tomorrow).  Some of the money’s been properly put away….  Tomorrow promises to be busy. 

Friday night….  A homemaker aide did come today.  Little got done.  For Fridays the errands were the intention.  Friend had already picked up the mail in case of another no show.  The stuff from the supermarket wasn’t a big concern yet,  but one does have to get acquainted.  She may be okay – it is yet to be decided.  The food truck came, too, as expected, but was an item short.  It’s not essential.  The noise was present but it wasn’t heavy.  Somehow the day became exhaustive.  It may have been due to all the talking, to the lunch lady, to the truck driver, most importantly and extensively to the new aide due to the explanations.   

Saturday afternoon….  It seems Saturdays have become that rare chance to do a little something online, like these notes.  Not much gets done – mornings are the same every day, the big production of getting up, getting something to eat, a few minutes of trying to get the computer going for any messages, etc., but there are a couple of hours between that and evening when things of interest instead of an essential needed can be done.  The aide bought too many bananas yesterday.  It was good today had enough time to go give some to someone else, although that was squeezed into the morning.  There was a nice chat with a neighbor. 

Sunday night….  Friend came, all confused.  He didn’t bring the laundry back; he seemed to have the notion he was supposed to go to the store and come back.  A little confusion can get into things with the hit-miss way things go with the aide services.  He did water the plants.  He did explain how she may have lost change from Friday’s trip to the supermarket (which was pitiful).  The temperature was over 80 degrees this afternoon.  The air conditioner was run.  The doctor is due to come tomorrow.  …And, of course, so is the noise unless it is pouring rain.  In a couple of weeks it’s supposed to be time to leave.  It’s overwhelming. 

Monday night….  The doctor came first.  He had no assistants, so some checking was skipped, like blood pressure, as the assistants carried that equipment.  They offered to meet him or something, but he said don’t bother.  The blood pressure is usually okay anyway.  He indicated things were in adequate shape.  The lunch lady came next.  She brought an extra.  It was a nice visit.  April 14 is a day for a visit to the cemetery, even if it is only online.  It is good the afternoon was a free one.  An online friend chatted a bit, and a complaint of sorts got turned in to the service agency.  That’s getting nasty. 

Little things can be very exciting. 

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And, April Begins….

Tuesday night….  Well, come 8:00 a.m., so did the construction noises.  Today’s noise was a lot worse than before.  One crew member was in front of the window without the blind pulled.  As the rent was due today, there was a dash downstairs before the lunch lady came.  It was attempted because she is prompt.  There was just barely time.  Since a homemaker aide was due at noon, it would have been a rush to take it later – after several hours of the incessant construction noise (not leisurely idea there).  There was no need to plan around the aide as none showed up, and there was no notification about it, either.  

Wednesday (Delayed)….  Something happened and it’s not known exactly what’s the matter or what was the matter.  The only more or less material reason might have been there was too much disturbance in a trip downstairs.  That was just to get out of the place for a while.  It seems it was right then that a bunch of people wanted to use the elevator, and only one is working.  Using it with a scooter isn’t like walking on it.  Lunch lady’s visit was nothing unusual, and friend’s visit later was far less complicated than usual, but the notes and more were forgotten even though they were firmly intended and there was plenty of time. 

Thursday afternoon….  God bless the rain!  They could not do any construction work today as it was raining too hard.  The place was quiet.  The rain was heavy but wasn’t especially stormy.  With the sky overcast, there also wasn’t a blazing sun streaming in all afternoon.  A little more got done on the almost two weeks’ old unfinished “Friday business.”  A list has to be made out as there is supposed to be a new homemaker aide coming tomorrow.  Given the trouble it takes, that really isn’t worth the effort it takes, but it just might be the only thing around in some situations, so there’s no getting rid of it yet. 

Friday night….  Well, the lists were made out for the aide.  And, it was rainy with clouds most of the day, so no construction and no sun.  All told, a good set up to meet a new aide who never showed up.  They said she couldn’t get in the place, a possibility, of course,  but one has to wonder how hard she tried.  Upon learning there would be no service, there was a sifting through evidence about it.  What’s said can need evaluation.  It didn’t quite add up right.  An office trip seemed like a good idea.  Friend got the list of stuff to get.  Some little computer messages in mind for some time got sent.  They might mean something. 

Saturday evening….  Some – just some – of those recently jumbled up computer things are now in shape to be copied down for reference.  The whole “x-y-z” day has been spent with the computer – about 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – apart from a break here or there for necessities like food, bathroom and making coffee.  That outside temperature was about in the mid 50’s, but the place felt hot.  A window was left open most of the day, which made it about right.  The unfinished money matters stuff is still unfinished.  There wasn’t an expectation of the fiddling that was needed – files renamed, etc. – for the computer fixing. 

Sunday evening….  Friend came by about as usual.  He brought assorted grocery items.  He watered the plants.  He cleaned up a messy thing hard to reach.  A few items needed a home.  He took them with him when he left.  There wasn’t any go anywhere, as the morning was consumed in writing an unexpectedly needed and maybe important letter, an answer to one received.  Then friend came.  Revised computer stuff went very well.  Given the letter to write, the timing was good for something to work well.  There’s more to do on it.  The long unfinished business of Friday past still sits.  The day was pretty and eclipsed by life. 

Monday night….  This be one of those days that just sort of drained away.  What happened to it is not for sure.  It was just like when one pulls a plug in a sink full of water.  It started at 6:00 a.m. and at 6:00 p.m. there was nothing to show for it.  There was one of those messy accident type things that took some time.  It is related to some kind of attack of some sort, like being knocked off balance.  This something does only last a minute or two.  There was one last paragraph of The Diary’s Blog left undone last night; the post editing took a good two hours.  That  was unexpected, but it simply didn’t fall into place. 

Rainy days can be good things. 

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End Of March 2014

Tuesday night….  The day’s big deal was going down to the community room for a residents’ meeting scheduled by the apartment building management.  It was a relatively sizable inconvenience since it cut short the after lunch nap, which has some “medical” value (it seems).  However, it was a “have to” thing because they wanted to talk about the building renovation gossip and such.  Money stuff from Friday, of course, is just sitting.  Some basic supplies are dwindling, like what all friend didn’t bring on Sunday, but he still may stop tomorrow.  (It’s not yet time to panic.)  A couple of interests were addressed. 

Wednesday afternoon….  Theoretically, it should have been a day to get back in the hit and miss system of the past.  While that wasn’t good at all, at least there’s been coverage of fundamentals like getting the rug swept.  Well, around noon it seems to have become a dream-wish.  The crew started working on the building outside of the windows in earnest – it sounded like holes were being drilled into the cement outer walls for nearly three hours.  So much for doing anything.  To be done is the money stuff from Friday.  Friend has four big concerns currently and may not come this evening, but the day’s notes are not waiting to find out. 

Thursday night….  Well, friend came by three times today and it now seems all’s well enough.  He picked up the mail and got enough supplies so there isn’t a need for the aide to go anywhere tomorrow if one happens to show up.  (It is possible, but one never knows.)  The day was quiet, none of the drilling-type activity.  An attempt was made on the money business from last Friday.  The envelopes have stamps on them.  Friend took the mail out part of the rent payment.  Food truck is due tomorrow, and there’s no list yet.  A bit more action has been taken on an idea, but it’s not likely to amount to much given what’s happened so far….  

Friday night….  The food truck, lunch lady and “substitute” homemaker aide all came.  The truck had a substitute driver who didn’t know the routine.  That was mentioned two weeks ago and was forgotten.  He came early amid hair combing by the aide who didn’t know how to braid hair or evidently anything else.  Pony tail is good enough for the moment.  At least it’s been brushed.  she was sent for a fast food lunch as what the lunch lady brought is best suited for tomorrow.  It was an idea to send her to the drug store to get vitamins.  That saved a delivery charge.  The drug store no longer has a discount system.   

Saturday evening….  The day started out good and almost instantaneously got a precarious bent.  That overcome, about two hours later something happened in the computer works and all the bookmarks in the favorites bar (about 6o), used several times a day in some cases, were suddenly gone.  Although deleted and in the system’s trash, it happened in such a way that the stuff had to be re-set to an extent and it’s not exactly the same as it was.  They should be written down, but there are loads more than that and not enough time to do it.  The stuff from last Friday still has to be done. 

Sunday night….  For once it wasn’t too bad a day all around.  It be hot and sticky to an extent in spite of the mild temperatures because that’s the way the place is, but not as bad as sometimes.  It be quiet as a church for a change.  That is rather rare.  No emergencies surfaced, although all the stuff from last Friday is still not done.  Friend was late in coming, but there was no pressing need.  The plants got watered.  A few odds and ends that have been “delayed” did get finished off.  It’s not an ordinary day.  Friend said there was a problem with the elevators.  That’s not good if one is on a scooter. 

Monday afternoon….  The infernal construction noise started up at 8:00 a.m. or so and continued.  They seem to quit around 3:00 p.m., but, of course, that isn’t certain for everyday.  There’s not much one can do but curl up somewhere, with ears covered as much as possible, or get out of the place completely, which isn’t too possible under the current circumstances.  Once the noise stopped, given an extra surge of determination, two of Friday’s unfinished items, got done.  There were money orders for two medical bills that got made out, and with a lobby trip they were dropped in the mail.  A beautiful day was outside….  

It’s so discouraging to miss opportunities. 

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