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Back, Maybe….

Local winter temperatures can go down to a few degrees below zero Fahrenheit, but only every once in a while will it go below ten below zero in these parts.  It’s not unheard of, it’s just uncommon.  This is beyond “wind chill” and was such a happening recently.  Some folks weren’t ready for even the zero weather.  Now, it’s to be expected that some folks are disorganized, but when that disorganized affects those that are not so well set, it’s not good.  The food truck did not show last week and the lunch lady was closed out for four days when it was not at the coldest.  This while some mysterious symptoms and odd events came to be.

The symptoms are ill-defined although the doctor came a week ago.  Amid that there seems to be a cold.  As for the dozen or so meals that never arrived, there just happened to be enough (unplanned) foody stuffs around to get by.  Peanut butter plus cheese supplies were seriously depleted.  Amid that, more ordinary annoyances happened, like a new airbed was needed in the middle of the night and inaccessible light bulbs burned out, plus extra-ordinary annoyances came into being, like the pocket flashlight needed new batteries, needed as bedroom lighting is hard to reach, and the pen in use ran out of ink.

To an extent that’s all minor stuff.  Aide service was unceremoniously stopped until further notice.  The complaining was legitimate.  They may come up with another aide, but the staff person from the assigning agency has quit.  Perhaps (to make life interesting) there is an entirely new development at hand.  A lady next door is a helpful soul as well as the president of the resident’s association, newly elected.  Some folks looking for her don’t bother to be sure of just which apartment is hers, and they come knocking at the door.  One woman has done that three times already and a sign on the door has proven to be useless.

Unknowns can complicate life. Fingers crossed


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Sick Leave

This be a magnificent nothing much created just because an essay due presently for the faithful followers doesn’t exist.

Special 18

Hey, a lot happened during the past week – I kid you not – and maybe some odd notes can be written up for later, but sure not right now.  (In short, there may be two postings this week, even though that seems pretty much, especially with the circumstances being what they are.)

In the meantime, the commemorations just passed include Valentine’s Day (that led to a party of sorts in the building), President’s Day (that provided a crimp in some plans as there was no mail service) and the start of Mardi Gras (for certain elements of society which vividly promises a time of belt-tightening).  All can be worthy discussions, but not today.

Peace and long life to all.  Sick smile


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Yep, Still Slippin’

To start with, same aide problem.  Fortunately, friend was back visiting Sunday, so some slack could be covered.  It’s a sure bet she can’t be sent to money places like the bank if she doesn’t relate with shopping for a few items (it’s never a long or overly complicated list, as has been given to other aides).  Then, apparently, a cold is developing.  Once the lunch lady was by on Friday, there were two whole days when no one would be around so there was no waiting for anyone.  Instead of a sort of “play time” an inordinate amount of time was spent in bed.  Literally there seemed to be a constant state of exhaustion.  Bed didn’t do much good.

Cash in hand hasn’t been sorted out for about three weeks (at least there’s some around), which isn’t good at all.  The one bright spot these days is that presently there’s no need to go anywhere (like down the hall) to get online.   One neighbor has a connection for herself and she shared the password, however, it’s not that good of a situation as she wouldn’t agree to sharing payment of the bill.  Yeah, it is free and you can go to the bank with the savings, but one then owes favors.  A payback is in order, and if it takes physical effort that’s not easy to do.  A paper from the management shows the cable company might now have service.

There, of course, has been no progress made on any projects.  There’s only the falling by the wayside of fundamentals like the cash in hand and another round of deteriorating physical condition.  (The vision often in mind is someone who doesn’t know how to swim in deep water desperately trying to stay afloat.  The view is miserable and that’s irritating in itself.)  The middle of February is near and stuff like money orders for the rent is what’s in mind, as well as what to do about the internet situation.  The local world is busy with stuff like Valentine’s day, Ash Wednesday and maybe even President’s day.  That’s all for others.

It’s been said, “Never give up.”  Coffee cup

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More Slipping Survival

Slipping survival it is.  One chore of the aide is to haul out the trash.  There’s one small bag that yours truly always sets out for her (she can do the rest).  Well, it’s something that was often noticed beforehand and quite forgotten when it should have been remembered (which technically covered a three hour period).  Not to remember something both routine and important is a bad sign in itself, but three times in twenty-four hours is dumbfounding.  The bag’s refrigerator discards.  It gets packed up along the way but is left in the refrigerator until aide time.  Later, friend would have taken it out.  Next day lunch lady.  …Forgotten each time.

That’s not all that leads to the conclusion.  There was the forgotten pill – just an ordinary vitamin, but a regular pill nonetheless.  And, on the material side, in an unexpected happening, the carpet sweeper sort of exploded in part.  Probably, a new one has to be bought.  Friend took it home to take it apart.  Claims of a dear one now long gone in later years were:  “I’ve got too much on my mind.”  Thank goodness he figured that out (and said it) as happily it is now remembered often as a logical reason other than some medical condition.  There’s a lot for keeping in mind if things, such as the aide service, aren’t working out well.

Friend is gone for the (calendar) week.  His expected substitute did not show up on Sunday for anyone.  Friend was going to bring a sweeper he had for use until an assessment could be made about the exploding one, but that did not happen, either.   That leaves a search for a sweeper that can be borrowed.  Maybe it will only be for this week.  (Friend was probably too rushed to stop before he left; it was an unexpected matter.)  The rent got paid, and a payment for a medical bill got tossed into the mail yesterday.  At least there could be a roof overhead for a while and there is food in the refrigerator.

Looking for a bright spot can be a chore.  Storm cloud

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