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January Creeps Toward An End

Tuesday (Delayed)….  A new homemaker aide schedule went into play.  With no nursing services any more and no replacement, the homemaker aide time was a possible solution (at least temporarily) if it was divided into two parts and set at service on two days with at least one day in between.  The current aide was very unhappy with the situation.  Well, it can’t be helped.  The personal routine is all upset, too.  The weather can throw a clinker into the works; the lady with lunch doesn’t come when the weather is bad.  The site that supplies the lunches closes down.  That’s on top of other disruptions like the relocating business.

Wednesday (Delayed)….  The lunch lady came.  The current dealing with that is that the bread was getting moldy.  With the new system for homemaker in play, the afternoon was strangely free; but, friend did come in the evening.  He hadn’t done anything about the insurance check.  Four hours were spent trying to find someone to talk with at the social security hotline.  Every call announced that a waiting time was at least about an hour and more often more than that.  No call went into the waiting time, but it may after all go into that.  There’s information that is needed.  Presumably medical inquiries are the problem.

Thursday evening….  Well, promptly at 6:00 p.m. in well respected EST (give or take a minute), the fire alarm went off outside the door and the cell phone made noises inside the place.  The cell phone call was evidently a telephone solicitor if the look up was correct.  Conveniently the machine had not been put away to be recharging overnight.  The hallway was clear of any smoke.  Going to look made it a time to take down the “door is open” note and to lock the door for the night.  The U.S. mail brought a letter from the insurance company.  That matter is now fixed.  Other things happened, too.  It’s been an interesting day.

Friday (Delayed)….  Friend came by and went to the bank for money orders for the rent.  He also brought back two cartons of cigarettes (should easily last into next month but maybe not into the relocating time) and a sandwich with french fries from a nearby fast food restaurant – a bit of fancy supper.  The telephone will take a lot of time currently as there’s also a need to check accommodations at the hotel as well as business with the social security office.  Neither has had a live person at the other end of the line.  And, there is also dealing with agencies for the aide.  There be hours of maneuvering to get three hours of service.

Saturday (Delayed)….  It was a horrible day.  Some kind of exhaustion came in play after the sandwich last night, and a nap ended around 2:00 a.m. which led to being up until about 6:00 a.m.  That, of course, prompted a back to bed deal and a later awakening….  Eventually the same thing happened as happened with yesterday evening but supper was missed, becoming a salami sandwich deep in the night.  That’s not a good situation at all.  Some time was, nonetheless, spent on the great “We Are Austrian” in the Diary’s Blog.  It wasn’t finished, just some  suffering with it.

Sunday evening….  Friend kindly came by, watered the plants, took the money for one of the rents and talked a bit.  An important thing he mentioned was that the relocating date has again been delayed.  Well, it is cold outside.  It also was rather expected and a trip downstairs verified it.  There was also some more of the laying around again and the rambling essay was finished.  What wasn’t done again was the week’s money dealings sorting out.  The drippy nose has been in drippy action for about the whole week.  Problems amid thoughts are  medical and the aide service.  She made it both days, but…. 

Monday morning….  An “anticipated” entry for today was done last evening; the entry was set to publish and adjustments were started.  Internet connection was dropping.  Reluctant to go down the hall to finish at about 12:30 a.m. clock time (about 11:30 p.m. EST), it was left for morning at a dead point.  First thing in the morning the air bed developed a break and collapsed.  The toilet didn’t act right; an experimental flush brought water all over the floor.  The trip to the office did bring maintenance who argued about the possible reason causing another trip to the office.  It’s noontime.  A nice thing happened, and it’s best to quit already. 

A view ahead is only a view.


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January Relentlessly Marches On

They say that change is inevitable.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable.  For the present time, anyway, the format has to change back to the three paragraph one with an entire week crammed together rather than a little daily log.  It’s a case of being a little overwhelmed with (by?) life.  Just as example, the bank usually distributes two kinds of calendars, an ordinary wall calendar with pictures and a little thing about 2” x 5” if you leave the thing mounted.  The latter kind has been tucked in among the plants to mark off the days they were watered.  Well, this year not so as friend, who went to the bank in December, didn’t bring one back. 

As for the week that was….  Two things are uppermost in mind.  There is need to relocate for a week (as near as can be guessed) so the building management gets it’s new windows installed.  There is no just get up and go as there’s the matter of dealing with the scooter.  …And, moving everything away from the window area and packing….  There is also the medical concern.  With nursing services now at an end, the hunt began for the follow up and so far has drawn a blank.  What has been finally substituted is that the homemaker aide service is scheduled for two times a week, starting today, and lasting just half of the old time each day. 

In addition to that there are little things like that outdated insurance check (still not replaced) and the need for the rental money orders and it’s the third week in the month already.  There’s also the matter of adjusting if the lunch lady service is cancelled due to the weather – like today is supposed to be super cold.  There is no advance notice.  Fortunately, there is presently plenty of food around.  It is the same thing most of the time – two mini cheeseburgers, thawed.  It is fast and getting rather tiresome.  However, there are problems maybe developing, like a scooter wheel coming off, and there isn’t time for anything else. 

Winter is supposed to be fun.  

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Coming Out Of The Big Freeze

Tuesday (Delayed)….  The Diary’s Blog article for the day seemed inadequate as it was begun.  Much of the day was spent concocting follow up with very little in actual accomplishment at the end of the day.  Word came that a new person was coming to do the homemaker aide stuff at the regularly scheduled time.  At least the mail will get picked up and the trash will get hauled out.  What else she might do has to be sorted out over the next couple of weeks.  The cold weather is still a thing of concern, not so much personally as the place can be kept warm with the oven, too, if necessary, but in regard to those that come.   

Wednesday (Delayed)….  A new homemaker aide was on the scene today.  She is a nice enough person, but the aide business is rather up in the air presently.  The need for a nurse’s aide exists and that is a confused situation as Medicare covers nurse’s aide services.  The homemaker aide services are senior services.  Friend surprisingly did not come by.  He hasn’t been around since December 29.  Trash accumulation has not been the only concern.  The insurance check also needs to be cashed before it becomes a stale check (in a few days) and cigarettes are still being rationed – no money to buy several cartons. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  Regular friend came by, late, too late for it to be of very much use, but he did go get cigarettes and money, both of which were low.  The quarterly insurance check was due to be cashed days ago and was considered a lost cause, but he was sure “his” bank would cash it, so  it was handed over.  It’s not impossible, just not likely.  The final visit of the nurse was expected; about the time she was expected word came that it was moved forward a day.  A drug store call is needed because one of the vitamins is about out.  That isn’t vital, of course, but the medicine is also running low. 

Friday (Delayed)….  This was the last day for nursing services as such.  There’s a nurse’s aide in the works, it seems, but at this point that’s still all confused.  The agency for nursing services, per the nurse, was properly notified.  However, she was saying things that didn’t jive with the homemaker service.  Serious attempts have been made to get the stuff coordinated in the past.  The last attempt was in the email sent last weekend.  The drug store was not called.  Staff housekeeping, it seems, is authorized to take out trash if someone is stuck with it like when the aide someone has doesn’t show up – learned by accident in a passing chat.   

Saturday afternoon….  An noontime nap prompted by a feeling of exhaustion by 8:30 a.m. already turned out to be a nightmare time.  It was about moving out of the place for the better part of a week for the window construction.  Along those lines there has been no idea of what to do.  The day was a “free day.”  Lunch was a nice leftover from yesterday.  Things need to be done all of the time just to be alive, including counting and putting away the week’s financial events.  And, the day started with little expectation of doing so.  The nightmare insured that, as it was frightening.  Such doesn’t happen often.  

Sunday afternoon….  Well, regular friend may be back “on schedule” – he came by at about the usual time, watered the plants and went to get a few supplies and a pre-paid cell phone card.  As expected, the insurance check wasn’t honored at his bank as it was past date (what banks sometimes call “stale”).  The only bright spot in the day is that the week’s article for The Diary’s Blog has been scheduled for publishing already and some follow up on the first part has been seen.  Next week promises to be busy with calls needed to the drug store, the doctor’s office and the insurance company. 

Monday (Anticipated)….  The temperature is predicted to be near the mid-50’s, which will make the place hot, too hot to do much.  As noted for yesterday, the drug store, doctor’s office and insurance company should be contacted.  There’s no knowing where the call to the doctor’s office will lead.  Persons to show up then are the lunch lady and the drug store delivery lady.    There may be chance to explore the re-locating business in between them.  That has to be done quite soon as there is no telling for sure if regular friend can come up with something other than what the building management has arranged. 

It can be hard to tell which way life is going. 


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As 2014 Begins….

Tuesday (Delayed)….  As the year endeth, homemaking services stopped all of a sudden.  The aide didn’t show up.  Eventually it was learned she quit.  Chance is, by the end of the week they may get to contacting sources used to hire, etc.  The trash, again, is piled high.  A trip to the office to pay the rent ran into news about the coming construction.  Delay is in the works.  With no aide for errands to buy at least boiled ham and sauerkraut for New Year’s Eve night, not that it has been a long practiced tradition, there was a serious consideration of going to the New Year’s party.  Pork and sauerkraut were promised.  It was barbequed pork.  

Wednesday (Delayed)….  The new year dawned.  Friend was expected near noon based on what was said on Sunday.  The day was to be treated like a Sunday.  An opportunity existed then to get rid of the trash, get some cash and buy the listed things set out for the aide.  There was piddling around with the computer during the wait for friend, which lasted until around 4:00 p.m.  Assuming the delay was due to him being with another resident, he was called – several times.  Turns out he had company coming over and was at home and would be staying home.  But, of course, he would be stopping by on Sunday. 

Thursday (Delayed)….  The visitor of the day was the nurse.  Being much better in regard to her reason for being present, it’s expected she will be off the case in about a week.  In a sort of surprise, friend evidently dropped off water, alcohol and cake on his way to work – they were outside of the door in the morning.  As a matter of practice he is reimbursed for anything bought on his own.  The year has started immediately with an unexpected bill.  Tuesday’s discussion with the aide’s office turned a bit nasty, so discussion has to be had with the assignments office.  The plants finally got watered this morning – a day late again. 

Friday (Delayed)….  The day’s visitor was the food truck driver.  As usual there was rapid fiddling with the order in the morning.  There’s now plenty of food in the place.  It being Friday, the discussion with the assignments office could not be avoided any longer.  A dollar was spent on the telephone, and, of course the woman in charge of things wasn’t in the office.  Email is it.  Cigarettes got lower as the day progressed.  They were on the aide’s list but they weren’t mentioned in friend’s telephone call.  At least the food truck business went well.  A note in the management’s newsletter caused a dash to the office, but all is okay. 

Saturday (Delayed)….  The chore of the day was the email letter for the services of homemaker aide.  It was one long, involved baby.  In the midst of creating it friend sent a text message saying he wasn’t coming around on Sunday.  He was in fact in Michigan having left for important business a day early to avoid road problems due to the coming bad weather.  At that point there were only eleven cigarettes left.   Well, it’s not the first some there’s been scrounging through an apartment building looking for someone with an extra pack of cigarettes.  Late morning would be the time to get started on that. 

Sunday (Delayed)….  Given the text message, friend wasn’t expected; so, there being no need to sit in the apartment, the scrounging for cigarettes could start fairly early, like near noon.  First there was a trip to the community room as it was possible someone else had taken over some of friend’s activities.  (No.)  A little miracle happened then.  The elevator was called to go upstairs, and when the door opened there, aiming for the first floor not the basement, was a “one likely bet” for having extra cigarettes.  That business was done in ten minutes, and the day was spent with the computer. 

Monday….  Several places were called, like a follow up on the email letter.  The plants were watered, deemed okay since they were watered on Thursday.  The lunch lady did not come due to the service organization being closed due to the weather.  The trash continues to accumulate.  Things like the email letter took precedence over even blog composing but clearly that got done yesterday and today.  Cigarettes continue to dwindle.  Whether or not the lunch lady cometh any day soon isn’t known.  Friend may be stuck in Michigan.  He didn’t talk like that, but it is reality.   

The world unravels very easily.   

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