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August Plow Through

The big thing of the past week was the lease renewal.  Every year there’s a newer one drawn up as in a year’s time there can be changes needed.  Being too upset at present to seriously comprehend legalese, the property manager was asked to fill out anything needing filling out.  It looked okay.  The second big item of the week was the arrival of a new agency for homemaking services. The agency arrived but the actual aide is not due to show up until today.  The past week was covered by the lady doing the assessment, so stuff has to be explained all over again, but at least there was some suitable service both days.  

The important thing of the past week was the doctor (scheduled for yesterday).  At least there is a doctor about once a month to look over the situation, which definitely seems to be getting worse.  The doctor can also do some things over the telephone.  Maintenance did not come by to deal with the bugs.  The office talks like they propose to deal with the bugs but it’s not being done.  The Avon came.  Friend, who again covered a lot of shortfall, came both days; lunch lady came all five days.  The money again wasn’t counted up, which is always a sign things are in a bad way.   

The foggy state of mind may be due to several things, one of which is that this year August is a short month (e.g., rent should be paid this Friday three days in advance of the first of next month) which wasn’t noticed due to the assorted dis-service until well into the month.  Not having handy internet access, like at the table, also makes a difference.  The hallway’s not too comfortable.  While a little can be done on the cell phone at the table, it’s far from a computer connection.  And, the remains of the scaffolding are still around the building.  Returning to daily notes looks to be a long time away. 

Some ancient Greek said nothing was static. 


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Another Disastrous Week!

It seems like things are getting worse in a few important respects, one of those being the bug scene.  The gnats seem to be gone, somehow phased out, no gnat bodies around, by a store bought thing just hung somewhere.  One fly didn’t go away.  It is the centipedes that still surface that are the concern.  A spraying by maintenance has not been done as expected.  The other important place where things are much worse is with the homemaker aide system.  The past week had such a serious flare up that the assigning agency is switching things to another service agency as of yesterday.  The assessment interview is this afternoon. 

Internet is essential, too, as that’s communications and information.  That has not changed, as the construction equipment still sitting outside.  There’s no way of knowing if things will be different when (if) that is removed.  At present, the computer is mostly an electric typewriter.  A few things are read on the mobile web of the cell phone.  Lease renewal was set for last week at a bad time.  Reset was done during the manager’s vacation.  He didn’t get the message.  And, two more things were shoved into the past week:  a foot doctor and an assessment visit from the home help assigning agency. 

Three things came off as planned.  The food truck and very reliable lunch lady came as expected.  Friend stopped by both Wednesday and Sunday and will go get money orders for the rent by tomorrow evening.  The lunch lady does help with little things that take a minute or two and has saved more than one day by doing things like getting something out of the cupboard.  Friend works in what he can if some service falls flat, which has recently been often.  It is a good bet things would be impossible if they were not around.  The past week was a blur (another one).  Something important was surely missed here. 

“Retirement living” can be nothing more than figuring out how to stay alive. 

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Changes In Play

The nurse came Friday and discharged the patient.  Although she did repeatedly upset things by coming early, the departure seemed friendly.  No one came as a result of her efforts to find someone to do errands.  Follow up is sensible.  With things still upset, a request was sent to the agency arranging services.  Avon was delivered Thursday.  It’s hoped the shoes fit after the podiatrist is done.  Friend came by on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, Friday with minimal supplies since there was no aide service on Friday.  A new aide began  on Tuesday, to be twice a week starting today.  The lunch lady, of course, came promptly every day.   

And, a few things finally got sorted out by using a calendar.  Amid things found, it was discovered that the food truck (it comes this Friday) and the Avon orders have been conveniently arriving the weeks in-between each other.  New current aide is pretty good; she should be around for another week or two.  The internet access expected appeared for a time Friday and Saturday but not Sunday which suggests it’s not scaffolding causing problems, but it is still not certain.  It’s back to the hallway again.  It would be good to know if it’s going to be necessary to be paying for better connections.  It’s complicated either way. 

Plant care is still confused.  It’s been two weeks since they were soaked — a little water Thursday night and a little more Sunday afternoon from friend is what no schedule has.  On the other hand there’s been good scooter news.  The batteries friend brought in last Sunday were connected Tuesday and they ran the scooter for nearly a week.  That kind of thing probably won’t last very long, as it did not the last time, but it came at a very needed time.  Lease renewal was scheduled to be done today by the management (now changed).  Post office matters still have not been finished.  Contact was made.  The gnats seem to have vanished. 

It always helps to know what’s wrong. 

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Volatile Time

The notion riding in the mind is “made it” meaning into August 2014.  (There be some doubt toward the end of the month.)  Wednesday friend took out the trash and more.  Friend put in new scooter batteries on Sunday.  Friend did the plants’ care on Sunday as on Saturday some of them were still muddy wet.  His offer to pick up the post office mail yesterday was accepted.  Friend’s a nice person who wants to help.  Maintenance did fix the heating/air conditioning unit but did not bug spray.  Sunday afternoon another live centipede was found on the floor.  It caused a trip to the office yesterday. 

Friend helped, of course, because he knew aide services were disrupted.  At first it was by the usual agency.  Secondly, nursing services suggested their own aide, who, it turned out, would not be doing anything but personal care (not sweeping or other chores) and furthermore never showed up.  Discussion about it all used scads of telephone money, caused lengthy email messages and consumed lots of time uselessly.  Nursing services is supposed to come one more time, on Friday, and if need be Monday.  It is possible an aide from the regular agency will come if picked up after the office opens today. 

The rent got paid because it got paid Thursday.  A neighbor changed a light bulb that burned out.  No progress has been made on internet access.  It’s a matter of getting out into the hallway, at times all the way to the end of it.  What is undone is  piling up.  One nagging concern is the state of the post office box.  Possibly it may not be all right.  A second Avon order is to be delivered this week.  That’s a valuable service for more reason than the products as such.  The lunch lady and the food truck came as expected, both handling things superbly. Even though it is more than thirty days, August is a short month this year. 

It can get really bad when people don’t pay attention. 

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