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Still Slipping

Well, good people looking in, it’s been another week of slipping survival here on the placid banks of the Ohio.  …Just like it has been for the last six months.  That two month or so session with the bugs and mouse/rat which frantic concern had to have contributed to the need for hospitalization is not really finished, it’s just at a very low level – killed a spider, neighbor had a mouse, few hints of bed bugs somewhere close.  While the hospital stay itself wasn’t bad, the assorted therapy businesses afterwards were just as exhausting.  Although that’s over with, it had it’s toll.  It was Avon week and an order wasn’t ready for the regular visit. 

The wads of paper continued to be stuffed up the nose.  There was another need to go to the office over leasing papers.  The office wants things like name of next of kin (it’s an old folks’ home amid which kind of people accidents happen easily and there isn’t any next of kin worth the mention) and telephone numbers.   The telephone numbers mostly make their job easier as then there’s often no need to to take the time needed to go trekking a half of a block down the hall with paper notices saying something like, “Please come to the office for….”  Although that’s well understood, they never get what they want so it happens often.

Friend will be away all next week on business.  Given the regular uncertainty on the aide service, this is not a happy thought for either now or then.  There was a happy thought this week.  While messing around trying to concoct an image for The Diary’s Blog some of the working of the computer paint program unfolded, which should make it easier to incorporate some images in these postings.  That has been a long time wish.  There’s nothing wrong with text, but pictures always add something to most such efforts.  That (something to play with) is, however, the only happy thing in sight. 

As they say, “Hope springs eternal.” Smile


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A Bad Week

The past week was enough to re-institute the activity associated with cigarettes, which was discontinued in late October as a result of the first trip to the hospital last autumn.  Over most of it, well, it’s not certain whether it is a sinus infection, an ordinary cold or something else.  It is one of those “drippy” situations where there is nasal drainage that doesn’t stop short of stuffing wads of facial tissue up each nostril.  It looks weird and it’s even more difficult to function with most of the air through the nasal passages cut off.  Furthermore the wads fall out at bad times.  Just stopping whatever to take care of it is horribly time consuming.

A bloomin’  crisis arose with the scooter.  There’s a gauge that shows how much energy is left in the battery.  It is not often but for a long time now unexpectedly it has gone dead for maybe a minute.  This time when it happened it didn’t start up again.  There’s no way of knowing for sure how much energy’s in the battery after the scooter has been used for a while.  And, if the energy runs out at some distance from the re-charged one, there will be a devil of a time getting mobile again given the complete inability to walk.  The on/off switch did work; it’s just the gauge that didn’t work.  (The scooter can be “walked” if unlocked.)

Those two big things were not all the negative things that happened.  Example: it’s getting more certain that recently there were bed bugs in the building; that means they aren’t far away.  However, there were positive things.  Best of that might be that the medical bills received recently, according to the telephoning done this week, will be adjusted.  It is not clear yet.  Also, the current driver of the food truck might lead to someone to help with “The Project” that has now been on the back burner for so long that it may have to be re-vamped.  That’s become something hanging by a thread.

One should be especially positive in January.Fingers crossed

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New Normals

The big event of the week is debatable.  One can view things materially speaking or otherwise.  Materially speaking, the big event of the week was internet access in the apartment.  How long that will be is unknown.  It came about because one neighbor wanted it for herself and saw no reason to not share it with others.  All one needs is the access code.  Going to the lobby for free wireless was not much bother.  It did not always work out exactly “good” and the battery was getting to be “worn out.”  However that was beside the point, the neighbor simply had the idea in mind to share.  She had tried it some time before and it didn’t work out.

In addition to the above convenience, early in the week surprisingly word came that an avowed online enemy (of several people) had unexpectedly died.  There really was no expectation of this, and just as in “real” life sensible people will go out of their way to avoid those who glaringly don’t like them, a lot of action was done because of the woman.  That is a kind of event that throws one off balance until one figures out the new lay of the land.  News on the international scene is probably going to cause changes in everyday living for everyone, and that’s the kind of thing that’s being watched.  Covington has a changing scene in play.

Comparative little things can be events, too.  The scooter was near disaster in a respect.  The little basket for carrying things was an ungodly mess, not cleaned out for well over a year.  It took over an hour to get the stuff out of it.  The new orderliness is comfortable.  Friend not only didn’t come by Sunday, he also did not come by on Wednesday.  The lunch lady was on vacation for two days, and the substitutes are never as dependable.  The aide is still the girl (she does try), and things are only adequate in regard to errands.   A doctor’s visit is due.  The January deep freeze has happened.  A note was posted to the local newspaper.

New world orders do happen, sometimes nicely.  Computer

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It’s Still New Year’s

The big event of the past week, apart from the start of 2015, was getting started on that enormous hospital bill.  It’s not going to be paid off overnight.  That is a something that shall hang over the head for a while.  Technically, the last of the hospital business was on Wednesday when the last of the therapists came.  That was a tad inconvenient.  The therapist wanted to come during aide service time, so there was a need to make some adjustments in the routine (not that that is so rare anymore).   Surprisingly, friend said nothing about not stopping by during the week, but he also didn’t come on Wednesday.

Now, friend may be getting bogged down.  He stopped by on Friday to help one other member of the “congregation” more extensively than usual.  It took lots of time, that on top of several hours last Sunday which included running out to the hospital with someone.  A cold, he said, got him down on Sunday and there was no visit to anyone.  The plants have been left to personal care, which is not  the greatest there is – it’s somewhat difficult to maneuver to reach some;  they are not well done and water easily spills.  The lunch lady came as expected.  At last on Wednesday some Aviation Trail leaflets arrived.

Over-all, however, a “new year” arrived per the calendar dating system, and at least one new calendar got hung  on Wednesday, but now nearly a week later it still feels rather like New Year’s Day.  Maybe that’s because the holiday was on Thursday creating a very long weekend.  It does sort of feel like “after holiday” time.  And, life can in earnest go looking for better internet access, actual aide service for errands (it would be helpful to be able to walk a little, in which case that would not be so important), and other things that haven’t been solved for the last four years.

One must remember to have hope.  Coffee cup

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