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Holiday Season Cometh

Well, it got cold like down into the “teens” and it snowed.  And, surprisingly, a lot of the green on the trees is still on the trees.  Presumably the ground is still warm enough to keep things actively alive for a while longer.  However, it will be chilly again later this week.   The holiday season is going into full swing, so, naturally nothing is in working order.  In the personal area the aide service this past week was some of the worst yet.  The little lady cost me seven bucks cash plus a half hour of time.  There was only one that was worse than that.  It is not possible to change, either, at least not at the moment. 

The centipedes are not gone.  One was spotted walking away from the door to the other side of the hall early Friday.  It is hoped it was brought up with stuff from the basement.  A pipe broke; the basement was rather flooded.  A Thanksgiving dinner was planned for Friday in the community room which place was thereby messy.  So, the food distribution, including tables needed to put things on, was relocated to the lobby area just a few feet from the door to the apartment.  Of course, all those who wanted to partake of the dinner then had to go elsewhere, like back to their apartments, to eat.

The money orders for the December rents are in hand thanks to friend whose helpfulness came into play three times this week.  The food truck service was started up again and so was the lunch lady, both as of Friday.  Avon, however, will not be delivered until December.  The item ordered went on back order for some reason.  Tomorrow isn’t promisng to be a good day.  Thursday’s expected to be very special; Thanksgiving dinner has been offered, so that put on by the residents’ association and the apartment management was quite rightfully just skipped.  Sometimes that’s best. 

One may not belong where one is.  Goat


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Starting A New Beginning?

It looked like there were a few snowflakes floating by the windows early in this past week with many green leaves still on the trees.  Or at least right then that’s the way it was.  It does feel like it’s time for snow, even if it isn’t.  The big thing during the past week was assorted departure medical outreach services  by the hospital outreach staff.  There were two therapists (physical and occupational) and a hygienist as well as a nurse.  All but the hygienist came two days and took up assorted things.  Their plans were for a couple of more weeks.  The patient’s plan was to ask the doctor on Friday to get said services suspended.  He did.

It is anticipated that tomorrow a homemaker aide will be back to help clean up the place, and, of course, it’s not the one that was coming as that one quit.  The quitting business was a little unexpected this time, however, that is the way it’s been working.  Friend was very helpful, getting the mail (which included a nice big bill for the ambulance) and groceries to get along on until tomorrow.  Food truck is due Friday and lunch lady is to be started up again.  It’s a new start for several reasons, the main one being that there is still the state of being “unwell” that presently includes things like no cigarettes.  A “start” is it.

Of course, the world is now operating on “standard” time, but in the hospital it wasn’t particularly noticeable.  And, it might also be mentioned that Sunday it was such a dreary, overcast day that assorted bad experiences drifted in mind vividly.  There was a storm warning up, and there was some dampness outside but no storm during the day.  It did, however, snow in the early morning, not a lot, but some, enough to keep a lot of the old folks in the old folks home in it as much as possible at least for a day or two.  There is stuff to do that is different, starting with the bill of nearly a thousand dollars for the ambulance….

Sometimes it’s hard to see ahead.  Storm cloud Fingers crossed


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Life Continues….

The eleven days in the hospital didn’t seem to be particularly long.  The fall out from it is far from over.  There is one small pill for about the rest of this week, a capsule that’s an inhalant for about a month and assorted home visits for today and later this week.  The doctor is scheduled for Friday.   Aide services are still on hold as there’s no way of knowing what will develop to be done (causing this or that state of exhaustion) either today, Thursday (currently the second day for a round of post discharge services) or Friday.  There is no looking forward to a visit for any of the proposed activities. 

As for the hospital stay itself, there really was little time for rest as the nursing or respiratory or other staff were in and out of the room for this or that reason like pills, treatments, readings and just gathering up the trash randomly all the day morning until night.  The reason for calling the fire department was easy:  amid the first cigarette of the day, strangely, there was no getting a breath of air and not the usual sense of ability to act.  Moving out to the hall amid people  helped some, but the thought in mind was chasing around for services had reached the point of complete exhaustion with probable immobility by afternoon. 

While that thought just may be valid, the drippy nose suggested at least a cold and the hospital tests came up with pneumonia as well as other things.  So, the hospital stay did have some foundation.  Supposedly at this point some of that has been “curtailed.”  There was no coffee ordered for a week (just in case that was a good idea) at the hospital and there have been no cigarettes for over two weeks now – it still a matter of not feeling able to handle that.  (If nothing else, no cigarettes eliminates worries about setting fire to the place, which is helpful when it comes to maintaining a state of calmness.) 

The next question is always where to from here.  Turtle

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Hospital Stay Occupations


historical postcard

This picture is of the manor house (or castle) in the village in Europe that some ancestors left.  It’s in a rather collapsing state now.  Some  of the village images do not look much different from what one might see in the Midwest.  One “stay occupation” is to look at something far away.  Other pictures may be coming.

So what can be said when the week’s events amounts to sitting in a hospital bed?  Maybe not much, believe it or not.   Was there accident?  No.  A calamity, like a heart attack?  No.  The personal opinion is that it simply a case of being all worn out after years of battling sometimes negligence if not incompetence.  One goes to the office or whatever for example, and meets idiocy.  That was certainly the case with the bugs.  See it Sunday, report it first thing Monday morning, they’ll spray around on Wednesday because they spray on Wednesdays.   If one has to live with insects running around the place a few extra days, so what? 

The deal now is to see about going someplace else, like back to the apartment – at least friend paid the rent and carried out the trash, so there is the apartment still available without a lot of to do.  There’s a decided feeling of not being well enough to go back to staying there alone.  There is food in the freezer unit and such to get started again.  One big question is where to go from this point on as that system that was never really set up will not do any more – the need is no longer there.  And, for the moment at least a couple of things can be forgotten.  How it might work out isn’t even in sight. 

The end may be near any time. Coffee cupFingers crossed

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