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Maybe A Something

There were two appointments of sorts this Sunday (July 31, 2011), and there was one chore (as is remembered at this time, Monday) to do. The chore was to pick up the weekly advertising by the front door, look through the grocery offerings and call to see when there might be a trip of errands.  Easy enough, except by today keeping track of the multitude of ways things have been going has caused a state not only of confused and forgetful thinking but tired, confused and forgetful thinking.  It did get done.  The baby’s okay. 

The two appointments, on the other hand, were rather frothy.  One that was really anticipated was for a woman met during an outside “sit” to look over the cleaning situation. She stopped yours truly and asked, presumably as a result of the bulletin board notice. She was told (just like it says on the notice) to come by Sunday afternoon.  It was a little after 1:00 p.m. at the return to the apartment.  She did not come after that.  It does need to be learned if she came before that, even though “afternoon” is mostly later. 

The other appointment hinged on the fact that the procedure in the building does not include any standard checking to see if residents are alive or dead.  (The place is full of old people.)  The need was for a “friendly visitor” to stop by maybe twice a week to find out, as in the case at hand an entire week can pass without another living soul being around, except for the homemaker aide.  There is such service, and weeks of asking around (prompted by the incident of the slaw) had found none to date.  There was a possibility. 

Hunting for things takes time. 


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July Is Ending

Saturday – what happened Saturday, July 30, 2011?  That’s a good question this late afternoon Monday August 1, but maybe some will be remembered about what went on with a little attempt, just to at least keep notes in regard to events Saturday. It seems like the feel overall was that things were good enough for the moment, not for a long time, just for maybe a day or even two.  And, if things are that way, there’s a little time to catch up on one or two things that sit in wait for a spare moment. 

As is recalled, the in house mailbox was cleaned out, as usual, but the weekly advertising had not arrived at the time of the lobby trip. And, it seems there was a decided shortage of people around right then, too, not that it’s particularly bad, just interesting. The Diary’s Blog has been missing many days. Trying to get at least a couple of commentaries done for that was on the agenda.  Even if there is no connectivity, they can be written “just in case.”  And, it seems now like there was some time to look at a few things online. 

Given a moment, however, the big thing in mind and done was the “tell them off” letter to the homemaker aide service agency saying service denied unless…. Well, the “unless” had a good chance of an upfront payment of five hundred dollars at some point in time, and there’s no intention of doing any such thing – that’s the deposit that was expected by the medical service that might cough up a doctor reference.  While the email wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans (as is said), it felt good to send it. 

Old folks often need good stuff.

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She came, just a little late, but she came, even though (unknown to yours truly) she had to take her baby to the hospital yesterday. Her little boy is two, not an infant, but that is still a baby.  It wasn’t to a local hospital – the doctor sent her to the hospital in Cincinnati that specializes in children.  Well, the baby is home under medical care so it should be all right. And, she did get twenty dollars for coming. However, from her description, the child was very agitated later.  It is a case of one has to trust the doctor. 

She came and hauled out the trash, went to the bank to bring back some cash (always handy), went to the gas station for a few things (the gas station is only about five blocks away), swept the rug well and notified the office about the light in the kitchen (scooter had to be re-charged before there could be any going anywhere and with it being Friday, the light would have been out all weekend if a trip to the office was done after the re-charging). Maintenance came to fix the light a couple of hours later. 

Come Friday night, things were in order enough to be considered a normal state of disorder. The trip outside was taken in the evening regardless of the fact that it was hot out there.  It was not the most efficient trip ever. There was intention of going to the basement for a soft drink that fell by the wayside, and that was mild.  There was a nightmare last night that was strangely replayed late today a little differently; but, in a related way – cause unknown. The computer’s barely operational and tummy is upset again. 

Peace can be priceless.  

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What Day Is It?

Thursday – was there a Thursday?  Yes, of course there was. It was bad all day. To start with, two letters needed to be written, one for the bank and one other.  The one for the bank did not get written, although, technically there was all day to do it. Both were due to be ready for tomorrow (Friday) but it was such a confused time that it wasn’t realized the one was not to be mailed in the evening.  It was to be mailed tomorrow evening.  And, that’s only in regard to what was supposed to be done, not what happened. 

As per “suggestion,” the assigning agency was called in regard to a homemaker aide.  It wasn’t really a suggestion, as what yours truly was told was there wouldn’t be any more information until today. It was quite deliberate that there was no call to the office promptly at 8:05 a.m.  It was assumed the matter was screwed up, that there would be no agreeable report (there wasn’t); there was no sense in starting the day in a state of agitation, so the call to find out what’s what was delayed until almost noon. 

What was not anticipated was “suggestions” about how to fulfill the service agency requirement of a physician’s name (for getting a rug swept!) or the promise of a closed account. People getting services are the least of anyone’s concerns.  There wasn’t a lot of certainty about that before.  There is now.  Everything said is incidental, like “lease requirement” is meaningless.  One has choices, like go rent a place that has no such requirements, as if one simply whistles to get such a thing all settled.  There was no calming down later.

Tomorrow is always a new world.  

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No Homemaker Aide

It was an absolutely horrible night.  Two or three times there was a thought to call on the fire department’s emergency medical crew. A few things were tried. Nothing seemed to work on the the pains. At times they dwindled away briefly, and at times they even appeared in different places as well as just in one general area.  And, even in the mid-back there was an appearance for a while.  It lasted about six hours before some sleep finally happened. It might be “the flu,” and it might be other and/or more. 

The sleep didn’t last long, but at least there was some. Being in an “aware” state at 8:05 a.m. was an advantage, even if it wasn’t too alert. Calling the assigning agency office as soon as possible meant the representative might be in and not started on anything else. No she had not seen the email although it was sent near noon.  There was some sorting to do (she said); but there wasn’t positive answer after she had three hours to sort.  For the time being, yours truly is without household assistance from service agencies. 

The state of affairs come evening:  The place is a mess. The tenant is still having pains (not only with no supper last night, but a scant breakfast in the morning).  The air bed popped another seam and had to be replaced in the late afternoon (fortunately, the spare was at hand).  So much time was used on the cell phone a payment has to be uploaded (fortunately that was bought last week).  A landlady inspection is due near the first of August. And, two calls have to be made later in the evening (results at this writing, unknown). 

Disposing of trash is vital to life. 

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Bad State Of Affairs

So, today final word on the homemaker aide services was due from the service agency.  As stated, the representative was vague about it, especially the hours.  At about noontime an email arrived saying there would be none – a technicality.  The email wasn’t seen until a few hours later, at which time it was pointless to try to contact staff at the assigning agency. The morning as early a possible is when to call. And, yours truly did not feel well this morning.  In addition, a re-charging for the scooter be already needed. 

Well, the trip to the lobby was late in the afternoon; but, better late then not at all. There was no attempt to post timely commentary as the physical state by evening was bad enough that it seemed wise to delay it and try for some rest – pains noted a few days ago still recur.  By the evening thoughts of eating existed but without action of any sort (not even something like the potato chips on the table). A lot of time in the afternoon was spent looking into costs in regard to a clinic to visit.  Some had been in mind, but no cost sought. 

Much thought early was about getting the rug swept and the trash carried out – the bags are too big to easily carry on the scooter. A little later, much thought was given to how to handle things without the homemaker aide services, and there’s no real solution there as yet. And, of course, ever present is the thought of the inspection to be come the first of August.  There’s an attempt to find a sensible service in another area, too; but, that’s very up in the air.  Although the thought was amid those in the bulletin board notice. 

One should not give up even if overwhelmed.   

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A Monday In Suspension

Come Monday morning business offices are open, and one can see about making arrangements for things.  In view of the no show of a service agency representative all last week, although supposedly it was scheduled the week before, Monday morning was awaited with considerable eagerness.  Yes, indeedy, that’s a thing to do – call a place “first thing Monday morning” unless one wants to be sensible about it.  Well, there was little alternative this time as the lady from the assigning agency might be out of the office in the afternoon. 

We were all friendly and happy and the service agency person was to arrive properly after 12:30 p.m. and all that. And, so it did take place – seems like the woman stayed two hours (the actual time is uncertain as it wasn’t precisely written down).  Well, she was not in the place to see how much rug needed to be swept and whether it could be done in two hours.  She was in the place to get signatures on papers with questions about medical matters as in allergies and dentures and release of liability.  She was vague about service.

Now, yours truly is a little sicker than normal.  The tummy ache is a thing still around under conditions “x” (no certainty about it, but it’s not all of the time and there’s no logical cause). The tummy ache is rather painful (nothing else usually is).  And, of course, there hasn’t been any cleaning for more than three weeks now, which is enough to drive any decent person into nervous fits.  The vagueness in the matter didn’t help things any.  The lady who did the errands most recently was called on a note of uncertainty. 

Some things are ignorant. 

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