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Life Has Bright Spots

Young Friend did indeed come, one of the few things that went well in the past week.  He got money orders for upcoming rent payments (a most important concern), some cash for purchases, the mail both in house and post office box (that three weeks’ accumulation and something that needs attention), gathered up and hauled out over a week’s trash and did some needed things with the plants.  A summer treat from his people was supposed to be yesterday, but by Friday it was obvious that was out. 

For several days computer problems interfered with what times could be spent with it, which is a very bad situation as both information (news and weather) and communications with others (email) relies on the computer.  It’s still not clear what is wrong and no reliable computer service has yet been found.  A terrible situation developed Wednesday that kept Helping Lady around (going back and forth as she needed) until about 10:00 p.m. from mid-morning getting your truly cleaned up “some.” 

The building-wide plumbing stuff is evidently done.  Based on notice it looks like there’s still individual apartment stuff pending, but presumably the water won’t be off.  Unavoidably, Lunch Lady was late but she brought eggs.  While Young Friend and Helping Lady were real “bright spots,” a delightful thing was another dead light bulb.  A floor lamp three-way (hard to reach) blew.  At times only one element of those goes and one did before.  Yet one “way” was left, no deal with the lamp. 

Small joys can be unusual. Open-mouthed smile 

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High Days Of Summer

Trying to maintain a routine is bad enough ordinarily, but if things are difficult (or something) it may be impossible when variations enter the picture.  There have been variations.  A big thing (in addition to the water being shut off Wednesday) was Older Friend coming by (unexpectedly) Saturday instead of yesterday.  He brought the groceries, looked over the scooter and thought he could come by on Wednesday to take it apart to see if he could fix it.  Even getting up needs the scooter. 

Young Friend’s expected tomorrow.  Lunch Lady came (as usual) Friday with eggs and today was food truck day.  The Avon buys are all mixed up and there’s little time to sort it out.  The matter needs to be all lined up again.  Given things like the emergency situations, that can’t be at the moment; items like the creams are very useful.  (Things are confused enough that once again it was almost the sick leave notice for the week’s blog postings.  Something’s different in the medical ways.) 

Light bulbs were burning out in this week, not just one.  The kitchen light can be changed by anyone tall.  Finding someone can take some time, but it’s not a big problem.  The bathroom light, however, needs maintenance.  A third one out just sits on a table.  Maintenance means being disturbed, and when July 4th (or any holiday, really) comes mid-week, it upsets a week for many, something not needed in the High Days of Summer.  A huge thank you surely to all that is holy for Helping Lady! 

Perhaps miracles do happen. Work 

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A Step Forward, A Step Back

Young Friend did indeed come.  The rent for June’s ready.  He also got a phone card, so the cell phone’s good ideally for a while longer than through June.  Wednesday a lady visited for the purpose of looking over the situation to see if she could take on some of the aide service stuff.  She is expected back come Wednesday.  This is not a certain thing.  Discussion was not too clear.  The Avon Lady got the wrong thing, discovered after the delivery.  The oven mitt got lost in the laundry. 

Older Friend did come by yesterday, but he had little time to finish off things in the afternoon as usual.  He brought some supplies.  Matters seem to be getting worse health-wise.  The congestion happens differently now.  This hasn’t been figured out.  Saturday night was very bad.  Among other things it was sleeplessness except for about three hours.  Lunch lady again brought some of her kind of eggs.  No way would it be safe to try to boil eggs; the scooter seat’s too low for the stove. 

Today was food truck day, so there is food to go with paid-up rent, the laundry done (even if the mitt was lost), the phone and paper products and the like brought by Older Friend.  For the moment, things are adequate if not great.  No work’s been done on the project and loads of other things that need to be finished.  There is still thought to put some good links here now and then, but not at the moment.  Aide service especially has to be arranged better.  At least the weather is better. 

New problems can come every day.Sad smile 


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Very Good And Very Bad

Tuesday evening was so peaceful it was incredible.  Yard work was done for a while (leaf blowing, etc.), but mostly a peace hung over the place.  The new HVAC unit’s in and working good and is quiet.  Wednesday was such a disaster the office staff was called for emergency help.  Thursday was also a mess when expected help sent a message that she was sick.  To make life interesting a spider came crawling by during a bathroom visit one day.  The fire department sent three trucks one time. 

Young Friend is expected tomorrow.  There are errands for his attention, like the rent money orders for June.  Lunch lady’s visit on Friday came as usual, and again she brought some her kind of eggs.  The security checks are going okay.  There’s a vague chance there will be an easing of the aide service deal come Wednesday; appointment scheduled.  Chasing down services has had money flowing from the cell phone pre-payment like it was water.  Older Friend has not been available for much. 

There has been a “feasting” most days on a huge bag of potato chips brought as a gift by the food truck driver.  They are a bit rare as they’re cooked in peanut oil and aren’t common in the immediate area.  Something special is needed at times.  A problem of some kind seems to be growing in the computer.  It needs, maybe, technical tinkering.  This month’s prescription and some vitamins came today from the drug store.  Avon comes this week.  The weather has been okay.  Money’s confused. 

Having goals helps with staying reasonable.Work 


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Nervous Wreck Time

Much of the week was spent with banking problems.  One item’s the fact that somehow a mysterious $500 (and some odd change) got deposited in one of the bank accounts.  More phone calls, over several days, were carried on than the incredible number used to sort out the doctor’s appointment recently.  It’s not sorted out yet.  This was gubmint stuff.  It even included an appeal to an elected representative.  While it’s nice to have $500 just handed to one, an explanation seems reasonable. 

Awakening in the middle of the night (about 3:00 a.m.) one of the days this week (maybe Friday) led to a discovery of a big spider in the middle of the living room.  Once dead (it tried hiding behind the computer recharger yet, got hit with it) an idea was to take it to the office for a viewing.  A container was scrounged up by Older Friend, who also got the spider off the wall.  He came as expected on Sunday and also on Saturday with groceries and the P.O. box mail as letters were due. 

The Advocacy Lady came by to try to help, but she did not get the main thing she offered to do done, so she is going to try another visit tomorrow.  Word came yesterday that part of the Avon order won’t be in until next time.  Lunch Lady’s sub had poor timing, specifically during a serious bathroom visit (as delivery was by a woman, it wasn’t as bad as possible).  Food truck comes in a week.  Rent has to be paid this week; that’s best done later given the spider.  A new list is created. 

Old people don’t need the unexpected.Wilted rose 

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New Feature Here

Tuesday was a day for things to go wrong, from simple matters like the TV dinner tray had a crack in the bottom (the liquid ran out) to important matters like the security check screwed badly.  It took all day to mostly straighten matters out with some help from Older Friend to the point of status quo.  What irritating annoyance was brewing surfaced late Thursday.  The thing was addressed but may not be finished.  On the positive side, two nice ideas came to mind.  One’s below with info. 

Come Wednesday there’s supposed be a special visitor bringing birthday treats.  It can’t be a long visit as it has to be in the early evening, but even a short one is nice.  That is the highlight of the week (and maybe even the year).  Getting The Special Project (Aviation Trail offering) off the back burner isn’t scrapped yet, but the world at hand in decent order’s a top priority.  Lunch Lady brought eggs.  Advocacy Lady letter did get mailed.  Older Friend came.  Sales reps this week.   

As many know, there are two blogs posted.  The other’s called The Diary’s Blog (link at right).  It was created because one day it was noticed that this one (meant to be more like that) was full of computer and internet stuff.  It was decided that there should be no mention of either.  It’s the rule with The Diary’s Blog.  Sometimes there’s a something to be passed on, here’s one and, it’s gotta be here.

Some moments in life need to be recalled.Camera 

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Progress And Confusion

Young Friend did indeed come Wednesday.  The money orders for the April rent are now in hand and off the concerns list.  He also took in the insurance check as a deposit (sometimes it’s near the expiration date before it’s cashed) and an order for new checks sitting in wait for almost too long already.  And, some food and cigarettes (another thing out of the way) while not so important were bought.  He even changed wall calendars displayed to March.  He might come back again this month. 

The doctor’s office called to set an appointment.  He did not come.  It took seventeen telephone calls to sort matters out, but, admittedly, given a recorded message, the phone was just hung up.  He is supposed to come, eventually.  Lunch Lady was kind enough to bring more of her kind of eggs.  The Avon came just fine.  Older Friend came as expected and then some.  The security checks went just fine.  Advocacy Lady seemed to have some problems with a letter, but it should work out okay. 

With Daylight Savings Time coming, the expectation is for new confusion ahead, but both the food truck and the Avon are now out of the way for the time being, so there is a chance to be ready for it.  There is, however, a birthday event supposedly upcoming next week, which will take out a day.  The HVAC unit malfunctioned again yesterday morning, the air bed started to collapse Saturday and the computer presented curious activity Saturday but seems okay now.  The first two took actions. 

The ancient Greeks said nothing was static.Thinking smile 

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