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Rank Confusion Here

As this masterpiece is started, it’s Thursday, late afternoon.  And, that’s all that got “writ” until Saturday evening.  The point is, this is not a daily entry activity.  Neither is it a thing of “write it late Monday afternoon and hit ‘publish’ at 6:59 p.m.”  And, it’s important to make a note of this because the masterpiece last week was finished off Sunday afternoon with expectations that all would go as planned Sunday evening and most of Monday.  It didn’t happen quite the way it was said, and there was really no opportunity to send out a correction reasonably soon afterwards.

What did happen that Sunday night was that Nice Jewish Lady tripped and fell, hit her head, cut her arm and got hauled off to the hospital.  There was no trip to the bank.  Two other residents were asked to go.  One refused.  The other took the check but brought it back with some loan money.  Today being payday, the total of over $60 from three folks may be paid off….  And, what did happen yesterday morning was that Nice Neighbor, who has the extra apartment key somewhere, fell and with bloodied head was taken by the emergency squad to the hospital.

The food truck was due today.  There’s just enough loan money left to pay for something.  At least the rent got paid, a huge pile of clean up trash got hauled out of the apartment and  Lunch Lady did bring her kind of gifts.  An advocacy office was found.  The lady’s on vacation for about two weeks, service uncertain.  The computer isn’t working very well, badly enough that there are thoughts about a need to get a technician.  Nice Jewish Lady being out of commission for several days, there’s been much confusion, while a big spider’s been running around the place.

Tomorrows bring new things.


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More Troubles….

All hell is about to descend is the feeling in the air.  Whether the shooting in Cincinnati a few days ago has anything to do with it is not clear, but the feeling has been around most of the week, sometimes powerfully, and at times even before that.  Among other things, two things are notable.  One is that people don’t seem to be attentive or thinking clearly.  Case in point, although maintenance said he would come patch the paint on the ceiling on Tuesday given the emergency call a week ago Saturday, he didn’t.  Another is there were three times it was necessary to change clothes.  It doesn’t usually happen that often.

A new thing is being tried this week.  The essays haven’t been done “on site” for years.  They’ve been done in different places, like email drafts, and just copied to the host when they were done and seemed okay.  Doing them on site doesn’t provide a copy if there’s some kind of problem.  The system has had numerous improvements over time, so for all practically purposes it’s a totally unfamiliar procedure.  Well, it is worth a try and maybe it’s about time it is tried, especially since that may provide a way to include pictures in The Diary’s Blog again once it’s figured out as well as some of the promised links here.

There has been no good word about either aide service or anything to replace it.  Due to the holiday last Monday much was, of course, rescheduled creating confusion.  The food truck came Saturday.  Lunch Lady thought she would be bringing deliveries Friday.  She didn’t.   New Friend’s visit was cancelled out.  Young Friend is still expected to come one day this coming week.  Survival has to an extent been due to Nice Jewish Lady.  The trash was incredible due in part to the “incontinence events,” but at least some of it was hauled out in a timely fashion.  Medical stuff still has to be lined up, and money’s short already.

Sometimes one has to wonder what else will happen.  🙂

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Another Horrible Week

It’s Saturday morning as this is started, and what almost got tossed in here and in The Diary’s Blog as well was a “Sick Leave” notice.  Bein’ as it’s Saturday, it’s not impossible to note down a few words about the past week and post them for those interested.  The bright spot of the week was that Young Friend did manage to come by on Wednesday.   The money orders for the bills coming due are now in hand.  Getting by on what money’s left will be a ticklish deal, but hopefully it’s not impossible.  The second brightish spot was that in spite of some personal tragedies, Nice Jewish Lady was able to help with some emergency errands.

On the negative side, there’s plenty.  Two weeks after the doctor’s visit, the “new system” online medical contacting still hasn’t been set up due to a great extent to things like people with responsibility in other areas disregarding anything being said and needs for adjustments to expectations.  It was time to start paperwork for a new lease (they’re annual), and the dealing resulted in a complaint to the building manager.  A request for a change in agency services went nowhere but into an annoying cancellation of Friday’s visit, leaving trash several feet high around the place for the weekend.  Computer problems also developed.

The food truck was due today.  It’s good it comes when it does, since Lunch Lady’s deliveries have had poor substitutions for orders every which way.  She, however, has still been bringing her gifts.  The other thing scheduled for today was aide service, and there’s little sense in going into that until it’s determined what might happen (maybe known Friday).  The Saturday club meeting was cancelled since there was only about three hours sleep Friday night to Saturday a.m. due to a need to change clothes in the middle of the night, but there was a visit with New Friend.  Yesterday was spent cleaning up some of the huge mess.

High-handed incompetent people are maddening.  😦

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Post Script on 6/11/18

After a bit of thought, it seemed the best way to handle this is to add a post script message.  The week’s essay (see below) is a bit long to begin with, and adding another whole paragraph (somewhat incomplete in content to begin with) is too much.  The week itself was so busy a number of things had to be left out.  And, today, which started around 2:30 a.m., was especially busy so some things didn’t get mentioned — the computer kept jamming and finally dropped dead for a while.

Not only did the nurse come on an emergency call, that “introduced” personal care aide totally unexpectedly came.  Since the lobby telephone was (in attempts to call the hospital regarding the new doctor business) barely functional on the receiving end over the weekend, and since the security check lady said she could hear fairly well on the cell phone Saturday a half-dozen important calls went on the cell phone in the morning.  It may even keep on working.

And, the rest can surface somewhere some other time.

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Some General Messages

A NOTE FOR THOSE GETTING THIS LITERARY MASTERPIECE BY EMAIL:  as you may have seen, yes, there was a “typographical error” last week.  It wasn’t really a “typo,” it was an editing error.  The thing’s read over a half-dozen times, including after scheduling in a preview, and adjustments are made.  And, it is usually allowed to sit for a while between re-reading as mistakes aren’t as vivid if the same lines are read repeatedly.  The only excuse for errors is:  being tired and bedeviled can make it hard to think precisely.  There’s always a final check after publication.  If there’s a mistake, there are two choices:  let it go or correct it, depending on how bad it is, and the online copy has the correction.

Regarding current events underfoot, there’s no shortage, of course.  The homemaker aide called in sick, which scrapped Wednesday errands and more introduction to the part of the deal that’s housekeeping.  The trash was not taken out until Friday; the nurse’s aide kindly took all that was handy.  The carpet wasn’t swept.  The post office mail wasn’t picked up.  The more interesting aspects of the matter include the fact that given someone to do errands, the food truck fish dinners were skipped in favor of those from the supermarket.  For Friday’s main meal, Lunch Lady came to the rescue by getting carry out enroute to deliveries, so it wasn’t macaroni (it’s Lent and a matter of being defeated).

The big deals here are the hunt for an emergency contact, which Older Friend was, and a newish hunt for assorted help around the place due to things like discharge from medical home health care after the hospital stay of a few months ago.  The nurse’s aide and physical therapy are falling off the calendar.  Even the lady that has been doing the laundry is gone until about Easter visiting family hundreds of miles away.  In brief, nearly everything is upset except (at this point) the food truck.  At least in an earlier time frame the little lone ones club is still alive.  A lot of time (and even too much money) is consumed in telephone calls and email that in the end doesn’t amount to a hill of beans (as is said).

Presumably it’s a something to be alive.  🙂

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Is There A Spirit World?

Young Friend was and is expected tomorrow.  However, he had made plans for Thursday to see several people in the area, including a lady in the building, and sent word he’d stop by if he had time.  He did and ran the needed errands to get an air bed to replace the one near collapse.  The visit was unexpected, and the errands were not a minute too soon.  In another incident, the lady that does the laundry was very ill when laundry was mentioned to her.  Clean duds were definitely needed for Friday when the nurse’s aide came for personal care and from the looks of things possibly before then.  She did get well enough to get it done.  There were additional happenstance incidents.

Tuesday the nurse came and it was a nasty hour that needed follow-up.  That may have been accomplished Friday, but it won’t be known for a few days yet.  The Saturday club may be dead.  The other chief member hasn’t come for several weeks.  Lunch Lady was off sick on Friday, so no eggs or other stuff she said she had.  It was impossible to get word as to when the substitute delivery driver would come, and the nurse’s aide was also due to help with getting cleaned up.  They both showed up at the same time.  Today was food truck day, so there’s plenty of food around.  Substantial effort at finding a contact to replace Older Friend has come to nothing.

The young man doing homemaking chores on Wednesday did an excellent job of the errand chores again.  The rent’s been paid and the month’s prescription was picked up.  There’s a big problem with the wireless, however.  It seems the cost unexpectedly increased while the money order for that was for the old amount.  There’s been scant chance to find out what the deal is now or to mail in the additional cost.  The Christmas decorations did get taken off of the tree but still haven’t been put away.  The plants have been watered extra as it seems they are drying out fast.  Accounting still hasn’t been done.  The scooter’s run out of energy more often due to running around.

February’s short, so bills are due faster in March.  🙂

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Hectic Times Again

Hectic is an understatement.  Wednesday was especially bad.  The single regularly scheduled soul was the housekeeping aide (who announced she wouldn’t be back as she had quit the job).  The building management had scheduled a mandatory residents’ meeting and the doctor was scheduled to come.  That did all get done, but one of the mini-disasters happened Thursday morning.  Fortunately the nurse’s aide could be re-scheduled for Thursday instead of Friday, but for the sake of convenience the nurse had been re-scheduled for Friday.

Friday the Lunch Lady rather unexpectedly came by with eggs although she had no lunch delivery.  The nurse came shortly after the Lunch Lady to check on the bloody behind, during which nursing visit maintenance showed up.  Inspections and filter changes had been scheduled for “some time” this week.  By evening the temperature dropped considerably.  It was snowing and the wind was blowing so much it was nearly horizontal.  Calls were made on the lobby phone, notably one an aide assigning agency referral place that was closed.

Saturday was club meeting time, which institution is not going as well as hoped.  Whatever jammed up the computer (again) was never figured out, but at least there’s been some roundabout internet access or this wouldn’t be here.  The nurse’s aide for help getting cleaned up was due today even though it is a legal holiday.  The bedroom light bulb burned out again, but luckily a neighbor was near to replaced it.  Thanks to Young Friend at least the rent money orders are in hand, but cash is still in disarray and getting stuff’s not likely to be clear soon.

Tomorrows can be fearful times.  🙂

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