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An Eventful Week

A passing intent for Tuesday was to order stuff from the drug store.  Then came the notice about a “meet and greet” the new apartment building manager.  Until that point there was not a thought that the old one was gone (reportedly fired).  And so much for the drug store order.  It was put in and received on Thursday.  Rest seemed reasonable after the meeting.  The air bed collapsed.  It is kind of difficult to put one up sitting on the scooter, but it got done. 

That much change of plans, of course, was not enough for this special Tuesday.  A trip to the bathroom was interrupted by a centipede crawling by come evening to be killed.  This on top of the mouse that ran by also in the bathroom on Monday; that had already been reported to the office before they opened on Tuesday.  After the centipede, which was late, a drift to the computer seemed reasonable.  The heating and air conditioning unit started a loud clunking and set off the smoke alarm. 

In the night the oven was used for some heat and another note went on the office door.  Maintenance came Wednesday.  Second mouse/bug hole is patched.  Aide services being cancelled was thus a good thing.  Friend came Wednesday with some groceries and a replacement air bed.  He also came Sunday and offered a late birthday present.  Lunch lady came okay.  The food truck was short an item, but there’s food.  The aide services still have not been resolved and may not be for some time. 

Old people don’t need additional troubles.Lightning




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Small Change

This type face is called “Lucida Console.”  There isn’t a lot known about it at this desk, but (reportedly) it’s rather new and the default in some computer places.  It’s being used for an important reason.  Perfectionist here doesn’t like a ratty right edge.  The reason many fonts create ratty edges is that the width of the alphabet letters vary (as in “f” compared to an “m” or “w” for example).  With something like this, all of the alphabet is made the same width (like on a typewriter).  

Justification lines up the edges by spreading out the writing to fill up the line.  This kind of a type face and words that fit into the line is a little more complex (and not as pretty or maybe impressive), but it doesn’t look as frothy.  Some of the complicated wording used here in the past was for no good reason other than to present a neater view. And, it had to be done twice, once for the draft then when pre-published.  That adjusting literally took hours.   It’s time to try other. 

As for the past week, well, there was no aide service.  There is nothing but trouble ahead there, and the situation already got to high level complaining.  Friend was extra-helpful, but he can only do so much.  The lunch lady is still coming, plus Avon delivery went okay.  There is a new property manager for the place to be introduced tomorrow.  A special thing came to be almost like a miracle.  There may be a discussion of it at another time or in The Diary’s Blog. 

Sometimes it’s good to be different.Computer

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A Year Older

Each day (so help me) another idiocy surfaces.  Professionalism (as others have said) doesn’t exist.  The latest seems to be that there will be no lunch lady or the aide service if the idiot assigning agency doesn’t have a telephone number.  This is new and unnecessary as email has been used with them for years.   With such there are many positive aspects, such as it being written down.  Evidently, there have been changes in supervisory staff to someone who does not know much.  It might not be the entire place just the one area used.  There may be investigating of the matter by a government source, but hopes are dim.

As for the week….  Tuesday was a day of peace and Thursday was used for some recovery.  Wednesday there was massive turmoil — the aide that came the week before and said she was permanent until May didn’t show.  A sub was sent.  The poor woman had little idea of what she was supposed to be doing.  Time wasn’t used well.  In addition, friend had too much to do at the office and did not plan to stop by in the evening.  He did stop yesterday and took the stuff to get rental money orders and also brought back some cash.  The food truck came, so there now is food in the place.   A mouse has been running up and down the hall.

A neighbor was given the key to the post office box yesterday evening as she’s  a possible way to be getting the mail without the aide services.  How  that went is not known at this point as she has yet to come back with mail or word on it.  All  that needs to be done is to run in to the post office and get it, but it does need a person able to go regularly about once a week.  The birthday, yesterday, turned out well.  It’s a good thing it was minimal given what was encountered today as above in regard to the services assigning agency.  There is also a chance there’s big stuff in the wind in regard to the apartment building. 

Old people should not be disturbed much.  Fingers crossed

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Ah, March!

We are into March and most immediately Daylight Saving Time plus talk of the special season called Spring.  There’s also birthday, Lent to dampen some folks enthusiasm for life and references to Caesar.  (Lent makes life a grind.)  Recent events included an apparently important inspection (random).  Big, big change may be in the works as people from four different offices were due.  That is not the only thing in the winds.  Friend came by as usual yesterday (Sunday) with a surprise sort of declaration.  He has been doing errands for people on Sundays but now this is being discontinued.  He did take care of a special need.

Avon had a small bag on order, but they put it on back order, so there wasn’t an Avon visit (except for the brochure on the door handle).  That was a good thing as, given the new (temporary) aide to deal with on Wednesday, there be such a state of collapse that Friday and Saturday were pretty much spent in bed.  That was such that the “sick leave” notice was almost posted on both weblogs for the week.  A really unusual event happened earlier today.  There was a pounding, a noise like someone was at the door, which was not the case.  The activity was at the window where a woman was pounding on it.  Never mind the rest.

The lunch lady may be back in service.  The food truck’s again scheduled on this Friday.  A very old friend got in contact – it does not happen often and it means one is not forgotten, which is always an encouraging thought that helps to wash away the turmoil of the astonishing disarray that’s been going on recently; he’s someone who helped much in the past at critical times.  Special friends are rare and in this case a blessing handed down for generations.  The doctor’s monthly visit is about due this week, but it’s not too certain this time (just another thing off schedule), as it seems he was somehow loaded down with more patients.

Some people manage to have an orderly existence.  Fingers crossed


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New Directions

Another week has passed with things getting worse.  There were several radical changes to life in the last few days.  Quite unceremoniously last Wednesday (no notifications of any sort) a new homemaker aide arrived.  There was, of course, no preparation for any services.  However, since she did arrive, a “throw things together” session took place.   According to what she said, she may be around a few more times but is scheduled for an operation and, therefore, is not going to be permanent.  That’s a “downer” to begin with as she is good.  As there wasn’t an expectation of any service, things were rather set to go in different ways.

In addition to suddenly having to re-arrange what might be done by whom, two other things crept into life.  A difficulty in the bathroom reached the state of an impossibility by Sunday morning.  Fortunately friend came by as usual and had the time to go buy and install a new fixture that may help some, but the use of it is anything but efficiently streamlined.  The medical whatever it is that is riding the scene (not determined, but possibly the cold getting worse), has gotten very bad, to the point where thinking was difficult.  (For a time it seemed it would be impossible to put together any kind of posting.)

So for the moment there is finally a good aide to send on errands and no money in order at hand to send with her to get things – friend had to pay for the fixture he got and getting extra money for it completely escaped thought.  Additionally, the worker from the assigning agency quit at the end of February.  There’s been no replacement assigned, so there’s no way to check on the aide situation.  New problems with the hospital bills surfaced.  There are five, the biggest concern is the huge hospital bill itself which got mixed up.  On the petty side, in computer, the bookmarks got moved.  At least the March rent got paid.

Old people don’t need problems.  Wilted rose

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