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It’s The Last Week Of September

Life can be so miserable without asking for it.  One thing to help that along is often a real lack of money.  While that is not exactly lacking, it’s not available.  The ATM card wasn’t replaced (apparently) and had to be re-ordered.  It’s (again) due to arrive in five to ten days (from Friday, they said) so October may be when it comes.  Things can be set up to have a direct deposit arrangement, but the ATM card is better as the need to sign checks is eliminated and signing isn’t easy. 

It’s always nice when the visitors are few and far between as the rest of society goes at a faster pace.  There weren’t too many in this past week.  The lunch lady came Friday as always and a lady in the building that’s been helping also came (she has come several times).  Older friend also stopped by Sunday and mid-week.  Avon’s due this week.  The resident helping is doing things like taking care of the hair and a few odd items that approach emergency, like running the carpet sweeper.

This week the rent needs to be paid, and the doctor should be called as there seems to be something developing with vision, but at least the arm doesn’t hurt as before.  If the ATM card arrives, that will help.  Older friend’s been checking at the post office frequently.  The security check business may have started again, but that’s not sure yet.  It’s hoped that long delayed project might get a few minutes of attention soon.  A long-shot idea did hatch recently, but no chance for more. 

September is supposed to be a good month.Wilted rose     


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Seasonal Changing?

There has already been comment about the holidays coming and not only is Thanksgiving two months off, autumn hasn’t taken hold yet.  People are shifting emphasis.  The lunch lady’s a possible choice example.  The organization menu has changed, and favorite foods are gone.  The state inspectors came-went with no personal visit.  Maintenance has yet to show up, and office trip is probably needed to get the paint fixed as the man did make it worse with poking a hole in the concern. 

Both young friend and older friend have responsibilities now shifting to another direction, which leaves some things at a loss.  That’s something to be sorted out.  While there’s not been evidence of residents seriously thinking holidays, like decorations stuck on the hallway walls, it’s probably in the works.  The confusion around created a sizable incident with medical matters.  As the sore arm was not better, the doctor wanted an X-ray; the technician came at a very bad time. 

The social security office set an appointment.  That did not come off as expected, but it was straightened out eventually after much telephoning with attendant cost.  The business is not finished and won’t be for a while.  The biggest problems were the missing ATM card and medical stuff.  The money will not be sorted out for some time.  With the menu change, food will also be a concern but not for a week or so.  A person’s been found who might take care of the security checking. 

September is supposed to be a clear-headed time.Fingers crossed       


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And, After The Holiday….

Saturday was the worst day to date with no call for emergency medical help (EMTs).  As usual, given enough time things were rather resolved.  A measure of an ability to function more or less normally does happen; but, it was three in the afternoon when that be.  The attendant mess became livable near to 9:30 p.m.  Part of the basis might have been because both Thursday and Friday activities had much of the unexpected to deal with and which included important things, like the apartment. 

Tuesday came and with it pest control to spray for centipedes and maintenance for their inspection.  The latter decided the paint needed fixing.  There was enough holiday upsetting that pest control had been forgotten.  Young friend could not make it, and it had been hoped he’d get the post office mail which was supposed to include a letter requested by the apartment’s management.  Older friend did go to get that on Thursday when unexpectedly he came for a grocery list if there be one. 

The paperwork for next year’s lease is now all done.  It just has to be okayed.  Friday included not only delivery by lunch lady but also the drug store as there be no one to get things with older friend rather overwhelmed.  He has personal things keeping him occupied to the point where he did not even visit the building on Sunday.  A discussion with social security is upcoming this week and it’s also Avon week.  The right arm is now out of whack, and any reaching for stuff is painful. 

Upheavals in life can be hard to handle.Storm cloud   



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Labor Day, 2016

Notices from the office came several times this past week.  A state inspection’s coming mid-month.  Plumbing, etc., must be working.  Two days of anticipating maintenance (which creates problems with going to the bathroom) to check on all such saw nothing of the sort.  (Now due to come tomorrow.)  There even was a need as the kitchen light bulb burned out.  It was dark from Wednesday until Friday during which personal care was by lantern.  Office staff finally fixed the lighting Friday. 

It was also a confused week.  Young friend came okay, but the mail pick up at the post office (needed for a letter from the insurance company that didn’t come) took finding someone that could go get it and some money for the food truck, which came Saturday due to the holiday and didn’t have everything on the order.  Older friend’s matters were especially confused.  The doctor came on Thursday while the message received stated his visit would be on Wednesday.  (He was expected tomorrow.)

There were activities over the weekend, fireworks show in the northbank area and “cook out” food in the parking lot.  There was the regular visit from older friend so the food got eaten quietly in the apartment.  A half hour was spent watching the show as it had never been seen before.  As noted in the other blog last week, in past life Labor Day weekend was big county fair time.  Some fireworks pales by comparison.  Avon was the only matter that seemed to work out just as it should be. 

It’s hoped that all had a nice weekend.Left hugRight hug   


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