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New Major Disaster

A malfunctioning cell telephone is a major disaster under the circumstances at hand.  The phone’s a means for someone living alone and not too well to call 911 for help.  A landline near the bed might do during the night, while being around others (insofar as possible) during the day can also work, but that’s not as good as having a cell at hand.  “Others” may not know what to do, for one thing.  And, if the financial situation suggests just one phone, a pre-paid cell is the cheapest.  Well, it seems the microphone of the cell is dead.  Parts like the alarm still seem to work, but nothing that’s said is heard by anyone at the other end of the line.

The week has been bedeviled with things needing a phone from agency services not coming (the assigning agency finally emailed an answer to an email) to sub for Lunch Lady coming (she took the day off and a neighbor called).  To make things worse the building’s community telephone is out of order.  The Security Check Lady of course had to be notified.  Young Friend was reached and he took care of Security Checking re-arrangements.  Older Friend was also reached to handle some things as possible.  He even came yesterday evening.  Perhaps it was a premonition, a bad nightmare said the order in life wasn’t as thought.

The computer’s mouse doesn’t always work; but, on the bright side, with much ado a picture was set in The Diary’s Blog.  Figuring out pictures is a big problem.  The whole blog business may need to be changed.  Today was food truck day.  At present food is never a problem.  The nursing service did come as hoped (as no actual word got through).  The new little Helping Lady is evidently still available.  Money’s confused, mail has not been picked up for a week and “The Project” and promised helpful/interesting links can’t be covered while basic things like the telephone need attention.  The weather, however, has turned to fairly good.

Sorting things out can be a major item.  🙂


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Is It Monday?

Nursing service is using up the telephone money as well as creating disruption enough to make one wonder what day it is (never mind what time it is).  Just luckily Older Friend has been present.  He got the card to add more telephone money last time around, which came in several visits some this week apart from yesterday.  He also got the three weeks’ mail sitting at the post office.  A 2018 calendar was in it, put up by Young Friend on Friday (a good start on 2018) after he got rent money orders and prescription.   Continued existence is possible now that there’s telephone, internet and some basic concerns out of the way.

As has happened far too often, the week was a blur, in spite of the facts that there was no food delivery in the past week (Lunch Lady due Friday, food truck due next Monday), no housekeeping, etc., agency services or substitutes for those services and no events such as doctor’s visit or need to go to the leasing office.  One reason for the lack of clear recall is probably the uncertain nursing stuff.  Indeed, the nurse that came Thursday said that the future scheduling was set for Monday.  She was told to change it back to the initial Thursday, but whether that happens or not is yet to be seen.  And, Young Friend coming on Friday is rare.

There’s also a new person on the scene, for lack of a better description, call it a “Friendly Visitor.”  This definitely has to be sorted out as does a problem at one of the banks and some matters regarding the Helping Lady that’s new.  The plan for her to come on Wednesdays at least seems to have been shot down.  Agency services for housekeeping, etc., was supposed to have been set up, but they didn’t show up Wednesday as requested.  The computer situation is basically the same, although a couple of the old bookmarks have been saved.  The bright spot in all of this uncertainty is the helpful visiting of Young Friend and Older Friend.

One must always look for bright spots. 🙂

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Still Adjusting….

In regard to the seemingly endless “adjustments,” nothing much has changed except some names in the place underfoot. In a month Standard Time kicks in and there will be another round of “adjustments” to life as well as times. Lunch Lady, who’s keeping her job for the time being after all, came Friday (early) again with eggs. At least there’s a fast lunch or a quick supper. Older Friend brought supplies yesterday but couldn’t stay for things like the trash and plants due to a family commitment. The “reschedule” was set for today amid food truck visit expectations. He does help as he can, this week including payment of the bill for the wireless service and part of the rent as well as bringing the grocery supplies.

Due to the changing about, not just hours and things are confused but even days are mixed up. Young Friend offered to come this week, especially since he didn’t make it last week. Twice now the requested time has included a wrong day. Maybe somehow he’ll get money orders for the November rent in hand. The new little Helping Lady got sick and didn’t come as expected Wednesday. There may be some changes needed in that deal, but what, when and how has yet to be determined. Work is being done on some additional help from other sources. The computer system, of course, is new and not according to old habits, but even sites are problems, e.g., as noted in The Diary, posting pictures is an unknown.

Nursing service is still going on and not very well. Tuesday was eliminated and Thursday the nurse was late. A phone call (using up the pre-paid funds) was substituted for Tuesday. At least the nurse was better than one they have sent several times. There may be no more of the Tuesday scheduling, which is just fine since they didn’t properly come on Tuesday. The bright spot in all this, of course, is the new little scooter. It’s been working good. Several troublesome things have been eliminated due to that. Also, contact has been established with Young Friend #2 who knows about computers. Help with the computers may be just an email away, and a handful of the lost bookmarks are now back for use.

Doing something worthwhile is a positive thing. 🙂

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Still Just Hangin’ In Here….

It’s blog time again amid another collections of disasters and setbacks probably aided and abetted by the likes of the unseasonably warm weather. Seemingly ninety degrees has not happened much in the area in late September before now, and given cool nights there’s at least the persistent need to adjust the HVAC unit. The building management has a worthwhile activity scheduled to disrupt existence, namely window washing, on a day nursing service is also scheduled, which nursing service proved to be a sizable irritation on Thursday and which may be so again tomorrow. Older Friend came by on Thursday and just by his presence he did stabilize life and times.

There has been little chance to re-establish anything like the computer set up that was lost, so these notes are being done in a different system. Previously the write up was outside of the publishing site, but it went directly to publish (posting) as is. The feature to do that was lost. The neat little paragraphs are a thing of the past unless there’s another as yet unknown way to do it. At this point it seems like “this is it.” There may be some experimental activity tried. There might as well be attempts at trying different things like different type-faces to see what might be neatly presented. Something easy to read is of great importance in any printed activity including this one.

In the world at hand events and changes seem to be coming fast and furious. Wednesday was a good example. Wednesdays were long reserved for aide services. When those diminished, it was “free time.” The Helping Lady due on Wednesday needed to come a half hour later, which would have been okay except respiratory therapy had said he wanted to come Wednesday and the building’s activities coordinator needed to be visited (and that wasn’t all). There was only a half-hour of housekeeping, but at least the plants got some attention. Older Friend did come yesterday and got the trash out, Young Friend’s expected and the third Young Friend’s likely gone.

Slowness is a big problem of old age. 🙂

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Just Hangin’ In Here….

Barely time to breathe (as they say) this past week.  And, some stuff went very poorly.  There were some things missing from last week’s posting because, as noted, it wasn’t possible to get it all in and it’s not possible now, either, including some stuff that happened this week.  (Space isn’t the only consideration, either.)  Much is far from straightened out.  The biggest thing to have happened recently, seemingly, is that there is now a new scooter to use.  Older Friend came and put it together.  Quite strangely the delivery driver left it down the hall, not by the door.  A resident tore the box open, but it seems to be okay.  Another resident shoved it to the apartment.  Yesterday she came by to find out how to get one for herself — glad to help. 

The nursing service is in what might be called a shambles.  The nurse in charge says nursing visits are/will be Tuesday and Thursday, but again yesterday word came that the nurse that would come would come today, Monday, off schedule.  Well, the food truck was due today and there was a good possibility some social services efforts would pay off, so nursing was told it couldn’t be handled today and if necessary it should be cancelled.  The nurses were only doing things like checking blood pressure, which is considered normal.  One nurse who did come talked about a respiratory therapist coming, and what showed up Thursday was a physical therapist reportedly ordered by the doctor.  There’s little chance of exercising. 

Young Friend was switched from Tuesday to Wednesday to get in the Tuesday nursing that didn’t happen and at the last minute back to Tuesday.  He had already scheduled things but did manage to shake loose a half hour to get the rent money orders and the post office box mail which evidently won’t be picked up by the people who agreed to go get it.  The “third” possible young friend couldn’t make it this week, but a new Helping Lady came along so at least the rug got swept and some effort went to cleaning up the bathroom.  Lunch Lady’s expectations didn’t turn out as expected and she came at least this past Friday with eggs as well as lunches.  More stuff came through to mess up the computer rebuilding started.

Tomorrows can be fearful.  🙂 

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More Updating And A Review

Yes, a review for an overview of recent events, not all of them in this past week but all very recent. To start with it might be best to mention (logically, the top item) there was the emergency trip to the hospital due to pain via the EMT ambulance service. It was an overnight stay with subsequent home nursing care theoretically included. The pain was killed by morphine, which by now surely has long exhausted itself. The ordinary pains still come around every so often. The ordinary ailments are still around, everpresent. The medications, etc., have not changed. And, the hopes remain, of course, that sooner or later there will be some improvement, like one day standing for more than 30 seconds.

Now in no particular order, a list of recent “people disasters” easily remembered. The building management accidentally shredded the lease renewal papers, redo necessary. The resident who agreed to pick up the post office box mail hasn’t done it, reportedly new medical concerns. Lunch Lady, who was prompt and who brought ready to eat eggs from her personal hens, quit the job involved — she’s a friend and not “gone,” but that “deal” is. Older Friend has been so bedeviled with personal concerns that he didn’t even get to picking up the prescription this week (he can’t help as much) — prescription gotten in an unexpected way. There’s no room here and now for service personnel stuff like a nursing mess.

There also were mechanical disasters. Cell phone died briefly for no apparent reason (it did come back, but what happened isn’t understood). The computer, of course, crashed badly with the 900 bookmarks, anti-virus, etc., lost, which will take a long time to even partly rebuild. The primary scooter, of course, still doesn’t work. And, Thursday night the top air bed collapsed — at last check the drug stores had quit carrying them except, maybe, by special order. Even a magnifying glass got damaged. There are hopeful spots in all of this. Some of it may be covered next week, along with some service personnel things like the nurse not showing up as supposedly scheduled for this past week.

May everyone’s week be good. 🙂

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Well, it’s new systems to learn, new people on the scene and newish events to consider. First, the people…. Young Friend is still around (as is known at this point) but a second Young Friend, this one dealing with computers, has entered the picture. And, at this point, how to identify him hasn’t been decided. Older Friend is still around, but his circumstances have changed somewhat and exactly how isn’t certain. Among other things, yesterday’s Sunday visit was mostly re-scheduled for today. And, due to an emergency room visit, a bunch of medically related stuff has been handed to him. At least he is still around to be lending a hand in the assorted emergencies that turn up.

In regard to some changes in regard to people…. At the top of the list, the Lunch Lady quit that job and a new Lunch Person is in the works, the revelation of who/what is expected in about two weeks. It’s likely the eggs will be a more difficult matter, but they’re promised. They made many a quick, nourishing meal. A new Helping Lady came Saturday, but she’s not an older woman. She’s a student, very good, but it might be better to identify her differently, which also has not been decided. There’s also a follow up to do on a lady in the building. At present, nursing service is scheduled for twice a week, to which things could be added. Bug inspection is due tomorrow as is a nurse.

There are now two computers at hand that are usable, but neither one is comfortable. The habit was to use the touchpad and button, but the button wasn’t fixed. It is a matter of revert to using a mouse, which is different. Since practically everything was wiped out except the latest version of Windows, stuff has to be copied from the old computer as well as found again. Some things won’t ever be found again. In addition there are newer versions of various things, including email that have to be learned. It’s going to be a very long process to become as functional as before. Ordinary changes, like the food truck being switched to this coming Saturday due to holiday does not help matters much.

Hopes are that everyone had a good holiday.

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