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Apologies To Followers….

If you got two copies of this week’s posting, apologies for clutter in you email.  An attempt to correct a few mistakes with the “official” version (the one with 7:00 pm dateline) resulted in two sendings. 

May your week and month be great. 



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Apologies To Followers!

There was no intention to send a bunch of unexpected stuff to clog up your email which if it’s like most is on overload. 

Clearly there is some kind of a monkey wrench in the works of the system here as an attempt to make some corrections in the message for 5/9/16 sent out the preliminary draft.  It’s just Saturday evening, and essays are only tentatively pre-written (if at all) with any necessary adjustments made on Monday.

This is the third time it’s happened. Those who subscribed to The Diary’s Blog also got two yesterday.  Pre-writes are done based on possible time concerns.  That one can be pre-written comfortably as there’s no time frame.  This one is on one.

Again, sorry.  It is hoped you have a lovely Mother’s day.



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March It Is

A few times in the very early hours yesterday there were bad moments, but surprisingly the morning went very well after a rather ordinary awakening.  It went so well it is worth note for the record, although it be normal after lunch.  Friend’s new routine was in play, and he also came on Wednesday.  The aide service, which now is again approaching no service, had new developments that needed attention.  It won’t be worth a thing well into the future, but defeat is not an option. 

It was Avon week.  That went well.  The lunch lady brought a special treat in the form of eggs from her backyard hens all boiled and ready to eat.  The electric company’s rescheduled shutting off power for the entire building for repairs for a pole to four hours Wednesday morning.  The long delay of the special interest is highly in mind; the meeting where it was said to be mentioned was scheduled for yesterday.  It is too bad there’s so much upheaval presently disturbing life. 

By accident it was learned there was a fourth death amid the people known.  A cousin died.  Some words are in The Diary’s Blog.  Cousins are the closest relatives left.  Food truck’s due this week come Friday.  Young friend’s scheduled to come tomorrow.  He was here this past week as well.  (Old) friend did some extra things this week including a scooter patching (basket was almost completely off).  The primary scooter may not last much longer; it’s needed to get in the bathroom. 

Beware the Ides of March? Fingers crossed    

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A New Year Ahead

Often (maybe not always) there is a stillness in the night on Christmas Eve.  This year it was so underfoot.  It’s probably limited to residential areas and only in certain areas of the world.  That’s a great feeling to have around.  The past week did have it’s “events.”  The new person came as expected.  He did a couple of things in mind.  Friend came, and more of the undone aide service was covered.  A few special greetings got distributed.  Others could have been given out but weren’t. 

A special holiday dinner arrived on Christmas along with gift of special effort.  There is a need to do some adjusting with this, but if it doesn’t work out, that will be okay, too.  At the moment the weather is warm enough to sit outside, and one idea in mind is to do so just to be out of the apartment.  It has twice now led to seeing new people and a passing event at least worth a raised eyebrow.  The rent is coming due.  There is new hope (but not sure) for work on the special project.

In keeping with the times:

 Dover Holiday 20 

May there be peace and prosperity ahead for all. 

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Sick Leave

This be a magnificent nothing much created just because an essay due presently for the faithful followers doesn’t exist.

Special 18

Hey, a lot happened during the past week – I kid you not – and maybe some odd notes can be written up for later, but sure not right now.  (In short, there may be two postings this week, even though that seems pretty much, especially with the circumstances being what they are.)

In the meantime, the commemorations just passed include Valentine’s Day (that led to a party of sorts in the building), President’s Day (that provided a crimp in some plans as there was no mail service) and the start of Mardi Gras (for certain elements of society which vividly promises a time of belt-tightening).  All can be worthy discussions, but not today.

Peace and long life to all.  Sick smile


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Well, September….

New things should be good and welcome.  One new thing in sight Saturday was new, unwanted insect.  One solution to the bug problem, since the spraying by maintenance (when it is shook loose) is not working, is to move.  That prospect would seem to be one chance in several thousand.  There is at least a fifty-fifty chance another place would likewise have bugs.  Calling an exterminator would make sense.  Homemaker aide service is still in a dire state.  The aide that came Tuesday paid little attention to things being said and more, like the scooter.  An incident report claiming her foot was run over came to be.  Sadly, it is possible. 

The reliable lunch lady came as expected, but friend did not come Wednesday, even  though that was verified, nor did he come late Sunday as expected, but he came unexpectedly on Friday.  That was due to concern about missing the visit on Wednesday.  He also was later than usual and unable to do much at the usual time on Sunday due to an emergency with someone else.  Things aren’t in good order with what he might do.  He has plans to be away for nearly a week later in the month.  There’s not much time when he can do anything.  At least there was no problem with the Avon delivery on Thursday. 

There were several trips to the office on Friday to discuss services which could have been done by the building activities coordinator.  It wasn’t until 4:00 p.m. that the office was free of people.   The manager was irritated, apparently at not being able to leave.  He didn’t pay due attention.  There has been no change in the internet access situation.  Thoughts about changing the format here as well as methods are riding high.  The cell phone mobile unit has a cost daily.  While it’s not much, there’s no end in sight.  Sunday’s attempt at a new system didn’t work too well.  Things is not good in River City. 

Sometimes hope has to be generated. 

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Very Little New….

Suddenly it’s Friday.  The food truck is due.  The homemaker aide is due.  The lunch lady is due.  Maintenance has work to do and might even show up.  And, because yesterday when the rent was due be a holiday with offices closed, the rent needed to be paid, too.  Plus it was due to be 90 degrees outside, therefore 89 or so degrees in the hall and no place to be sitting trying to use a computer.  The fast food French fries bought Friday before last, saved for later, are still in the refrigerator.  Likewise slaw, unopened.  Expectations of using them at the latest sometime this past week didn’t materialize.  Days were a blur. 

The days started getting blurred last Tuesday noontime when the new little aide arrived.  As the trash was being picked up, a centipede ran by her.  There was already a big dead one on the floor.  No one wants to work some place that’s full of bugs.  Tired or not, it was necessary to go infuriated to the office as it’s closed Wednesdays.  Maintenance came to finish that left undone last week.  Friend’s visit Wednesday had no word of an errands person, a matter a-float for weeks now.  The little nurse was sure such existed.  Thursday was partly spent running it down.  Saturday’s disruption was a careless soul knocking on the wrong door.  

Well, the French fries were eaten Saturday.  The errands persons business was finished off with there isn’t one on Thursday.  The holiday yesterday came and went, with the little flags decorating the parking lot where there was picnic-type stuff Sunday and friend coming early.  Sadly, one of Dayton’s last county fairs finished a day’s run early amid little available internet news service.  Regarding the aide services, there’s no way of knowing what will come today.  The little supervisor doing the chores on Friday said she would be coming back Friday.  And, arrival word came from  Avon. 

Sometimes things are never good in River City. 

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